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    I have noitced a snapping noise on my new rx 300 fwd when after I back up I put the gear in drive and start to is a snap or ping and only last a second and only in this only has 1000 miles and the dealer says this is normal ...something to do with the switch from reverse to drive in the transmission....I did not hear it for the first 5oo miles but maybe I was unaware of it....has anybody had a similar experience and what is your take on this?
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    The noise you refer to is not from transmission. They are from the brake (if I am not wrong). You mean after you bake up, then put in drive, then step onto the brake, you will hear this noise? The noise if Brake Re-alignment noise. The brake pads align from the back up position to foward position; therefore, you hear this noise. This noise happens not only with RX, I remember this type of noise with our 92 MB S320.
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    Where are all my placemarks??????
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    Thanks for responding so promptly. My RX is a 1999. Yes I know, have I had the VSC probably wouldn't be posting here. I am wondering if replacing the tires for Michelins Cross Terrains would make such a big difference. Certainly, I don't want to buy winter only tires.

    By the way, my RX has 16K on it. How much are people selling AWD 99's for?
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    2001 Lexus RX 300 FWD

    Went to edmunds options:

    Options code: NI Nakamichi Audio System Package
    Inv. $4,309 MSRP $5,420

    Below that: VK Nakamichi Audio System Package
    Inv. $3,362 MSRP $3920

    What is the difference between the options codes NI AND VK?
    Both have the same description of options included.

    Also, is upgraded audio system worth it?
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    Does anyone know if Lexus is one of the (many) mfrs that have stated they will put a satellite radio capability in their radios in '02?

    just about every other dealer will... and regular radio stations are terrible nowadays.

    Also, what is the availability date of 02s? My wife is killing me for one BUT I'm making her wait till about June of '01. If satellite radio is avail in '02, I'll make her wait for it!

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    have RX3000 2000 with 18M miles; have gone back to dealer for squeaky brakes; they replaced front pads at 10M miles per nexus update; still having problem--anyone know how to fix; been told that in 45 days another update will be available for fixing noisy brakes
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    Looking to purchace awd with nav in Northern Calif
    Help with discount off msrp or up from list
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    I, too, ask Meridith ; Are you discontuining placemarks (which do not appear in the newest Town Hall format)?
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    It took me a few minuets but the new system seems to work. How can you put the placemarks in order or by title like SUV and Sedans.
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    I am interested in purchasing a 2001 AWD RX300 in the next month. I live in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Before I go into dealership and talk numbers, I wanted to see if anyone can share success stories of getting prices down, etc. I am also interested in hearing what purchasing price range I should expect to get for the 2001 AWD model with the $1500 rebate on the premium package w/ and without the Nov package.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback!!
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    Just purchased my 2nd Rx. The options are awd,nav pkg, which includes wood wheel and hid lights and so on, heated seats,towing pkg,roof rack, I believe it has everything but the upgraded stereo. The final price without tax was 39,400. Good or not? That is 3700 off sticker
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    I'm trying to decide...should I buy my new RX300 with FWD or AWD? I currently live in Phoenix but am moving to Boston this summer. I am not going to be taking it offroad and I don't tend to like to drive in bad weather (but you never know..) I am very concerned about safety, though..what do you think?

    PS Forgive me if you see this similar message twice..I thought I posted it earlier but I don't see it yet so I may have hit the wrong button!
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    I am looking to a buy a RX300, but I am also having trouble deciding which to get FWD or AWD? edmunds says the FWD performs better while common sense tells me the AWD would perform better in wet (rain, snow, ice) conditions. I live in chicago where the roads can be great one day and horrible the next. figuring the AWD would only be beneficial over the FWD like 5 days a year, I am leaning towards the FWD because of its better performance but I am not sure. any thoughts, comments suggestions???
    ps: like bostrom, I am also concerned about safety.
  • bostrom2bostrom2 Member Posts: 2
    Hi redliner33...Bostrom2 here. I did go back to one of the archived RX300 user forums (III) and there was a good discussion on AWD vs. FWD. I think the best advice was on #177 and there is also some discussion on both sides of that message. I am leaning towards FWD plus I really want the NAV system and this will price it just about right for me. Good luck :-)
  • vkkimvkkim Member Posts: 2

    I have '00 RX300 and wondering whether I can change headlight with
    HID headlight ('01 RX).
    Any comment will be appreciated.

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    So I want a new RX300 for my wife for Christmas. I talked to a dealer today and he basically without any real push has come down to a price of 36,870 from what he says is 40,000. The car is an AWD RX300 with the premium plus package with roof rack and cargo mats in GOLD. He basiclly said he can offer me this car with a money factor of .0020 and a residual value of 64% or 26,644 for a 39 month lease. Payment is 573 with 1440 due at close. Does this sound like a good idea? Or is there something I am missing? He got to the price really quick. Something is not right!

    Please help, hurry.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Member Posts: 4,883
    Perhaps I can help.

    The current money factor from Lexus financial services on NON VALUE PACKAGE RX300s is .00256 for customers with a credit score of 700+

    However, if you takje the FWD Residual of 64% at 12K/year and assuming you're getting that large of a discount.. I don't get the $573 a month payment. It simply does not compute.

    Let's simplify this with "ballpark" numbers.

    Say this RX300 has a $40,000 MSRP and a $37,000 cap cost.. That makes the 64% residual $25,600.

    First, let's do the monthly lease charge at .00256: Cap Cost ($37K) + Residual ($25,600) X Factor (.00256) = $160 and some change. We'll make it simple and say $160.

    Now, deduct the residual from the cap cost and you have $11,400 in depreciation. Over 39 months that's what, about $292 a month?

    Add them, $160 + 292 and I get $452 a month plus tax. Say you live in an area where the tax is 8% on the whole cap cost, like the City of Chicago. Even then I still don't compute this payment to anywhere near $573. At WORST It would be about $50 or so under that. Here in Orlando, a base payment of $454 would be 481.24 with 6% sales tax.

    Maybe you have some negative equity in a current leased car or trade?

    Still... doesnt compute!

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Member Posts: 4,883

    DVD Playback is only on the LX470. :( From what they tell us (I asked my rep) the technology is "expensive", that's why only the LX has it. Now, whether or not I buy that is another story.. :)

    I haven't heard anything on a digital radio for the RX Next model year (2002) However, I'd be surprised if they did intro it that soon. Look how long it took even Luxury cars to get RDS.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Member Posts: 4,883

    I do not feel that the Nakamichi package is really worth the $$. Now, if next year you can get the Mark Levinson Stereo, well, that's a different story!

    Also, the pricing difference is that the first, higher priced, package is what Lexus brought out in the beginning of the model year. The lower priced package reflects the $1,500 MSRP Value Package discount.

    Not many dealers stock Nakamichi-Equipped RX300s. We do not, as a rule.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Member Posts: 4,883
    I have had one customer ask about this already.

    HID Lights can, theoretically be upgraded in older RX300s.

    The cost would be pretty close to the cost of trading your 2000 on a 2001 however. If I remember it was over $4,000.

  • garykogaryko Member Posts: 4
    Buy Lexus 2001 FWD RX300
    w/premium package plus, cargo mat, chrome wheels, gold kit, wheel locks, wood and leather steering wheel and luggage rack.
    all costs excluding ttl = $35,000
  • rxinterest1rxinterest1 Member Posts: 2
    To Garyko:

    Where did you get this price on the Rx300? Please tell me what state and city and even the dealership. By any chance, did you get a price with AWD? It sounds like a good price.
  • garykogaryko Member Posts: 4
    I promise to tell you next week. I'm in Texas.
    I am going by the dealership tomorrow and if the
    deal is for real, I'll pick up the car next Tuesday.

    I didn't ask about the AWD, but I would have offered
    another $1,000 above my price because that's the invoice
    amount of the AWD over the FWD. Being in Texas though,
    there was no point in my getting the AWD and Edmunds says
    the FWD works better with the new braking system.
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    I agree with bostrom2, there are many good posts in Forums III/IV on the subject of AWD/FWD and tires. I went into my compulsive research mode on this a few weeks back and chose to get FWD so I could justify the NAV system.

    Having learned to drive in New Hampshire I'd say that AWD is just one factor in the safety/flexibility equation. This feature alone will not save you if you don't have good tires, a mild temperament, and experience in slippery conditions.

    In California the best justification I can see for AWD is that you can get through the CalTrans checkpoints in the Sierras without installing chains. The RX is cool in that there's nothing keeping you from claiming AWD since there are no markings on the RX to indicate this (and the CalTrans dudes are much more interested in checking your tires for the Mud+Snow label than crawling underneath to see if you've get a rear transfer case).

    It was clear from the posts that the stock Goodyear times do not provide as much traction as one would expect on an SUV so I'm having the dealer replace them with Michelin LTXs or Cross-Terrains.

    BTW...If you're interested in FWD and live up in the SF'll probably have to go to LA for a decent selection and there's much more bargaining room down there anyway.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Member Posts: 4,883
    If that's a real deal... I'd jump on it. $35K is a very cheap price for that vehicle you described. MSRP on it ought to be (Assuming chrome wheels are factory) $40,816 plus the gold (Figure $300 is reasonable).

    That's over $6,000 off of list. That's about $3800 lower than the average national transaction price of an RX300.

  • 4runner4runner Member Posts: 2
    My wife and I purchased our RX300 2001 WAD with NV PKG, Heated Seats, Cargo Mat, Crossbars, Wheel Locks, Rear Spoiler, Chrome Wheels & color is White Gold Crystal Thanksgiving week at nexus of Riverside in California from Cory William.

    Cory's number is toll-free at (800) 899-5398, or by mail at [email protected] He also works with Theresa Reefer who provided information by mail.

    We also added the extra wood package which looks great and Marcel who installed the wood was very professional.

    I don't want to state the exact price, but Cory has beat all the deals I have seen listed in this forum including on-line dealers. I had called Cory after reading other posts about no hassle quotes and lowest prices. I told Cory the options I wanted on the vehicle and was given a quote right away. Cory made the whole buying experience very pleasant.

    The RX300 is very comfortable and fun to drive and we have had no problems in our first month of ownership. the NV system makes the drive very enjoyable. We like to have it on to see the route or check restaurants along the way. The NV unit uses a touch screen and is very easy to use. Also the RX300 runs on regular unleaded gas.
  • ipladyiplady Member Posts: 2
    2001 DX 300 FAD in DE I/leather trim, roof rack, cargo mat, wheel
    locks for 32,900- doesn't sound like it from looking around here. For 33,900- another dealer is offering the Value Pkg which includes Moon roof/DC changer. Is this a good deal??? Anyone heard of a "Value Pkg"- is this the same as the Premium Package??? Thanks for any info- first time buyer of a "luxury" vehicle and feeling the sticker shock.
  • ipladyiplady Member Posts: 2
    2001 RX 300 FWD in SE w/leather trim, roof rack, cargo mat, wheel
    locks for 32,900- doesn't sound like it from looking around here. For 33,900- another dealer is offering the Value Pkg which includes Moonroof/CD changer. Is this a good deal??? Anyone heard of a "Value Pkg"- is this the same as the Premium Package??? Thanks for any info- first time buyer of a "luxury" vehicle and feeling the sticker shock.
  • garykogaryko Member Posts: 4
    From running it up on Edmunds, it seemed like a great deal to me, but wanted some feedback. I went by the dealer this afternoon and the salesman put everything in writing and we signed it. $35K plus TTL. It included Pre. Package Plus, chrome wheels, wheel locks, cargo mat, gold package, wood and leather steering wheel and luggage rack (all RX300 FWD on lot came with them).

    When I arrived, he tried to sneak in a $424 advertising fee and charge me for the luggage rack, I said forget it.

    Also, for those wondering, last night I used the loan online application linked from and first thing this morning I heard from them saying I was approved and the "blank check" and paperwork would arrive by next Wed. The loan is at 7.09% for 24 mos., which was 1.5% below lexus and the banks around here were closer to 9%. Simple interest, no pre-payment penalty.

    If anyone has any experience with, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

    Happy Holidays to all.
  • slandyslandy Member Posts: 46
    I have had several dealing s with them, I just financed my new RX with them. You will not have any problems.
  • lisam35lisam35 Member Posts: 9
    I just bought a 2001 RX300 AWD with premium pkg plus, heated seats, cargo mats, rear spoiler, wheel locks, HIH, and wood steering wheel for $36,000.

    The dealer said I got a great price (of course), and that it was approximately dealer invoice (consistent with edmunds). I still think the dealership made $1,500 on the deal. Lexus (the car mfg) has been running a December promotion offering $1,500 off. Lexus passes this discount (or subsidy) onto dealers to keep them whole, thereby reducing dealer invoice.

    Regardless of the dealer's profit, was this truly a great deal for the market?

    Thanks for comments.
  • dgrantdgrantdgrantdgrant Member Posts: 2
    Two questions:
    1. Does anyone know if it is possible under any circumstances to disable the lock out feature for nav when the vehicle is in motion?

    2. Does anyone know the database company's web site to send updates for the map system?

    Dale Grant
  • clee4clee4 Member Posts: 103
    The data base is compiled through and then TMC mixes and puts out a update. The price from TMC, I am not sure of what that costs. A few post back someone said $125. I cannot verify that price. It looks like Navtech is much higher. One order Vs mixing for a dealership upgrade that can be sold over and over to all their customers. Look in the new Lexus web site under contact Lexus and look for FAQ. I think this is where I confirmed the data base origin.
  • moonray80moonray80 Member Posts: 5
    Adding up the invoice prices on the specs you detailed comes out to $35,117. This takes into account the $1,500 Value Package reduction off the MSRP (which does not translate into $1,500 off the invoice). So yup, it looks like you got a good deal. Apparently Lexus is trying to move some of the RX300 vehicles for year end and it appears that the Acura MDX is starting to take a bite out of the RX300 market share.
  • moonray80moonray80 Member Posts: 5
    I am getting different stories from the dealers (what a surprise!) on the availability of the HL High Intenstity Discharge Headlights. Some say it is only available with the ND Navigation Package and others say it needs to be bundled with the WU Wood and Leather Steering Wheel. Can anyone offer some insight on availability of this option? I have poor night vision so this option is important to me.
  • lisam35lisam35 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks moonray80 for your comments and confirmation that I got a good deal. .....sometimes you never know.

    How much of the $1,500 Value Package reduction does Lexus share with the dealers? I have some experience in the manufacturing/ wholesale industries, and we always kept the retailer whole, or close to it, for mfg originated discounts.

    FYI- The dealer requirement for this deal was that I take delivery by Dec 31. I'm not sure if Lexus is going to continue its discounts in 2001.

    High Intensity Discharge Headlights and Wood & Leather Steering
    Wheel were packaged together on my rx300 without the Navigation Package. I understand from dealers that the two options are usually installed together, but if you special order the car, you can build it how you like.

    I didn't want either option, but most rx's that had Premium Package Plus on the dealer's lot had both.
  • bcjacob1bcjacob1 Member Posts: 39
    What's the difference between HID and xenon headlights?
  • lisam35lisam35 Member Posts: 9
    I just realized that I had a mental block. The discount to the dealer for the Premium Package Plus is $947 of the advertised $1,500 MSRP discount. Essentially, the difference between PK and VP options.
  • moonray80moonray80 Member Posts: 5
    I double checked the prices for your deal and came up with Invoice of $35,118 and MSRP of $40,418. So you bought the vehicle for $882 over Invoice or $4,418 under MSRP. Good job! Care to share with the rest of us how you brought the dealer to his/her knees?
    This also begs the question is anyone else seeing these types of deals. I'm working on buying one of these in the Chicago area and have been able to get to $1,150 over invoice.
    And by the way, since I've been unable to find an RX300 AWD with HID headlights I'd be willing to fly to the East coast to buy your same vehicle for $882 over invoice.
  • dr_suvdr_suv Member Posts: 12
    I think you got a great deal lisam35 !!!
    Do you mind sharing the dealership info ? What color did you get ?
    Did they have a big selection ?
  • dgrantdgrantdgrantdgrant Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Clee,
    That is good information. I also found out the hardware is made by DENSO of Toyota Moter Co. Still want to dump the stupid permission screen and be able to have my passenger enter a destination, rather than pull over and sit by side of highway (waiting to get hit) to be able to enter a destination. There must be a way to either reprogram the firmware or enter a bipass code or disconnect a switch or short something on the board (jumper perhaps). Any technicians out there familiar with this DVD system?
  • hobbybaashobbybaas Member Posts: 11
    I am getting ready to make the plunge. I think that I've gotten a good price, as I've done some shopping around, though I'd love to get some feed back from others. The best deal I was able to find is a 2001 RX 300 FWD with the Premium Plus package, (moon roof, 6 DC changer, leather trim etc), plus cross bars, rear spoiler, cargo mat & wheel locks. The price I was able to get is $33,306. I believe that this is $200.00 over invoice. How much more would be a good deal if I added the AWD, NAV system, HID headlights, heated seat & wood steering wheel/shift knob?

    Thanks for your input!
  • hobbybaashobbybaas Member Posts: 11
    Does anyone know who the maker is of the 6 CD changer audio system that is part of the Premium Plus package?

    I spend a lot of time on the road, and will be using the CD changer quite a bit, so I was wondering how people like the 6 CD system. Any thoughts or opinions? Are there any audio after market add ons that have helped to beef up the system?

    Thanks for your input!
  • marcsgirlmarcsgirl Member Posts: 1
    I have just returned from my dealer, trying to buy the same FWD and package as your deal. We were at $35,000 when I had to leave to make dinner. Now I'm glad I left! Where are you located? I am in Las Vegas. Would you like to serve as my agent? LOL.
  • sharoooniesharooonie Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone leased a RX300?
    I am curious what your payments are and
    how much out of pocket?
    36/39 Mos?
  • lab3lab3 Member Posts: 1
    Where did you find the RX 300 for $33,300? I'm in Atlanta, Ga area; best price here for the same is around $34,600. Who was your contact person?
    Thanks! lab3
  • ststephen0ststephen0 Member Posts: 37
    I gave up on Atlanta dealers and bought my 2001 Rx300 w/ Nav in Macon, GA. from Mitch. Ended up beating all Atlanta deals....this was my 2nd rx300 purchase. My first was bought in Atlanta.
  • aisais Member Posts: 1
    ststephen0 - How much did you save by going to Macon? Which options did you buy?
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