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Ford Expedition



  • keskes Posts: 7
    The added feedback certainly helps. The wholesaler call tactic seemed somewhat palatable from a few of the non-Ford dealers since the market is indeed flooded and they are a common item. We are in Mass. BTW. I went with the mrs to drive the 2K last night - wanted to feel how the load leveling differed. She went to put down a deposit to hold for a day so I walked the back of the lot. Found an xlt with the 4.6 , no options and 67K miles that the dealer has tagged at $23K. My point now, and to her after, was that they plan to put her truck on the lot and would be trying to pull in a min of 11K over what she is being allowed. Told her to do as she wishes but that I can't stomach that scenario. Personally, her 74K mile loaded 97 xlt (xpt no leather) has been great vehicle. its just a bit(by comparison to the no mile 2K) rolly and rattly at the moment. I think I could make her happy with some new rubber (Still has the original rubber - tread there but round and dry), some shocks maybe (Aftermarket) and a rear end rattle search (its either the third seat or the rear door). Your info re the 2001 incentive is very intersting to me - I now think if she had patience she could just sell hers outright for trade value and get one optioned her way for a couple K more (wh/ she'd get selling herself). BTW - the 2k has 17" F*restone Wilderness on it - now I was always a michelin, goodrich fan anyway -but... thanx again.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Found out from a couple of the local dealers that the stripped 1-2 year-old XLTs showing up on the used market here in Denver are Ford's rental units. No wonder they look as if they've been ridden hard and put away wet. THEY HAVE! And still, they want pretty big bucks for them.

    A final thought.... With a '97 and 74K miles, you just might be entering that "nickel-and-dime" zone, where your truck has frequent small problems to deal with. From past posts here, a lot of the older Expys seem to be plagued with minor bugs.
  • keskes Posts: 7
    Very intuitive. not that I consider it uncommon with any vehicle at this age, but your comment is What I believe my wifes core fear. Though I tend to do all our work I can, it can still add up. I already mentioned the rubber, she just changed the idler pulley and tensioner. the bearings were getting a bit noisy - its was just time. I think I hear the alternator bearing getting ready - again short money but time. I will need to change a front ball joint before the next inspection. Yes, all minor items that aren't real expensive but.... With her expy I think she is at the point were you either 1) move it and move on or 2) just keep it up and keep on driving it. It's not that I am unfeeling as to her concerns but I am used to driving cars and trucks with 100-180K miles and just doing what you need when its needed. Though I can't say I wouldn't feel a bit better with her and than new baby in a low mile warranted vehicle. I hear(2nd hand) that the exby is due for a revision in 2002. the back of my mind wants her to hold out and see whats coming. I haven't been able to verify the info yet.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    According to something I read on the web (I believe it was on Blue Oval News), the new Expy will debut in mid-2002 as a 2003 model. Improvements in aerodynamics and (something else) should give a 2 MPG improvement in gas mileage. So, we can expect a new body, but what else is unclear at this time. That's over a year from now.

    Also, call me a cynic if you want, but I would never buy another new vehicle in the first year of a new model run. Even Toyota can no longer get it right the first year any more. Check out both the Tundra and the Sequoia topics. More niggling problems than you can shake a stick at.

    OTOH, looks like you could easily keep her old Expy going for another year for $1000-1500, even if you don't do all the work itself. That's a lot cheaper than payments on a new one.

    I've gotten spoiled as I grow older. I used to work on cars ALL the time. It was a hobby. No longer. After I passed 50, working on cars has practically lost all its appeal. Oil changes seem a drudgery. Anyway, should our Expy reach the point somewhere down the road where I enter the .05 & .10 zone, I'll send it down the road in a heartbeat, as long as I'm still working, and/or can afford to. The market is KILLING me.
  • I have a couple of question. I would like to know why my expedition vin says 2000 and my manual says 2000 but the vehicle I bought was 2001. Would this bother anyone? Am I over reacting? Is this Normal?
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    I would sure be trundling down to my dealer and asking some VERY direct questions. Doesn't sound right to me. Good luck!
  • sstaylorsstaylor Posts: 35

    I have a '98 Expy with 44K miles, and I am experiencing a clicking sound coming from either the transmisson or the throttle linkage when shifting from 3rd to 4th. Has anyone else out there heard this?

  • jjmd1jjmd1 Posts: 14
    I have a 98 Expy with 38,000 miles, bought it at 33,000. I already have replaced the rear axle actuator (?) 1000 miles ago. My engine light came on an d now I was told that I have a bad O2 sensor. I was wondering if there is a separate warranty on the emission system in the Expys. Also, has anyone else had this problem?
  • jjmd1jjmd1 Posts: 14
    One more thing that I forgot to ask....
    Are you able to buy replacement floor mats, especially the front driver and passenger mats? How much? Thanx
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Usually (I haven't looked at my warranty book) the emissions warranty is 5/50. I think it is an EPA regulated part of the warranty that they require manufacturers to provide.
    You should be able to order the replacement mats from the parts dept.
  • keskes Posts: 7
    sorry no reply recently - been layed up with a Virus - still am. The mrs almost ended up with a 3oom this weekend out of frustration. not that its bad car - just not the room for a family as the exby. armed with your recent info plus reading blue oval - she has been trying to work out deal on a 2001. found out that along with the 1500 national rebate there is a 1500 Boston area dealer rebate - problem is none of the dealers here want to acknowledge the local dealer incentive. I imagine its a result of slow moving sales and that the truck plant has intermitantly closed 2nd and 3rd shift. Actually saw an EB with gray leather. thought couldn't do that - I never cared for the tan interior (my opinion only no offense intended)
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Funny you should mention the tan. I have long been repulsed by tan interiors - I could never understand why someone would want a tan interior. My wife was the same way. Now we have an EB, and love the tan. There are still lots of bad tans out there, but the EB is really kinda nice.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    I was wrong on the emissions - EPA guidelines are 2/24. Ford goes to 3/36 on regular duty vehicles, 5/50 on heavy duty. Some parts on regular duty vehicles are covered for 8/80; catalytic converter, electronic emissions controller, onboard diagnostic device. The numbers are different for California.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Dealers REFUSE to discuss rebates/incentives, unless you come fully armed with all the data, and THEN they say "oh yeah, I guess we are offering (whatever)." Interesting...

    Tan vs. grey interiors. I've had both colors over the years and finally decided that I prefer tan. We spend a lot of time inside of our vehicles, and I concluded that the grey just wasn't a "warm" color. But that's only a personal opinion/preference.

    We test drove four Expys before choosing one to buy. The interior color I liked least was the "dark graphite" cloth offered on the XLT with the sports package. Way too dark for me. The grey leather is much nicer and I have also seen one EB Expy (out of about 50) with the grey leather.

    Hope you're feeling better. BTW- What's a 3oom????
  • keskes Posts: 7
    I usually don't bring things to the dealer other than a custom spread sheet I use to show them cost etc. In this case sending her alone (while I was layed up) I copied the notice of both the national and regional incentives (total 3000) two dealers are giving her a hard time saying the regional doesn't exist or is the same as the national (despite different periods and that the regional amounts across the country differ). I really wished I could go with her - I used to enjoy "the game" but alas I think I'm getting too old . The 300 M is what I meant. A chrysler model. large sporty sedan. very nice for what it is. And re: the tan. again, personal preference. My wife and I have both always "hated" tan interiors opting for gray and black. I had a 90 Zr1 in tan and got used to it. My wife said she wouldn't mind the EB (but she is getting frustrated I think) I'd like to see a gray EB in the daylight. I'm wondering how the gray interior would "compliment" (sarcasm) the gold/tan trim and running boards. I'm thinking I wouldn't care. though at the moment - I just want this over so I can get my taxes done and spend time playing with the baby . We also saw one with the 2nd row captains seats. Really liked it. But with the baby and our desire to have her in the center of the rear - both for her protection and her ability to see out the front - and ours to see her in the rear view. we think the bench is the way we need to go for now. Hey!! Maybe in all this she'll find a dealer that will tell her the 5.4 will get 22 mpg around town, after all - I could really use the fuel savings;-)
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Verbal jousting (haggling) is almost a lost art in this country, and getting rarer (not PC, I guess). Heck, I even ask for better deals when buying home electronics and other expensive items. It never hurts to "push the envelope" a little. I've actually gotten some really good deals by just asking for them.

    The EB we saw with the grey leather interior was Wedgewood Blue on the outside and I wasn't repelled by the beige trim. Our EB is Estate Green, with tan interior (of course). We narrowed our color choices down to two: the Estate Green and Wedgewood Blue. We had about 12 green EBs and five blue EBs to choose from at one dealer. Chose one that had the free sunroof package and the other options we wanted.

    Another thing re: the 2nd row captain's chairs. I'm not sure, but I believe when you fold them, you don't wind up with a flat floor. You have a big gap between the seats. I REALLY like the flat floor we get when the bench seat is folded.
  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    I put one on my '00 EB about 4 months ago (the way these things are depreciating, I figure I will have it for awhile) and I must say the most noticable thing that the filter aids in is, at normal highway speeds, it is less likely to shift out of overdrive with the slightest touch of the gas pedal. That alone is worth the $50 for the filter. Highly recommended!
    BTW: if you change your filter every 12k, and the over the counter price for a decent paper filter is $15, over 60k and the thing pays for itself!
  • awaiawai Posts: 3
    My wife and I just had our son (4 months old) and we are looking for a different vehicle. My wife wanted a mini van but I don't think just because you have a family, a mini van should be the car of choice. Anyway, we decided on an Expedition. We test drove a 4.6L and a 5.4L expedition. There is no comparison: the 5.4L had much faster pickup than did the 4.6L. I want to get the 4.6L because I would think that the gas mileage would be better that the 5.4L. I want the space the expedition provides but I also am conscious of the gas consumption. I heard that the horsepower on the 2000' 4.6L has been much improved. Anyone have any comments or suggestions? Michael
  • mbridermbrider Posts: 2

    I had a 99 Expedition with the 4.6L and I now have an 01 Expedition with the 5.4L. If you get an Expedition get the 5.4L, the 4.6L just doesn't have enough power for a vehicle the size of the Expedition. I have not noticed any mileage difference between the two different Expeditions and when I'm towing the 5.4L actually gets better mileage. If you don't need the size of the Expedition for things like towing you might want to look at some other vehicles. The new 2002 Explorer is really nice and will get better mileage than Expedition while still having a third seat. The Acura MDX is a nice compromise between the minivan and SUV worlds but they are very popular right now and it will be difficult to find a good deal on one. Toyota has the Sequoia and Highlander which are nice but both are pretty expensive right now. If you decide to go with the Expedition there are some good rebate and financing deals right now. Have fun with your shopping.
  • jilonajilona Posts: 2
    We recently purchased a 99 EB with rear audio controls. My problem is that when the headphones are plugged in and the speaker on/off button is pushed to activate the headphones all the speakers go off. The book says that the front speakers are supposed to stay on and the back ones cut out. I have tried to figure it out and am supposed to take it to the service dept this week stopped by to see if a salesman could help me out or see if he knew what it was supposed to do but he couldn't figure it out either. I was more than disappointed to find out that the front and back couldn't listen to different things(radio/cd) at the same time salesman told me that is only on 2000 and 2001 but now I can't listen to anything if the kids have on the headphones. They love to wear them and it keeps them quiet but I want to be able to hear also. Any info would be appreciated, also any general info on 99 EB'S would be helpful (problems, warnings, things to look for) Thanks!
  • A few years back I took home a 1997 Ford Expedition XLT with every option. When I got home I started to test out all of the new options when boom, only the speakers or the headphones could be listened to at one time. What a rip off! 30 something thousand vehicle and a simple function that just doesnt work. Why did the dealers say that it is possible? Who knows. Anyway Im glad that you purchased a Ford Expedition and believe me you will enjoy it over the next few years.
  • jrdg1961jrdg1961 Posts: 1
    Looking to buy a 2001 XLT. Does anyone have an opinion on the 4x4 as the 4X2. What's the difference in gas mileage, etc. Also, I can but o the x-plan which is 4% above employee A-Plan and just below dealer invoice. I assume that Ford must incent the dealer to participate in the plan, sooo should I be able to negotiate off of that price and hte dealer still be ahead if theywere to sell at invoice to someone off the street?

    Also what is the deal on the different drive train options (e.g. 3.31, 3.55. 3.75 and some with slip differential. Where can I find good technical help on this?
    We are really excited about buying one. Buy the way, live in outside philly and we don't get too much snow

  • frankno1frankno1 Posts: 68
    Having bought a 2001 Expedition 5.4L 4X4 with all the bells and whistles on it I can think of and use. I love the vehicle, I drove it from Columbus, Ohio to Wichita, Kansas in a terrible snow storm in December 00. I fell in love with the AWD and never had to use the 4X4 drive at anytime (but is was there if I needed it). A lot of people don't like 4wd because it cost a little more but I wouldn't go without it especially in the wintertime. If someone doesn't want 4wd thats ok also as it gives them a little more towing capacity. I definitely would not even consider the 4.6L engine. Hope this helps
  • naiglebnaigleb Posts: 2
    I just bought an 2001 black XLT with sport package (couldn't resist the price). I have choosen for the 4.6L engine since I do not need to tow anything, and fuel consumption was a concern. I would like see if this board has any experience with modification like the Poweraid throttle spacer, and the Airaid filter.
    Do you see an improvement in the mileage and power ?
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Gas mileage is more dependent on vehicle weight and aerodynamics than 4x2 vs. 4x4. However, you could probably expect to get slightly better mileage with 4x2, perhaps 1-2 MPG. In case you haven't read lots of the older posts on this topic, gas mileage on these "monster trucks" is only about 12-14, with some folks reporting as high as 16-17 or so with the 4.6 engine.

    Dealers here in Denver have been offering Expys at less than invoice since January. We paid $650 less than invoice for our 2001 EB.

    Different axle ratios (like engines) are offered so you can choose what you need depending on your usage. For example, if you are going to tow a trailer or a boat, you'd likely want the 3:73. OTOH, if you did most of your driving on the highway, with no load, on flat ground, you might want the 3:31. Here in Colorado, the 3:73 Limited Slip is practically a no-brainer, with the altitude and mountains to contend with. Try and find a knowledgeable sales person to assist you (good luck!).

    Personally, I went for power, torque, acceleration and speed, and chose the 5.4 engine with the 3:73 LS differential. Lots of folks seem unhappy with the 4.6, and if you were to opt for the 5.4 and then the 3:31 axle, that also might be a poor combination, if you valued acceleration.

    Try and test drive as many variations as you can. Don't be afraid to PUNCH IT to see how the different trucks accelerate, etc.
  • pwaspwas Posts: 34
    I also have 2001 XLT 4X4 with the sport package. I am very happy with this engine as well as the gas milege. For anyone just doing the regular driving on highway and city its fine. As long as your not towing. Actually the 4.6 is smoother and quieter than the 5.4 engine.
  • klkrauseklkrause Posts: 96
    I actually found that the 5.4 was smoother when I did comparison driving ..

    just my 2 cents!
  • I hav 2 questions. I have a 97 Ford Expedition XLT and have read that the PCV valve needs replacing when the car hits 65,000 miles. I already have 80,000 miles and still dont have a replacement. Is it really neccessary? Also, can anybody tell me how many total watts the stereo has? I have one that says premium on the lids but it is not the MACH. Thanks
  • pwaspwas Posts: 34
    Today I went to the Ford dealer and test drove an 2001 EB 4X4 with the Load Level Suspension and a 2001 XLT No boundaries 4X4 with the 5.4 engine. My conclusion the EB with the LL suspension rode a little better and Steering/handling had a better feel (fighter). Is there something different in the steering system? Also the 5.4 engine(BE) seem quieter than the 5.4 in the XLT. Is there better insulation in the EB? In the XLT you are riding higher because of the standard suspension. Steering is a little bit more difficult in the XLT (17 inch wheels) The 5.4 in both vehicles did have better pick up than my 4.6 engine, Not much more. Also I never mentioned that I have the regular axle, on my 2001 XLT 4X4. not the Limited slip axle that I see most of them come with. What is the disadvantages and advantages of having the non limited slip axle ? I have not seen a Expedition with out a limited slip axle. Mines is the only one i have seen so far. When i bought it i didn't pay it no attention.
  • pwaspwas Posts: 34
    What Exactly is the horsepower for the 2001 expedition 4.6 engine ? I thought 240 but I was reading a ford brochore and it said 215 and some of the car website say 215 ? The Dealer was telling me 240 when i bought it back in oct 2000. Please help me. I have possibly been misled.
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