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2013 and earlier GMC Acadia Lease Questions



  • aroxasaroxas Posts: 10
    I located a loaded SLT2 AWD in dealer inventory (Norther NJ)in I have a supplier discount.

    The MSRP comes to $44,965.00. The supplier Price right under it is $42,047.03. When you click on the Window Sticker, a lower supplier price $40,092.90 shows up. At what price can I get the car?

    One dealer tells me that I have to pay the 42K number because it includes advertising fees, etc for the dealership. Is this true?
  • aroxasaroxas Posts: 10
    I was just quoted an SLT2 AWD for $39,166. MSRP is $43,620. Manager says he'll lease it for about $550 with a down of $4K. 36-month lease. NJ state tax is 7%.

    Is this a good deal? What is the residual and money factor appled here? Unfortunately, the manager was not giving all the numbers during my visit. Can anyone back out these important numbers?

  • CarMan,

    Have the lease rates changed with GMAC?? I was discussing a deal on an Acadia with a dealer yesterday and he was quoting me 8.2%. Do I need to just let him know that I'm aware the current rate is 7.2% and call him on that?? Not sure the best way to handle that.

  • fulano82fulano82 Posts: 6
    I got quoated yesterday on a SLT-1 with no extra options. The quoate was 36 months 12,000 miles per year at $463 a month with $3000 out of pocket. Is this a good deal? I feel I can do better. Please help!! :confuse:
  • tapgypsytapgypsy Posts: 11
    I just leased an acadia slt 2 for $599 per month including tax (ohio), 39month, miles 12k . Sticker $45015 minus wheel content credit of $600 was $44415. Agreed value of vehicle $41552. Due at signing $1538 cap. cost reduction, $599 first month,reg fee $60, sales use tax $103 minus dealer paid $1000 rebate/cash credit for competetive knock out--which made it to be $1300 out of pocket. Hope this helps and please let me know if this deal was ok
  • cms830cms830 Posts: 2
    I went to a dealership in the Chicago area today and this is the deal I was offered. Sticker price $43890. After the manager insisted he couldn't do anything but $500 over invoice despite the deal he was running in the newspaper, when we were walking out the door he offered us $500 below invoice. Still with an agreed upon price of $39994, 36 month lease, 12k miles, he calculated the payments to be $735 per month with nothing down and around $693 with 2K down. These didn't match any of my calculations, but the salesman wouldn't tell me what Residual value or money factor he was using. I left. That feels like robbery to me.

    Am I right or should I start shopping for a cheaper truck?
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Tapgypsy, did the dealer say "this is a stick up". Its sounds like he was wearing burgelar mask. :mad:
  • Those numbers dont sound right all, you can definitley to better. I've been working with an internet fleet manager in Southern California and they are shopping around for me. I dont have all the specifics yet, but we discussed a car with a sticker around 42k and a my price would be around 40k. Quoted me a lease of 610 for 36 months and 570 for 48 months, both with about 1000 out the door.
  • maradagmaradag Posts: 85

    How does it work when you deal with an "internet fleet manager"??
  • Not real sure to tell you truth, my wife had put in an inquiry through some website and I started to get emails from different dealerships. Not sure how it really works, they just said they would shop around and find me what I wanted even if it was at another dealership and get the car that I want sent to them.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Just about all dealerships have links to inventory in the area. A swap across town might not cost them much, but bringing in something from a couple hundred miles might cost someone a couple hundred (who pays that?).

    I just spent 5 minutes on GM and looked at inventory at 5 GM dealers in Memphis. If I put in a couple of other zip codes, I could check the dealerships between Nashville, Little Rock, Jackson Mississippi and even St smaller dealerships in the area. Contact info is available there and if I found one I wanted, I could give them a call and start trying to work up a deal.

    It sounds as if you really don't have a 'relationship' with a dealership or this website...whatever you feel confortable with. I have tried working with dealers in the past on locating one that was not in stock in Memphis, but never really had any luck or felt comfortable with the process.
  • Yes, fulano82, General Motors has a $500 conquest cash incentive on the 2007 GMC Acadia this month. What sort of help are you looking for. Let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.

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  • Hi aroxas. Let me begin by saying that $4,000 is way too much money to put down on a lease. I always advise consumers against making capitalized cost reductions, aka down payments, when leasing. Consumers who make them risk losing them if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered. You can lease any vehicle that you want without making any cap cost reduction and it is in your best interest not to make one.

    The selling price that you were quoted on the Acadia that you are interested in looks very attractive to me. Just make sure that the dealer that you are working with uses GMAC's base lease rate of 7.2% (for this model) to calculate your truck's monthly payment and you're in business.

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  • Hi biceman22. No GMAC's base lease rate for the Acadia has not changed. It's still 7.2%. If I was in the market for this truck I definitely would make sure that the dealer I was working with used the 7.2% rate to calculate my monthly payment.

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  • Hi fulano82. You never mentioned the selling price or MSRP of specific Acadia that you are interested in leasing. These are important numbers for you as a consumer to know for two reasons. First, the selling prices of leased vehicles can be negotiated, just as if you were paying cash for them. Without knowing this truck's selling price in relation to its MSRP you don't know how much of a discount you are getting on it. The second reason is that one needs the selling price and MSRP, including the destination charge, of a vehicle to calculate its lease payment. I would be more than happy to give you my opinion of this deal if you let me know what these numbers are.

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  • Hi tapgypsy. This looks like a pretty good deal to me. Thanks for taking the time to share the derails of your lease with everyone. Enjoy your new truck :) .

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  • Hi cms830. $500 under invoice is a very good price for this truck, but...a lease payment of $735 per month for it is outrageous. There are so many amazing vehicles out there that can be leased for $700 per month that I would get before the Acadia. Let's use GM's current lease program to estimate what this vehicle's monthly payment should be. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2007 GMC Acadia that has an MSRP of $43,890 and a selling price of $39,994 through GMAC right now for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around only $546. I used GMAC's base lease rate of 7.2% and a residual value of 63% to calculate this payment. As you can see, something is way off with the payment that you were quoted. I personally would look around for a new dealer to work with.

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  • fulano82fulano82 Posts: 6
    Hey Car man, Its a SLE AWD with a MSRP of $33,374 and they are willing to sell at $31,745. It has CONVENIENCE PACKAGE,
    PREFERRED PACKAGE,AM/FM STEREO W/6 CD & MP3 (REPLACES STD/OPT RADIO) BOSE SPEAKERS WITH SUB-WOOFER TRI-ZONE CLIMATE CONTROL, XM SATELLITE RADIO 8 PASS SEATING. I want to lease for 36 months at 12,000 miles per year with $3000 out of pocket. I qualify for the $1,000 conquest cash rebate. Please respond ASAP i will be visting the dealer tomorrow to get thier numbers.I want to be prepared. Please help!!! :confuse:
  • cms830cms830 Posts: 2
    Thanks Car_man. That's what I though too. I'm definitely going to work with another dealer cause I really like this truck. I'm not in any real rush, I just want a good deal. Hopefully I can find someone who will treat me more fairly. I'm considering just working with someone by email or by fax because I think they see me, a young woman and think, "Oo, there's a mark!" Thanks again, I appreciate all your help on this forum!
  • sboyd1sboyd1 Posts: 13
    I just wanted to report on my recent experience in TX (DFW) shopping for an Acadia lease. The short version is - couldn't make it happen. Maybe I'm not savvy enough or maybe I'm not patient enough.

    Initial email requests for information to several dealerships *all* went silent after I specifically indicated that I was interested in a lease. They didn't even try to flip me to a different program. Amazing.

    A phone call inquiry to a salesman at one dealer in particular resulted in the statement, "GMAC doesn't do leases in Texas any more." Thank you, I'll be shopping elsewhere.

    A phone call to a salesman at a leasing company (non-dealer) resulted in absolutely ridiculous fees and high monthly prices with the explanation being I was "building equity" in my vehicle so I could flip out of it early if I wanted to - or even get money back at the end. Plus the residuals the leasing company was offering were > 10% lower than GMAC's.

    I eventually ended up at a dealership where the salesman *only* negotiated vehicle price - and even that wasn't a negotiation. He just offered it at invoice. I agreed and it was off to financing. That's where things got sticky again. After doing some research on the GMAC SmartBuy versus the SmartLease program I had a hard time seeing any appreciable difference between the two. I'm not using the vehicle for work so I don't need to write it off on my taxes. So mentally I was prepared to accept the SmartBuy pitch. But I had the finance guy walk through a comparison of lease vs. smartbuy and he was willing to do it.

    He obviously pitched SmartBuy as the best choice and told me all the negatives about leasing. We eventually reached an agreement on financing and price and I'm now the happy owner of an Acadia but there's one thing that still bothers me...

    On GMAC's "payment estimator" they list two SmartBuy programs w/ apr's of 8.2 and 9.12 respectively. When I sat down with finance he told me the SmartBuy rate would be 9.2. I pulled out the printout I had and asked why it was different. He basically said, "I don't know what that is... I have these papers here that tell me what to charge... the lease rate is 8.2 and I have to add 1 pt. to that for smartbuy."

    He eventually lowered the apr from 9.2, but I called the GMAC # to ask what the deal was and they told me, "Those numbers are estimates only. Only the dealer can tell you what the actual rate should be." So why on earth put them on the website? Seems a little disingenuous.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I'm no expert, but anything that says something to the effect of "dealer sets final price" tells me it's an opportunity for the dealer to rip me off.

    Car manufacturers have gotten a lot better about being transparent in their incentives offered, but they still intentionally hide critical information from consumers. That's why these forums are so important...
  • mjr15197mjr15197 Posts: 13
    Here's what the dealer is proposing to's for an Acadia SLE with an MSRP $32,505. $4250 down but with our trade in ('04 Malibu) and $600 in GM Card earnings our total out of pocket would end up being about $3600 and payments would be $413/month for 39 months with 15,000 miles per year. This includes the "conquest cash." What do you think? Is that a good deal?
  • sand529sand529 Posts: 37
    What is the capitalized cost, residual value, & money factor on the lease. Seems like alot of $ down for that payment though.
  • I was considering the Acadia, however with nearly identical options the Saturn Outlook seems to have better lease options. After being quoted a $619 montly pmt on a $38,500 49 mths, 1100 down on a saturn outlook i gave up.

    Then i saw a tv ad the very next morning. 39 Month lease $414.00, $1,999 "down as shown" for (XR (similar to SLT-1)) fine print, does not include tax, title, fees and options.

    i went to another dealer after hearing this.

    $36500 msrp, $1999 + 989 = 3k down @ 39 months = $475.00 a month (it was $500, but he came down $15 a month or $1000 off msrp).

    I would like a GMC vs. Saturn, however the Saturn outlook seems like a great deal.

    Oh yeah, the break down as i saw it on the print out was : 6% APR, 61% residual.

    I'm just waiting for my color and options and i'm locked in with the saturn.
  • mjr15197mjr15197 Posts: 13
    We didn't have any of that info. The guy just wrote down some bs numbers on a sheet of paper-- which I took a picture of with my cellphone when the salesman did the "I've got to go talk to my manager" routine. We weren't really planning on doing anything that day, just wanted to look at the car. I never leased a car before (I'm a buy-it-and-drive-it-in-to-the-ground guy) so I wasn't prepared.

    Once I got home I did my research and I've come to the conclusion we were getting ripped off. I made some educated guesses as to the residual value and the money factor and figured at best they were selling the car at MSRP. We're just going to wait for now.
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    mjr15197, that lease may smell. Whats confusing is your trade. Is it paid off?? did you owe money? Blue book value versus what the dealer gave you?? Its a bit convoluted.

    I know that the Saturn Outlook has some pretty good leasing deals going on right now. Nice SUV to take a look at.
  • Hey Car_Man,
    i was hoping i could get some info on a proposed Acadia lease. here are the details:
    i am in MA - 39 mo lease at 15K / yr.
    MSRP 44315
    sales Price 42995 - still being negotiated
    rate 7.2 or MF .003
    residual 59%
    total cash out of pocket 4000. this includes GM Card, conquest cash etc. and covers doc fee, first payment, aquistion fees etc, etc...
    i am told the taxes are 3133.81. Are the taxes baased on MSRP or the residual? right now they are on the MSRP.
    And is the residual based on the sale price or MSRP? i always thought it was the sale price...

    we are looking at a payment of 675 right now but our calculations indiacte a payment of 614.

    please help. we are very close to doing this.... :)
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    You are being taken. That dealer who is offering that lease should be taken into custody. This is what a lease should like.

    Check this out and compare. The bottom line you shouln't be leasing a car unless you fully understand it. Some of these dealers are so damn slimey I just cringe at seeing them rip off people.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Hum.. I went to that link and found the current lease offers. Quite a bit lower monthly pricing...but what is your point? The examples listed there are for base models with MSRP of $29K or $31K or so...jericho88 was looking at a vehicle with MSRP of $44K and 15K miles a year...these listed are 12K per year. It is difficult to compare these to what he is being offered. You do make a great point about not leasing unless you fully understand the detail.
  • maradagmaradag Posts: 85
    Anyone know the residual on an SLE-1 (36mos/15K yr)?
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