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Jeep Wrangler



  • bamatazzbamatazz Posts: 311
    of course the Bama is here!!
    u guys Are posting like crazy!!
    CONGRATS to all the new jeepers out there!!
    Sorry about not geeting to gills lately..
    My kids are growing spending time with them.
    I my early morning too.
    Hard to stay awake too late.. but im here
    Well, FINALLY got the payment thing fixed..
    chrylser deposited it in the wrong account.
    They are off my back now. I can now use this xtra $$ to buy some jeep stuff
    going for overhead console, CB & hard top hoist.

    GOTTA get that hard top off.. ITS SPRING TIME IN BAMA!!

    take care all
  • desnodesno Posts: 28
    Thanks goducks1! I don't think I ever saw that one, but it sure does look good. Why did they use a black top to illustrate the half top? Makes it kind of hard to see how they ensure it's weatherproof, although I can kind of guess. Oh well, the only thing I don't like is that it looks like my sound bar is just going to be out in the elements. Does anyone know if the sound bar can get wet? I would hope so, but I'm not exactly willing to "test" this theory. Thanks again!!

  • Hey all, I've read in some posts about Gill's. What is Gill's and how do I get there:) Is this an exclusive chat room or can an old surfer dude named Kahuna go as well?
    Yellow. What do you think about yellow? My dealer just got one fresh from the factory yesterday, (X model, tire and wheel group, CD player, air conditioning, steering wheel thinga-ma-jibber.) I can pick it up tomorrow or go with a dealer trade. (I'm not waiting a month this time.)
    Deb, (don't want to be presumptious by not saying "dwrangler") but that's what people are calling you, twylie, mtngal, Ocean, Tom, (hope I'm not forgetting anyone, thanks for the congrats! I'm psyched about finally being able to drive up the steep grades here without going backwards.
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    Gill's is a jeep fan's non-commercial website several of us (tsjay, twylie, occasionally myself) frequent in the evenings. It has a chat room, non-exclusive of course. the address is
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Of course you are welcome at Gill's, and so is everyone else on this board.

    Gill is a guy who lives in Alabama and is a big lover of Jeeps. He owns a web site that is totally noncommercial: no ads at all and no fees to join. The most used feature is his chat room, but he also has a bulletin board and a photo gallery. He is a super guy to provide and maintain that site for no personal gain. He just wants people to use it.

    Come join us. Almost any night after about 7 or 8 PM central time, you will find some of us in there.

    Go to "" (no "www" in his URL)

    Come one, come all. The more the merrier.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • 2001wrangler2001wrangler Posts: 112
    I think the new half top looks great. I wonder what it means on quadratec where it says it is "not fully waterproof". That kinda worries me and for $479.95, that's a lot of money for something that is not gonna keep you dry!
  • oceantoadoceantoad Posts: 186
    Now have 193 miles on the Sport. Filled up with gas today and figured that I got 20.42 MPG. I am still driving under 55 MPH and I am really paying attention to the shift light. Not the way I drive at all. I keep my foot in it and wind the gears out.

    I hope to put another 200 or so miles on by Monday. I need to get through the break-in period so I can start driving the Sport to work.

    Driving slow is helping me get use to the way it does on the curves and rough portions of the roads. I have been trying to stay on those country roads that I never travel. A bunch of the roads end up as a drive to some ranch in the boonies. Good for the slow stuff.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Sounds like fun actually. I always liked wandering around looking at ranches in the boonies. I find that I do get better gas mileage if I shift more where they recommend, rather than where it sounds like it should be shifting. Also, the MT Wrangler is geared so low that it is actually good in slow and go traffic. Just put it in first gear and let it creep (a friend of mine who used to have a MT Mustang always complained because his car couldn't creep that slowly without having to play with the clutch). Shifting at lower RPMs has become much more of a habit now.

    My gas mileage drops dramatically if I drive over 70. The funny thing is that even with my long commute, it doesn't take much more time if I drive the Grapevine at 60-65 in the Wrangler or 75 (sometimes plus) in the Taco. So I slow down in the Wrangler, not only because of cost savings, but also because it is usually windy!
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    I thought the $479 price on quadratec seemed way too high for what you get, but I also noticed there was a $50 instant rebate along with it. $429 still seems too high to me, but I don't plan on buying it (a hard top, Sunrider soft top, and bikini are plenty enough tops for me right now). I did notice it had the fold-back targa feature of my Sunrider top included, that is pretty nice.
  • dwranglerdwrangler Posts: 127
    Went to a local restaurant for lunch and as I walked up to the door I saw a really cool looking red Wrangler. It had added fender flairs (color matched), a 3" lift kit and nice wheels. I eventually talked to the guy that owned it (or at least was driving it) and turns out he works for one of the dealerships I've been looking for Jeeps at. He said that he'd hook me up and get a good deal on a Jeep. I told him that I wanna sell my car outright so I have more of a downpayment and to save some more money in my savings. Think good thoughts folks....or say a prayer....I hope this pans out. :)

    Gotta go

    Hug your Jeeps for me :)


    p.s. keep an eye out for a guy using the name of skyking or john or whatever his name is...he's been wanting too personal of info on me and I know my fellow Jeepsters (jeep lovers) will help me with this guy...he doesn't take no for an answer
  • desnodesno Posts: 28
    hey mtngal, how is it that at higher speeds your gas mileage went down? I would assume that it would be much better than in stop and go driving.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Mtngal means that her Jeep gets better mileage on the highway at less than 70 MPH than it does at speeds over 70 MPH. Same is true of my Thelma Jane.

    Jeeps have no areodynamics, and the wind drag hurts mileage at the higher speeds.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    My gas mileage goes way down when it is really windy also. I usually can do 2 round trips to work before I have to fill up, but when it's windy I'll have to fill up before that. Actually slow and go isn't bad - just put it in first or second and leave lots of room between me and the person in front. I try not to stop or change gears. Keeps the drive interesting. Also since I'm not sitting still the gas mileage stays OK.

    My best gas mileage speed is between 60 and 65. Not too bad from 65-70 and terrible over 70. I don't think I've ever run a full tank of gas just going uphill, so I don't know if going up makes much of a difference. Since my commute is both up and down hill, I figure they cancel each other out, and it might not make much difference. I don't have much to compare it too - I can't think of the last time I drove on more or less level roads. Even the drive to Vegas has some major hills on it! And since my heart belongs to the mountains, I tend to vacation in them - just bigger ones than I live in!

    dwrangler - speaking of hockey, you would be surprised how much hockey gear you can fit in the back of a Wrangler!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey, you are disappointing me. You asked about Gill's, and I have been watching for you the last couple nights, but no Kahuna. :(

    Come on and join us there tonight! How's the Jeep shopping going?


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Posted some pics of Thelma Jane having fun at Badlands Offroad Park in Attica, Indiana. They are in the Owners Photo Gallery section here in the Jeep Owners Club.

    Nothing spectacular about them, but no one was taking pictures during some of the toughest places we went through.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • oceantoadoceantoad Posts: 186
    Got my Sport on Monday and the windows and various parts were etched with an ID number. I thought it was the VIN, but it is a registered ID number instead.

    Talked with my current insurance company about the etching and they were going to give me a discount of $194 a year. This would put my insurance down to a few dollars less than the AIG quote. AIG also does not offer discounts for etching in TX.

    Went to my insurance company yesterday thinking the VIN was on the windows and when we looked it was the ID number instead. My agent did not know if I would qualify for the discount without the VIN, but would call the company to find out.

    Still waiting today for word from my agent, I started calling around to glass shops to see who etched glass in the area. No one knew, but one shop said to go to Hobby Lobby and get their glass etching kit.

    I called my Jeep dealer, Benny Boyd in Lampassas, TX. and told them what was going on. I asked them who did the actual etching and what it might cost to get a VIN put on. I mentioned that Hobby Lobby had a kit, and I wondered how it would do on the glass. The dealer said the glass would not be a problem, but the metal would. Told him the insurance company was not worried about the glass and he thought they were nuts. The dealer said they would contact the company that makes the stencils for the etching to check on prices and get back to me. Ten minutes later he called back and wanted my VIN. Said that the stencils would be in next week. I asked him what the cost would be and was told that they would do it for free.

    Do it for free? Thank you Benny Boyd. A 40 or 50 mile round trip from work and some time and that is it.

    266 miles on the TJ. Am planning on putting the wheels and tires on next Tuesday.

    Still doing the break-in driving. In the evening I hit all those back roads that I normally do not use. Relaxing and it is giving me a feel for how the vehicle handles before I start driving at speeds of 70 or 75.

    I am a happy camper.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    You're making me miss Texas! The last Jeep sales person I talked to knew very little about jeeps, just couldn't deal with the idea that a woman could know more about mechanical things than her husband, and didn't speak English very well, and didn't listen at all. Very discouraging.

    Glad you are still enjoying your Wrangler and that you are able to take back roads home. I got so I very much enjoyed driving those back roads, both in Texas and when I lived in Sierra Vista, Arizona.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    You should contact that guy and see if he will sell you THAT jeep. If not now, try in a few months.
  • oceantoadoceantoad Posts: 186
    Hit the back roads again today, but before I really got out of town I got my first rock chip on the windshield. Not a bad one , but it is there. I know when they were redoing 190 years ago, my insurance agent at the time was processing about 200 chipped windshields a week.
    Not even 300 miles on the thing when I met the rock.

    Since I have already tore the vehicle up I don't need to worry about washing it to often:)

    I now have 377 miles on the odometer and will break the 500 mile break-in period by Monday.

    My wheels that I ordered are in so Tuesday I will get the new wheels and tires put on.

    My tags are in the mail so I will go ahead and register the Wrangler on post. Since 911 it is no longer an open post, have to stop and present a picture ID to the guards.

    Still a happy camper.
  • dwranglerdwrangler Posts: 127
    Listen another favor....for those of you that know what kind of car I have and other info please don't mention the specific make and model. I've had some problems on another chat room with someone wanting too much information; of which I haven't given to anyone for obvious reasons; I know that the large majority of you are very courteous towards me and I appreciate that. I just want to put a stop to this before he becomes too much of an aggrevation. I probably won't be mentioning this again but keep the request in mind.


  • thedude1thedude1 Posts: 13
    Good luck with the good deal. Just remember that you shouldn't pay more than invoice, and preferrably below.

    On a side note, is everyone's front tires cupping on the inside? Mine do a lot, but it drives fine. I read somewhere that short wheelbase vehicles that turn corners alot just have that happen - is that right? Those GSAs are getting some pretty good wear on the front with only 6800 on the odometer.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    dwrangler - I hope things work out OK. Since you know a ton of stuff about Wranglers, you'll do fine when you get down to it.

    thedude1 - As I mentioned a while back, I've always had problems with my tires cupping, but it is the whole tire, not just the inside. Have you had your alignment checked recently?

    I'm actually on my third set of tires at the moment. The first set didn't have a chance to wear out - they were replaced by the other guy's insurance at around 10,000 miles. I did the jiffy lube thing and never quite got around to taking it to get the tires rotated on that second set, so the front tires had to be replaced after something like 30,000 miles due to cupping. I replaced all 4 probably after another 30-40,000 miles due to cupping and put on the Dueller ATs. They are showing slight signs of cupping now after 12,000 miles - it is small enough that I didn't notice it, and I've been watching them. I get free rotations and they were the ones who mentioned it.

    I think it has to do also with the roads I drive on. If anyone has had the problem and found a way to sort it out, let us know!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Another night in gills, and no Kahuna! What's the latest on your Jeep search?


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    The GSA's that came on my 1997 sport were pretty cupped.

    My dad had uniroyals which cupped also.

    I think the tire is partly to blame, and a poor alignment just magnifies it.
  • Hey Tom, I registered there a few nights ago and have been meaning to stop in but work has swamped me. I'll be checking in soon!
    As for the new Jeep, I will be a solar yellow X owner on monday around 4:30. I'll be doing the Oceantoad driving scheme all week :)
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Cool! Congratulations! I hope we will see some pics of that baby soon?

    Come on to gill's tonight, OK?


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • Hey Tom, it's probably temporary but I can't connect to the site. Is it down?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Yeah, it was working this afternoon, but it is not up tonight for some reason.

    We have an alternate chat room at...

    We are there now, so come join us. Anyone else is welcome too.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey what's the matter with everyone? We were getting a half way decent number of posts lately, but not a soul has posted today.

    You don't have to have anything important to say. Heck, I never let that stop me! :)

    Come on people! POST!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • O.k., Tom, I'll start with a question. How much of a difference in gas mileage will I see between my 4 banger and my new 6 cylinder? It's a beautiful day here in good ol' Delaware. Can't wait to take the top down. On a side note, awhile back we had a conversation about full doors versus half doors. I had half doors on my 97 4 banger and I swore I'd get the full's on my next TJ. Well, after having the fulls, I am glad to be getting the halves on my new X. I guess their are pros and cons for each but for me I like the freedom and more open feeling when taking off the upper halves. Also, not having any room for my left arm and having the general cramped feeling I got from the thicker, higher, fulls annoyed me.
    How was that Tom? :) Maybe it will stir up some talk.
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