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    The reason you posted the ABS info? What make the ABS production special? Is it that the sport couldn't get ABS before? Sorry I guess I'm just confused. Why doesn't the Rubi have ABS? Isn't that a pretty standard thing on vehicles now. Do you not want ABS when wheeling? I would think you could just pull the fuse for it when wheeling. I don't understand.

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    I posted the ABS info, along with the black tops and the hold on the sound system, because I thought it might be of interest. It's the latest news on Wrangler production and the date of Job #1 of any new feature or color etc., is likely to be of interest to someone about to order a new Jeep, for obvious reasons.

    ABS used only to be available on the D35.

    I have no idea why ABS isn't available on the Rubicon. Option availability is a closely held DC secret.

    Yes, it's pretty standard on vehicles these days. Personally I find it beneficial in most off (and on) road situations, but I'm in a minority.................and yes, you can easily disable it by pulling a fuse or removing a relay.
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    as those stroker engines cost you could go to Jegs and but a GM Goodwrnch 350 with 260 HP and 350 lbs ft of torque(thats more than a vortec) thats $1300, and then you can buy a heavy duty TH400 Transmission for like $1000, and then have someone else install them for like $500. It would sound a lot better, and it'd be more powerful than all the strokers except 4.8 and up.

    Of course I doubt a 350 has that nice torque curve, and it definetly don't have as much power as that 5.0 stroker, good gosh thats to stout for a Wrangler or a Cherokee, you would have to replace the rear end, and the transmission.
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    what a great day!

    had a blast!

    i put myself in the middle of the group so I'd have plenty of help, my nicole was the smallest in the pack, but she did alright, everyone else had quite a few modifications, lifts, tires, lockers etc.

    I wasn't the first to get stuck and I made it through where carl got stuck (made me feel good to pull him out)

    yeah, i had plenty of help, we'd come to something i wasn't sure about, or couldn't go forward, the usual comment was back up ,, hit it harder!

    did get a chance to use the winch, and tomorrow i get a chance to stretch the cable out and respool the birdsnest thats in there now. the trail was uphill and rutted, she just got to a place that a front or back tire was just hitting square on and she wouldn't jump up on it. we winched her up there, and the jeep behind me did the same thing.

    then carl got a chance to pull me back when i high centered, off a pile of dirt where O R had made a creek crossing. some of the girls I've dated aren't height / weight appropriate, well Nicole isn't exactly height / length appropriate. hopefully thats going to be corrected soon!! (why don't they make lift kits for women?, apologies to any women on the list, i'm know there are plenty of guys needing lift kits too!)

    sort of glad she got stuck there, 3 of us decided to skip the creek crossing and go around. 2 jeeps found a hill that was more than they wanted,, way more than Nicole would have wanted.

    No Dents / No Scratches / Nothing Broke

    Ready to go back!!


    I'll post pics next week, i had my film camera with me.
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    got home from Pittsfield, decided it was nice enough to change the oil. didn't quite have 3000 miles since the last one, but figured I could change it myself today or wait til its 20 degrees in a few weeks and pay more to have someone else do it.

    switched over to mobil 1, nearly forgot to put the oil plug back in, and almost dumped all 6 quarts right through the engine into the dirty oil pan. would have been an expensive mistake!

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    one tip my dad taught me on changing oil is to place the drain plug on top of the new filter. Helps me to not forget the drain plug before filler 'er back up. My routine in oil changes:

    - gather new oil and filter (to make sure I have what I need)
    - put drain pan under oil pan
    - remove drain plug
    - put drain plug in top of new filter
    - remove old oil filter, place small drip pan under filter location
    - get grease guns and hit all zerks with syn or poly grease depending on application
    - log mileage and date on back of oil filter box top
    - write up new oil change sticker (many auto parts stores give these out for free now)
    - top off washer fluid
    - visually check radiator overflow tank and brake fluid, diffs and tranny through check holes
    - check air pressure
    - replace drain plug
    - lube up gasket on new filter
    - wipe filter seating surface
    - hand tighten new filter
    - recheck drain plug :-)
    - add new oil
    - start engine until oil pressure shows, run 30 sec.
    - shut off engine and fill containers with old oil
    - put away tools
    - check oil level
    - grab an adult beverage

    Sounds a lot more complex than it seems when doing it, but after a hundred or so oil changes, it's routine.

    I will be the first to admit that having a garage has made auto repair/maint. much nicer in extreme temps or inclimate weather.

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    It's good to hear from a fellow Marine. I just returned from Twenty-Nine stumps where we were doing some live fore training. I couldn't help but think how much fun it would be to have a Wrangler out there. My command frowns on our taking the HMMWV's out for some wheeling fun(go figure).

    The biggest reason I'm considering the Unlimited is the extra cargo capacity. After several years with the Miata I think I would enjoy being able to transport something larger than a small lunch box for a change.

    Semper Fi,
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    You rascal! YOU DID IT! You took Nicole wheelin'.

    Sounds like "another one bites the dust." You're hooked, ain't ya? :)

    So, when are you coming down here to Turkey Bay?

    Did you get pics today????


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
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    My Noble Black Steed is no longer looking at me reproachfully - yesterday I took him out on some dirt roads. Not 'wheeling - I was alone - but I had a great time exploring a beautiful, unspoiled Rainbow Basin National Natural Area. Took a ton of photos (reason for trip), and re-gained an appreciation for the desert.

    If the weather cooperates we're talking about taking GiGi out for some real wheeling. I'm still nervous about taking out our not-yet-2 months old daily driver!
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    Hola all!! It's been about a year or so since I last posted on here. Just for FYI, I have an '02 Wrangler X. I know there's been some talk about XM, but has anyone replaced their stock radio?
         My issue is that I would like to be able to play MP3's or burned CD's and my radio isn't having it. I thought that since my computer is now newer than the player, the burner is better, but alas, that was not the case. I'm not much of a car audiophile, but it looks like all of the radios are too small to fit where the jeep stock radio fits. Also, I'd like to get something that has the ability to withstand the elements like the stock radio (not that I intentionally leave the top down, but SC weather changes in a heartbeat), any ideas?
         In an ideal world, I'd like to get an XM/Sirius/CD/MP3 capable system.

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    " those stroker engines cost you could go to Jegs and but a GM Goodwrnch 350 with 260 HP and 350 lbs ft of torque(thats more than a vortec) thats $1300, and then you can buy a heavy duty TH400 Transmission for like $1000, and then have someone else install them for like $500."

    Can't really let that go without comment, pricing first.

    Jegs will supply a Goodwrench crate motor with those specs for $1400 as a bare long block. Adding a carb, manifold and distributor, takes it to over $2000. - 671&prmenbr=361
    However, we don't want a carb, we need fuel injection......way more expensive. Plus of course, a starter, alternator, exhaust manifolds etc., etc.

    Next, transmission. Jegs cheapest own brand TF 350 comes at $650 without torque converter, so add $100-$250. - 45&prmenbr=361

    Assuming that you've managed to bolt this setup to your NP231 transfer case, it's not going to be in anything like the same position, so new propeller shafts are required.

    While all this can, and has been done, it's no simple plug and play bolt in. How will you marry the requirements of the GM's FI to the Jeep's computer and wiring. Custom engine and transmission mounts will required, as will an exhaust system. Better budget for a new custom radiator as well.

    As I said, it can and has been done, but please, please tell me, who will do a professional complete custom installation of these various parts for $500???????????
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    We were talking a while back about how it is not necessary or even desirable sometimes to go "real big" with you lift and tires. Look at the flex I get with just that little two inch Pro-Comp lift and sway bar disco'd.

    Think of the obstacles that I can negotiate with that much flex. I doubt if I EVER go any bigger.




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    I replaced my radio with an Alpine head that has the XM tuner built in. It is smaller than the stock radio but I had it installed and there is an installation kit that makes it fit without problems. I think you could do something similar with a radio that has an MP3 player, though I don't know that for a fact (don't have a need for one).

    It's funny that Tom brought up the fact that you don't necessarily need a big lift. Today we had GiGi out on a 4WD trail. It had moderate grades and sheer drop-offs. It didn't have any off-camper sections, but I was thinking about such situations as we climbed up (I had never been on this particular trail). I could see where going with a big lift could raise the center of gravity to a point where you would have a much higher roll-over risk in such situations.

    Speaking of which, the Unlimited certainly felt more stable and sure on this trail than I had expected. I'll probably use 4-low more with the automatic - it sure came in handy when I started down the grade (the route isn't particularly maintained - it goes to an abandoned fire lookout tower. Incredible views and lots of fun!).

    The GPS earned its keep today! I have a new guide to trails and we were trying a new trail in an area that we've never explored before. The guide had the grid coordinates indicated for a variety of points along the trail, including the starting point. We were coming from a different direction than the book did, and the book said that the road wasn't marked. We got to the grid coordinates for the start, but it looked like a farm track along someone's field. I couldn't believe that was the "road" we were supposed to be on, but it was. If it hadn't been for the GPS, I wouldn't have tried it - just figured the guide book was wrong and gone home. Next time I'll believe this particular guide, and my GPS. This is opening up so many new places to explore!
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    Yes, to get a noticable difference you'll have to spend a disproportionate amount of money to do it.

    Unless you have an actual need to be able to tackle larger obstacles, it will just mean that you have to go and find some harder trails to have as much satisfaction as you do now.

    Some people don't seem to realize that it's using the vehicle to its limit that improves the driver's skill and gives the most satisfaction.
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    MTNGAL, thanks for the info. I guess my fear was that it wouldn't fit in the jeep. However, has a neat little thing in their car audio installation that tells you if the device that you're looking at will fit in your vehicle or not. The one that I'm looking at has a detachable face, so it's probably just as weather resistant as the stock radio, but a whole lot more capable (CD R/RW playback, MP3, WMA, XM ready). It sure will be nice to be able to play one CD of a hundred songs instead of flipping through multiple CD's or scanning for radio stations.
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    You will not find a radio that works with XM and Sirius out of the box unless you install FM modulation for one of them (as far as I know). Alpine has an XM tuner inside one of their head units. You could theoretically add a Sirius FM modulator type setup and have both, but I would have to wonder why. Alpine's units will also play burned CD's and MP3's no problem.

    I have an older Alpine head unit in my wrangler with aftermarket speakers and 2 amps. Works fine for me. :) I plan to add Alpine's CDA9820XM unit soon and put the antenna up on the roll bar (under the fabric top I have. Check the stereo websites about burned CD/MP3 capability. The Alpine was a snap to install for the dealer, but if I had to do it again (as in a whole system install), I'd do it myself - the Jeep is THAT easy to work with.

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    I thought it might be useful to some folks to have a little discussion about differentials.

    I am in NO WISE qualified to discuss HOW the different types of differentials work, but I can tell you what they do.

    All differentials perform the job of converting the rotation of the drive shaft into the rotation of the axle shafts, which are attached to the wheels. This is what makes the vehicle move.

    We're gonna need Mac here to explain why with an open differential the power goes to the wheel that has no traction. All you have to have is one tire without traction and you "ain't goin' anywhere." There is no power delivered where it will do any good, i.e., to the side with traction. The tire without traction will spin, and the tire on the opposite side will just sit there doing nothing.

    This is where a limited slip differential will help. As long as both tires have at least a LITTLE traction, the vehicle will move. Somehow, the limited slip differential will deliver power to the side that has the better traction. Limited slips are really nice, as long as you can keep both tires on the ground. They have much better highway manners than do full lockers.

    Some limited slips work with clutch packs, and this means that eventually they will need replacement. The gear oil in these differentials usually requires some friction modifier additive. DC puts this type of differential in some Wranglers, and it is called the "TracLoc" option.

    Finally, there is the good old "locker." A full locker will make both tires pull, even when one side has zero traction. Even if the tire on one side is completely off the ground, the other tire will pull. Lockers are great on the trail, but they can have some undesirable side effects on pavement.

    When you make a corner, the outside tire has to turn faster than the inside tire, since it travels a longer path in the same amount of time compared to the inside tire. This means that both sides cannot be locked together during corners, and the locker has to "ratchet" to let the teeth slip past each other.

    The reason you can corner more smoothly off road with a locker is because there can be some slippage of the tires on the dirt when the tires are trying to turn a slightly different speeds, when the locker has not released quite soon enough.

    The degree to which a locker is able to release and re-engage smoothly determines how street-friendly it will be.

    I have had a Detriot Soft Locker in the rear differential on Thelma Jane for over two years now, and I LOVE it! It makes a huge difference off road, and its street manners are not bad at all. I just had to adjust my driving style slightly: mainly, just not getting back on the gas quite as soon after cornering. You just have to be aware that you need to keep from accelerating while in the middle of a corner.

    I recently put a Lock Right locker in Thelma Jane's front differential, and it was a good mod for me. I really like being locked front and rear.

    A front locker does NOTHING when you are in two wheel drive, so street manners are really not much of a factor for a front locker. The front axle shafts, front differential gears, and front drive shaft all turn on a TJ, even in two wheel drive, but because there is no torque being applied, the locker is not engaged. You can hear some distinct clicking in corners with the front Lock Right, but that is not a "biggie" for me.

    Selectable lockers would be great, if a guy could afford them. These can be turned off for the pavement and turned on for the trails. Rubicons come with standard front and rear selectable lockers!

    Mac, as always, feel free to jump in here to clarify, to correct, or to add to what I have said.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?


    This little trick might come in REAL handy sometime, if you don't have a locker.

    You can "fool" your differential into thinking that both tires have traction by applying some brake, while at the same time attempting to drive out of a "stuck" situation. The resistance to turning caused by a little brake pressure will be interpreted by the differential as tire traction.
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    That trick with the brake won't do any good if neither tire has traction. When that happens, you are just "up the proverbial tributary without the proper means of locomotion."


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    Well complete around here you can probably get for $500, but proffessional not so sure on that one.
  • jeff62301jeff62301 Member Posts: 310

    is limit slip or a locker better when Nicole is perched on top of a pile of dirt with no wheels touching the ground??

  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    That's when you need a push :)

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    This weekend I was able to remove one of the stripped bolts! The key was a really big and powerful drill that I borrowed and the purchase of a drill bit made of Kryptonite. (Actually it was Cobalt but Kryptonite makes for a better story so I'm sticking to it.)

    I bought the new bit and bought the size required by the tap I was thinking I may need to use after I mangled the job. The kryptonite bit cut through the bolt like it was butter. Well, frozen butter at least. With about a minute of effort the head of the bolt was off. I then switched to a smaller diameter bit and drilled all the way through the bolt. Then I used an E-Z out to remove the shaft and it came out quite easily. I should mention that this was the bolt to which heat had been previously applied, thanks Mac.

    Unfortunately, the other two bolts have broken off E-Z outs in them and even the Kryptonite bits won't bite into that.

    My next trick is going to be to take it somewhere for professional help before I make it any worse. I've used up all my patience and am ready to spend some money.

    I'm thinking of going to a body shop for help. Does that make sense or is there a better type of shop I should try?

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    I really would just like XM. But I appreciate the heads up about Alpine, it seems like the one they have on fits my desires nicely.
         I was a little hesistant about XM, but if the unit comes XM capable and all you need is the XM tuner, it should be a snap to remove the radio faceplate and the XM tuner, right? Also, how well does the antenna work through the fabric of the top?

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    Can't really add too much to that without diagrams.

    It helps to think of a regular open differential as an 'unlimited slip diff', which allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds as needed.

    A 'limited slip diff' allows independent rotation of the wheels, but limits the amount of rotation.

    A 'locker' or 'automatic locking diff' keeps the wheels locked together until it senses a speed differential is required, when it will unlock the coupling of the wheels.

    A 'manual locker' performs the same function as an open diff, but enables the driver to lock the wheels together as required.

    A further variation is a permanently locked rear end which allows no independent rotation of the wheels. This is known as a 'spool' or 'lincoln locker' (as in the brand name of a welder!). It should only be used off road and never in a front axle.

    Generally, limited slip types use clutch plates which can wear, but there are types which use gears.

    Generally, automatic lockers use dog gears to lock together, but there are some that use clutch plates.

    Manual lockers can be operated either by vacuum, solenoid, compressed air, cable or lever.
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    One way to remove a bolt with an embedded EZ-Out is to place a nut over it, then weld the nut to the bolt head through the center of the nut. The whole thing can then easily be removed with a regular wrench or socket. There will be some damage to the paint on the hinge, but that should be any easy low cost repair.
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    I have XM in my sedan and love it. It uses RF modulation (we wanted to keep factory stereo).

    But if you go with the Alpine unit with the XM tuner already installed into it, all you would have to add is the antenna.

    I've heard mixed reviews about the antenna through a soft top. Some say it works great, some say it won't. I'd try it on the roll bar first, and if it didn't work, move it somewhere else. This xm-integrated unit makes it no different than installing a regular head unit (with the exception of the extra antenna for XM).

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    I'm hoping to find someone who can do that. That's why I thought a body shop might be best. Also, the windshield brackets will be almost completely covered by the roof racket brackets so any cosmetic damage will be well hidden.
  • mac24mac24 Member Posts: 3,910
    A body shop could certainly do it, but it's not a high tech or difficult thing to do, so check your Yellow Pages for a welding shop, muffler shop or general auto repair shop. Pick the cheapest one that understands what you want done.
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    A newspaper reporter is looking for vehicle shoppers and recent buyers age 20-29 who live in either the Atlanta or Raleigh-Durham area. If you're willing to talk about your vehicle preferences and shopping experience, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your age, location, and contact info by December 13, 2004. Thanks!


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    I have an Unlimited soft top and have the XM antenna on the roll bar, under the padding. I had the Roady's antenna there (self installed) for a month before I had the Alpine head put in, so I knew that I wouldn't have any problems. It also works well there under a hard top, by the way.

    The reason I decided not to go with a radio that requires a separate XM tuner (XM ready radio) is because I couldn't figure out a good place to put the tuner. I've seen photos of people that put the tuner on the back seat, but my back seat is rarely in my Sport (though I've left it in the Unlimited - I don't feel so much of a need to have the extra cargo room). Paul has talked about putting it under the driver's seat, which makes sense, but I'd worry about it there. That's why I chose the Alpine radio that includes the tuner - I think they are about the only one that makes one at the moment.

    The tuner is permanently mounted somewhere and can be hidden away - no need to remove it with the radio faceplate. I never worried too much about having the Roady in plain sight - since it is a subscription thing, all I would have to do is call XM if it were stolen and they would deactivate it.
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    "A newspaper reporter is looking for vehicle shoppers and recent buyers age 20-29 who live in either the Atlanta or Raleigh-Durham area. If you're willing to talk about your vehicle preferences and shopping experience, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your age, location, and contact info by December 13, 2004. Thanks!"

    So, any demand for an old, fat guy that bought a new Wrangler four years ago?


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    Maybe if you were still buying cars every year, they'd want to talk to you :-)

    Steve, Host
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    Thelma Jane cured me of that! :)

    I have the vehicle I have been looking for all of my life. The girl of my dreams.

    It was four years ago today that I signed the dotted line on the deal. The order went in the next day to the factory.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
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    Does Ross Allen ever get jealous of the relationship you have with Thelma Jane???

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    Good deal! I just bought an Alpine head unit that's XM ready, it works great and with the dash kit, it fits great as well. That's awesome that it works through the top. I'm just taking baby steps right now, but once I figure out a good place for the XM receiver...... Shoot, I haven't even told my wife about it yet... maybe I'll just wait till she sees it... it'll be a surprise!

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Naw, we are the "Three Amigos," Ross Allen, Thelma Jane, and the old Tomster. We spend every Saturday together, and all three of us enjoy it immensely. :)

    So, when are you going to come down here for some wheelin'?????????!!!! I want to come up there sometime and check our RORP. Learn that place real well, so you can serve as trail guide when I come up.


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    Hello all, I am a newbie to this forum...

    My 98 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L has developed a hesitation recently. After it is started, about 1-2 minutes in, it begins to idle very roughly. This lasts about 2 minutes, then its fine. During the rough idle, there is virtually no power as it struggles to keep from stalling. It seems to not be related to outside temp. In fact, if I turn it off, and start it up 5 minutes later the same thing happens. Any ideas?

    I am not a mechanic, however given instructions I can usually accomplish the task.

  • mtngalmtngal Member Posts: 1,911
    This is probably a really dumb suggestion about your rough idle since I'm not a mechanic. However I had a problem years ago with a vehicle that had hesitation and no power. It just had a very dirty air filter.

    Mac should have a better idea of what is going on.

    Tom - congrats on your anniversary! In 2 more days GiGi will be 2 months old, and I noticed today that we've got over 8800 miles on it. That will work out to 50,000 miles a year, not the 40,000 we used to put on the Tacoma. Definitely an indication of how much more we like the Unlimited!
  • mac24mac24 Member Posts: 3,910
    You should be able to check your '98 for a computer code. Turn the key to 'on' so that the instrument panel comes to life, then off, then on, then off, then on, all within five seconds. You should be able to read any codes from the odometer. If this doesn't work then AutoZone should check it for free.

    Your problem could be one of several things, but getting any fault codes will help narrow it down.
  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    Desno, if you bought the Alpine unit CDA9280XM, then you will not need an XM tuner - it is built in to the head unit. Just add the antenna and subscribe. You can do that online at You will need the unit's XM id number, which should be on the box or the paperwork with the unit.

    Which model did you buy?

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    Oh, my 9K in two months! Well, I bought Rubi 6 months ago and just rolled over 4K last week.

    Mtngal, weren't you asking about raising your seat height? I added the 1 inch spacers from Buchannan over the weekend and wow, what a difference. My visibility is much better toward the front of the vehicle now. For now I'm only doing the driver's side. I get enough complaints from passengers about how difficult it is to get in.

    I think next up for me is going to be new bumpers. Don't know when I'll get around to that.

    Regarding XM radio, I went with the Roady2 because in Memphis if you have an aftermarket radio in your convertible it is begging to be stolen. A friend of mine had his Wrangler broken into. They stole the aftermarket radio, even though the face was detached. They then broke into the center console--where he had hid the faceplate. Kind of funny, actually.
  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    you get a security console. :)

  • keatskeats Member Posts: 412
    That is very true. He ended up getting the Tuffy, and I must say it looks very good, and I like that it comes with a padded arm rest.
  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    I have that unit as well, but I got the full console version that runs up to the transmission lever. It also has a compartment for a subwoofer. Very nice and it would take some serious time to get into the thing (sure took me long enough to install! :)

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    this week, she's still just a little girl

    but within the month she's going to have a growth spurt,,, and will be getting bigger shoes too.

    talked with john at toumbs garage today, and told him to get me scheduled! i wish i had been there yesterday, he said he just finished another unlimited, 3.5 inch RE SL with 32 inch tires, said everything went great, no vibes, no gearing problems, lots of flex. i think i'm going to get 33x10.5x15 BFG ATs,,, (i'm getting 1" BL too) Nicole is going to be spending much more HWY time than trail time, so I'm planning to keep my eyes open and maybe get a set of used MTs with rims ( 12.5?? ) to throw on it when I know I'm going to hit the trails.

    Yes, Tom,, one time out and I'm hooked.
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    Yes, I was the one asking about raising the seat height. It isn't that big of a deal for commuting - just a minor annoyance - but it really bothered me out on the trail Sunday. I only barely missed a big drop off on a wash crossing because I didn't see it on the right side. How easy were the spacers to install?

    The Roady is a very good option - I used a Roady all summer in the Taco and loved it. We'll see how long the aftermarket radio lasts - it isn't a problem at home, just if I go somewhere else.
  • keatskeats Member Posts: 412
    They seat risers are solid aluminium blocks, and they're blacked anodized. The install took me about 30 minutes because I had some trouble on the inner bolts on the driver's side. You just have to undo the 4 bolts on the seat, put in the blocks and tighten them back down. The kit comes with grade 8 bolts that match whatever size blocks you get. He sells them in 1 inch, 1'1/2 and 2 inch sets, just depends on how tall you are. I think the total cost was under $60 and I had them 3 days after I ordered them.

    What you said about the trails is supposedly the biggest reason to add them.
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    in Kermit all during Camp Jeep when I had no doors or windows on the car - would have been VERY easy to steal it and my Cobra CB. Nothing happened. (yes I put the face in the tuffy.) And that includes 2 amps under the back seat (Kicker and Alpine).

    I wish makers still did the slide out head units like they did 10 years ago. :)

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    I'm not getting bad tread life at all out of my BGF Muds. I seem to ruin the sidewalls long before doing much tread wear. :)

    You most definitely want mud tires for your wheelin'. Whether at RORP or most anywhere else in the Midwest, you are going to encounter mud. If you are like me, you will avoid mud when you can, since it does the Jeep no good in the long run, but you will have no choice but to go through some mud once in a while. Mud tires are not just better in mud, but also in loose soil, which is VERY common in Midwest wheelin'.

    You keep avoiding my question! WHEN ARE YA GONNA COME WHEEL WITH ME???? And, I seem to remember some "Mr. Keats" that was supposed to come to Turkey Bay to do some wheelin' with me too????

    You guys will learn that having someone who is intimately familiar with the area to guide your group makes the wheelin' a hundred times better. I'm offering you guys a chance to see the very best of Turkey Bay. Why don't you take me up on my offer?


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • keatskeats Member Posts: 412
    Tom, I am going definitely going to take you up on that offer, and I'm going to bring a friend. We just need to find a weekend to do it! Neither of us have much free time, so we seem to keep putting it off. However, at least once a week at work, he stops by and says, "So, when are we going to Turkey Bay?" My calendar always says, "Later..." *lol*
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