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Anyone interested in talking about the new Scions? They were shown at the Chicago auto show finally. Here's some coverage: - utoshows

The xD is the replacement for the xA (neither the xA or xB is available for the '07 model year, the ones left at dealers now are 2006s built late in '06 to cover the gap until the new models are ready). It is an obvious evolution of the xA stylistically, looking a little more "butch" but without many other major changes. Mechanically, there's big news, as it gets the Corolla's engine, with a 20% boost in power.

The new xB is my fave of the pair in terms of styling. It is close to the t2B concept from the auto show last year or the year before. It gets the Camry's 4-cylinder engine which is also the tC's engine. So it gets a lot more power, and with its brick-in-the-wind styling, I wonder just how far the fuel economy will fall as a result.

The xD is basically a current-gen Matrix in shape and mission, what with the same engine, same handling package, same body style...shall I go on? I personally prefer the looks of the Matrix to those of the xD, but I think both look nice (and of course this is Matrix's last year in its current form). I think with the xD, Toyota is trying to go head to head with the Honda Fit, which makes me wonder if it will go ahead with its rumored plans to begin selling the 5-door Yaris in the States.

I LOVE the interior of the new xB - it is bigger and more versatile, and I am a total sucker for that new IP - it covers half the dash! :-)
The stock stereos in this pair still seem to be fairly rocking right out of the box, but interestingly I notice that despite the long list of standard equipment (especially on the xB - look at all the safety gear that's standard), there's no cruise mentioned! Surely this will be a factory option this time around? What is it that Toyota thinks younger people hate so much about cruise control? And both of these engines come with available or standard cruise control in other Toyota models.

Apart from that, any speculations on prices, which have yet to be announced? I figure the price creep might be $1000 or so, which would still put an xD manual at around $14,5 and the xB manual at around $16K. I think those would be pretty competitive at those prices.

And fuel economy, always important to me...where will that go? The Corolla's engine can make 32/41 in that car now, but of course the xD's hatchback design makes it inherently more wind-resistant, which lowers FE. And I bet the xB will be geared for speed like the tC, so I bet it only has mid-20s fuel economy, which aint that great in the era of $3 gas.

Your thoughts?

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    More power (128HP)

    Better rear seating (slides back almost 6")

    Conventional gauges (not over center console)

    For more info, go here:

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    Umm...hello? *echo*

    Okay.... it's very silent in here and I'm begining to feel lonely!!!!! :cry:

    That's fine... I'll just wait... by myself... alone in cyberspace....

    Killerpiece :surprise:
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    Hehe, yeah, I think you can count on those length and height numbers being switched! :-)

    And in the end, aren't we all alone in cyberspace???!!!

    My apologies to the other person who started a thread today on the new xB. I looked up xB before I started this one, but he has his spelled Xb, so the search function didn't find it. :sick:

    I like that the thing is still fairly small, but with a nice long wheelbase so that there is lots of room in the back seat like with the current model, and it's small for driving (and parking) in the city.

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    Happen to agree...

    I'm not ready to pilot around an Hummer, not in SoCal traffic... but then again there is something to be said for having a lot of car around you. But that's another discussion for another time :P

    Yeah, I'm beginning to think that cyberspace, even with all it's people, is still a pretty lonely place.

    Anyway, keep an eye on this thread... I will. Never been part of beginning a thread before... Kind of feel like a parent on their kid's first day of school *sniff* *sigh* ;)

    BTW, I sent you an friend invite on your CarSpace... if that's ok :confuse:

    Killerpiece :shades:
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    The t2B concept car shown two years ago had lots of strange stuff but the concept of suicide doors on the drivers side with a full-length slider on the curb side was a real useful innovation. It's a shame they reverted to the old four-door theme, leaving us with just another microvan.
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    I like the bB (japanese version of xB) interior better, go to yota's japan site and check it out. I think they have to be price competitive with the Fit (at least with the xD). I don't know how they're gonna price the one with the big block.(TRD the 2.4 and run with the civic Si)

    I think the new style lost the quirkiness of the original but I hope the space efficiency will make up for it.
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    Hey, someone else had the same idea at the same time and started a 2008 Scion xB thread. I'm changing this title so that we can talk about just the xD in here.


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    Is there any way my posts from "The New Scion xD" forum could be deleted? They were only relevant when this discussion included the xB as they just don't make any sense! :P
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    I do like the new xB. It is dissapointing that they didn't go all the way with the body features on the t2B, like the 3 doors and 'wrap-around' windows. Looks like they opted to just paint the pillars black. It looks good, and I understand that it's probably more economical to do it that way, but I still feel a little cheated.

    I'm glad they didn't go with the t2B's goofy interior. It was a little over the top. The new interior for the xB is definitely a huge improvement.

    And what's up with going from a 1.5L to a 2.4L? That doesn't seem like a very logical leap! I love my xB's mileage. It was the obvious choice in a new car when my Datsun 510 started dying and I had to replace it. It had a custom 1.8L that wasn't very efficient, so the xB's mileage is a relief at the pump

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    you went from a Datsun 510 to a Scion xB? Anything in between the two? Wow, that's an old car.

    What year of Datsun 510 did you have? I have a plastic model I hand-built of a 1968 Datsun 510 and love it. I painted it a burnt-yellow, almost a mustard color and it turned out great. It has a front valance and full body kit. 510's are awesome cars.

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    Moved the relevant ones to the xB discussion instead. Hey, they're still interesting!


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    Yeah, it seems like if you are looking for fuel economy at Scion beginning this summer, you will have to look at the xD instead of the xB.

    Still if you consider the xB to be a microvan, then its only real competition in the States is the Mazda5. That one only makes 22/27, which will probably mean the new xB is the fuel efficiency champ between the two, if not by much.

    The xD looks to be a lot more sporty and will have more power right out of the box than the current xA, which is good, but even if it moves to the Corolla platform (as I suspect it will if it has the Corolla's engine, but that's just speculation), it still won't have an independent rear. That's an unfortunate choice for a Scion, I think.

    And it is clear that the new xD is going to step all over the Matrix's toes unless the Matrix makes some major changes at the redo a year from now.

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    #1: The 2.4 was the right move in the xB.

    This should be a step up vehicle from the smaller xD, and I expect the tC to sport 200 HP in 2009. 26/34 MPG would be very nice. :)

    My #2: The Matrix will now be a bigger xD. If you want more than a xB, get the Rav4. If you want more than the xD, get the next Matrix.

    Looks like Toyota's plan. Works for me!

    DrFill ;)
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    Wonder why no one ever mentions the spec's I found.

    Unless it is a snow job, my reading is that xB has more driver's legroom, and headroom (I'm a big guy) than any other car on the road.True? That is why I am considering.

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    Wouldn't a 5-speed auto give better highway MPGs?
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    This is a Forum format, so members are more likely to respond to you here than by e-mail. Besides, publicly we can ALL benefit from the conversation!


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    yeah, it keeps your engine from searching for the optimal power band all the time and it keeps your revs lower.

    I think the xd is defintely an improvment over the xa, but something about its profile reminded me of a smoothed over caliber..ugh.
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    They will probably keep the cost down by using the same powertrain as currently resides in the Corolla. Which has a 4-speed auto of course.

    It's a very economical engine anyway, should do high 30s on the highway just like the current model does, but with more power.

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    According to my research, the XB has more drivers headroom and legroom than any other cxar. Is this true and why doesn't it get mention? Please answer [email protected]
  • schreftbschreftb Member Posts: 7
    All my research so far shoe XB to have more room than any car on road re driver's headroom and legroom.
    Someone said the Lincoln Navigator has more. So I checked. Wrong!The car is wider but Scion beats re driver's legroom and headroom!
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    if you're using the numbers from the 2006 xb, then you're right... it does have the most head and leg room.
    the 2008 xb is a new model and i don't believe the head and leg room dimensions have been published yet. the 2008 xb has a lower roofline, so it may not have as much head room as the previous model.
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    Hi everybody. I don't know if this thread is dead or moved or what but I'll give it a try. I live in nyc and I'm going to the auto show today. I have been interested in the Xd since I heard about it a couple of weeks ago. I like the idea of being about to customize it and the possibility of getting good mpg since gas here in the city will likely be 4 bucks a gallon this summer. I'm going to buy something this summer or fall and the Xd is on my short list but the jury is still out. I found a list of add ons on the scion website and I thought some of you guys and gals might want to see them. I'll post tomorrow after the car show on my thoughts of the Xd. The limited slip diff is definitely a sweet mod for this car. The TRD list is not bad at all. But cruise control is not on the list of standard features or add ons. Very stupid on Scions part IMO. But you can get a decent after market one added on from the company that scion uses to add cruise control on its models that are sold in the south east. Cruise control has always been a option down south as it should be every where!! Enough of my rant.
    xD Accessories:

    Interior: Carpeted Floor/Cargo Mats.. Cargo Cover.. Cargo Net.. Center Arm Rest.. Shift Knobs.. Sport Pedals.. Cargo Liner.. Color Steering Wheel.. Ashtray/Lighter.. LED Light Enhancements.. Scion Security.. Auto Dimming Mirror.. Illuminated Scuff Plate

    Exterior: Rear Spoiler.. Carbon Fibre Engine.. Cover B-Pillar Applique.. Rear Tail Lights .Rear Bumper Protector.. Exhaust Tip.. Sound System: AM/FM/CD with iPod Capability ..Premium Audio XM Radio*.. AVN .. Headrest Monitors.. Sirius Radio*.. Sub-Woofer *

    TRD Accessories:

    TRD Lowering Kit
    TRD Performance clutch
    TRD Sport muffler
    TRD Rear Sway Bar
    TRD Strut Tie Bar
    TRD Alloy Wheel
    TRD Limited Slip-Differential ;)
    TRD Oil Filter
    TRD Quick shifter
    TRD Performance Air Filter
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    I will be very interested to drive one in the fall (they are not coming out until early fall by the way) and see how good the stock handling is. They will still have the solid axle of the Yaris in back, of course, so the lowering kit and sway bar will probably make a world of difference.

    The Rostra cruise you mention is relatively cheap and reliable, and functions in a way very similar to that of the Toyota factory cruise on other models.

    I am really hoping they don't try to gear this model really short to pull extra speed out of it - with the Corolla engine and a lighter weight chassis it has the potential for really great fuel economy, something we know the xB won't have any more.

    Let the people who want speed add the TRD supercharger. :-)

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  • ohplezzohplezz Member Posts: 74
    Well I went to the car show and checked out all the new offerings from scion and everybody else. Over all it was a good time even though the people that the manufactures hire to rep their products at the shows often know less about the cars than I do and that is not saying much. The scion Xd when every thing is factored in from my perspective is the winner. I have to have a car that gets good mpg or at least has the potential and I want it to look decent as well. Brand reliability is big as well. In its stock form the Xd is a little turd but with some after market wheels and tires (don't buy them from scion, way over priced) and the TRD accessories for handling and maybe a body kit, this little Xd won't look half bad. It looked to have decent room in its interior for a subcompact but I don't know for sure since it has yet to be released, nobody could sit in it. Overall I have to say that it is now my top choice for fall purchase (your right nippononly about fall release and the name of the cruise control company sounds right as well.) The other cars that caught my eye were the new accord coupe concept due this fall and the suzuki SX4 sedan. But the accord looks like its gonna cost more than I want to lay out for a car at this point and I don't think suzuki is quite there yet as a car company. The mpg that the 2.0L motor that they use in most of their cars is not so hot and the fit and finish was lacking, but they do make some quality motorcycles. Right now I'm just waiting for pricing on the Xd. I'm thinking 14k stock with out destination but that is just a guess. We will see. Now the wait.
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    we know that side airbags will be standard on the new model, and the current model is about $14,650 with the airbags, including destination. That is with a stick shift. I figure with everything thrown into the new model, it will be a solid $500-700 more than that, so figure around $15,200 for a stick, including destination. This is also just about $1000 LESS than the new xB, so it preserves the pricing relationship they currently have.

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  • ohplezzohplezz Member Posts: 74
    When you add on TRD springs, shocks, LSD and other labor intensive accessories to scions are they installed at there port of entry or at the dealership? It seems if they are done at the dealer they are gonna try to rip you off big time. How do you know what the OTD price is on the car before you sign on the line? I've always wondered about this with scion and I've searched the web with no answers. Do you know? Also what do you think about the VSC option for the Xd. Do you think its really needed if you drop it with the TRD springs?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaMember Posts: 12,555
    that everything shown on the Scion website as an accessory is port-installed. You can order the car with those accessories installed before it gets to the dealer's hands.

    It is no-haggle pricing, so you can build one just the way you like on the website, and pay that exact price when you pick it up. OTD would include taxes and fees, so you would want to look those over before signing on the dotted line.

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  • ohplezzohplezz Member Posts: 74
    Thanks thats good to know. The only bad thing about it is the Doc fee. Some dealers go nuts on it. 350 to 550. Hopefully when the time comes I'll be able to find one that does not completely try to rip me off. I wish we could haggle over the price. But I can't complain. Anything these days under 20k is a deal. Thanks again for the info.
  • ohplezzohplezz Member Posts: 74
    The Xb price came out. $16,230 for 5MT with destination. Cheaper than I thought it would be. This sounds good for the little Xd. :)
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    Total fees at the three dealers in my city were $400, $500, and $900. I went with the $500 dealer. The $900 dealer is not screwing anyone. People see the $900 in fees on their purchase order, and pay them. People choose not to discuss the fees, and do not walk away and look at the other dealers. If the dealer has no trouble selling Scions with $900 fees, why should he reduce the fees?
  • ohplezzohplezz Member Posts: 74
    I use to sell cars. I know the game. The scion dealers were making about 700 gross on the 1st gen cars. Now adding 900 to the 700 gross on a 14k car is wrong. 1600 gross on a car the starts off less than 14k is greedy and if you are in the car bizz, or ever were, you know it. In the long run those dealers will get burned. Thats all I'm saying. I'd walk if some jack off tried that crap with me. The one that wants the deal the worst gets the worst deal. Go on the last day of the month (hopefully the weather is bad and has been for a week) and watch those doc fees disappear. ;)
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    Choice is a good thing for consumers and that is finally what Scion offers between their boxes. I'm surprised that Toyota didn't come up with a 2.0L or 2.1L for the xB. I had a 89 Camry with 2.0L DOHC and loved it (averaged a very smooth 35 mpg). But I'm glad to see the Corolla's 1.8L offered in the xD (good economy, proven, but a bit rough at high rpm).

    As said by many before, why isn't cruise offered? :mad:

    I'm old, but why are the Scion boxes still so ugly? :confuse:

    And while I'm at it, why hasn't Toyota ever fixed the long reach to the Corolla steering wheel? :mad:

    I don't need cargo capacity, so I'll wait to see what the new Corolla looks like. But I like the price (and no haggle pricing of the xD).
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    The 1.8L in the xD is not the same as the 1.8L in the Corolla. Check out the Inside Line article.

  • ohplezzohplezz Member Posts: 74
    Choice is a good thing for consumers and that is finally what Scion offers between their boxes. I'm surprised that Toyota didn't come up with a 2.0L or 2.1L for the xB. I had a 89 Camry with 2.0L DOHC and loved it (averaged a very smooth 35 mpg). But I'm glad to see the Corolla's 1.8L offered in the xD (good economy, proven, but a bit rough at high rpm).

    **The prior poster was correct. This is a new engine unlike the one in the old corollas and should be much smoother.
    **They probably used the 2.4 because it is a proven engine and using it saves them money.

    As said by many before, why isn't cruise offered?

    ** That definitely is a good question and one I do not have a good answer for. It is total stupidity on the part of scion for not having cruise control on the xD. It really makes me mad. It should come standard. The retards at scion have really screwed up big in my opinion. Their is a after-market one and if you look back a ways in this thread you will see the name of the company that makes it but after market cruise controls brake down a lot of the time. Pure stupid on scions part. Every other car in its class at least offers it as a option and on some of them its standard but nothing from scion. Idiots. :mad:

    I'm old, but why are the Scion boxes still so ugly?

    **LOL the youngsters that scion is trying to attract tend to like the boxy cars and the older folks tend not to. That was scions goal. They effectively ran you off.

    And while I'm at it, why hasn't Toyota ever fixed the long reach to the Corolla steering wheel?

    ** I don't know that one but my guess is in the event of a crash where the airbag deploys, people who are sitting farther back don't get their neck broke. But that is just my guess. What scion really needs is a air bag for the drivers knees. At least as a factory option. Toyota does for their sub compacts in europe. Thanks scion again for a exposing drivers to crushing injuries. I'd pay more to have a air bag for my knees. I need them and like them working after a bad crash. The tC has them :sick:

    I don't need cargo capacity, so I'll wait to see what the new Corolla looks like. But I like the price (and no haggle pricing of the xD).

    ** No haggle except the rip off Doc Fees that dealers charge. Thanks scion for allowing scum bag dealers to rip off and piss off your customers. :mad:
    ** Toyota has sent the redesigned corolla back ( it was ugly) to the drawing board. It didn't look nearly as good as the mazda 3 or civic which toyota is trying to compete with. Toyota is definitely not known for their hip car designs so you are going to have to wait and see what it looks like whenever it comes out but you will be paying much, much more money for the corolla. Scion gives you more bang for the buck if you can look past its looks and lack of cruise control :mad:
  • mcmanusmcmanus Member Posts: 121
    Don't know why Toyota can get so much right, but screw up on the obvious little things that can drive customers crazy. Are they so big that they're competing with themselves? Wonder how many have bought a Corolla just to get cruise or moved up to a Camry just to avoid the long reach to the Corolla sterring wheel?

    On a related issue, a friend works fairly high up in the automobile wheel industry. So I asked why car companies don't sell new s with better tires. He agreed that their cost difference would be minimal, but tire companies want to tease you aftermarket. Some car companies do offer good tires. Everyone probably has a different idea of what makes a tire "good". But 20K mile wear ratings (like on the tC) ain't good. Likewise tires that make a car look poor in braking or curves in published test reports can't be good either. Yes, it would create a race to pay tire manufacturers more to put good tire on all new s as you wouldn't want to have a Yaris out perform a Camry, but come on!

    It seems that the Solara is the only current good looking Toyota. Why can't they come up with more attractive cars? Even boxy cars can look better. Both the new Scion boxes have taken a step backwards from previous s. As you say, I'm probably too old to grasp this one. OTOH it wouldn't stop me from buying one. Maybe they're just trying harder than I imagine to keep us old farts away from the kids stuff.

    I'll be avoiding any 1st year engine, even a Toyota (blew the tranny in my 1997 Camry, a 1st year ). Still can't understand why, as long as they were doing a new engine, that they didn't roll out a 2.0L or 2.1L to "one-up" or keep up with the competition and fill the gap they currently have. I know keeping the same block is cheaper, but we're talking out the biggest car maker in the world and the largest selling nameplate in history. If not in this case, when would you ever develop a new engine?

    I prefer avoidance features to injury minimization technology. But I've yet to drive a car with ABS that doesn't lock up waaaaay to soon on ice or slush. Frankly I doubt that many drivers, when faced with a "head on" in dry conditions, would have the presence of mind to steer around the obstacle.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    The transmission in the 1997 Camry - whether 4 or V6 - was NOT a new trasmission. It was just a new body, and the mechanicals were almost exactly carried over from the Gen 3 version from 92-96. Modest modifications were made to the 2.2L and 3.0L engines, but no changes to the transmissions, from everything I've read.

    If you blew the tranny in one of those vehicles, it was because it was a bad tranny, and not because it was new.

  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    From a business perspective, the following is not an issue for Toyota. In fact, its desired.

    "Wonder how many have bought a Corolla just to get cruise or moved up to a Camry just to avoid the long reach to the Corolla sterring wheel?"

    Now, of course, the problem arises when people move from the Corolla to the Civic, Elantra, et al. But moving to a Camry is perfect in the eyes of the bean-counters!

  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    as far as developing brand new engines for the scions goes, do you really think that out of all the cars toyota offers in the world, do you think that the scion xd or xb would be the prime candidate for a new engine? :blush:

    I can wait to see these in person. The only thing i wish they had was at least a 5 speed auto.

    Happy to see people finally realized that its not the same engine as in the corolla~!
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaMember Posts: 12,555
    OK, well the Fit Sport offers standard cruise. I guess they could switch there. The Versa has some really sweeeet features for a subcompact (including cruise), and under $16K sticker no less. So they could switch there as well. It really is a great shame how hard Toyota strips its global models when it brings them to the U.S.

    I wanna see a Scion Aygo, if not the Charade. That would be cool! :-)

    But hey, make factory cruise optional, Toyota!

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  • bamacarbamacar Member Posts: 749
    The rating for the manual transmission is 27/33. Unlike the new xB, the xD numbers holds up pretty well. That translates to 31-32 city and 36 highway. Not a bad drop for the additional size and power of the xD over the xA.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Member Posts: 252
    I am surprised the mileage is not closer (or greater than) 40 mpg highway. For a small car, it should be higher. Even the bigger civic offers better mpg.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    Again, please consider that the numbers are changing for ALL cars for 2008. The Civic will no longer post those near 40 MPG figures. Expect about a 4 MPG drop in highway, in the Civics case. When that is considered, and keeping in mind the new xD's ratings ARE the new 2008 numbers, the xD is comparable to the Civic.

  • bamacarbamacar Member Posts: 749
    As alpha stated the 2008 Civic with manual transmission will drop from 38/30 to 34/26 which is almost identical to the 33/27 of the xD.
  • 719b719b Member Posts: 216
    will you let us know the source of the mileage information for the 2008 scion xd?
  • bamacarbamacar Member Posts: 749
    I got it from Ward's Auto World, but it only listed the manual transmission version.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    C/D hasn't been this thrilled with a Toyota since the RAV4 V6... d-specs-page3.html

  • ohplezzohplezz Member Posts: 74
    Even with the new gov numbers imho with a driver who is trying to get good mileage, and knows how to drive for that purpose, I see the xD coming in around 29/32 for city and 34/37 for Hway. The engines design should post excellent numbers. The only thing working against that is the short gearing on the xD and the wind drag of its little boxy body. The base car its self is a decent start but with some nice wheels/tires and good springs/shocks it should be a nice little sporty ride. I saw it in person at the auto show in early april and it has got a lot of potential.
  • crabbymancrabbyman Member Posts: 9
    Here is the information given to dealers:
    Optional: VSC with TRAC
    xD only vehicle without Cruise in '08 MY...however also saw pictures and other dealer info with cruise...

    As far as info again..
    Manual: 32/37
    Auto: 30/34
    Unknown if based on '08 MY requirements or prior EPA requirements. :shades:

  • herrkaleuherrkaleu Member Posts: 62
    These numbers are similar to the 2007 Fit numbers. As the engine is considerably larger it would surprise me if those would be 2008 EPA numbers. But getting the same EPA mileage with 25% more power is a good thing.

    After all, gasoline is dirt cheap in this country, 1 or 2 mpg might not be as important as usable size, safety, comfort..
    If I really love my car and can do all the things I need to do and maintenance and repairs don't kill me I'm more likely to keep the car for more years which saves me more money.
    whoever drives 20,000 miles a year in the city can always buy a hybrid.

    more important is the price and availability. I hope they bring over enough not to have waiting time. I don't want to make a deposit and wait 3 months as with the Fit, or not have ABS as with the Versa.....
  • ohplezzohplezz Member Posts: 74
    Those are the new model year 08 numbers according to scion. I spoke with a factory rep on media day at the auto show here in nyc and it was confirmed through a dealer I know on the west coast. The roller rockers and oil jet give it superior numbers even in its less than aerodynamic shape. You can look at other toyotas with this technology and see the the same impressive #s in mpg. And don't get me wrong, I'm not a toyota/scion nut job. I'm a honda man. I'm coming from a 96 prelude si that has over 250k and still going strong but the premium gas is killing me. I wish that honda would have got its act together and released the new design of the fit here in the U.S instead the current model at the end of its cycle. The fit/jazz is a quality car no doubt but its styling is a sore spot for me. It looks like their mini van:( But I don't even drive it any more. I ride the subway every where for the past year and a half. And you are right about cruise in some areas of the country. Scion has always offered cruise as a dealer option in the southeast and maybe even some other parts of the U.S but not nation wide. But I have heard some rumblings in the past week at that cruise is going to be offered up nation wide due to potential buyers anger over no cruise. Lets hope so! A car without cruise is a :lemon: in my book And although I disagree with the prior posters comment about gas being dirt cheap in this country. I do think that they should hold out on buying the new scion if they like the fit. If it works for you don't waste the money on a new ride unless you have to. I'm probably leaving the city later this year and moving out west so I'm going to have to buy this year. I wish I could wait to see what the new fit is going to offer but that is not in the cards for me. The compact market is heating up in this country. Hell even GM is getting into the mix with the sub compacts that they had at the auto show. Hopefully honda will keep its promise and give us the diesel engine that has been out in europe now for a while as well. The less money we spend on gas the better off our environment and safety will be.
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