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Jeep Wrangler



  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    KEEP IT! Why would you let it go? That residual would be a super deal, considering the low mileage. Are you going to get another Jeep?


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    doc55 - Unless you really want a new car, keep it. It sounds like a good deal.

    To all who are new Wrangler owners - greetings! How to enjoy your Jeep more fully? Get it dirty!

    Mine got a bit dirty Sunday - went hiking with the dog to one of my favorite hiking spots. The views were great! Saturday I went car shopping for the Taco replacement. I've pretty much decided on the Forester to compliment my Wrangler. But then I hear talk about the Rubicon, and it distracts me, gets me thinking about using my '98 for a daily commuter and the fact that the Rubicon could easily go where I'm now reluctant to take the '98...
  • strmeye1strmeye1 Posts: 2

    I've been keeping up with the posts on here for a while, absorbing as much as I can. Reading has been really helpful in making shopping and buying decisions -- and I finally pulled the trigger on my purchase last week.

    I picked up a 1997 Wrangler Sport, 5spd, black with black soft top, half doors, gray interior, AC, Grizzly wheels and 31" BFG ATs. The dealer should be installing a brand new soft top for me within the week.

    I'll probably post more now that I'm actually an owner. At any rate, here I am, and it's nice to meet y'all!

    Northern VA
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    Wow, this board has been hopping as of late. I don't check it for 2 days and there are 30 something new posts. Congrats to the new Jeep owners.

    Mtngal--the board had this discussion about 3 months back about the engineering differences b/w inline and V-type engines. Maybe somebody can find the posts. I remember posting a link that explained the different physics involved. The gist of it was that an inline engine requires fewer parts. Because V-type pistons are firing at different angles, the engine requires counterweights to quell side-to-side vibrations. The inline engines don't need that. Neither do boxer engines like Subaru uses, since the pistons are directly opposed and cancel each other out. Hence, the engines that tend to last the longest are I4, I6, flat 4...

    I am probably in way over my head here (been a long time since high-school physics) but it also seems to me that an engine that doesn't have to use energy moving counterweights around should be more efficient as well.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Welcome aboard, Rob! We're glad you decided to jump into the discussion and look forward to hearing all about your Jeep experiences!

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Welcome! Congratulations on the purchase of the world's most fun, versatile, and wonderful vehicle.

    Post like a demon! Glad you broke the ice.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    "What brand hitch do you have? Did you loose any ground clearance?

    I have a small dual axle stock trailer that I will have to pull a few times each year."

    I got a Tomken bumper with integral hitch receiver. Ground clearance is great, possibly better than stock.

    HOWEVER, if I had to do it over, I might go for another brand which allows an integrated swing out tire carrier. The Tomken one requires drilling or bolting one on there. Otherwise, the Tomken is fine. The reason I want a swingout carrier is because I have the 31 inch tires, and it seems kind of heavy back there, plus I might want to mount a tire mount ski rack and possibly hilift jack rack to that.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    I also remember Ford dropped their VERY successful I6 from their truck line some time in the past maybe 2-5 years. That thing could tow a bulldozer.

    Other notable I6's:

    Toyota Supra
    BMW (various)
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    The engine bay may be long enough for the motor, but people want a 4 speed tranny, and the vehicle is not long enough for that also.

    (Of course, I would LOVE if they lengthened the wheelbase [just a little] and made a new Scrambler!)
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    I have the BFG 31X10.5 on my 1997 Sport.

    Only rubs when wheels are cut all the way (such as when pulling out of my driveway).

    I have a 3/4 inch poly spacer lift. If I had to do it over, I'd either go for a 2" poly spacer, or do it right and go with a 2 1/2 inch lift for like $400-500.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    "Have 1999 Wrangler Sahara 5 spd manual, a/c, hard and soft tops with only 9,842 miles. Leased brand new in August, 1999. Three more payments of $389.99, disp fee is $250 and residual value is $14,542.00. I hate to hand them back a brand new car. Any ideas?"

    How about this: I paid $13,500 for a 1997 last August with 53,000 miles on it.

    If you want to sell that one, let me know, and I'll trade mine in and get yours. I'll make an offer right here of 14,000.
  • desnodesno Posts: 28
    My bad, my jeep's patriot blue with tan interior and top. No, my wife already has a 98 chevy blazer, and she's glad to have it since she can put all the stickers, bobble head animals, and weird seat covers on it that she wants to. hahahahah...

    BTW, I'm coming up on my first 3K oil change, probably by the end of the month. I was reading on here last week that there were some things that I should do (other than the obvious "oil change"). Anybody have some info? Hook a brotha up!! :-)

  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    The jeep is the third I6 I've owned:

    1973 240Z - 2.4l bought it with 105k and drove it another 65k, NO engine problems.

    1984 Toyo Supra - 2.8l bought it with 40k, drove it another 140k, NO engine problems

    Wrangler SPort - 4.0l , hoping for the same kind of service out of it.

    Glad to see all the posting and congrats to all the new owners (lots of 'em!).

  • dwranglerdwrangler Posts: 127
    Thanks for the kind word. I really want a new one. Get this, my Mom told me that a Sable would be a good car for me not a Jeep (cause that's a Chrysler product she said). I told her that Jeep though owned by DC is a separate division and part of the terms for the merger was that they left the Wrangler alone. I'm not waivering one bit. I've waited soooooooooo long to get a Jeep that there is no way that I'm not going to get the vehicle that I want. NONE! I hope to have around 6500 to 7000 for a down payment by then, which may mean that I'll have to get a second job. I've gotta get those payments low so I can manage if things get tight. Nothings gonna stop me now. If you still have your sticker bama email it to me so I can narrow down options that I want. Well folks, it's late and I gotta go. I'll try and check out the chat Thursday if I can.

    Oh and congrats to the new Jeep owners...I'M JEALOUS ;)

    Take care and Hug your Jeeps for me :)

  • saharagalsaharagal Posts: 88
    Hey Deb. Have you checked out the Jeep Web Site to consider which options you want? You know you can calculate exactly what your monthly payments will be at Your Vehicle). I used it when I bought my Sahara back in July. Of course, I used the Edmunds site to figure out how much I should expect to pay (invoice prices). I paid several hundred dollars below invoice last summer for my 2001 Jeep. Those are the numbers I plugged into the "calculate your payment" section on the Jeep site. I included all the figures for taxes, dealer fees, tag and title, etc. in my calculations. I plugged in different amounts for my down payment so I could decide how much I wanted to part with up-front.

    When I left the Jeep dealership, my monthly payments were EXACTLY what I had come up with on the Financing section of the Jeep site. Not one cent more.

    You're definitely right though -- the first thing you need to do is figure out exactly what you want.

    Good luck

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    Tell your mom that Ford/Mercury is not exactly a step up on reliability for Jeep. I left my last Ford in the middle of the Idaho desert with a blown head gasket at only 60,000 miles. My girlfriend's 94 Mustang has had a blown head gasket (same troublesome 3.8L V6, a truly awful engine that has cost Ford millions in recalls, YET THEY STILL MAKE IT), a rebuilt automatic tranny, and numerous small problems before she even hit 60K. My 98 TJ Sport has had exactly one problem in 40K miles, the faulty gauge connection thing fixed under warranty. I expect a long life out of this vehicle.

    Not to mention a Mercury (ANY Mercury) isn't exactly a vehicle you aspire to own.
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    I think the most important questions you should ask yourself when financing a car is "Can I stand to make payments on this thing for the next few years? Am I still going to like this car in two years? How about three years?"

    Most people I know finance their cars for four to five years. The cardinal rule of financing is "you shall not payments on a car you dislike." That what was the ultimate swaying point for me when I bought my TJ new in March 1998. I ordered it with the options I wanted, the colors I wanted, and took out a five-year loan. After my trade-in, I had to finance around $11,500. This kept my monthly payments at $220, which was managable.

    I ended up paying it off more than a year ahead of schedule, and now that I have the title I can still say this: I love this car. There are somethings that annoy me about it (mostly the noise and poor gas mileage) but I love how it looks, I love driving it around with the top down, I love that I can handle nearly any BLM or USFS "road" when I am out in the wild. I maintain it religiously (oil change every 3000 miles, all other fluids every 20,000 miles) and it has given me over four years and 40,000 miles of almost perfect service.

    I recommend caution here on the board when new people post questions asking if they should get a Wrangler, because I think they need to know some of the downsides to this vehicle. Fact is, though, that I love this Jeep and never hated making payments on it. I've paid it off and have no desire to get rid of it. How many vehicles can you say that about, especially in this price range?
  • bamatazzbamatazz Posts: 311
    Do i have to wait till I recieve the recall before I take TAZZ to the dealer? Or, can i just take it now with the recall #? glad to email ya copy of sticker & prob...
    I agree with saharagal..go to figure out what you want with everything..figure out payments..then start dropping exta options u could live without..I would try to get the largest downpayment u can..that will get those payments lower..
    i always pay $20.00 more on my payment..that will help on the end.
    Keep Us posted

  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Congrats on having enough discipline to pay your '98 off early. We're still paying for our '98, and won't have much chance to pay it off early. Our first major repair was the exhaust manifold.

    I love your rule about not making payments on a car you can't stand. We're in that position. We bought (and financed) that Y2K Taco now sitting in the driveway because I haven't bothered to take it to get it fixed (suspect possible partial radiator blockage). At the time we bought it we had planned on keeping it for 10 years, like our Nissan. However, there is a great deal of comfort difference between an '88 Nissan Hardbody and a '00 Tacoma. Our Wrangler will probably stay with us that long, unless we decide to trade it in on another Wrangler sometime - I plan on always having a Wrangler as long as our life style stays the same.

    I agree that the Wrangler isn't for everyone, and have often posted here about the many drawbacks to it (gas mileage, poor handling in the wind, steering too quick for safe handling at high speeds, bouncy suspension, especially over expansion joints on certain freeways). On the other hand, I'd rather pay the extra gas (15 gallons rather than 10 gallons every 2 days), and have a longer commute due to slower speeds than put up with the Taco.

    Anyone buying a car should be really sure that what they are buying is what they want. No one wants to be in my shoes - I'm on the wrong side of the note on the Taco (owe more than its worth) and will probably end up either having to buy a new car for considerably over what it would normally go for to make up the difference or taking out another type of loan to pay off the difference. That is a horrible position to be in, and I'm just about desperate enough to take the plunge to get rid of the Taco.
  • huckhillhuckhill Posts: 20
    Be sure to check out the Edmunds "car buying" web pages before taking the plunge. I did that on my last car and was surprised to see some of the dealers doing exactly what Edmunds predicted they would do (namely sell by payment rather than overall price). It pays to go into this informed and thereby more confident.

    Good luck. I have to wait until August and I am still trying to find out what, if anything, is going to change on the '03 TJ.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    The worst offer I had was a dealership that offered to lease me a vehicle for the payments I said I was looking for. They wanted me to sign the lease papers with just the monthly payment and they would do the rest of the paperwork. I knew nothing about leases or how they worked, since buying is really the only practical option for me. So I insisted that they fill out the paperwork before I would consider anything. The starting price turned out to be $3500 over MSRP - not dealer's invoice, but sticker price. Needless to say I walked out and I'll never go back to that dealership! It is too bad that many people fall for these things. If they didn't, car dealers wouldn't offer them.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591

    I have a vehicle now that I will still be enjoying immensely when I write the check for that 60th payment! I think most people in here are aware of my history of trading vehicles way too often. That's how I ended up $8000 upside down on trade-in when I bought Thelma Jane.

    I have owned Thelma for 15 months now and I enjoy her as much as I did on day one! And maybe the best days are yet to come, since I will be doing some mods as I get the money to do them. Mods are a whole lot cheaper than trading vehicles! At least you pay for them as you go and you don't just keep getting deeper in debt all the time.

    I am trying to remember the last vehicle that I kept for as long as 15 months. Let's see, the 2000 Grand Prix GT was 8 months (bought new), the '99 Grand Cherokee Laredo was 13 months (bought new), the '95 Explorer was 14 months (bought used), the '94 Z28... you get the picture.

    I LOVE MY JEEP! Yeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwww!!!!!! :)

    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that has done those things. We used to go through cars often - we never kept one more than 3 years. Not because we didn't like them but there always seemed to be a reason to get something new (like you can't haul a horse trailer with a motorcycle...). The Nissan broke that mold, and the Wrangler continues the trend. If it weren't for our (hated) Tacoma I wouldn't be car shopping.

    Just as a general thing - Wranglers are polarizing. You either love them or hate them. All of the people I know who have bought one love them. I can't think of anyone who I've met who actually bought one and didn't like it. Normally those people either never look at them to begin with, or else they figure out quickly when they test drive them that they can't live with the drawbacks.

    And that's a good thing - at least a Wrangler doesn't try to be something it isn't, like a number of other cars I could name...
  • jpbrityjpbrity Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a good idea about storing/lifting the hard top when not in use?
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    Does anyone know if they will fit through a standard door?

    I have room in the cellar for storing the hard top, but will need to get it through a door.

    Otherwise, it is out in the back yard on some logs.
  • tjraytjray Posts: 38
    Got a letter today explaining the ignition switch recall in my '01 Wrangler, took it down to the dealer and they ordered a replacement. I suppose I probably shouldn't drive in the rain with the top down until it gets fixed! I also talked my way into opening an account with their Parts department so I can get a discount on any parts or accessories. I just won't pay list price for parts at the same place that sold me 3 vehicles for way below invoice. I haven't posted in a while, so here's an update on my quest to "Just Empty Every Pocket". She now wears a set of Pro Comp 31x10.50-15 All Terrain tires on Weld Sidewinder 15x8 wheels, and a Ramsey Pro Plus 8000 winch with sport bar mounting kit is resting comfortably on the front bumper. Yes, I love my Jeep, and it shows! tjray
  • oceantoadoceantoad Posts: 186
    I called the local Jeep dealer and asked what the back spacing was on the stock wheels. They did not know and told me to call a local tire dealer which I did. The tire dealer said they knew tires, but not wheels so they called American Racing while I was put on hold. American Racing said to go with the 4 inch back space. I have been posting else where and have gotten every thing from go with the 4.75 to go with the 4, to I get some rubbing at full flex with full turns, to different Jeeps seem to react differently even though equipped the same. Dirt Road magazine has a chart that says the TJ is normally at 3.5 for back space. The latest reply to my post was that American Racing will tell me 4, but I will get rubbing. Most say the rubbing is not bad, but one reply said that the flares were taking some abuse and would maybe need to be trimmed.

    I don't know. Guess I will wait for the next person to post with his 31 inch tire, 15X8 wheel, and no lift experience. I still have some time.

    Out of curiosity, get them to measure the back space on your Canyons the next time they are taken off.

    By the way, I was advised in msg 4828 that the Canyons were a good wheel. Can't remember who posted that reply. :)

    Seeing more Wranglers around work in the barracks parking areas. Three black, one white, one brown, one red, and a funky blue color have shown up in the last month. I am not noticing them more, just seems like spring is making them sprout up.

    How many miles on Thelma Jane?
  • oceantoadoceantoad Posts: 186
    It sure is quiet around here.

    To me it seems like lots of Jeep owners are really devoted fans and that there is a real following. It also seems like the Willys/CJ/Wrangler style of Jeep is known all across the globe, more than any other vehicle. Maybe the "Bug" would be a close second.

    Since we are avid fans of a well known vehicle, why not add another standard feature or an optional upgrade? How about baby pictures?

    They could do a standard pack of like 4 normal size photos of various stages of the vehicle being built that is included with the TJ you buy off the lot.

    If you order a vehicle you could upgrade to maybe about 10 photos that are 8X10 and they also put them on a floppy or cd. Have the VIN in the corner of the photo with the date in the opposite corner.

    I would love to see a web cam type thing where you could follow your vehicle by typing in your VON or VIN, but workers might not like the intrusion into their privacy at any time you felt the need.

    I would be willing to pay $20 for a standard pack or maybe $50 for the optional pack.

    Just call me a nut case, but since it is so quiet I have all this time to think.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I think it's a great idea!

    Another topic that came up in another board I read - how would you define a Wrangler? Is it a truck, an SUV, a subcompact convertable or ?
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    Some of the regulars may remember I was having an intermittant starting problem with my '01 Sport. At random times, the starter wouldn't crank. I was able to get it running by swapping the "clutch interlock bypass" fuse most of the time.

    Today when it happened, I took out the Factory Service Manual (a great $90 investment for the mechanically inclined) and after about 30 min was able to confirm it was the starter and not the clutch interlock, relay or any other part of the system. The final test that confirmed it was having my wife sit in the Jeep with the key turned to the start position. I crawled under the Jeep and tapped the starter with a rubber mallet. Vrooooom, fired right up. Apparently a bad spot in the starter that would randomly stop at the right point and then fail to start.

    The dealer was very nice and is holding a starter for me along with the parts to do the ignition recall. Jeep goes in Tuesday and I should have it back by Wed. I will say they were very accomodating to schedule a repair that I diagnosed. The service manager suggested the "tap the starter with a hammer" and when I told them that worked, they said they'd take care of it.

    Need to get the Jeep ready for a beach trip coming up!

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    It's a jeep, a unique type of vehicle. When I tell people I drive a Jeep, I sometimes clarify it as a "Jeep jeep" if they don't know what a Wrangler is and they think I drive a Grand Cherokee or something. If you say the word "Jeep" to someone, a Wrangler/CJ/military Jeep comes to mind most often. I gather than in much of the world that's what a "jeep" is, regardless if it's an old Land Cruiser, CJ, or Suzuki. It's an open-bodied, short-wheelbase 4x4 with a backseat.

    Of course, it is a type of truck, not a car. The drivetrain/chassis/axle setup demonstrates that clearly. In my mind, I think of Wranglers/CJs are being closer to pickups than SUVs, because they aren't an option for the soccer-mom set generally speaking. I've heard it said that the CJ was the ancestor of modern SUVs, but I disagree; that seems more like an offspring of the old Jeep Wagoneers or even the original (1930s) Chevy Suburbans.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Some of you Jeep buddies here know about this from our chatting in Gill's place, but Old Tsjay is getting some new wheels and tires for Thelma Jane.

    Since I have started doing some offroading, the Canyon wheels are getting the clearcoat scratched off in places. Before they get too bad, I want to get some new wheels and store those Canyons.

    I have ordered five AR767's with center pieces and chrome lug nuts, and I am also getting five new BFG M/T KM 31 x 10.50 tires. I am buying the wheels and tires at the same place that gave me that super deal on the AT's last year.

    I guess that guy did not make a mistake last year when he gave me so much trade-in on those factory Goodyear Wrangler GSA's. I am getting $87.50 trade-in per tire on the AT's that have 5000 miles on them, and I am getting $97.50 for the never-used spare!

    I was hoping the wheels would come in today, but no luck. I guess I will get them Monday.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • bamatazzbamatazz Posts: 311
    WOW tom...getting new shoes for Thelma already.
    Just Empty Every Pocket is right..
    tom, you started that off-road here come ths mods.. I feel a lift coming for Themla in about 3 months..
    Im looking at the overhead security console..CB..& a hard top hoist for Tazz.
  • oceantoadoceantoad Posts: 186
    Am curious to see if your gas mileage changes. Was there a change in mpg when you went to the 31 inch from the 30?

    Am also curious about road noise and ride with the new tires and of course any rubbing problems.

    Tell all when you get some miles on those KMs.
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    Man I should ship my GSAs up to KY when we swap tires! Actually, I think they'll go on the Exploder which is due for shoes in a month or two. They are fine on the road, but in GA clay, they don't cut it...

    Am I going to have to send you a digital camera so we can actually see pics of this new wheeling tsjay?

    What did you have to buy the Mrs. so you could get the tires and wheels through purchasing?

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    You will get all the facts, Brother! I will tell you all that you want to know about the set up.

    I just wish the wheels had come in today!

    You asked how many miles Thelma Jane has on her in an earlier post. She has 15,895 on her now.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    When you put the 31" tires on did you notice a change in your odometer? I often navigate by it and could get lost out there in the desert without an accurate one (or a calculator handy).

    Speaking of desert - I'm once again heading for Vegas this weekend. At least I'll go in comfort - I haven't gotten the Taco fixed yet. And maybe if the traffic looks bad I'll take a dirt bypass...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Oceantoad - great ideas. A factory web cam would be très cool too, but even if the workers ok'd it, I suppose the competitors would be all over it. Wonder if a generic video is available....

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • yellowmanyellowman Posts: 209
    Hey all

    Well, my Jeep is now one year old. I'm doing my 5th oil change on Monday, and this time I'm having my mechanic guy do it for me (with my provided Mobil 1 of course). I also want him to take a peek at the brakes and snoop around, see if he sees anything else that it might need after one year.

    My question is, for those who use their Jeep as a daily driver, what kind of maintenance do you do after a year? Replace the tires? Replace the brakes? I have about 16,350 miles (tsjay, I'm about 500 miles ahead of you now!)

    Incidentally, I concur with ducks and tsjay. After 12 payments, I have had ZERO regrets about getting the Wrangler. I LOVE it!!! Sure there are a couple minor drawbacks, but that's nothing in comparison to the upside of it. I honestly think I'll get another one when my 60 months are up! (maybe even sooner!)

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Yes, there is an error in the odometer when you change tire sizes and don't change the gear in the odometer. You just have to allow for it.

    It is a simple ratio between your original tire diameter and your new tire diameter. You need to find out the actual diameter of both your original tires and your current ones. They use "nominal" values when they speak of 30" tires or 31" tires. I have heard that the factory Goodyear Wrangler GSA's that are called 30" tires actually measure only about 28.5". My BFG All Terrains on Thelma now actually measure 30.7."

    Just for clean calculation purposes, if you had a true 30" tire and went to a true 33" tire, you would be increasing your tire size by 10%, so your odometer would read only 90% of the actual miles you had driven. You would divide the indicated mileage on your odometer by 0.9 to get the true mileage.

    Of course the same error is present in your indicated speed. You have to allow for that.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?

    P.S. Before you mathmeticians jump all over me, the technically correct factor in my example above would be to divide the indicated mileage by 30/33, or .909, but it is a lot easier to just divide by 0.9. The accuracy of the original odometer readings with the factory set up probably doesn't warrant any more precision than that.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Congrats on one year of Jeep ownership!

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I just checked the BF Goodrich and the Goodyear web sites, and it appears that I was given some bad info on the actual diameters of the tires I mentioned in my previous post.

    Goodyear says the 30" GSA tire is actually 29.9", and Goodrich says their 31" Mud Terrain is actually 30.9." I didn't look up the All Terrain 31" while I was at Goodrich, but I will do so.


    If you want to go to the Goodrich site, you need to go to If you just type, you get to the corporate home page, and I couldn't find anything about tires there.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    OK, I know many of us in here have never gone offroad with our Jeeps and never intend to do so. That's fine, and that's they way I was too, unitl just a couple months ago. As I have said before, even before taking Thelma Jane offroad the first time, I still thought she was BY FAR the most fun vehicle I have ever owned.

    So, I am not trying to talk anyone into anything here, but I do want to give you the benefit of my own experience and give you something to think about.

    There was NO ONE IN THE WORLD more particular about the appearance of his Jeep than I was. I just could not stand to see her dirty, and even a simple hand wash was a minimum of two hours, the way I did it. I scrubbed every single teeny tiny spot of bug guts or road tar until it was gone. I scrubbed the tires and wheels and inside the fender wells. I chamoised Thelma immdediately after washing her, so that she would not have soap spots. I blacked up her tires with great pains taken to get a good, even coat of armorall on them.

    I would go into the house and get a wet and a dry paper towel and get the day's bug guts off of her grill before putting her in the garage for the night!

    I have actually been known to not even go somewhere that I was supposed to go, simply because Thelma was clean and the roads were wet!

    You should have the picture by now, so I will go on.

    How in the world did I get from this state of being so anal about her appearance to now taking her out in the mud and through the bushes?

    It didn't happen overnight. I kept reading posts in different Jeep groups about people wheelin' their Jeeps, and it just became more and more exciting to think about. I finally just HAD to try it. It is just like owning a Jeep to start with. You THINK you know how much fun it would be, but until you get your Jeep, you don't have a clue about how much fun it really is.

    All it took was one trip, and I was totally hooked on it!

    I still care very much about how Thelma Jane looks, but if something doesn't even show from 10 feet away, I am not going to worry about it!

    It is well worth a few minor scratches on her flares and hardtop to have the fun that I have (and that Thelma has) offroading. I swear, I really think Thelma Jane is happy as she can be when she is showin' her stuff on the trail. You will be totally amazed by the things your Jeeps will do and the places you can drive them through even in stock configuartion!

    Ok, that's all I have to say for now. If you try it and get some damage (always a possibility), then don't say I talked you into trying it. That HAS to be your decision, and, like I said, I did not get to that point because someone talked me into it. There is not a person in the world that could have convinced me to take my baby offroading until I reached the proper state of mind on my own.

    Thelma still looks good and I will keep her that way. If I get serious damage, I will get it fixed. So, I am still enjoying her in the same ways that I did before, but I have a whole new way to enjoy her as well! I don't feel like I have given up anything of any real importance in order to gain a whole new world of enjoyment.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • oceantoadoceantoad Posts: 186
    I really don't know much about it, but superlift has a device that corrects your speedometer. I am guessing that they have one for a TJ.

    If you go to their site at and then go to the new product information you will see a description of it. Four wires to hook up and then you calibrate it. No idea what the cost is, maybe about the price of the Forrester that you are looking at.

    You posted earlier about a Wrangler being truck, suv, or what ever.

    To me a Wrangler is a Jeep.

    An suv type vehicle that is fully enclosed without 4wd that you would not want to throw a load of loose dirt in is a station wagon.

    The above description of the station wagon, but add 4wd to it and it is an suv.

    A vehicle that is not fully enclosed that you could have a back hoe fill the rear with dirt is a truck.

    Just my thoughts.

    My view of the station wagon tends to irritate a couple of folks at work who drive Explorers. One of them traded in their Ranger on the Explorer and now are always having to borrow a truck.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Wasn't it you that was stopping at the rest areas every hour to clean the bugs off your hood? Can't enjoy jeeping without a little dirt :-)

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Yep, that would be me. :)

    But not any more!

    How are things out your way? When ya gonna come wheel with me?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Can't this weekend - cutting sod for a new garden. But that's still playing in dirt (sort of!).

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  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I'm very sod to hear that.
  • bamatazzbamatazz Posts: 311
    Wonder if Tom is talking to me...
    TAZZ-- the last of the CLEAN Jeeps!
    Got my Recall notice on thurs. got an appointment on Monday morning to fix..
    ALSO..Seems that Chrysler did not get my last payment GRRRRR.. Now that will be a hassel to fix.
    I sure dont have $600 to give them this month.
    I pay by money order, going to post office to figure out what to do.

    Keep Jeepin
  • geepersgeepers Posts: 93
    I got 80,000 miles from my tires and 90,000 from my brakes on my YJ. You can check your tire tread depth by the wear bars on the tires. Check for even wear also. You can check your front brake pads yourself. Easiest done by removing the front wheels. At that time you can check to make sure your rotors aren't scored too. Get a manual if you're not sure what to look for, it's easy and can give you peace of mind. Neither tires nor brakes should need replacing at that mileage. Get a new air cleaner if you haven't. A new fuel filter is a good idea every year or so too. If it gets clogged it makes your fuel pump work harder, an expensive repair. Check all the fluids, lower the hood and go Jeepin'.

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