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Jeep Wrangler



  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    One more thing....

    If I were you, I would definitely want to talk to the previous owner of that Jeep before I bought it.

    That's just a good policy for the purchase of any used vehicle. You have to wonder why someone would trade in such a new Jeep? It's possible that the Jeep was fine but just turned out not to be the right type of vehicle for its previous owner. It's also possible that it was a lemon.

    You will have warranty protection going for you, but you still might avoid a major headache by checking with the previous owner before buying.

    And, you're welcome. Always glad to help a fellow Jeep lover.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • jacknimblejacknimble Posts: 171
    12 months after selling my 97 Sahara, I finally am getting another. For those interested in the sorted details: 2001 Sahara, auto, white, dual tops, dana 44, canyon wheels, cruise, trunk thing. MSRP is 26150, buying at invoice and taking the low financing. (Lookin4Sahara is right - DC is making a killing on these things. I read about 4-5 years ago that the Wrangler was grossing a $9000 profit on each one!)

    Immediately adding power windows and wet okole seat covers to it. If anyone knows anything about adding power locks and keyless entry let me know.

    By the way, the $500/low APR has been extended to July 31st.

    Should be here sometime in the next 3 weeks or so.

  • no_loadno_load Posts: 4
    Jeep newbie here. What is a Tazz?
  • What are those? Where can I see a good sized picture of them?
  • notop1notop1 Posts: 14
    Just curious... I purchased the 30 inch wheel group with my new 60AE.. the book says that the Dana comes with it.. but the brochure also seems to indicate that when you get it with automatic, the Dana does not come with it... anyone know?
  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134

      I belive you got a good will make up the difference in your 1.9%..thats a great rate!

    Sounds like you got a beauty there...need to get some pics posted for us!!

     Congrats to you too Jackbnimble!!

    WOW!! we are growing like a wild fire!!

    look at all those new jeeps!

     NO Load.. Tazz (Tasmanian Devil) is the name of my jeep..

    Its a jeeps owners must,.. to name your jeep.

    Tsjay's is Thelma Jana

    Tonka Dave's is Tonka Jeep


     Snut aka BamaTazz

  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134
    the Dana 44 is an option...I belive is comes with dana 35..if your not doing any serious off-roading
    dana 44 is over kill..

    Got Jeep?
  • saharagalsaharagal Posts: 88
    If anyone has details about the power options being added aftermarket, please post. I'm wondering how reliable they are and how expensive it is to have it done? Anyone know?


  • I thought ALL Jeeps had "keyless entry"!!!

    Windows? What are windows?
  • ".... It has full
    hard doors and dual tops, plus these little bar thingies like a gate for when the doors are off (with mirror attachment points)which I would sell if I got it. Can you have soft doors with hard top? I really dislike those full doors."

    Yet, after driving the black 97 described earlier, I am not so sure I liked the half doors either. (It was hot out, but the top was up due to severe lightning storm imminent any minute, yet I REALLY wanted to test drive it!) Also, the front driver tire made a thwapping sound like it might be cupped or something. Something to worry about? I couldn't see any visible cupping, and would replace tires maybe in August anyhow, but don't want to replace again in December if you know what I mean.
  • spyrodragonspyrodragon Posts: 147
    Woa Woa... Power windows? Power Locks? Keyless Entry? May I remind you that Jeep also makes other vehicles with this option (cherokee, grand cherokee, and dare I say it... Liberty.) The reason that Wrangers do not have the options is because the DOORS CAN BE REMOVED, therefore there is no hole in the door for the wires to be run through. You will have to remove the door panel and drill a hole in the side. To me this defeats the purpose of buying a wrangler because you wont be able to take the doors off unless you have disconnects on the wires. Ask TSJay how much fun it is to drive around with the doos off. But whatever floats your boat. Check the link below, they might have something, I know they've got the windows... I've seen someone have a writeup on power locks but don't remember where.

    Ok, I suggest that EVERYONE here goes to and order a subscripsion... There are alot of good deals inside and they also have a section in the back where you can order pretty much any other magazine... If you want good add on's this is the mag to get them from. That's where you'll find the wet okole seat covers.
  • sfjeepssfjeeps Posts: 66
    The Dana 44 is a good option if you are planning to add taller tires, do harder off roading, adding lockers or just want a better axle. The Dana 35 is an ok axle but the weakness is smaller axles, thinner axle tubes and c-clips for axle rention. Getting the Dana 44 will not work with the ABS brakes but you will not worry as much when your 50 off road.
  • grayhairgrayhair Posts: 1
    I have been reviewing Wranglers as part of my midlife crisis. I will be doing very little off road driving and not many long trips. Is it worth the extra bucks to buy the Sport over the SE? I will need air. I plan on getting only the soft top. This will just be a "weekend Jeep". Your thoughts are appreciated
  • jeepheadjeephead Posts: 49
    The decision between 4cyl and 6cyl can be a hard one. I bought the 6 cyl because I do a lot of driving, and wanted the extra power. When I drove the 4 cyl, the "get up and go" didn't seem to be there. If you are going to be driving at lower speeds, and doing off roading, the 4cyl will be everything you need. However, if you plan on spending any time on the road at high speeds, go for the 6cyl. Since you are planning on getting AC, the 6 cyl would be worth the extra money, because of the extra strain on the engine. If you are planning on the auto tranny, pass the 4 cyl, because it is way under powered with the auto. (Again, you will see this most on the main roads. I had a friend with a '95 4 cyl with auto, and it was fine in the mud and other off road conditions, but just wasn't fast enough on the road.) The real world gas mileage seems to be the same between both engines, plus the 6 cyl is rock solid. However, if you are just going to play around, the 4cyl might work just fine. Hope this helps without further muddying the waters!

  • jacknimblejacknimble Posts: 171
    Wet Okole seat covers can be purchased from Quadratec, but there is a bit more selection from their web site:

    The power windows are from Quadratec - they are made specifically for the WRangler, and accommodate the removeable doors.

    I figured I would encounter some alarms when I mentioned "city-fying" by wrangler critter, but I'm giving up a Chrysler 300M and can't go completely cold turkey on everything. Besides, I sorely missed not having power locks and windows on my old Wrangler.

    Regarding the traclok/Dana44 - what is the answer? It looks like the traclok is included with the Dana44, but does anyone know for sure? I know the retail on mine is 595, more than just the 44 alone.

    Whats all this with naming your Jeep? My old one seemed to do fine when I just called it "the Jeep". Maybe thats like naming a dog "boy" though.

  • I just realized I've NEVER had power windows or locks.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I've never had a vehicle with power anything, either. Thought I was some type of old-fashioned person, a dead breed, especially when I read car reviews! My husband would like keyless entry - he thinks that's really cool, and it would be handy when it is in the triple digits. On the other hand, he would probably lose the remote, like he did for the security alarm on a truck he once had. The funny thing about that was that I guess someone else had a vehicle with the same frequency, because occasionally he would go out and set off the alarm when he got in it! He couldn't have set it because he didn't have the remote, and he always had to go inside and get the second one to shut it up.

    I test drove the 4 cylinder and drove it up a steep hill behind the dealership. That convinced me to get the I6, and I'm very happy I did. When I got it I was planning on only using the Jeep in the mountains, mainly off-roading, but since first I had to get there... Now I use it part of the year as my primary mode of transportation (see the pictures in the owners section of one morning in February at my house).
  • bjrichbjrich Posts: 125
    A spare tire cover for son in laws new Wrangler; Must have the Chicago Black Hawks Hockey logo on it.'
    Please advise;
    Thank you
    Need it for Christmas Gift!
    Any other gift suggestions?
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    Why do you want a hardtop?
    A hitch mounted cargo carrier will limit your off-roading severely. If it is just mild off-roading it will work but your departure angle is killed with it.

    I second Jeephead's comments about 4 vs 6. For me personally I would rather walk than drive a 4 cyc Jeep. I know how they are on the highway.

    I have some sidesteps that I want to get rid of. Email me or let me know if you are interested.
    "Add a Trunk" is removable and keep in mind it is not very secure. These guys have some secure products

    I think the Dana44 would be good to have for resale. Not everybody would be looking for it but it cost a lot less to get one with it then to add it.

    Nothing wrong with getting power locks and windows on your Jeep if that is what you want. For me, I don't lock my doors because I don't want my windows to get slashed. I would buy power zipper windows if they made em. :)

    I have never owned power doors or windows but to me keyless entry is a must on a car. Most of my manuals didn't even have a rpm gauge. I hated seeing a rpm gauge in somebody's automatic.
  • "Why do you want a hardtop?"

    It is easier to sweep a foot of snow off a hard top, I figure.

    "A hitch mounted cargo carrier will limit your off-roading severely. If it is just mild off-roading it will work but your departure angle is killed with it."

    I thought the beauty of this design is you can REMOVE IT before taking to the trails. That way, you can take a bunch of stuff with you on vacation, and leave it at the camp site. At least that is what I was thinking anyhow. Also for the beach.
  • 2001wrangler2001wrangler Posts: 112
    Check out the rear bumper with cargo rack on this site -

    That is the same bumper I just installed (without the cargo rack). They are not cheap, but I really believe that it would stop a speeding bullet!!!

  • jeepboy727jeepboy727 Posts: 14
    I found a 2000 Sport, silver stone, 6000 miles,exactly what I want!!!! And they only want $15,000. If they only had not sold it an hour before I got there. So Close. Oh well, there's a red one I am going to look at tomorrow.
  • The jeep I am purchasing has the 30" wheel package and the Dana 44 is included, but mine is a 5spd.
  • Thanks everyone, but I am still a little bothered by the price especially after visiting that site. Sheeesh, can you guys believe those prices?...... All of you fellow jeepers have to understand something. Around here, a dealer does not need my piddly 200 or 300 over invoice when there are plenty of people who pay cash and pay just about full sticker. I even know of couple of them. Now I am not tooting my horn or anything because I am certainly not part of that crowd nor do I ever want to be, but it is the area. Has anyone ever heard of the gold coast? Well, Long Island, or as some pronounce it lon-guy-land, is it. This is the gold coast and a lot people have money coming out of their you know what. So why should a dealer bother with me. The only reason he came down is because he knew I was not going away so easily. I would move if I can convince my wife. I'm working on it.......

    Thanks again.......I hope everyone is right about it being worth the hassel......and the $$$$
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    It seems like ever since they started that chat transcript message board, the chats have not worked properly. Is there a connection?

    We have had people that can't even get into the chat, which happened to me for the first time tonight, and we have had strange behaviour for those who have been able to get in.

    Last couple weeks, I was able to get in, but had to hit the "refresh" button for new posts to show up. Tonight, I couldn't even get in at all.

    What's the deal????

    I loved that chat!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Hey tsjay, texasjeep told us you (and tonkadave) were haven't no luck getting in the chat tonight. Major bummer.... Drew and pf_flyer know about it, and will complain (again) to the tech guys.

    Vans, SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards

  • nkelly1nkelly1 Posts: 105
    Just calculated my mileage… 23 mpg. Did it 3 times came out the same, now if I could just figure out how I did it.

    TsJay.. don't feel to bad I had a hell of a time just logging on tonight, last couple of days have been hard. Could be lag on the web (maybe the power crunch).
  • dwranglerdwrangler Posts: 127
    Well I made a wish for my 38th birthday today, but Black soft top Sahara in the driveway with my name on it. Oh well, I guess I'll have to get it the old fashioned my tail off working one or two jobs and going to school. I congratulate all of you that have become Wrangler owners. I hope to one day join the ranks of Official Jeep Wrangler owners, but it might take a couple of years. Hey tsjay, when they list the time by each posting, what time is listed is it pacific, central, or eastern? I just wanted to know so I can try to get on when you all are doing it live. But I may not be able to get on live when school starts up again.

    Again, Congratulations New Wrangler Owners! :)


    when you hug your jeeps today, give em' a hug for me til I get mine.

    (hopefully I can change my tag name as soon as my birthday wish comes true...I haven't hit my mid life crisis early at 38 today have I?) As far as grey hair goes, that started showing up in my 20's :O ;)
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    The times are pacific, so they are two hours behind our time (I'm on central time too).

    Join us in Gill's chat room sometime! Several of us get in there about every night.

    Don't give up on your dream... you'll have that Jeep some day. In the mean time, just hang with us.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Invited another guy to join us. Met him in Gill's chat room last night. His name is Tom, and he is from Toronto.

    I don't know what username he will post under, but he checked out our board as we were chatting and said he really liked it.

    So, give him a big Wrangler IV welcome when he posts his first message.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
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