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Jeep Wrangler



  • roger350roger350 Posts: 157
    Hello everyone. I'm very interested in the new Rubicon and have seen several of you reference $$, does anyone know what the pricing is going to be, ballpark? If they had this jeep out a year ago I would have bought one for sure. Test drove a wrangler back then, but decided on a more practical ext. cab truck. My brother had a 79 CJ5 we used to have a lot of fun in. I sure wish I'd have bought it from him when he sold it, but couldn't afford it when I was in college.

    On another note, do any of you with the 5 speeds feel like your clutch is way too easy to push in? Back when I test drove the wrangler I nearly put my foot through the floor every time I pushed it in. It operated fine, but it was just much lighter than I was used too? I didn't like it at all, and that did have a bearing on skipping the wrangler at that time. Is this common, and has anyone put in an aftermarket clutch to increase the weight of the pedal? I looked at the clutch master cylinder on the one I drove, and it was full, and as I said, it operated fine, so I don't think there was anything wrong with it, it was just to light an effort for my tastes?

    Thanks, and have fun in those jeeps, I know they are some of the most fun to drive vehicles made, for under $40K.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    After driving my Wrangler for several months, it was time to sell the Civic. I could not believe how light the Civic clutch felt!!!! I thought something was broken. I don't think most people would think of a light clutch as a bad thing. ;-)
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    > While I did not see the ad, the
    > description strikes me to be just what
    > Chrysler said: a tongue in cheek skit. I
    > would further suspect that the writer of
    > the ad was not anti-hunting but, rather,
    > ignorant of the sport.

    I saw it, and although I didn't quite pay attention, it definately had a PETA feel to it. My first thought was, "Oh great, they're saving the deer. Now the deer can live another day to crash into that shiny new Jeep." I thought it was funny but not in the way Jeep thought it would.

    It was a blatant attempt to portray the deer savers as the good guys and the hunters as evil. Jeep screwed up in that there are only a few thousand hard core PETA wackos vs. many millions of hunters.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    Saw your pictures in that other forum you mentioned. That is one cute dog!!!
  • roger350roger350 Posts: 157
    Yeah, I'm sure not many complain about too light a clutch pedal. I guess it has something to do with the fact that my legs are so long, that to push the clutch in I have to lift my entire leg, to bring it back to the pedal, (normally my foot would rest under the pedal, and forward to the firewall.) Because I had the entire weight of my leg on the pedal, and my leg was situated in a position it didn't want to hold, it made it very difficult for me to modualte the clutch with any finesse. If the pedal was stiffer, it would have resisted this natural tendency, and I could have held it where I wanted it better. I guess the solution would be to cut about a foot off my left leg! Thanks.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I used to have a '75 Chevy pickup with a 3 speed manual tranny mounted on the steering column and a definite truck clutch. Try driving something like that in stop and go traffic! Believe me, I am extremely grateful for the normal feeling clutch in the Wrangler! I don't think it is any lighter than the clutch in the Taco, or the Escape I test drove, and it's definitely heavier than the clutch in the insight I tried out about 6 months ago.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    ......."I guess the solution would be to cut about a foot off my left leg!"

    Alternatively, you could buy one with a transmission that doesn't require the use of your left foot :-)
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Thanks, anonymous02! That Puppy Dog is my pride and joy as well as my best friend.

    He has his own web page, if you're interested.

    Now for something on topic: the clutch comments. I am very happy with the pressure required to work the clutch. I'm glad it doesn't take a lot of effort. I think it would just be a matter of your getting used to it, Roger350. I'll bet you would eventually come to like it.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?

  • huck6huck6 Posts: 37
    The clutch in my CJ felt odd at first. I guessed that the arm to the pedal was longer than in other cars that I had driven and so the pedal swung in a larger arc. I don't know if it is true since I soon got used to it and then the other cars felt wierd.

    You could go with the automatic, but an idle foot is the devil's workshop. :-)
  • Hi all. Don't have much to say about the clutch thing. It does not feel too light nor too tough. I drove an 89 Nissan Skyline when I was in Japan, and the clutch on my Jeep is easier to use.

    What I did want to add is some comments regarding the soft top in the winter. When I ordered my Jeep, I was worried that the soft top would not be warm enough. I almost ordered a hard top. Now, I'm glad I did not. It has gotten fairly cold here in Colorado Springs. It seems the average temps during my drive to work in the mornings have been less than 20 degrees. The heater works great, and warms me up in just a few minutes. The new soft tops are not only quieter, but keep the interior warmer too.

    And the best part...

    On those winter days when the temps actually rise, I can put the top down and enjoy the Colorado sun. And when it gets cold, I can put it back up.


    updated web page:

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey, Guy, it's about time we heard from you again! Thanks for the post.

    Sounds like you are still enjoying that Jeep. That's great. It's all you expected and MORE, ain't it?

    I checked out your web page, and I once again compliment you on it. Nice job!

    Post more often!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • roger350roger350 Posts: 157
    Thanks for all the comments. As for suggestions to get an auto, no thanks. When I got my new pickup I switched from an old truck with a 5 speed to a new truck with an auto. I wish I had a 5 speed again. I feel like I have less control now. A computer and a bunch of hydraulic valving can't know what gear I want to be in, it only guesses. Plus, I wouldn't even consider a 3 speed automatic. Overdrive isn't just a luxury anymore, and it is a crime to spend $20K plus, and not get a 4 speed automatic. (Not trying to bash automatics and those that drive them, just my personal preferences)

    I'll just wait until the initial rush on Rubicons wear off, and go test drive one then I guess, probably this time next year? Perhaps after being stuck with an auto for a couple years, I'll be less picky about how light the clutch feels. And I certainly won't be used to my old heavy truck clutch anymore. Like someone said, it is probably something I'd just have to get used to. Thanks again.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

    When: Saturday Jan 19
    Where: Pine Barrens (Lebanon State Forest, NJ)
    Meet: Intersection of Rte 70 and 72 near Whiting, NJ
    Time: 10:45-11am
    Who: AWD/4wd Vehicles (no 2wd please)
    What: Off-road Trail Ride through the barrens, will be fun for all, we encourage Subarus, Rav4s, CRVs, Isuzus, Highlanders, 4-runners, Santa Fe, Explorers, etc.

  • cfrugecfruge Posts: 5
    One thing to keep in mind is that I have heard that 2003 Wranglers will take on the new V6 that is in the Liberty. In my humble opinion this is not favorable. The reason those of us with the 4.0 inline 6cyl engines do not notice if our AC is on or not and can use 3rd gear from 15mph up is the extreme torque that an inline 6 engine puts out. There is much more moving mass in an inline 6 over a V6. Do not get me wrong, I am sure that there are plenty of advantages of a V6 or Jeep would have never used one in the Liberty (or early Cherokees).

    From my understanding the engineers at Chrysler understand this as well which is why they are going to continue to use the inline 6 in the Rubicon only from 2003 on. This may be something to consider when looking at the Rubicon. Be sure to give yourself enough time to buy a 2002 Wrangler if the Rubicon is too expensive so that you can get the inline 6 if it matters to you.

    Please keep in mind that I could be wrong about them still using the inline 6 in the Rubicon, it is just something I read somewhere.
  • cfrugecfruge Posts: 5
    When I bought my 2001 I got the dual top package. I did this because I had memories of how loud Jeeps used to be. I kind of regret doing so since the new soft tops are so nice(at highway speeds you can still talk on a phone). Right now my hard top hangs most of the year from the top of my garage (I made a convenient system to raise and lower it). I am not discouraging getting both tops, but if I could only have one it would definitely without any question be the soft top.

    Please keep in mind that my soft top may not be so loud because I have the full doors since they are necessary for the hard top.
  • dwranglerdwrangler Posts: 127

    First, to be able to have and drive a jeep...and second, to be driving it in Colorado :)

    As I've told my fellow jeepsters at Gill's chat room....all of the money I've had to spend on repairs of my Firebird I wish I had my Jeep already.

    Sorry I missed the chat here tonight...I keep forgetting about alot on my mind

    I dunno if I will change my mind about going auto over manual but I've got plenty of time to decide.

    I haven't driven a stick since I snuk out my brother's 68 Camaro :)

    Well, can't stay gotta get up early for work tomorrow.

    Hug Your Jeeps For Me ;-)

  • I believe that this month's issue of Petersen's 4WD reports that the Rubicons will continue to have the 4.0L I6.

  • oceantoadoceantoad Posts: 186
    I have been reading your messages for awhile. Decided to finally join in. I bought a new cj5 in 1976 and I think I paid a bit over 6 grand for it. Traded it in 1980 for a Renault Lecar to take with me to Germany since the wife did not feel safe driving the cj. Don't have the wife or a Jeep now. Have been talking about buying a new vehicle for about three years and have gone from a Dodge Quad cab, to a Wrangler X, to a Wrangler Sport, to a Liberty, and now back to a Wrangler Sport. Now the game plan is to order it on my birthday in April.
    A question I have is about towing with a Wrangler. Has any one towed a trailer close to the 2000 pound limit? If so, how did things handle?
    Another question is does any one out there get in to moderate off road driving? I used to really push the CJ, but those days are over. I still am toying with the idea of a slight build up on the vehicle.
    Anyway, hello to all.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Glad ya posted! Welcome!

    Have you test driven a TJ? They behave themselves much nicer on the highway than your old CJ, I would imagine. (No basis for comparison in my case.)

    I think the TJ makes a fine daily driver. I have a work truck now, but that was just bought to keep from putting so many miles on my Jeep. I drove my Jeep as my only vechicle for several months, and I had no complaints at all. I have a drive of 27 miles each way to work, and I enjoyed driving that Jeep every day.

    I have also taken business trips of up to 300 miles in the Jeep, and, once again, no problem.

    I don't offroad, or at least I haven't gotten into it yet, but I still enjoy the heck out of that Jeep.

    Go for it, toad!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • oceantoadoceantoad Posts: 186
    Have not done a test drive yet, but every thing that I have seen gives me the impression it will be like riding in a Caddy after the CJ. I am holding out on the test drive till I can get my roommate to go along. She has never driven a Jeep and I want to see if she a problem getting into it since she is short. If so I will also order the steps when I finally do my thing. Plus I haave to give her some say in helping pick out the color. The pictures do not do them justice.
  • oceantoadoceantoad Posts: 186
    You mentioned that you had taken trips that were 300 miles in length.
    I bought my CJ in Wilmington, NC and when I left NC I drove straight through to Florence,KY. Several years later I left KY and drove straight through to Ardmore, Oklahoma. A few months later I left OK and drove straight through to FT. Huachuca, AZ. When I left AZ I drove to Monterey, CA, but I don't remember if I stopped. I traded the CJ while I was in Monterey.
    Talk about long not so comfortable trips. At least I had an AM radio, but it was not even a push button model.
    I was a lot younger in those days so I am really looking forward to a Wrangler that has 26 years worth of improvements. It has to ride better.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Wow! If you could drive those distances in the old CJ, then any trip you take in your TJ will be a piece of cake!

    My cousin has a YJ, and the difference in the ride between his Jeep and mine is very noticeable to say the least.

    I don't think you have to worry about the TJ's being too "sissified." They are still Jeeps by all accounts that I have read. I can't compare, since I never owned an older Jeep, but I don't ever see any posts where people who are serious, long time Jeepers complain that the TJ is any less rugged or less capable offroad than the older Jeeps. So far, apparently, DC has not messed up a good thing.

    I wish I had gotten into Jeeps long ago. I have traded cars way too often in the past, and now that I have my Thelma Jane, that stuff is over with! I have owned her for about 13 months now, and I would already be dying to trade for something else according to my past history. Not this time! I am still thrilled with my Jeep and have no desire to trade for anything else.

    If you would like to chat with some Jeep owners, then you can come to the Thursday night chats here in Edmunds, and you can come to the nightly chats at .

    c ya


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • rs1157rs1157 Posts: 41
    Hello Long time no type. Well about 500 miles ago I had a visit to the repair shop. A leakky rear differential was found. Now I have a new problem. From the front of the car probable the front left side a squeaking noise comes from the front tire. It is audiblue up to 45 mph. I had it repaired before with the same problem. I got the 30 inch tires Check to see if you have this problem. On a quiet road travel at 15 mph with the windows open and the radio and A/c off and check to see if any body else has this problem. I here the problem is related to the front disk panel rubbing against the actual break disk.
  • bamatazzbamatazz Posts: 311
    Has anyone used burned CD'S in their JEEP
    I know the Video tells you not to do it...
    But..I would rather play burned cd's rather than the original...That way IF anyone does break in..They will steal the copies instead of the original..
    Keep Jeepin
  • I haven't had any problems playing the CD's I've made at home. Nope.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I don't understand why there would be any difference as far as the player is concerned. Does anyone know why they'd recommend against them?

  • I have used burnt CD's all the time and haven't had any problems. Maybe they would recommend against it because it is illegal?
  • My '99 Sport Wrangler, with 28,000 miles, has about three months of warranty left. It has had some warranty items repaired that I first learned about from this forum. I would like to ask about two further areas of concern.

    First, there has been discussion of a "clicking" sound that relates to a faulty weld on the exhaust manifold. I can't tell if I do, or do not, have a clicking sound. Is there a Jeep service bulletin on this problem? Also, with the vehicle on a lift, can the faulty weld be easily identified or is some disassembly required to uncover the defect?

    Second, ever since I first took delivery of the Sport, it has been difficult to refuel. The dealer found a Jeep technical service bulletin on this problem; then he replaced the servicing port, the servicing hose, and the fuel tank. The problem is still there. I have to insert the fuel nozzle only partially in the receptacle and gently feather the operating lever, or it will shut off. Occasionally, I get gas splash back. The dealer is puzzled as my Wrangler is the only one with this problem reported. Last week the dealer inspected the fuel system again and could find no hose crimped or pinched. I have talked with a couple of other '99 Wrangler owners, who report no refueling problem. Does anyone have ideas as to what is causing this refueling difficulty?

    Thank you,

    J. Thurlow
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    As far as I know, it's completely legal to record off the airwaves for personal use.

  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I've been out of town (still am) and just got a chance to read your message. As a former resident of Ft. Huachuca, hello and welcome! I have a '98 Wrangler Sport and love it (except for the gas mileage). It is my daily commuter when it snows and I have a 75 mile one way commute. We also have a Toyota Tacoma, and last spring we took the Wrangler (which gets about 10 miles per gallon less than the Taco does) on a trip from So. Cal. to northern B.C. (about 1500 miles one way). Both my husband and I find that the Wrangler's seats are much better.

    I'm not very tall (5' and a bit) and I love driving the Wrangler. I admit that it takes some work getting into it with a short, tight skirt, but since I don't wear dresses or skirts much, it doesn't bother me much at all. I have the running boards that came on it, along with the 30" wheels, so it is higher than some, but not lifted.

    I only do easy to moderate off-roading and haven't found anything it won't do so far. I don't really rock-crawl, so I haven't felt the need for a lift or lockers, but might if I had them. My Wrangler is certainly better than the old Army Jeeps, and yes, I was in long enough ago so that I drove them!

    Grab your roomie and go look at them! By the way, I remember the heat at Ft. Hood (I used to live in Copperas Cove) so you might not want to get a black one, and consider a hard top or dual tops if you have a garage. I love the looks of my black Wrangler, but it can get really hot in the summer, and while the air conditioning works well, I can really wilt quickly in the humid hot weather there (I wilt when I drive through Baker, California in the summer).
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