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Jeep Wrangler



  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    That's the spirit, my friend!

    Get the best deal you can, of course, but don't let a couple or three hundred bucks keep you out of one of those wonferful little Jeeps!

    The summer will be gone before you know it.

    And, I'm sure that the 01's are getting scarce. We all know the old supply and demand thing and how it effects pricing.

    Also, the selection will get smaller and smaller the longer you wait, and your chances of getting what you want will diminish the longer you wait.

    So, I say "go for it," if you find a Jeep that you know you would really like to have.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    That $5900 for a '95 with 113K miles sounds like a pretty good price, assuming the Jeep is in decent condition.

    My cousin paid about that or even a little more for a '93 with 100K miles on it about a year ago.

    His Jeep has had no problems at all so far. His is a 4 cylinder five speed.

    Hope this helps.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • Opps....hit the enter key soon.......The salesman let me look at the invoice. As far as I can tell, the dealer received this TJ on 6/12. So it has been on his lot for about week.
  • sheeesh....supposed to be oops not opps....As for the dealer feeding me a line about selling faster than he could get them in, of course that is typical dealer rhetoric, but there seems to be some truth to the inventory claim. I'll give it another try today.
  • on that '97, what are the warranties?

    on the TSB thing, do I pay, or does JEEP pay?

    repeat, it has 52,000 miles, and they are asking $13,900. I think I might offer $11,200 and settle around $12,000?


    (I think I want this black beauty, unless a '98 or '99 in green or blue with tan top comes up for around $15-16K.
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    The 2000 and 2001 ignition systems are the same. The part number I used was Bosch 4203 for our '01 Sport. I paid $1.80 each. It's an easy swap and removing the coil bar is the only "odd" thing about it. There are no exposed wires and you won't need a spark plug boot puller. I have a short writeup on my site. Good luck.

  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    the warranty is 3/36 so you will have no factory warranty on this Jeep with the possible exception of the emmisions stuff.

    TSB are recommendations to the dealerships on how to remedy common problems. The dealer is under no obligation to fix them at their cost. However, if you have a good dealer, many will take care of them at a minimal, or no charge.

    Because there are so many factors in buying a used car, I don't think anyone but you can say if this is a good price. You're either willing to pay it or not. I'd guess the dealer would come down some, but until you are confident that the vehicle is in sound mechanical shape and it is the Jeep you want, we can't offer anything other than moral support. From talking to friends that are looking at Jeeps, many dealers are not as willing to slash prices as we enter the prime "top down" season.

  • saharagalsaharagal Posts: 88
    Good luck with the salesman today. I hope you get the Jeep! I agree with Tsjay, in the whole scheme of things, a few hundred dollars isn't worth worrying too much about. Just don't forget, your final offer doesn't really have to be your final offer. Just let him think it is! Get your best poker face together and tell him you'll come up $100 and that's your final offer! He's not going to refuse to sell you the vehicle if you tell him later that you've reconsidered. He'll be happy to take your money!

    Good luck!
  • A guy at work's inlaws are moving to Florida.

    They have a '97 Sport with the following: 4.0 L, dual airbags, hard ($755 option) and soft tops, full doors, 15X7 wheels, cargo net, Sport package #25D(convenience, full spare, extra size fuel tank, tilt steer/intermittent wipers, HD alternator/battery), trac lock, rear defroster.

    They paid $19,580 in 1997, and now they are asking $16,500 right now (not in huge hurry to sell, moving to Florida in July/August). NADA gives it a $11,975 trade in and $14,300 retail.

    Did I mention it has a trailer hitch, minor rear end accident (fixed, and looks perfect), and they are throwing in a small 4X4 trailer. It has full hard doors and dual tops, plus these little bar thingies like a gate for when the doors are off (with mirror attachment points)which I would sell if I got it. Can you have soft doors with hard top? I really dislike those full doors.
  • crazyjprcrazyjpr Posts: 8
    For all those who might think that the extended service plan is a big gamble... Have I got news for you. This time last week I dropped off my '00 NJ and do you think I have it back yet? Nope... Not a word about it other than the fact that the service plan I bought is going to cover the projected $2200 repair bill (minus $50 deductible). Keep in mind, this NJ is 18 months old and it has had more problems in the last three months than I have had with my four previous vehicles (one was even a Ford Bronco!) combined. My advice, go for the service plan. I knew going in to my purchase that Wranglers are about as reliable as a forecast for rain in the Sahara desert, so I had no reservations regarding spending the money for the plan. It's already paid for itself - assuming I get my p.o.s. back this week. I'm starting to get hissed with the dealer's service though. Not even a phone call from them to let me know what's going on. I have to keep calling them and wringing the info out of the moron who claims to be a service "manager". And how about them having the car for a week now and not giving me a loner car? Bastards.

    So... My words of cautionary advice - get the service plan if you can. It will probably save you a headache later if your NJ acts up like mine has.

    Anyone know that phone number to call for complaints to Chrysler/Jeep? I'm about ready to fire off a ripper of a complaint letter to the dealership, but I want some words with Chrysler too.
  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134
    I agree with Tsjay & Saharagal... If its what you want I say go for it.. From my point of view its more of a waste of money to pay for something you dont like rather pay extra for what ya want.
    Plus withe the finance charges will make up the $300 buying now than waiting for later. I paid $200 over invoice too (197 + 3 for lemon law.) and th3 4.9% financing I believe I got a very good deal. I drove to Atlanta to get my Tazz

    hey Spyrodragon..I was young & foolish like you once too..(wish I was still that way) But if i'm paying for something its gonna look good as long as I can keep it that way. So you stay on the offroads & tell us your stories.

    Got Jeep?
    Snut?.. AKA BamaTazz
  • saharagalsaharagal Posts: 88
    Where'd you get him? Just curious! I'm getting mine from Nalley in Roswell.

  • notop1notop1 Posts: 14
    I live in Minnesota... probably a lot different market than NY... but here are some facts. Before I went to see my local dealer I checked to see what they could do... they have an online configurator that gave me the following Invoice prices and their price. I've also compared to the price for the TJ the local dealer had on the lot (the one I purchased... it was either $100 over invoice or 200... there was $100 extra somewhere in thier base cost - the price was good enough that I didn't argue about it and got them to throw in a wheel cover in the deal.)

    I'd check the Jeep Warehouse site.. they have a number that you can call and talk directly to someone... I didn't pursue and don't know about delivery, etc. They are located in Indianna I think. By the way, my local dealer has 4-5 more Wranglers on the lot and they've been there for a few months. Only one with manual and all with hardtop or dual tops.

    Jeep Warehouse Local Dealer (Adamsons)
    TJJH77 Sport Invoice 17,543 17,543
    4.0L Automatic 0 (550 - 550 discount = 0) 0
    24D quick order pkg 546 546
    Dual Top 1,373 1,373
    Air Cond 788 788
    Fog lamps/Tow hooks 158 158
    Compact Disk 110 110
    Speed Control 220 220
    30 in Tire Group 590 590
    5 speakers/subwoofer 176 176
    60th Anniv Edition --- 238 (524 - 286 discount)
    Deep tint windows --- 321
    Advertising 300 335
    Destination chg 585 585
    Mailings & gas --- 33
    Unknown chg? --- 100

    Invoice Total 22,389 23,116
    Incentive -500 Jeep Discount 0 (took 1.9/36 month finance)
    Total Invoice Price 21,889 23,116
    Dealer Quote 21,738 (under dealer cost) 23,216 (100 or 200 over cost)

    Good Luck.
  • notop1notop1 Posts: 14
    I used the Emonds page to get a quote on extended warranties.. the one I got was from . There Adavantage (7/80K) was $854 versus Chryslers's basic power train (7/76K) $840 but was a lot more comprehensive and is $50 deductable versus Chrysler's $100 deductable. Is your warranty plan with Chrysler or a third party? Anyone else had any experience with 3rd party warranties?
  • notop1notop1 Posts: 14
    Ugh... that post formatting got real ugly... let's try the following

    Jeep Warehouse
    TJJH77 Sport Base 17,543
    4.0L Automatic 0 (550 - 550 discount = 0)
    24D quick order pkg 546
    Dual Top 1,373
    Air Cond 788
    Fog lamps/Tow hooks 158
    Compact Disk 110
    Speed Control 220
    30 in Tire Group 590
    5 speakers/subwoofer 176
    Advertising 300
    Destination chg 585

    Invoice Total 22,389
    Incentive -500 Jeep Discount
    Total Invoice Price 21,889
    Dealer Quote 21,738 (under dealer cost)

    Local Dealer (Adamsons)
    TJJH77 Sport Base 17,543
    4.0L Automatic 0 (550 - 550 discount = 0)
    24D quick order pkg 546
    Dual Top 1,373
    Air Cond 788
    Fog lamps/Tow hooks 158
    Speed Control 220
    30 in Tire Group 590
    5 speakers/subwoofer 176
    60th Anniv Edition 238 (524 - 286 discount)
    Deep tint windows 321
    Advertising 335
    Destination chg 585
    Mailings & gas 33
    Unknown chg? 100

    Invoice Total 23,116
    Incentive 0 (I took 1.9/36 month financing)
    Dealer Quote 23,216 (100 or 200 over cost)
  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134
    I got Tazz from Jasper Jeep
    North of Atlanta. My local dealer found the jeep I was looking for..but jasper jeep refused to do a dealer trade with him. So I called them they quoted me 200 over invoice. I drove over to get it. Did all the work over the phone. Very pleasent dealer to work with. my salesman name was Ron Richardson. They Have a HUGE Jeep inventory. You should check them out!

    Got Jeep?
    Snut BamaTazz
  • How reliable is this site? I've never heard of them before. With Jeep's 4.9% and the great price this site is showing, the Wrangler is a steel!
  • notop1notop1 Posts: 14
    Don't know... I only got their price (instant). Never followed up to talk to a real person, but I had seen them mentioned in a post a month or so ago on this forum and thought I'd check it out. While I didn't use them directly.. I did use the info to bargain with my dealer. I printed off the sheet I got on the jeepwarehouse site with all the information about "my vehicle" and their price, took it to my dealer and said.. ok here is the price I've got. They didn't quite match, but did go the $100 over invoice. One thing that I should have done is check out availability with jeepwarehouse..... if I were doing it over again, I'd make the call and make sure they had a real jeep on their lot, get the specs and a quote before going to my own dealer... I'd also ask all the questions about delivery, etc. They do have a list of testimonials on their site... but who knows.
  • notop1notop1 Posts: 14
    Note... the incentives are either $500 or reduced financing... not both... you don't get the $500 AND 4.9%
  • jamey22jamey22 Posts: 3
    *Lurk Mode Off*
    I've been reading the posts on this list for about a month, and I have finally found need of help. My local Chevy dealership has a Wrangler on the lot. (And I have Wrangler Fever.) Details are:

    2000 Wrangler Sport
    5 Speed
    Canyon Wheels
    Black Soft Top Only
    AM/FM Cassette
    Nerf Bars
    Tubular Front Bumper
    Black Interior
    13,050 miles
    $19,900 negotiable

    My question: Is this a good deal? Should I go in and close the deal now, or just leave it alone? Salesman says that they will come down from that price, so I was considering offering $18,000 firm and letting him "work me up" to about $18,500. I need advice!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I looked up the value of the Jeep you described in the used car section here in Edmunds, and it came out $18,383 dealer retail. That's including air conditioning, which you didn't mention as one of the options.

    You can look it up for yourself with the proper options included.

    The dealer's price is way high, especially if the Jeep does not have air conditioning.

    I love Silverstone Jeeps! That was a very, very close second choice to the white that I ended up getting.

    Good luck.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134
    hello welcome to the board!!

      19,900 is WAY to high to me...

    I agree with you I would start with 17,900 first then go up.

     Did you check out what edmunds has listed?

    how many miles were on it?

    again welcome to the board. Keep us posted

    Snut aka BamaTazz

    Got Jeep?

  • It's more like I have settled, but it is something I can live with. We agreed on $350 over invoice.....

    for those who care, here are the details...
    He was ready to tell me to walk. I was at $300 over invoice, and pretty adamant about it. He was not budging at $500. I told him there was no way I was paying $500 over. Then I threw out $350. That raised his eyebrow. I said that is as high as I go. He took the usual salesman's walk over to his manager and came back and said Ok.

    What a pain in the butt!! You guys should come up here to NY and try getting 100-200 over invoice. Not that I don't think any of you can, but I would sure like to witness it.

    So I'm buying a sport!!! Should take delivery on Saturday or Monday.

    I guess I'll need a new handle for edmunds.

    Anyone interested in buying a red 97 cherokee, 5spd, in excellent condition?

    Oh yea, I took the 1.9 % financing.

    notop1: that website is something. Are those prices are for real?

    Here are the jeep details:

    sport w/25D package
    30" wheel group (you all know it includes Dana 44 w/3.73)
    CD w/subwoofer
    Tow hooks and fog lamps
    storage trunk
    side steps
    Full doors
    Forest green w/camel interior and top

    Does not have:
    hard top (yes!!)
    tracloc (will install detroit truetrac before winter)
    speed control (too crowded here in the northeast anyway)

    Thanks everyone......
  • The salesman says to me, after we agreed on a price, that I got away with murder today and that family gets at best $500 over. I just shook my head. Tough crowd......
  • Don't you guys think that DC should drop the rest of there American line and sell nothing but wranglers. The profit they are making on these things is out of control. Think about, $22,000 ($21,730 in my case) for a vehicle that doesn't have much to it. No sound deadening material, barely a carpet (well not a very good one), not much sheet metal, hardly any glass w/soft top only, not much in the way of technology.....

    now relax everyone. I am not trashing TJ's. I love these things. It has been 10 years since I had one. Just trying to make a point.

    Does anyone know how much it actually costs DC to build one of these things?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591

    I'm PROUD of you! Who care about a measley $150 more than a lot of us paid? SO WHAT? BIG DEAL!

    The most important thing is that you have your Jeep! Nothing else matters!

    Good for you!

    Now get some pics posted, please! She sounds like a beauty.

    I am truly happy for you. Good luck with that baby.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • saharagalsaharagal Posts: 88
    I think you did just fine! Can't wait to hear all the details about your drive home.

    I'll be here in Hotlanta waiting for my Sahara to arrive. Hey, maybe I should change my name to Waitin4Sahara! Everyone's getting a Jeep but me!

    By the way, now DC's saying mine should ship out on June 29th!

    Have fun!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Maybe this will make you feel better about the high price that they charge for Jeeps. It made me understand a little better when someone explained it to me this way.

    Jeeps are produced on a small scale, so they have to have a higher profit per vehicle. If they were mass produced and every other vehicle you meet on the road was a Jeep, they could be priced lower. Personally, I am glad that Jeeps are kind of rare and that you don't see all that many on the road as compared to other vehicles. It's worth the higher price to me to have something "special."

    Once again, my good friend, congratulations!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • jamey22jamey22 Posts: 3
    Thanks, Tsjay.

    I had looked up the prices, but between Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and Carpoint, I had about a $1,500 spread in prices. I just needed a little validation that if I could get the guy down to $18,250 or $18,500 that I wouldn't be getting taken. It does have AC, and that was a monumental oversight on my part not to list it. I mean, top down will be nice here in SE Georgia, but AC is a necessity.

    The only quirk I noticed when I test drove it today was that it had a sudden pull to the left or right in straight travel. There was no wind (that would provide too much relief to those of us suffering under the heat and humidity), so I know that it wasn't being blown around. I will check the air pressure in the tires tomorrow. When I had the Flintstone tires changed on my 99 Silverado, I had the same sensation. I lowered the air pressure from 45 to 36 and the handling improved 100%.

    Thanks again for the support. We'll see what the dealer says tomorrow, and then we'll see what the Boss (read that as the Wife) says.

  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    Conggratulations. It sounds like an awesome Jeep and if it's been 10 years since you last had one, you'll be shaking your head for a while at how great the new ones are.

    Be sure to let us know how the Detroit diff is in the snow. I've read that a true locker can be a handful in the snow, especially in off camber situations, but I haven't seen anyone on the other Jeep boards say they don't like their Detroits.

    Once again, welcome to the club, and think, a couple hundred more than others have paid is just a handful of fillups! As tsjay said, who cares about a few lousy bucks now that you're getting your Jeep!

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