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Jeep Wrangler



  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Could it be that the longer wheelbase and the longer drivetrain associated with it be the reason for auto only? Maybe it was easier to use the auto for the longer wheelbase?


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  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The longer the wheelbase the easier it it to fit any transmission!

    If it were up to me ABS would be available on the D44, disc brakes would be available on the D35, and you'd be able to order a manual transmission on the Unlimited (and Aztec Gold would still be available!).

    All the above can be achieved using standard components currently in production. However, it appears to be the job of the customer to hand over his/her money, and be grateful that DC offers any options at all.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Inca Gold maybe? Or was there really an Aztec Gold color???


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  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Yes, you're right, it is (or was) Inca Gold on Wranglers. Aztec Gold is a DC color but ends up on vehicles like Cavaliers and PT Cruisers.

    Not enough coffee I guess!

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Did you mean Caravans? Or, did you mean that Cavaliers really have DC paint on them? :)

    Maybe a Cavalier that had been in an accident with an Aztec Gold PT Cruiser??? :)

    This is FUN!


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  • From what I can gather the reason for only have the auto and not all options is to get them off the line and into dealerships. The manual is going to be an option next year, and there are rumors of a Rubicon package Unlimited. As was said earlier ABS isn't available with the Dana44, I don't miss it on my Rubi. I've never driven a car with ABS that I liked, that's also why it's never been on one that I owned, must just be me.

    Welcome to all the new comers.

  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Guess I'm having a bad day here! Aztec Gold is a color name used by both Chrysler and Chevrolet, though I'm not sure if it's actually the same color. It's also been used on the Corvette if I remember correctly (which I may not!).

    Now, which kind of flower was it you used to put your feet on?

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Really, Mac! How can you stoop SO LOW? :)


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  • guy21guy21 Posts: 129
    The auto trans is probably a mandatory option on the Unlimited because DC is committed to producing a set quantity of the autos and not enough are being ordered as options on the regular Wranglers.
  • According to a DC spokesman statement I read on Mikes Jeep news, chasingerica is correct. The Unlimited will be limited in options for the 2004 1/2 model, but by 2005 model there will be most options that are available on the the sport including 5 speed tranny. Should also have a lower base price. The article explains the reasoning for starting off with an automatic is because more new Wranglers are sold with autos than sticks. I know I'll be sniffing around the dealerships as soon as the Unlimited arrives (can't wait). I'll never give up my TJ,for wheeling, but the Unlimited will probably be my new family (boat towing) vehicle.
  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
    Thanks for all the good info. After my Focus, I wouldn't buy anything in the first year anyway. Let's hope the UL catches on and they offer more choices. Mac, I agree about needing another color on the palette, whatever they choose to call it.
    Is there talk of a major redesign for the TJ coming up?
  • Hey y'all. Thanks for all the input. I was hoping to get limited slip but don't really know if it is necessary. I haven't had it yet in a truck and gotten by, then again I have seen a little snow or mud sap power to one spinning wheel. I have done a lot of 4x4 on patrols here in Eastern Afghanistan mountains and desert country, usually in a Toyota 4dr Hilux diesel pickup. Maybe there will be a Jamboree here someday when we are finished cleaning up ;) There is some awsome country out here for 4x4, but it eats trucks up.

    Regarding 2003 vs 2004, I am planning on keeping the beast for a long time and want to get the most for my budget, so it would be the 2003 Sport or a 2004 X. It will be my daily driver (when not on the Motorycle) The same dealer has offered me a screamin' deal on a X custom order too which will save me $ and get me trac-loc and ABS (ABS has saved my [non-permissible content removed] a couple times), but I can't get the bigger wheels/axles and some of the 'luxury' stuff. Most of my driving will be on road but I still want to 'get off' when I can. It's a tossup, Hmm..anyone care to offer up insight in the trac-loc + ABS vs big wheels/axles for on and off roading decision?

    It's funny, my first experience driving a Jeep was an Army Jeep in Germany and the drive shaft broke. We were expecting the new Hummers and I think it had been a bit neglected. I hope to have better luck this go around.

    TsJay - Thanks for your sentiments, we never get tired of support from home. Yep I'm a Staff Sergeant. I'm from MN but you never know if I'm at Campbell or Bragg sometime maybe we could meet 4 sum wheelin'. I am planning a trip west with friends for some MTN Biking and 4x4 exploring this summer and am pumped up to be Jeepin!!


  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    "Hmm..anyone care to offer up insight in the trac-loc + ABS vs big wheels/axles for on and off roading decision?"

    I'll venture my opinion, which is worth every cent you paid for it.

    First, I should state that contrary to many, I think that ABS is a good thing, and that the D35 isn't as weak as most people like to believe.

    I would consider the 'Super 35' kit from Superior Axle. This kit consists of stronger axle shafts with an increased spline count, plus a locker.......either a Detroit Softlocker or an ARB (without the compressor). These kits can be bought for about $850 and $975 respectively. The strength is brought up to at least that of a D44 and the only breakages I've heard of have been in competition. There is also a similar kit out there called the Yukon.

    That way you can get your great deal on the 'X', even better if you drop the Trac Lok, and have a significantly upgraded rear axle complete with a heavy duty locker.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Here's where my distinguished colleague and I disagree. Mac is a big believer in ABS, and from his personal experience, he has reason to be. Sounds like the same holds true for you, especially being from MN, where it is know to snow once in a while. :)

    I would point you toward the Dana 44 axle, which means no ABS. I feel that the stronger axle is more important than having ABS. Now, that is assuming that you would want a locker and big tires in the future and that you are going to be pretty serious in your offroading.

    See, that's the whole thing... what are you going to do with the Jeep? I can see where ABS might be pretty nice up there in MN, and as far as a locker, man, you know how those things are in snow! Would make the Jeep even more squirrelly than it would be to start with.

    So, it really is something that you have to decide for yourself, Sarge. It's a shame that you have to pick between ABS and a Dana 44. BOTH can be VERY important.

    Come home safe, get your Jeep, and get your butt down here to wheel with me!

    Oh, if you are from the MSP area, I might be able to hook you up with a Jeep Buddy who is a super good mechanic and knows how to do just about anything a Jeep might need, including setting gears.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?


    You only come here as a stranger once, so you are part of our family now. It's great having you with us, Sarge. Now, let us know if there is anything we can do to help ya out while you are over there. Tell your Buds in your unit that we appreciate them too.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Sure, update your profile, or just look up my email and email me, if you want to.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Is this what you're looking for? Jeep Wrangler: Prices Paid & Buying Experience

    tidester, host
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I go away for a 3 day weekend and all kinds of things happen here!

    Welcome, Thomas in Afganistan! Anyone who leaves home at a moment's notice to go half way around the world and defend us all has my admiration.

    If you want another opinion on the D35 with ABS vs. D44 - it does depend on what you want to do with your Jeep. I do some off-roading but not real hard-core stuff. My stock Sport does everything I want and I don't feel a need for extra strength of the D44. So for me I'd be happier with the ABS (which I don't have on either of my vehicles). After having locked up the brakes on the Taco once (on a dry freeway) I want ABS on my next commuter type vehicle.

    I know what you mean about having your first Jeep experience with one that is OD green - though mine wasn't so eventful. Being as little as I am my biggest problem was starting it - my feet are barely big enough to reach both the starter and the clutch!

    Last thing - I have a '98 Wrangler Sport that I bought new. I love it and am planning on keeping it for another 100,000 miles (it has over 116,000 on the odometer now). I would have been very happy to buy a previous year for so much less, even knowing that it was a year old. Because by now that year doesn't matter much.

    However, I have a 2000 Tacoma that I hate, and have since about a month after we bought it. It was a 2000 purchased in Sept. after the 2001 models were out. While I got a reasonable deal, I'm still on the wrong side of the note. I had purchased it with plans to keep it for 5 or more years (was going to replace the Wrangler first), so I didn't mind. However, I really hate it but can't afford to dump it. Are you sure I couldn't interest you in an overpriced Tacoma (giggle, giggle)?
  • Mtngal: I think you should sound a little happier about that great Taco :) You know a year ago or so a Taco was in the running for my new car. Kinda glad that it turned into Amy. I wouldn't trade her for the world.

    Green: I'm with Gal, if you plan on keep it get either year. I've got an '04 Rubicon that I plan on keeping until she falls apart.... Well then I'll just buy the parts and put her back together :) That's part of the beauty of the Jeep, you can never say that you can't find parts to fix it. If you like the options on the '04 X then you can always add the larger tires later, and beef up the axle like everyone said. Go with what makes you happy.

  • lol. Before I got Buffy I too was thinking of either getting a Taco, or an Xterra. I'm very glad that I ended up with the Rubi though! Finally took her out on the highway over the weekend - felt pretty good. Definitely not a vehicle you can just about fall asleep in (like the t-bird), which is just as well as I'd rather stay alert!

  • I agree with the not being able to fall asleep thoughts. But that helps me out a lot. Working in a bar I get off around 3am, used to almost fall asleep every night, now I'm WIDE awake the whole ride home. Guess that's not important to some but it's a nice "feature". I must admit though that it is damn comfortable to drive.

  • tjcjtjcj Posts: 1
    Just wanted to chime in and say you got a pretty good deal. I just picked up an '03 sport last month w/auto, d44, soft top, and all the fancy gadgets (cruise, dimming mirror, 7 speaker cd, etc) for $20,000 + tax....I was looking at an X with less options at the same price range with the $2,000 rebate, so I think I got a decent deal. The color (Khaki) wasnt exactly what I wanted, but I've grown to like it ;)

  • Guys & Gals

    Thanks for all the input. I had actually replied once, but have been informed that I (innocently) violated policy so it was pulled. You have a great list here and I don't want to subvert it. My apologies.

    I have decided to go with an X in order to get the ABS and Trac-Loc (sounds like a rap star). I am working the deal now and will post how it plays out. The X makes a good base for upgrading if I get crazy about the Offroad bug. Plus this way I can get Solar Yellow, I love the way it contrasts with the black trim. It also leaves me some $ to play with for goodies for the Jeep and a new Harley Sportser 1200 I am picking up!

    mtngal, thanks for your support, and for the Toyota offer ;) all I drive here is toyota and they seem like good trucks. Sorry it isn't working for you.


  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I though you might get in a little trouble for your potty mouth. :)

    I guess you got in trouble for posting that link too? Edmunds is somewhat protective of their turf to say the least.

    Glad you took your scolding in stride and stayed with us. I have had a few of my posts deleted around here, and that's for sure.

    That decision to go X might make more sense in your situation. I can see the need for both ABS and Trac Loc up there in the frozen north.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • I've had both of those options on my '98 and it handles great in the snow, though I don't think I've ever activated the ABS; I don't ever recall having slammed on the brakes with this Jeep in 6 years of ownership. The traction is certainly good in 4wd with the trac-loc. I drove through the Oregon Cascades constantly in the winter, and if ever there's a place that gets snow that would be it. Just remember you can't brake as quickly as you can accelerate.

    The hard top is also nice in a place where snowfall can be measured in feet-per-day. I remember a big "snow bomb" sliding off the top of a Douglas fir and onto the roof of the Jeep with a big WHUMP sound once, somewhere near Santiam pass. My friend looked at me and said "glad we have a hard top on there." No kidding. It would have probably caved in the roof of my old soft-top equipped YJ.
  • I've tried searching past posts but it won't work for my sloooow internet. I'm considering using the addatrunk to store audio components such as a sirius tuner, amp et. I'd mount them to a plywood base in the trunk and then a put a false bottom above. Then it would be out of sight. Anybody tried anything like that? I'd like to put in a sub somewhere too, any suggestions? Or do most find the dash/soundbar speaker locations offer adequate sound (I'd upgrade the factory speakers)


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I've tried searching past posts but it won't work for my sloooow internet.

    Are you paging back by hand or are you using the Search/Advanced Search feature available in the left column of this page? The speed of your internet connection should have little effect on the latter.

    tidester, host
  • I have the upgraded 7 speaker stereo and it's not too bad. Doesn't really compare to the 2 12" subs and 300W amp I had in my old car but it's not too bad. No I'm not a bass head I just like to able to drive open air and hear my music. Most people say that with the top down/off the stock stereo is a little weak. I haven't had the chance to get the top down yet but that's not too far off now.

    I think that your idea for the ad-a-trunk as a place to store equipment is a good idea. As for a sub you could always use the factory location in the center console, or even the ad-a-trunk. As for me if I ever get the bug to upgrade everything I'm just going to replace everything in the stock locations.

  • Thought I'd toss my own $0.02 in. I think that ABS is great (had it on the t-bird), but apparently you can stop just as quickly modulating the brakes yourself (as long as you don't panic and just mash the pedal). While I haven't done any serious off-roading, the scoop appears to be that sometimes you want to be able to lock the tires for a little slip.

    The upgraded stereo is decent. Still factory so you don't have to worry about theft but with decent enough sound (I'm no audiophile). Haven't had the opportunity to drive with the top off yet... probably have another 3 months or so before I do that!!

  • I have the Pioneer "Chrysler-sized" head unit and I recently installed an 8" sub in the center console of my '01 Wrangler Sport- it wasn't equipped with the factory 6.5"- but a few holes later, it fits great. i mounted the amp under the driver's seat- but it is a little tight clearing the seat mechanicals.

    measure twice, drill/cut once.

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