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Jeep Wrangler



  • yjbobyjbob Posts: 56
    Hey, folks, I just found your site (I'm not much of an e-guy). Can I join in?

    I have a 1995 YJ Wrangler (last year before the TJ). You know - rectangular headlights.
    Over 5 years and 61,000 miles on the "YJ" as I call it.
    This is a basic Wrangler - 4cyl 2.5L in-line 4 (with fuel injection), red body, tan seats and tan soft top (no leaks yet), half doors (replaced driver side door skin - zipper failed). 4.11:1 drive ratio. Standard axles and tires, steel wheels. Cruises at about 58 MPH (where the law allows) at about 2,500 rpm (near the torque peak for the 4-banger, and a pretty calm zone for the engine vibrations).
    No ABS. No a/c, no p/s, no radio (until I installed one last week). My best milage so far is 23 mpg in hilly 30 mile round-trips to and from work.

    I ordered my YJ in February of 1995 and took delivery in September of that year (longest wait I have ever had). Because of the timing, I have TJ bushings on my hood, rather than the YJ loops, and I think my soft top bows are closer to an early TJ than to the YJ. (There was no 1996 model Wrangler - the 1995 was the last YJ. TJ's appearing in 1996 were designated 1997 models).

    manual steering (has slower ratio (24:1) which is good for this short wheelbase vehicle).

    soft top - much fun - took my daughter and her friends to the drive-in "topless" - the road noise is a "feature" for me not an annoyance - I call it "the song of the road"

    4WD - part-time "command-trac" is a solid lock-up between front and rear axles. I bought it for the snow (which we do get in NY state) and it is much more sure-footed than any 2WD vehicle I have driven in winter. (I bought my wife an AWD minivan, and that is quite confident in the snow, too.) I also use studded snow tires (4) in the winter - unbeatable for ice.

    Low range - I used this once, when I passed a bus that had slid off the road. I felt connected to the road at a glorious 2 MPH as I inched around.

    Actually, the YJ has a tendency to slow down (when you let off the accelerator) that is more pronounced than on other vehicles I have driven. This "compression braking" (as we used to call it) lets me drive on snow without any braking at all and with a good feeling of control.

    Stiff springs - rides like a kangaroo, but it corners flat (without a lot of body lean) and I like that feel.

    Upright seating - more comfortable for me than the more reclined positions of sedans.
    The upright arrangement allows my tall teenage children to sit in the back seat without hitting their knees - not bad knee room for a small vehicle. Head room is generous. Hip room in the back seat encourages dieting (the rear fenders in the YJ are squared off - the fenders in the TJ are more rounded, allowing a few more inches of hip room in the rear seat - but I have two small "shelves" on either side of the rear seat - you would be surprised what can fit there).

    Bumperettes - cute little metal circles on the rear frame that take the place of the rear bumper - go all the way back to the "MB" WWII military jeeps. You TJ guys may not even know what they are.


    Gas filler tube - behind the license plate - inconvenient for me because I have only one hand - devised a prop to hold the spring-tensioned license plate down so I could pump the gas. However, the low position of the tube makes spillovers too common unless attention is paid to the fueling - the automatic shutoff does not work quickly enough with the low location. TJ tube is much better.

    Windshield wipers - straight, like the "old" jeeps, rather than bent like the TJ's (and all cars). These wipers stop in the middle of the windshield, as they had done for jeeps of the preceding half-century. Not a real issue for visibility, but an inconvenience when cleaning the windshield.

    Parking brake - had desired a center-pull hand brake, but I got a foot-operated pedel on the left side.

    Tires: my stock Goodyear Wranglers lost traction (but not all of their tread) at about 35,000 miles. The rear wheels slipped out twice before I got the hint and bought new tires (Michelins). Good traction so far with the new skins.

    Recirculating ball steering - sloppy - with the short wheelbase, it means that one has to pay a little attention to where one is going. This vehicle has no strong desire to track straight - short wheelbase. Rack and pinion would be more precise, but I think Jeep engineers feel that the r&p setup is too fragile for off-road.


    Engine block heater - ordered with vehicle

    Side step bars - got them when my daughter almost tripped over the door sill.

    Radio - aftermarket - amateur installation (me)

    Poor man's add-a-trunk - piece of wood divides rear into lower (hidden) and upper compartments - keep tools, mostly, there

    I have a bungee cord on the parking brake handle. While driving, the cord keeps the handle pulled, so I can step on the parking brake while moving and use it as a real "emergency" brake. (This is not an issue with TJ's since the handle has a button that releases the rachet.)

    "Club" anti-theft device - recognizing the lack of security of the soft top.

    Battery cut-off switch - big knife switch right at the battery post - because the oil filter is uncomfortably close to the starter electrical contacts. I also take my wedding ring off when I change the oil (every 2,000 miles) because I am a "belt and suspenders" kind of guy. This switch can corrode - a little sand paper every now and then helps get juice to the starter and the other electrical customers.

    Don't think I'll be upgrading to the TJ any time soon - I like what I have. I just wonder, though, whether the TJ suspension has as little body lean as the leaf-spring YJ has. Has anyone driven both of them?

    Happy jeeping from an old YJ.
  • I have noticed a similar condition with my doors not wanting to shut properly and in my case it is inside pressure. Try rolling down the windows and see if it still happens. When a window is down in my TJ the doors shut really easy.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Of course you can join us! All Jeepers are welcome here. I wonder why so few people with the YJ's post in here?

    Sounds like you really love that YJ. That's good! I love to read posts from people who are enthusiastic about their Jeeps.

    What in the world took so long for your Jeep to come in? Ordered in Feb. and took delivery in Sept.???

    Welcome, yjbob!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • Greetings!
    I browsed most of the posting this month, and it looks like I can pick up some good tips.
    My Jeep loyalty goes back just 13 years. My first Jeep was an 88 Cherokee, Pioneer pkg.
    Before that I had owned several Subaru's. My Subarus were good dependable 4x4 wagons. But when I could not get out of a parking space that was bordered by a 12" snow drift I decided that I wanted something bigger.
    Jeep came to mind. In 1988 the term SUV was not yet coined. Most anything with 4 wheel drive then was called a "4x4". Now, 4x4's are those small things you ride during hunting trips. 1988 was also the year Chrysler bought the Jeep name from AMC. I kept the same Cherokee for 12 years, and 160,000 miles. Not once did it ever break down. I changed the oil regularly, followed the mx schedule to the letter and kept up with the problems as they happened. The paint started to peel after 9 years. But, I still washed it and kept it waxed so that the rust would not set in.
    So impressed was I with the Cherokee that I wanted another Cherokee, but I did not like the rounded edges and the interior appointments seemed of a lesser quality.
    I was considering a GC. My wife reminded me that I mentioned over the past 8 years that I'd like to get a "Real" Jeep one day. I got an excited feeling at the thought of driving a Wrangler so I looked into it more.
    Around Feb/00 I ordered a 00 Sport 5 speed 4.0. Forest Green, 30" stock wheels, dual tops( black ) and black fenders. I preferred the black fenders because I imagined any driving through brush and mud flinging on the fenders would be less damaging to the black fenders than painted ones. Also, adjacent cars can open their doors onto my fenders all day and not harm my Jeep's exterior.
    This car is so easy to maneuver in tight places. I was amazed at how the Wrangler almost seemed to catch it's back end in a tight turn. The Wrangler can fit in parking spaces that the larger SUV's couldn't even drive through.
    I am a father of 2. The wife drives a mini van. The Wrangler is a great second car for us. I've driven it long distances and it'll swallow the gas. But, if I just drive the 10 miles to/from work 5 days a week then the 20 gallon tank of gas will last me a month.
    Some time in the future when the stock tires need replacing I want to consider lifting it and using larger tires. But the issue of a spare tire comes to mind. Only a 31" tire will fit under that 3rd brake light above the spare and it is the law that if the car comes equipped with that 3rd brake light that it must stay there. So maybe I can find an after market kit that can relocate that 3rd brake light thereby allowing me to carry a matching spare.
  • rb123rb123 Posts: 51
    To answer your question I have had a couple problems with my 99 grand Cherokee in 38k hi of driving. I have had three sets of brake rotors replaced which they did cover, I had to have a fuel pump replaced. But other than that no major problems I know a lot of people were having trouble with noise but I never have. I think the grand Cherokee is a great vehicle. But getting back to the wrangler. when I went to the dealer that I decided I was going to deal with, I was planning on ordering the wrangler I wanted , but they had on the lot just what I wanted so I didn't have to . The only thing I was undecided about was to go with the 5 speed or the auto and I ended up going with the auto. So far I have just over 300 hi on my wrangler and it's a blast to drive no problems yet.
  • wleekewleeke Posts: 13
    HOSSTJ : I went with 32x11.50 BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A. The only thing I'm trying to decide now is whether to change out the wheel flares as the larger tires toss up quite a bit of rain water on the side since they extend out.

    2001 Wrangler: Yeah, I had thought of that, and your right, they do close better when a window is cracked...opps, I mean open, slightly. The service guy at the dealership said they don't like to adjust the doors too much because it can cause leakage problems, therefore I agreed with him that I would just get use to closing the doors harder rather than risk a leak.
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    I am still waiting on my Jeep. I have ordered it and dealer will install lift and tires 33x12.5x15.
    He has 2 on lot 1 Sahara and 1 Sport both with same type of tire and wheel combo. He includes 5 full size tires and wheels. Spare is mounted where stock tire and wheel are mounted and no modifications. the 3rd brake light is still intact. I questioned about the bracket and how it was mounted due to the much bigger tire and wheel,he said no problem,he has done this for years. Worth checking out.
  • All of you with cracked windshields: I had a 97 that did the same thing. Crack started at the base below the rubber in the center.

    Here's the good part: The dealer replaced it under warranty. He used his knife and felt the entire length of the crack looking for abbrasion (this would indicate an impact), found none, and then said warranty covers it.

    Wouldn't be surprised to find a TSB on this by now, since there seems to be many people with this problem.

    Good luck - just keep trying service departments until one listens. Windshields ARE covered by defects in materials or construction.
  • tjytjy Posts: 39
    Hey twylie! Wow! You all did a ton of posting yesterday!!! I wouldn't have even seen your message had I not gone back to read everything I missed yesterday! That number is 800-992-1997....follow the prompts and eventually you'll get a live person....after the first few I usually just start hitting the "0" and get someone right away. I ordered my TJ on 2/7, just 2 days before you, so it will be interesting to see if we get our Wrangler's at the same time. Good luck with calling and let me know what information you get as you get it, we can keep each other informed that way.
  • tjytjy Posts: 39
    Hey everyone, I noticed a few of you talking about Grand Cherokees too. We have a 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo that we love! Bought it new 3.5 years ago and haven't had a single problem with it. There was a factory recall on the front rotors, so we took it in and had it fixed under warranty....otherwise, not a single thing to complain about. We love it! It's my wife's truck. Just thought I'd let you all know how happy we've been with our GC!
  • Hi everyone, new to the board but have been reading for awhile. Just ordered a new 2001 Sport on Monday 02/12, got it for 100 over invoice and then the 500 rebate. I went with the automatic, full doors, soft top, canyon wheel group, air, 3.73 axle, d package etc. I went with Amber Fire Pearlcoat color. Anyway I thought I'd just do my first post. Take care everyone.
  • I wouldn't worry about the 3rd brake light. From what I read, the law says you must have it, it doesn't say it needs to be visible!

    -- OR --

    You could downsize one size for the spare (or just keep the current spare, or use a current tire for "new" spare). Hey, people use donuts for spares all the time. It is not like you'd drive cross country on it. Just enough to get you to a tire place, right?

    good luck.
  • hosstj
    I have not towed with any of my Jeeps. The reason for such a low towing capacity is because of the short wheelbase. The short wheelbase makes it real easy to lose control and total your Jeep, whatever your towing and anyone around you. Basically when towing use common sense. Don't tow 2000 lbs going 75mph on a wet interstate while tailgating someone. So you have a nice bass boat or what? You do know that since you're a new guy to the board that you have to take everyone out on a fishin trip or at least me? :)

    Full doors: Makes a big difference in wind noise reduction. Rolling down your windows at the ATM and fast food is easier. I unzip my half doors before I pull up or open the door.
    Half doors: What is good about them is you can take them on and off where ever you are. So if is nice out, take the top off and top half doors off. If it starts to rain or gets cold put the top and doors back on. Also nice to be able to do this when your are out of town or on trips.
    I have half doors and would not have it any other way. You can get full doors and then get a set of full soft doors for $300 new.

    yjbob welcome to the board
    I use to have a 93. There are some things about it I miss a lot. I actually like the floor
    e-brake. I hated seeing that the TJ had a hand one. The TJ has some body lean. It rides great.

    I hate how the tires throw so much mud on the Jeep because they stick out. I don't want to spend $300 on new flares either. I may go with a skinner tire.

    ronrizz Welcome to the board
    They sell relocaters for 3rd brake lights and you can also just use spacers. That is the easiest way. Spring spacers are a good and cheap way to get a small lift.

    wriver54 Welcome to the board . I don't like many colors on Jeeps but I do like the amber fire.
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    yjbob & ronrizz
    great, informative first posts. Welcome to the group and glad to have you aboard.

    Welcome to the group. I angled for the Amber, but got overruled by purchasing (married guys will get it). I thought it was very sharp and as unique as a Jeep should be!

    thanks for the number. I called today and we're in scheduled build state but I didn't get a date. I did get the VIN from them. Will keep you posted (no more than weekly as a courtesy to the other posters).

    Placing my first Quadratec order this weekend: Duravent cover, wheel locks (do the ones they sell fit the Canyon wheels?), Smitty sure steps.

  • tjytjy Posts: 39
    I called today too and got the same fact the guy I spoke to on the phone said because it had been assigned a VIN, but does not yet have a build date means the factory is probably idle this week. He told me to try back again next week and he should have a set build date on it....once it's built or has a build date, they can estimate a ship date.......we'll see, but of course the sooner the better!

    In the meantime, funny you should mention being overruled by purchasing regarding the Amber Fire....I angled for it as well, think it's really distinct...perfect for a Jeep, but had to let that go to keep the 5spd manual transmission....oh well, can't win 'em all! Hee hee hee.......
  • Well, I picked up my jeep yesterday and to my amazement, my cracked windshield was covered after they inspected the car. I am extremely pleased with Jeep's timely service although the problem I had was an inconvenience. I have nothing bad to report of their service thus far after owning my jeep. If anyone has this same problem, take it to their dealer and you should be covered. Thank you all for your comments - Later
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Hey texasjeep what part of Gods country OOPS, Texas are you from? I use to travel all over Texas fishin, Had to slow down a little w/new job about a year ago. My folks live 30 miles east of S.A. where I was born and raised.
    I have a 19 ft.Bass Hawk boat,175 h.p.Merc.w/200 intake and carbs.on a tandem axle trailer with surge brakes. My Wife had a 94 Cherokee w/4.0 pulled the boat fine. I understand about the short wheelbase of the Wrangler. I think the boat weighs nearly 2000 with trailer and gear. I only will pull the boat approx 30 miles one way not even on freeway. I kept my Z71 for the long haul.
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Welcome! hope the 1st post wont be your last. We need to hear updates on your TJ. i am still waiting on mine. I have refused to call and get any status. Dealer did call and give me update. Loaded on train today, looks like two weeks out yet. The first week wasnt too bad, last couple of weeks have been tough.
  • I have 33x12.50 BFG AT's on my TJ and I bought the 3rd brake light relocator from It was only about $12 and it moves the light up out of the way of the larger spare tire. You can see a pic of the rear of my TJ at
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Well, the body shop's estimate was within the DC allowance, so Thelma Jane will go into the shop on March 5th.

    I don't know how I am going to make it for a couple days driving a loaner car instead of my Thelma!

    That shop that she's going to does fantastic work, so I have every reason to be optimistic about the quality of the work.

    For all of you new buddies in the group, here's a link to Thelma's web page.

    At no extra charge, you can also check out my granddog's page:

    My Granddog and my Jeep: my two best buddies in the world!


    Have you hugged your Jeep and your dog today?

  • Looks like the end is very near for the TJ. I have been reading quite a bit about it and there is a new article in "Mikes totally free jeep news". it describes the new VJ. its an all new replacement for the wrangler. It will share many components with the liberty. Has the same grill style and apparently a composite roof with removable panels. It will also sport the new 3.7v6. It will have many composite body panels as well. I dont like it. The TJ may become a classic real quick. They have been saying that the new VJ will appear as a mid-2002 replacement or an early 2003 model. Looks like the D in DC is not boding well for the TJ. I may even have to buy a TJ now!
  • Sorry it took me so long to post. I got my jeep slightly used - 8000 miles. The dealer says that the original owner's wife wanted to have kids so he dropped it for a Grand Cherokee. Im not sure if dealers are that trustworthy, but i havent had a problem yet. I live in Georgia and cant wait for summer to hit for some dropped top fun.

    A few months ago my friend had to take his wrangler to get it's exhaust system repaired (a little too much off-roading) and got stuck in some sedan for a few days. But he survived long enough to get his jeep back. So when the time comes, just hang in there, you'll get your Thelma Jane back soon enough!
  • Benz has made a total mess of Chrysler, so nothing would surprise me. While I do believe it is possible to roll the new into the old and to update the classics without ruining them, it's a tricky process.

    Right now, I think Ford is setting the best example in this regard. The 2000 Mustang has a wonderful blend of their "new edge" design, but also mixed in well with some unmistakable styling touches dating all the way back to the '65. The new Thunderbird takes this a big step further. It is significant to note that by the late '80's both of these American icons had been nearly "ruined" by horrible design.

    Chrysler pre-Germans did a good job of this too, going first gently with some grille touches and by the end going full-bore with the PT Cruiser. The important lesson from these is that it is possible to remake the classics for modern markets, but you must pay the classics their proper respect, and know when to leave well enough alone. Also, you need a good reason.

    The Wrangler is what it is, the original utility vehicle. It is quirky: it handles like a tractor or go-cart, bounces like a horse, leaks, squeaks, groans, and guzzles gas. The 4.0 engine is solid but long in the tooth; an update could be very positive. The handling is an asset to most of its current customers, and not necessarily bad, just something to get used to. The ride could be less bouncy, but that would hurt off-road handling. Still, I'll bet most Jeeps are road cars, and it's easier to make a road-worthy Jeep off-roadable in the aftermarket, than to go the other way around. Squeaks, leaks, and groans can be addressed by better build quality, something that simply should be done.

    Many of us like the Jeep because it is almost an anachronism on wheels. Unlike, say, the Mustang, you cannot make the Jeep smoother, quieter, and more practical for the bobos without making it less like a Jeep.

    My cynical suspicion is that a bunch of marketing geniuses are looking at the CR-V, Vitara, Rav4 and Sportage and seeing a much bigger market than they have right now. So they will take everything that is distinctive, everything that is Jeep, and remove it. Then when the public gets over these "cute-utes" as it no doubt will sooner or later, Jeep will be left with nothing, because it threw its uniqueness away for a quick buck.

    So yes, if these rumors are true, I will certainly be glad to have my TJ. I bought a Wrangler because it wasn't like anything else. It never should be, either.

  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Way to go on the new toy! How about some info on the new Jeep? I am still waiting on Hoss. I hope he caught the train yesterday!
  • tjytjy Posts: 39
    Some new information has recently come to my attention and I wanted to share it with all of you who are thinking about or have already ordered your new 2001 TJ's. Based on "tonkadave's" and "ckingsbury's" posts above, if you're considering getting a new TJ, you'd better do it in the very near future!!!!!

    Here is the information on production at the factory:

    Wrangler is running two shifts this week (2/12-2/16).
    Wrangler is down the next two weeks (2/19-3/2).
    Wrangler is up one week (3/5-3/9).
    Wrangler is down two weeks (3/12-3/23).
    That's as far as I know for now.
    Wrangler is down all of July.
    Wrangler comes back on line in August as one shift (to start production of 2002 TJ's).

    I ordered my new 2001 TJ on 2/7. Due to all the idle time DC is implementing at the Wrangler factory as a result of slow sales, my TJ isn't scheduled to be built until the week of 3/5. It will go down the line sometime that week, be inspected the next day and then shipped out soon after. With any luck, I'll have it by mid to late March. Depending on when you ordered, you could be in for a long wait.......and the way things are going, if you're order isn't in by the end of April, you may miss out on the 2001's and be waiting until fall for delivery of a 2002.....

    In the meantime, I agree with "tonkadave" and "ckingsbury"....the writing's on the wall...those morons at Benz are going to kill the Jeep and in doing so, another American Icon bites the dust at the hand of another foriegn company that is all to happy to do it!!!!
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    Thanks for the update. I hope we make the 3/5 week, or else it's April for sure.

  • tjytjy Posts: 39
    According to the 800 #, my TJ is scheduled to be built the week of 3/5......hopefully yours is too and hopefully DC won't make any more changes until after both our Wranglers are built and shipped. They told me on the 800 # that if it's set to go down the line that week then there's a 99.9% chance it will get done, the day after it's built it gets inspected and then shipped out, so if ours get built the beginning to middle of the week we're ok....I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    Last I heard, the TJ will be around for quite a bit longer, albiet with the new 6-cylinder engine. According to the Car Connection, DC has postponed plans for the the new Wrangler with the IFS indefinitely. Check out yourself at

    I have been one of the defenders of DC on this board (when I was posting, which I haven't done much recently) but after reading today on that $10 billion of Chrysler cash has "vanished" I am starting to wonder myself. I don't care that they canceled plans for a giant Jeep (a stupid and boring concept), but the death of the Chrysler Hemi C is unforgivable and a sign that the company's design team is being killed off, and that is a tragedy. The reason the new Wrangler is being postponed is that they are cutting off $$ to go into new designs. You may think that the current TJ is perfect, but there is room for improvement and they should not let the model run as long as they did the YJ. Sales are slowing down, and I'd rather see a new Wrangler than see it get killed off altogether by neglect (like the Camaro/Firebird will be soon). I also doubt the new Wrangler will look all that much like the concepts you see on the web. Chrysler, at least, always had a knack for surprising you when they unveiled the vehicle.

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    Last I heard, the TJ will be around for quite a bit longer, albiet with the new 6-cylinder engine. According to the Car Connection, DC has postponed plans for the the new Wrangler with the IFS indefinitely. Check out yourself at

    I have been one of the defenders of DC on this board (when I was posting, which I haven't done much recently) but after reading today on that $10 billion of Chrysler cash has "vanished" I am starting to wonder myself. I don't care that they canceled plans for a giant Jeep (a stupid and boring concept), but the death of the Chrysler Hemi C is unforgivable and a sign that the company's design team is being killed off, and that is a tragedy. The reason the new Wrangler is being postponed is that they are cutting off $$ to go into new designs. You may think that the current TJ is perfect, but there is room for improvement and they should not let the model run as long as they did the YJ. Sales are slowing down, and I'd rather see a new Wrangler than see it get killed off altogether by neglect (like the Camaro/Firebird will be soon). I also doubt the new Wrangler will look all that much like the concepts you see on the web. Chrysler, at least, always had a knack for surprising you when they unveiled the vehicle.

  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    scheduled build wk of 3/5 as well. Fingers crossed. Feel free to email me at treywylieatyahoodotcom (antispam mode) if you want to trade info off the board. Any other posters are welcome to contact me using the same email.

    I think you said you're in ATL as well. If I get some good info on beginner trails in N. GA, I'll let you know.

    Good luck on the HT repaint. I know it will be tough without Thelma Jane (now I get it... T.J.!), but your baby will be perfect again after some (minor) cosmetic surgery.

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