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Lexus RX 300



  • i have a 2000 rx with about 1700 miles. when should i think about cleaning the leather? is lexol good to use? i have the ivory interior.
  • wayn1wayn1 Posts: 69
    one more time
  • We're looking for an SUV and have narrowed it to the RX300, ML320 and MDX. Any recommendations? The nav system is mandatory in any choice for us. Also, any recommendations on what I can expect to actually pay? I'm really bothered by the shift lever in the RX300, however
  • I think you should have little problem getting a 4wd with NAV for around $40k....assuming it is one with the "Value Package" pricing....msrp showing around $42k.
  • Does anyone know if some of the 2001 RX300 options will be available to retro-fit on older models? I have a 2000 RX300 4WD and want the NAV system, HID lights, and new steering wheel/shift with walnut & leather trim.

    (Too bad I didn't wait until now to buy. When I asked the dealer, early this summer when I bought, what new items were on the 2001 they didn't have a clue)

    I'm also mad that VSC wasn't on the 2000 model and on the 2001.


  • rxcurerxcure Posts: 33
    I second the interest in applying retrofits to older models. Silly as it might sound to most, the move to a shoulder belt in 2001 on the middle seat is very important for me as I have 3 kids and while the RX is not our family car, on occasion I like to take all the kids in the RX and it's not nearly as safe to have only a lap belt. Lexus, are you listening?
  • From my understanding to upgrade to the new nav system and wood steering wheel, ends up costing more or equal to trading in on a 2001.
  • But can it be done? I may want to do it a little at a time. What parts/systems can be added?
  • I was told it can be done, but you have to replace the entire radio, AC, Screen equipment....I think when I priced it here it was somewhere around $12,000 for the nav and wood wheel/knob upgrade.....and that does not include the other changes to the 2001....probably better off selling the 2000 and getting a new 2001 for that expense.
  • Hi all

    I received a price of 4000 off MSRP(including the rebate) om a fully loaded RX300 with Nav (44,300 MSRP) and 3500 off without Nav (41,320 MSRP)

    I am in Boston. How am i doing here??
  • Yes the chrome wheels are the same as standard, just chrome plated....Personally, I do not like them very much (my opinion)...
  • Is $40,000 + taxes a good price in the Va./MD area for a 2001 RX300 AWD w/ the nav. value package, tow package + heated seats?
  • Why did they take the transmission Power Option off of the 2001 model? It now only has the snow mode.
  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    Some cars have a protective coating on the leather seating, so no care product is necessary, only a cleaner. In some cases the coating is so strong that a Lexal type product wouldn't even penetrate. Does anyone know if the RX has such a coating?
  • Well tonight I just traded my FWD 99 RX300 for a FWD vapor blue 01 RX300. The 99 and the 01 both have Goodyear Integrity tires which traction wise I have not been impressed with. Before I bring it home I can get the dealer to change the tires to the Bridgestone's that come on some RX's. Anyone have any advice whether I should do this or not? Do the Bridgestone's offer better traction but are noisier, etc.
    Thanks for any comments/help/advice.
  • In order to receive a '01 RX300 sooner I explored the option with the dealer of ordering a '01 w/O HID lights and then adding them later.

    According to the dealer here(Raleigh NC), the parts themselves were $2600, then of course add the labor.

    Needless to say I'm waiting for mine to arrive.......
  • What is the MSRP for the vehicle you are getting a price of 40,000 for??

    Mine was 44,400 and he is offering 4000 off on that and 3500 off on one without nav a MSRP of 41200

  • clee4clee4 Posts: 103
    I took the website advice and went to the dealership to look at the Navigation System-pretty slick! Maybe you can help me with a few questions that the salesman couldn't answer:

    1. How is the Nav system updated? Do you have to take it to the dealer or can you download off a computer like some of the handheld units?

    2. What is the cost for updates after the first free year? If the dealer does have to do the update, do you know what is the nominal labor cost?

    3. Who is the Nav system manufacturer?

    Thanks for the help!
  • I noticed that RX300 is listed in the "deal of week" in the mid-size SUV category. The TMV of a base RX300 is $3000 below MSRP. If true, this makes RX300 quite attractive in terms of value.

    I'm trying to decide between MDX and RX300. With $3000 off, the RX300 FWD w/premium package plus will costs roughly the same as a base MDX.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    I've driven the rx300 a few times and like the interior comfort and ride. The major drawback is the nearly non-existent cargo area. I might be able to squeeze two suitcases back there. Hardly enough for a family of 4. Are these primarily meant as a 1 or 2 person car? Does anyone know of any inteded changes coming up that would increase the volume of the cargo area.
  • RX's cargo room is pretty useful. Don't forget you can move the rear seats forward 1-4 inches depends on the cargo room you need also depends on the comfort your rear passangers need. With Rear seats in the backward position, RX's cargo room is still larger than JGC. With the rear seats in forward position, RX's cargo room is nearly as much as ML.
  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    One of the big pluses over over SUVs is the RX rear seat moveability. Pull them up and lots of cargo room. Push them back and you have the roomiest rear seats in the class. I just took, in the rear area, a Lazy-Boy chair, a golf bag, and two suitcases.
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    Surprised to see $950 incentive on Edmunds for Non value package RX's. That tells me that a these are not selling very well right now. I saw 30 at the dealer in Tulsa. Lease is $499 with 1,000 down 39 months on fwd loaded models. Not bad.
  • I came across an article in a Dupont magazine that stated a company called DENSO will introduce a Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) in 2001. The article reads: “The system will be the first to offer complete digital U.S. map coverage”. They claim to have successfully merged two mapping databases to create a single new database covering all U.S. Highways and urban and rural areas, Previousl6 DENSO navigation systems featured only U.S. Highways and urban areas. Geographic Data Technology, Inc of Lebanon, NH. and Navigation Technologies, Inc (NavTech) of Rosemont. IL supplied the two original databases for the system. Currently, DENSO navigation systems are available in the following North American vehicles: Lexus 400, Lexus GS S3edan, Jaguar S-Type and Cadillac Device and Seville.

    For economical reasons, why can auto manufacturers develop a CD driven display to use already existing software like Delorme Street Atlas?
  • the MSRP of the RX300 i'm looking at is $44,400 w/ the nav package, tow package, htd seats, roof rack , wheel locks + cargo mat. $40,000 is the best price I can negotiate so far. I emailed CaptFM about that price he supposedly paid but i'm skeptical about the reality of that price. I have yet to hear from him w/ the details of the dealer etc.

    At the dealer, I noticed that only some of the RX 300's w/ the value+ pkg had a pkg discount of $1,500 printed on the window sticker. Thus, 2 identical cars had a $1,500 price difference. I did NOT see any discount on the window sticker for the nav. value pkg. What's the deal?
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    Post 58 explains it. Dealer incentive ($950) on the ones without the 1500 discount. Not a wash but explains what is going on.
  • Has anybody else noticed that their RX300 needs to be re-aligned frequently. It appears that my 00 RX300 AWD needs to be aligned every 3,000 miles. It constantly pulls to the right.

    Anybody else?
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    I'm aware that the rear seat moves and that is what makes the back seat nice. With my tenage (grown) kids we need to have the seat in the rear position. I would like to take both my kids and the luggage on vacation. Our current minivan which is aging has more interior room - just not as quiet and as well appointed. How about it- any whole families using these on trips?
  • I've been lurking these posts for over two months and am ready to lease a 2001 RX FWD. The deal that I've got is $2990 cap cost reduction plus first month's down for $399/mo plus tax. This is for 12000 miles a year and has a MSRP of about $37,500. Is this a good deal? Should I ask for a lower cap cost reduction? All suggestions are greatly appreciated. Has anyone done better leasing elsewhere? Thanks
  • rharris2:
    My 00 AWD was fine until the dealer rotated the tires at 5K service. Whatever the dealer did with the tires required one new tire at the front and a new valve assembly on the other tire (I described the whole experience in an earlier post a couple of weeks ago). Since then I noticed that the car pulls to one side and my gas mileage is down. I am planning to bring it back to the dealer to have the alignment checked in a few days.
    I also remember reading some earlier posts complaining of the same problem you have.
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