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Jeep Wrangler



  • Mine has been on order for the past month. I'm flying in to pick it up on the 25th (I am relocating from S.America to MN in Jan). I went with the Sport Silverstone, 5spd, Dana44, 30in tire pkg w/Canyons, and Black Hardtop. I have been going back and forth since then, debating as to the color as well (one day its AmberFire, the next SteelBlue, the next White or Sienna). Finally I just decided to stick with my first choice...after all, I am finally getting the Jeep I've always wanted!!!
  • I ordered my TJ on August 29th and took it home October 3rd. It was exactly 5 weeks for me, but with the Holidays, that time will probably be longer now....
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    We who have Jeeps on order sound like a bunch of expectant fathers in a maternity ward, don't we?

  • vubsvubs Posts: 14
    $25k (drive out) for an auto sahara w/abs, traclok, hardtop, cruise, and sentry key! man, that's a lot for what is possibly the crudest vehicle on the market. i still want this jeep to be my first car, but can't seem to get myself to put down a deposit for one. would a similarly equipped sport be much less? if only these dealers can be more like Lexus or Infiniti (half of 'em aren't even replying to my inquiries). then maybe i wouldn't be having second thoughts. somebody please tell me this will be worth it...
  • FYI: I have been to 3 jeep dealers in the Northern Virginia area and could not find a wrangler I wanted. Thought I was going to have to order one and pray it got here by Christmas. Not any more found a dealer 20 min from work that has over 70 wranglers sitting on the lot. It was like I had died and gone to jeep heaven. Wranglers in every color and option scheme you could think of. Dealer is Dulles jeep in Leesburg.
  • Someone out there can answer this as soon as it gets dark. On a 95 Wrangler, is the headlight switch and dimmer control supposed to be illuminated like the rest of the dash switches & gauges?
  • I had a 1994 YJ Sahara and the head lighg switch was NOT illuminated. It also didn't have a buzzer to notify you that the lights were on when the engine was off and door was open. I found this weird because it would buzz when you left the key in the ignition and open the door. ( A reminder that you were locking your keys in the Jeep). But why would you want to have a key reminder? If you lock your keys in the Jeep, UNZIP the windows and open the door. I couldn't tell you the times I left my lights on (Driving durring the day in rain) and had to pop the clutch or get a jump start because I left my lights on. I guess what I'm babbling about is that I wish at the time it had a reminder that your lights were on..
    Well....Giddy up....
  • I have a question. I want to replace my Mini console in my 2001 TJ (which is on order)with the larger console. I didnt order the package that came with the large console and all those lights. So I found a place that will sell me the Large console for under $100. What I was wondering is how hard is it to replace the mini console with the larger one. I have a 5 speed. If anyone knows please give me a heads up....

    Giddy Up....
  • I don't think the switch is supposed to be lit up considering the switch in my 2000 Sahara doesn't light up either.
  • I originally wanted a Wrangler when they changed the body style in 96/97. Back then, they were in so much demand (especially with the 6 cyl) that the dealer wasn't willing to bend on sticker price. I bought a new Explorer instead. Last December, it was time to replace my wheels and I started looking at Jeeps. I was willing to buy a Sport (loaded like the Sahara) instead of the Sahara because it was a little bit cheaper. I wanted the ABS as well as the 30" wheels. DC stopped offering this soon after. Anyway, I thought I would have to order it since no dealers stock Jeeps with ABS. Well, I lucked out...I found a dealer in Delaware that had 3 Saharas with ABS on the lot. He gave me the Jeep below invoice AND gave me an awesome trade in for my Explorer.

    What I am saying, I guess, is that sticker price means nothing. My Sahara is fully loaded and I got it way closer to 20k.
  • gilbusgilbus Posts: 13
    Two weeks ago, I was convinced that I was ready for a Jeep with ABS (instead of the 30" wheels) and 5-speed (instead of automatic). Now, after reading nearly every one of the last 100 posts to this message board (most of which from "tsjay"...ha ha) I'm unsure if a 5-speed is a good thing because many of you are concerned with reliability and popping out of gear; and unsure about the ABS because many of you love the 30" wheels.

    Any thoughts?
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    I have the 5-speed and ABS and I think both are good choices. I didn't get the 30" wheels because I think that package is way overpriced. You can fit 30" tires on the stock 15"x7" steel wheels just fine and get better tires than the Goodyears. Put the money into the ABS, it's worth it.

    Someone in an earlier post said that I was too rough on the automatic tranny. For the record, I think both transmissions suck. I have a '98 5-speed and the first to second throw is frequently a struggle. Chysler "upgraded" the 5-speed in '99 and I hear the new one is worse. I still think a 3-speed automatic is completely unacceptable though. No overdrive? What is this, 1975? Consider the long-term ramifications of your engine spinning at 3500 RPMS on the highway (vs 2500 with 5th gear on the manual) and I think the choice is clear. The automatic will put more stress on the engine and get terrible mileage. Stick with the 5-speed.
  • gilbusgilbus Posts: 13
    I appreciate the insight. You are so right about the long term impact of highway RMP's on the automatic. 5-speed it is! I guess I'm also convinced about the ABS too...kind of.

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    Holy smokes...I bought my '98 Sport (5-speed, hardtop w/defroster, cloth seats, quick-order convenience package thing with the console and lights, full spare, soundbar, ABS and tracloc differential) for $19100. I later bought an aftermarket Bestop soft-top for $500 and had it retrofitted with factory a/c for another $1000, but if I had gotten them as options it would still have only been around $20000. Oregon doesn't have a sales tax though.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hi Gilbus!

    Unless you are going to put bigger tires and wheels on your Jeep after you buy it, GO WITH THE 30" TIRES! The Wranglers look SO much better with the 30" tires!!!

    Can't you still get ABS if you get the 30" tires?

    If you can't, then I still say go with the 30" tires.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Any real benefit for mostly on-road driving and only occasional light off-road duty?

    I'm getting the canyon wheels and 30" tires with the Dana 44. (If I understand the options correctly.) Unless I'm mistaken you get the Dana 44 with the 30" tires and 5-speed combination for $850.00 list price, but you don't get trac lok unless you pay another $595.00. Do I have this right?

    If so, should I have forked out the extra lettuce for the trac lok rear end, considering that my Jeep will be off-road only under pretty "tame" circumstances?

  • Reading off my sticker here, the 30" package was indeed $850, but the trac lok was $285. I swear by the Trac Lok myself. It was a requirement for my Jeep, and that made it hard to find on the lot (along with the dual top). I had a similar limited slip axle in my Tahoe, and it was great for towing and in slippery conditions (snow/rain). I found I actually needed to engage the 4WD less often due to better rear end traction. As for off-road, I can't say from experience. I assume it would improve traction, and there have been posts here to support that. But again, I bought it for the on road benefits even more.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I will have to check with my dealer, but if I can get the trac lok for only an extra $285, then I'll ask them to add it to my order. This other dealer I was working with had something in the package for $595 that sounded like trac lok.

    I wonder if that $595 was for the Dana 44 AND trac lok, for people who weren't already getting the Dana 44 anyway???? If so, the idiot was trying to charge me twice for the Dana 44, once as part of the canyon wheel and 30" tire option, and again as part of the trac lok option.

    Can someone help us here?

  • For all those noisy transmissions out there, I heard an interesting tid-bit about them the other day. On the 2000 wranglers the dowel pins on the engine apparently were drilled wrong. This puts the transmission in a cock-eyed stance, putting side pressure on the input shaft...thus the noise while in neut. Push in clutch and surprise noise all gone. DC knows about the problem and this particular dealer has repaired quite a few I guess. As for the JEEP itself, tsjay, you should not involve your home for this vehicle they are not that nice. Mine is going out the door asap and I,m getting a Tahoe. But good luck to ya, you sure as hell sound like you need one. The abs is really nice though and 30 inch tires look good on the grizzly wheels. I have had a best of 20.7 mpg and a low of 15.9 with an average of 18 so it is not terrible for what it is. Again good luck to ya all.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Thanks for the info.

    I'm sorry you had bad luck with your Jeep. Hopefully, I will get a good one.

    That gas mileage doesn't sound too bad.

    It will be hard to give up my Grand Prix GT. It has been an absolutely perfect car.

    I just have this thing for a Wrangler. They seem like they would be such a fun vehicle to have.

    Good luck with your Tahoe.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I checked with my dealer, and he verified my suspicion. That other guy was charging me twice for the Dana 44. If you are already getting the Dana 44 as part of the canyon wheel and 30" tire option, then you pay only $285 more for trac lok.

    I told my dealer that if it would not delay my Jeep in being built, to go ahead and add that feature. He will check the status of my order Monday and add trac lok, if my Jeep isn't in the "D" stage, which would mean it has been scheduled for assembly.

    Anyone know of any reason NOT to get the trac lok, other than the initial cost?

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Thanks a bunch for your input! For $285.00, I think it makes a lot of sense to add this option.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    You could hear a pin drop in this group today!

    It's much more fun when people are posting.

    For one thing, some of you experienced Jeepers could answer my question about trac lok: is there any good reason NOT to get it?

    Don't let me screw up my Jeep. Unless someone tells me otherwise, I'm going to try to add it to my options on my new Jeep.

    Also, would love to hear from several of you with the 5-speed and 30" tires on your Sports as far as your gas mileage.

    And, you guys can help me come up with another user name to go along with my new Jeep.

  • In the Jeep Wrangler 2001 brochure, it states that if you get the Dana 44-3 rear end, then it includes Trac-Loc and 3.73:1 axle ratio. If this is true why would you have to pay $285.00 for this option if the Dana comes standard with the 30" wheel group.
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    Here is the long and short of it, I think: the trac-lok limited slip is a good investment for light-use Jeeps. My Jeep ends up in 4wd in two general cases: when I am on snow-packed mountain roads (this is constantly in the winter) and when I am hammering up and down National Forest roads. My last Jeep didn't have the trak-lok, this one does, and this one is more secure. Sucker feels GLUED down, even on heavily washboarded USFS roads.

    It's not the best limited slip around though. It has clutch-packs that wear out and will eventually have to be replaced. Mine felt really tight when I got it (used to chirp the tires on tight turns) but it less effective now, though when I changed the differential oil a few thousand miles ago and added in the special Mopar lube it tightened up a bit.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    The brochure is confusing, and the Edmunds option list is too. Apparently, you DO get the Dana 44 with the $850.00 canyon wheel and 30" tire package, but you DON'T get trac lok unless you order it and pay the extra $285.00.

    I checked this out in the web site, where you can "build your own Jeep." The total price checked out exactly equal to what my dealer was showing as the retail price.

    It looks like I picked a good dealer, not only because of the good deal he shot me, but because he knows what he's doing in selecting the proper options and putting them together in the proper packages. I just wish he had mentioned the trac lok and the price and asked me if I wanted it. At that time, though, I probably wouldn't have known whether that was something I wanted or not.

    This should be a lesson to anyone still thinking about buying a Jeep off a dealer's lot or ordering one from the factory. Get someone who KNOWS Jeeps to help you get the most out of your Jeep by helping you to be sure you are getting the most appropriate options for your particular needs.

    I should have known the value of the trac lok feature when I placed my order and should have included it from the beginning. Now, I have to decide whether to delay my build date (if my order is in the "D" stage), or just forgo the trac lok differential.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Thanks for the info. I am convinced that I should get the trac lok, and if I can add it without delaying my build date, I will definitely do so.

    If it is a matter of delaying my build date and thus allowing the two-week Christmas shutdown of the assembly plant to become a factor in the delivery of my Jeep, what should I do? I might be looking at after Christmas anyway, it's going to be close. In your opinion, Goducks, is the trak loc important enough to wait a couple extra weeks for the Jeep to be built?

    You mentioned after market conversions that are even better than factory stuff. How much lettuce are you talking?


    PS: Your writing about being on logging roads with your Jeep makes me green with envy. I'll bet it's beautiful where you live! I worked a couple years near Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, for the Forest Service, and I love that country. I've never been in Oregon, but the pictures I've seen are just fantastic.
  • Thanks for the info, what comes with the 30" wheel group if you get the automatic? Do you get the Dana 44 and 3.73 free? I believe they are not free of charge. Thanks.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I am certainly far from being an expert (obviously) on the option packages. My best advice is to talk to a dealer that sells a lot of Wranglers. Unfortunately, just going to a Chrysler dealer doesn't necessarily assure you that you will get the right info. You need to find a guy that knows what he's doing. Some Chrysler dealers just sell an occasional Wrangler and no one knows squat about how to package options.

    It is my understanding that if you go with the canyon wheel/30" tire package that cost $850.00, you will get the 3.73 Dana 44 rear end. I don't think it matters about automatic vs. 5-speed as far as the canyon wheel/30" tire option.

    BUT DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! Check it out with a reputable dealer, or you can go to the web site and get into the "build your own Jeep" section. I think the program will prevent you from adding conflicting options, and it will package the options you want in the most cost-efficient option group.

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    tsjay: I can't tell you whether the trak-loc is worth waiting for (that's up to you) but I can tell you that there are several aftermarket limited-slips that are better and will not wear out. The Detroit Truetrac is probably the best and retails for around $300. Installation will probably cost you another couple hundred in labor. Fooling around with differentials is not exactly a home-mechanic type of job.

    The trak-loc, in contrast, relies on clutch-plates that will gradually wear out and lose efficiency (catching slips less and less). Changing your differential fluid often and adding the Mopar friction lube in there will slow this process but the friction plates will probably need to be replaced after 70 or 80 thousand miles. Not sure how much that will cost. Your differential won't stop working, just the limited slip feature until you replace the friction plates. If you don't get the trak-loc, and instead get a true-trac aftermarket unit installed, you'll never have to worry about that happening and the limited slip will always be as effective as it was when it was new.

    So choose what ye will. The trak-loc is generally hated by the hardcore 4x4 crowd but I've found it adequate for my needs.
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