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Jeep Wrangler



  • It wasn't really a crack, it was more of a hairline fracture (so to speak). You can't touch the glass and feel any split on the outside of the glass. But, you can see a noticable crack in the window. Its really hard to explain, but I am sure 100% that nothing could have hit my window to make it crack in the way that it did. Believe me, there hasn't been any off-roading done with this car.
  • tjytjy Posts: 39
    Hey everyone! I couldn't resist any longer, so I finally gave in to the urge and called DC's 800 # to check on my TJ's status. It has not been built yet, but has been assigned a VIN. The rep I spoke with figured it would probably be built within the next couple of weeks, but didn't know how long it would be between the build date and ship date. He did know, however, that it only takes 9 days to ship from the factory to my dealer! So, if it gets built and shipped by March 1st (or at least during the first week of March), I'll probably have it by mid March! Considering I only ordered last Wednesday, 2/7/01, I was thrilled to hear what little news there was. With any luck, I'll be Jeepin' soon!
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    I ordered new Sahara 01/23/01,dealer called today to say it was built today and will ship tomorrow. This is my 1st Wrangler. I named him HOSS,I wanted to make tsjay proud by giving him a name.

    Bought for invoice Dealer called on 2/2/01 and said good news 500. rebate.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Congratulations, my man! Who is doing the lift for you? Does your dealer send them out for this work? Can you have them sent from the factory to someplace that lifts them? What's the deal?

    I am very proud of you for realzing the importance of naming your Jeep. Hoss sounds like a fine name, by the way.

    "Dang" excited? That IS a "Hoss" word.

    Well, I am "dang" excited for you too! Let us have some details about who is doing the lift and if that was figured into your deal, etc.

    Welcome to the club!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    I am new to posting, but have gone back and read every post in the last month.(on the road alot) I feel like I know most everyone here. I hope yall continue to post, I have learned alot from everyone and took advice on many things before ordering HOSS. I ordered from dealer in west Ft. Worth (Moritz) The manager is from Michigan and a whizz at ordering jeeps of all kinds. He came from a 200 unit a month dealer in Michigan to improve sales for this dealer. Talked to several who bought there and they very satisfied. We shall see

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hopefully it won't be long! They didn't give you a firm production date, huh? They gave me Thelma's very early on after the order was placed.

    It turned out to be exactly one week after the original date, because they took a shut down week the week Thelma was supposed to be built.

    I STILL had Thelma in 23 days!

    Just hang in there, tjy. It is tough, I know!

    Let's chat again sometime.

  • I'd be darned, there are 3 catalytic converters under there! I had not noticed that when I was under there to change my oil or anything.
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    tsjay the dealer is doing the lift, tires and wheels. I was afraid of being ripped by letting dealer install,but checked around several 4x4 shops w/good reputation and he was only 200.00 higher for lift/tires/wheels. I figured for 200.00
    he can install/warranty it. The lift being dealer installed also has 3 yr./36000 warranty. I can also finance the whole package that way.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Cool! You DID go to a good dealer for Jeeps, didn't you?

    Buying from a dealer who knows Jeeps will be a definite advantage for you.

    Good luck with that bad boy!

    Of course, you will be posting links to some pictures in the near future, I hope?


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • I own a 2001 Jeep Saraha and the same thing happened to me. While driving down the interstate and my defrosters on I heard a cracking sound. Two crackes in the windshield at the base about 6-8 inches long. No sight of rocks pits, I consulted with a local glass business and he didn't believe it was because of a rock pit either. Is there a defect in the 2001 winshields? I feel this should be covered by the dealer.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I took Thelma Jane to the body shop today for an estimate on fixing the place where the paint has come off her hard top.

    The guy said that to do it right, the whole top should be repainted, and his estimate was $278.

    He faxed the estimate to my dealer, and I am supposed to find out tomorrow if Chrysler has approved it.

    I sure hope that it will be a one day job! I would really love to be able to drop her off on my way to work some day and pick her up after work on the same day. They have loaner cars at this body shop, but I'd rather be driving my little girl!

    Too bad it is winter- otherwise, I could just leave the top at the body shop and drive her topless until they were through.

    The top is extremely smooth and slick where the paint came off, so I guess there wasn't anything for the paint to stick to there.

    Later, Jeep buddies


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • Thanks for checking your converters. 3 converters on an inline 6. Who would of thought that? I still don't see how they got such a relativley large horsepower gain out of that. They must be extremely free flow cats. Maybe they increased the piping diameters or something.
  • rb123rb123 Posts: 51
    Well I just bought a new jeep wrangler last week. got the sahara in senna with the tan top both hard and soft tops. This is my first wrangler
    I currently also own a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee limited. When I was looking at the wranglers I couldn't decide weather to get the auto tarns or the five speed but in the end I went with the auto and it's not bad. I bought the wrangler just for a something to have fun with and so far it's been a blast. By the way the dealer sold me mine at invoice.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Congratulations on the Wrangler! Sure seems to be plenty of new Wrangler owners showing up in this group lately, and that's great.

    I'll bet you're out west somewhere, judging by the time of your post. Either that, or you're a real night owl.

    It's strange, but I also am a current Wrangler owner and a past '99 Grand Cherokee owner too. You still have your Grand Cherokee, but I traded mine back in March of 2000 for a Grand Prix, before trading the Grand Prix for my Wrangler in December.

    What kind of luck have you had with your Grand Cherokee? I loved mine, but I did have some problems with it, mainly brake rotor problems. There sure seems to be a disproportionate number of lemons in the Grand Cherokee population. Those babies are sure pretty and really nice SUV's, if you happen to get a good one.

    Unless you have previously owned a Wrangler, I'll bet you never knew that a vehicle could be so much fun. I love my Thelma Jane!

    I hope you will be an active poster in here. Be sure and post a link to some pictures of that new Sahara!

    Once again, welcome and congratulations.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Congrats on the new Sahara. I wanted to buy off of the lot so I could be driving mine now. Im too picky I guess and had to order. Dealer is saying 1st week of March.

    tsjay Hope everything is well with your health,and good luck w/ Thelma Jane. Keep us posted on the progress. I wiil also let yall know updates and progress on Hoss
  • You lookin at any local jeep clubs?
    I joined JNT in north Dallas. There is a big club in Fort Worth as well.

  • toddole & mailman_12_3

    Check this site for any TSBs on your problem
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    I havent looked into anything as of yet on clubs. Im in a bass club now. That plus work is sending me out of town quite a bit. I will check the sites for info. Im sure it would be alot of fun.
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    How about posting the 800 # for me. I have an 810 number that has not been getting through to a live person (VM not returned). I think it may be the number used to track vehicles that are on the way to the dealer. We ordered our Sport on 2/9, and I'd love to be able to see when it's leaving the factory.

  • Bass like in fish, or bass as in "pump up da bass"?
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Bass as in fishin I work for a major electric co.
    near Glen Rose and its on a dang good fihin hole. Fact most power plants I visit are on some decent lakes. DANG THE LUCK!!

    Question for anyone w/TJ 4.0 5sp. has any one pulled anything close to the 2000 lb. max and how did the Wrangler handle it.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    Question for you all: Do you prefer half doors, or full doors and why or why not. what are the pros and cons of each. Thanks!
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Before ordering Hoss, I test drove both full and half doors. Seems full doors are quieter with new soft top. My neighbor has the half doors and loves them. I prefered the full doors. Probably more preference than anything. My 02cents
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hi Eagle! I got the hard top with my Thelma Jane, so I obviously got the full metal doors. I would have still gotten full metal doors, even if I had ordered my Jeep with the soft top.

    The main reason for my choice of the full doors is the way the Jeep looks with them. I just think they look better with the full doors, but that is strictly personal preference.

    On the practical side, I would rather roll down a window at a drive up window than to have to unzip a window. Also, I'm sure there is less noise with the full metal doors.

    If I had the top off, I would want the doors off too, so in that case it wouldn't matter which type of door I had. I guess that's supposed to be the advantage of the half doors- that you can leave the doors on with the top down, but I would take the doors off anyway.

    Doubt if this helps much, but that's the way I see it.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey Everyone, my little girl got 19.0 MPG when I checked gas mileage after filling her up tonight after work!

    That's the best she has ever done. It was just my normal commute to work and back on that tank of gas too- not a long trip.

    For one thing, I think I'm doing a better job of keeping my speed down to 60 to 65 mph. Also, I guess she is still breaking in: she has 3500 miles on her now.

    Way to go Thelma Jane!


    I gave her a BIG hug tonight!
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Way to go Thelma Jane!! I remember from reading several post back you were going to use Mobil 1. I to am considering this. Have you changed to M1
    yet? If so any difference?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Thelma is going on Mobil 1 at 5000 miles, and then I will stay with 5000 miles intervals on oil changes. I do virtually no in-town driving, so with Mobil 1, I could probably go 7500 miles between changes, but I won't push it that far.

    I like to break in an engine on regular oil and then switch to Mobil 1. I'm afraid that the Mobil 1 lubricates TOO well and might prevent the wearing-in of the moving parts if it is used before the break-in period is over. Somebody could shoot me down on that theory, I guess, but that's just my own opinion.

    I know that Mobil 1 increased the gas mileage of my '94 Z-28 and gave me quieter cold starts.


    Have you hugged your Jeep oday?
  • wleekewleeke Posts: 13
    Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, been so tied up with work and riding everywhere in that new baby girl!
    Monday we spent 4 hours at the 4x4 center trying to find out why there was such a "clunk" coming from the rear everytime I turned a corner or hit a small bump (Geez, you should've heard the big bumps!). Came to find out the rear shocks they put on when they did the lift were not long enough so they replaced them. She rides like a cream puff now!
    Spent yesterday for about 4 hours getting a Jensen CD/Cass player and new speakers installed. Boy, with that console bass it sounds great! Went with a receiver system that was designed for that big 'ol hole Chrysler makes for the radio and it's a perfect fit.
    Still waiting on the pics to return so I can post them.
    Have had nothing but rain here all week long and learning the Jeep handles very well on the wet streets and thru the massive water that collects during the down pours.

    Does anybody have any problems with the full doors not shutting easy? Seems like I have to slam (or pull) mine kinda hard to get it to close properly. I don't know if this is normal due to inside pressure or maybe the door is still not aligned correctly. Any comments are appreciated.

    EAGLE63: I ordered the dual top option with the full doors and then later thought about whether I was going to like the full doors with the tops off. I checked e-bay and bought a pair of 1/2 doors and uppers for $575.00 off a 2001 Sport. I lucked out that the interior was the Agate just like mine, however I will be having them painted to match the Jeep, Patriot Blue.
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Hey wleeke what make and size tires are you running? I run Mickey Thompsons on my Z71 much heavier truck and have told dealer to put those my Jeep, but can still change my mind on tires. He gets them when Jeep arrives. I want tires that are predictable on wet roads as my wife has expressed her desire to drive Hoss to work about 40 miles one way to work on occasion. Alot of stop and go in DFW area.
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