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    Bought mine at Butler Lexus - Macon, Ga. Mine is a 2001 4WD with Nav package....has everything on it EXCEPT rear spoiler and shiney chrome wheels....bought it early November for $40k....they also gave me about $1500 more for my trade in (which was a 2000 4WD RX300)than was offered in Atlanta.
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    I am interested in purchasing a 2001 DX 300 with AWD, premium package plus, and the High Intensity Discharge Headlights. Aren't these headlights good for foggy weather? If not, I won't need these, and would be interested in just adding the premium package. The deal from the East Coast sounds great, but I would like to find a dealership in Northern California. Anyone aware of any good deals from dealerships here? I would appreciate it if you would please also give me the name of the sales person. Thanks so much for any help that you can give me. Have a wonderful 2001!
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    Can someone tell me what some of my options are pertaining to chrome wheels for my new 2001 rx. I passed at the time on the wheels from the dealer because I leased the car and couldnt see 1700 for chrome or polished wheels. Can someone offer me some other sources or suggestions for vendors.
    My husband has a new corvette and he just ordered the chromes for his. I cant let him be one up on me. Thanks I will await some replies
    Happy new year to all
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    I've just finished negotiating my deal on the following and am wondering if this is a good deal. From reading previous posts it appears so but some feedback would be appreciated. 2001 RX300 AWD, premium value package(with 6-disc cd;leather;el mirrors in & out; memory seats; air filter;hid; moonroof;heated seats; wood/leather steering wheel), cargo mat, accessory crossbar, wheel locks, color keyed rear spoiler, bridgestone tires MSRP: $40816.00 My Price: $35,500. I am in the Chicago area and have been unable to find a car with Hid, but in Texas it is in the Premium + package. My deal is in Dallas, Tx and I finalize today at Sewell Lexus (Eddie Chan).
  • amicaamica Member Posts: 2
    I've just finished negotiating my deal on the following and am wondering if this is a good deal. From reading previous posts it appears so but some feedback would be appreciated. 2001 RX300 WAD, premium value package(with 6-disc ad;leather;El mirrors in & out; memory seats; air filter;hid; moon roof;heated seats; wood/leather steering wheel), cargo mat, accessory crossbar, wheel locks, color keyed rear spoiler, bridge stone tires MSRP: $40816.00 My Price: $35,500. I am in the Chicano area and have been unable to find a car with Hid, but in Texas it is in the Premium + package. My deal is in callas, ax and I finalize today at Swell Lexus (Eddie Chan).
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    What exactly are the differences between the standard stereo & the Nakamichi? Would putting the Nak. speakers in my stock RX system make a difference?
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    The question you need to ask yourself is how far over invoice you are. Be sure to inclulde the $545 destination in your invoice price. I just inked a deal for $1,219 over invoice for a vehicle identical to yours except for HID headlights and the spoiler. I'm in the Milwaukee/Chicago area and found that out of the 12 dealers in the region this was the best deal I could get. I used the method. Based on feedback from other buyers it looks like $1,000 over invoice is around what people are able to negotiate. If you can do better - please let the rest of us know how you did!
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    What did you pay for yours? I ended up with $36,339 for AWD with Premium Plus package, heated seats, Spoiler, Crossbars, Wheel Locks, and Cargo Mats. Of course, I took the last silver RX 300 off the lot, and I really wouldn't buy white or black(we actually really wanted silver). The sticker price was $41285(without taking 1,500 savins into account), so looks like I paid just under $3,500. I feel that I got a decent deal, considering that the dealer I bought it from is not too far from me and offers free car washes for lifetime on Saturdays. :-)
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    After sending out 33 faxes (every dealer in CA) for a 2001 RX300 FWD with Navigation here are the best deals I could negotiate (keep in mind that demand for Nav in SF is high and may have inflated SF prices as much as $1K):
    - SF Bay (inv+$3K, Magnussen)
    - Middle Calif (inv+$2K, Monterey)
    - LA area (inv+$900, Glendale&Riverside)
    - San Diego (inv+$510, Kearny/Bill Armstrong)

    Keep in mind that invoice includes base, options, $545 delivery fee, and the local advertising fee).

    For me, I selected 2WD VP NV RF DR C1 WL and the invoice in California was $34806. I ended up selecting Gilbert Chang at Glendale for $35706 since he has the exact color/config coming in today. I'll report on this long distance purchasing experiment on Monday.

    Note that all RX's I've seen come with DR-Accessory Crossbars at 113/183 which aren't listed on Edmunds invoice sheet (see Nobody was willing to remove these next-to-useless appendages from the deal.
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    Hi All:

    I'm very interested in getting a RX300 but could not find any review/comparison of RX300 anywhere. I know car&drive and Motor trend had compared it with other SUV but I believe they used the 2000 model which is not fair for RX300 since there are a number of improvements made in the 2001 model. Edmunds' review on RX300 was also on 2000. Anyone seen any review on 2001 RX300?
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    I, like most, shopped around a bit for our RX300. However, in the long run, saving a few hundred dollars and buying from a dealer 50+ miles from your home may not be such a good deal. I believe that each dealer sets its own policy with respect to service loaners, pick up and delivery, etc. In my case, I could have saved a few hundred more dollars by buying from another dealer, but I went with the dealer who always gives a loaner car, picks up our RX and brings it back when it is ready. Keep in mind, I live 75 miles from this dealer and they still offer this service. So, IMHO, price is important, but the total package needs to be considered. Also, the overall attitude of the dealership is probably just as important as price not to mention the value of your trade if you have one. Have a Great New Year and Good Luck with your decision.
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    My 99 RX300 has approx 28K miles & the cheap Bridgestone tires are about due for a replacement. I would appreciate any comments from those of you that have replaced your tires. What brand did U get and R U happy with them. I'm hearing some good things about the Michelin LTX and Dunlops. Thxs!
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    In the earlier posts, some mentioned Michelin Symmetry with good results. This is assumed that you don't do much off-road driving. The Symmetry tires are just regular all-season but supposely much better than the Goodyear Integrity.
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    You might want to consider the Michelin Cross-Terrain SUV's. They're all-season passenger (not truck) tires designed especially for SUV's. They are standard equipment on some vehicles like the MDX Touring, and have produced excellent results on them (good skidpad numbers, and generally good comments on bad-weather driving).

    They are beginning to become available in a variety of sizes. Check:

    A caveat is that stickier tires on an SUV whose suspension may not be designed for them COULD be an issue.
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    Put Michelin's new Cross-Terrains on our new '01 RX300 FWD with just 250 miles on it - still don't understand why Lexus puts a Goodyear passenger tire, about $65-70/each from Tirerack, on a $40K SUV. And Acura is no better with the same cheap Goodyear rubber on their new base MDX model.

    Have about 1500 total miles now and the difference, even with the little time spent with the OEM Goodyears, was VERY noticeable - and we're far from professional drivers. Tracks better, handling is more precise (due, I believe, to stiffer construction of the Michelins), and, overall, there's just a lot more confidence in day-to-day street and freeway driving (we don't offroad).

    Also, my tire dealer measured the amount of tread on these new Michelins for my road hazard warranty - and it was a full 12/32nds; apparently, most tires have between 9 or 10/32nds of depth. So there's a chance you will get a lot more miles out of these.

    By the way, my son's Explorer Sport has the Mich LTX and they're an excellent tire as well.
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    I live in Nassau County Long Island and I am considering the FWD RX300 with traction control. Has anyone gotten any good deals in this area for such a model?

    Also, I'm debating between the 300 and the Acura MDX. Any opinions?

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    I am picking up my new RX-300 in a few days. The salesman said that it was fine to use regular gas. I would like to know if anyone feels that I should use premium and why?

    Anything that I should know in advance that you wished you had known when you first got your Lexus? (Did that make any sense!?

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    I live by you. Not much choice locally, the closest dealer is Lexus Massapequa. I've already been there . The one thing I didn't like is that all the vehicles are coming in the same way, you have to basically take it the way they have them configured.

    As to whether to get the MDX or RX300, it's simple: You can't get an MDX. Or you can if you are willing to go on a waiting list.

    I test drove the RX300, it's nice, but not worth it for me. I do technology for a living and that LCD display in the console drove me nuts. No steering controls for the stereo and cruise made a big difference also, I do about 700 miles a week.

    For about $4000 less I'm looking to get a loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with everything I want in it.

    Happy motoring and good luck with whatever you decide.

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    You may save $4000 now.....I hope you don't lose it back on maintanence on a JGC. From what I have heard they are the worst for reliability...check consumer reports....Everyone I know that has one has had multiple problems mechanically.

    love my rx300 :-)
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    I hear you on the reliability issue. I definitely researched it big time. The redesign happened back in '99 and yes, there were many TSBs (technical service bulletins) in '99 and '00. But I have checked the NHSTA web site and almost all the problems are gone on the '01 models. I believe all the kinks have been worked out after 2 years, which is typical for many models.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the RX300 is a fine vehicle. THe fit and finish is impressive (All the body seams under the natch, hood, etc. were smooth and painted). I just don't think it provides good value/features for the money they are asking when compared to other models on the market now. Yes, it nice that the Lexus dealer has free loaners, pick-up service, etc. But for the $4000 price difference I could take that money and invest it and let it earn interest. Should cover anything that goes wrong beyond the warranty period.

    I still haven't bought yet, and I don't know what I will do until the last second. Who knows?

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    For NewtoSUV, I use 89 octane and found it works best. Regular is okay and they say the engine is configured to handle it. The 89 just seems to make it run better. 92 octane does not improve anything.
  • sane2000sane2000 Member Posts: 2
    To Plumb star, there is a big difference between the two stereos... after listening to both, I chose the Premium stereo because it seems to have better volume. The Nakamichi is too tempermental and I was constantly trying to override the tones to suit my taste. You cannot mix the two systems. So adding Nakamichi speakers will not do anything but cause trouble.
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    Around town I use regular. Just returned from a trip to So. Lake Tahoe and I used
    89/92 for the mountains. I do not have 1000 miles on my AWD and averaged
    between 20.and 21 on hwy/mountain driving.

    The RX made the trip extremely comfortable and handled well on the
    Bridgestone tires. NAV worked perfect to take us to our destination. What I like
    best is the readout for miles left to distination and the estimated arrival time
    have been right on.

    Only problem in 2 months has been a slight clicking noise from the dash area.
    Anyone else experience this noise?

    For NewtoSUV, I use 89 octane and found it works best. Regular is okay and they say the
    engine is configured to handle it. The 89 just seems to make it run better. 92 octane does not
    improve anything.
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    Have any other RX300 owners noted a rumbling noise when the engine is idling and the transmission is in either drive or reverse? The sound is most noticeable when stopped at a light, radio is off. Sounds like an exhaust rumble. My dealer acknowledges the noise is there but can't seem to find out the source. They have replaced the muffler but it didn't make any difference. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    WAD RX300 (Iv. $30,970) I/Premium Plus (Iv. $2,273), Rear Spoiler (Iv. $224), Heated Seats (Iv. $352)& Roof Rack (Iv. $113). Total Invoice + Destination = $34,477. I was quoted $35,750. Is apex. $1,250 over invoice too much?

    Also I'm assuming the $35,750 covers everything such as regional advertising. Is that reasonable?
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    I think you are getting a great deal! I paid $36,339 for the identical vehicle. I am not sure why the price is so good, maybe the market demand is not that strong where you are. I also wanted silver color, and most dealers were out of them(I took the last silver off the lot on this dealership). Plus I am getting lifetime free car washes on Saturdays(and full breakfast there, too). So, it all events out(not having to pay $10-11 per was to keep the car clean adds up over the years. :-) I'd say GO FOR IT!
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    What is the most popular color or should I say have a higher resale value in 3-4 yrs from now?

    Thank you!
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    I am shopping a 4wd rx 300 with nav/heated seats, bars,hitch. With nothing down, what kind of payments can I expect over a 39 month term?
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    this spring a friends 99 rx300's lease is due and ill be purchasing it at buy out, 25,500.awd leather,moon roof,ad changer,trailering pkg,excellent condition 35k miles,how does the price sound? I thought it was real good.
    I've been driving domestic sub's since 88 and I'm looking forward to a change,never owned a nexus,for that matter never owned any Japanese vehicle,I want a luxury sub and I think this could be real nice what do you think?,I tow a couple of jet skis, 2k in weight in the summer months and I think the rx300 will be o. how its ability to tow?,and finally on the dash is a switch that says ems, is that the electronic stability system to help with keeping the vehicle from tipping over, if so how well does it work?
    would greatly appreciate any feedback,thanks
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    Well, we did as many suggested and flew down this weekend to LA on Saturday to purchase our new RX FWD Nav. We'd worked out a $900 over invoice with Lexus of Glendale for Blue Vapor with Gilbert Cheng.

    The delivery of this RX had been delayed for 2-3 weeks but he'd expected it to arrive last friday night. We got the msg from him that it hadn't arrived from Lexus after we'd checked in for our flight so we went down anyway to wait it out.

    Gilbert picked us up at the airport in an LS430 and took us to the dealership where he arranged to get us a loaner RX '01 to use while we were waiting for our car to arrive.

    After cruising all Saturday with no new news, we decided to cancel our other plans and stay until Sunday. By Sunday afternoon we asked Gilbert about other choices. He searched other dealerships for a Blue Vapor Nav 2WD but no luck.

    On Sunday, we polled 9 other dealers in the LA area and it was clear that the only NAV units were either loaded or colors we didn't like. In the end, on Sunday near closing time we decided to take our 2nd choice color (Green Opalescent) which Gilbert had on the lot along with Black and Sunset Mist.

    Needless to say, we were hoping for a smoother transaction. In fairness to Gilbert and the rest of the folks at Glendale Lexus they were apologetic and sincere (just overly optimistic and out of touch with Lexus' contracted shipping company).

    They provided us with a free loaner and when push came to shove, they renotiated a great deal (especially for a NAV) to accomodate our extra expenses ($120) and frustration. This was especially satisfying as we were essentially stranded at their dealership and in a poor bargaining position.

    In the end, we bought for only $400 over invoice and got a free cargo mat and paint kit. The fact that it was 12/31 may have helped.

    9420 VP NV RF C1 DR WL
    MSRP $39566, Paid $35206, INV $34806
    (note...inv includes dest and local ad fees)

    BTW...If you're looking for a 2WD Blue Vapor with looks like Gilbert will have one arriving soon. Just make sure he actually has it before flying out to LA :-)
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    ...that I'll take the plunge and spring for an RX300. I've already seen it, drove it, got the pretty book.

    What about the Nav System? Is it worth it? I've read the reviews on other Nav systems like the QX4/PF and most folks say don't bother, a paper map is more convenient. Is the RX300 system usable?

    Or should/can I just put an after market in?

    Thanks for humoring me.

  • djasonwdjasonw Member Posts: 624
    Well... after having this vehicle for nearly TWO years, I finally got to drive the RX AWD in some real white stuff. I live in Nassau County LI and they didn't plow the secondary roads too well (lucky me). I have the Michelin LTX tires on the vehicle and I had no trouble at all and I drove into huge drifts to see the limitation of the vehicle. The AWD drive train is excellent. My friend came over with his '01 JGC Limited with Quadradrive. He drove my car and really couldn't tell the difference in handling and traction. I would imagine that the RX with VSC is fantastic! Oh..anyone considering a JGC over the Lexus RX should really do the math. If you do your homework you can get a fully loaded (except NAV) RX for $36k. I 've driven my friends '01 JGC Limited on the highway and the refinement does not even come close to the RX. Now only if they can redesign the RX so that the turning radius is not an abysmal 42 feet!!
  • pschiffepschiffe Member Posts: 373
    Price sounds reasonable to me, check Kelley Blue Book or similar on-line pricing guide. Towing capacity is Class II - 3,500 lb GTW (gross towing weight). Do you mean the ECT (electronically controlled transmission) switch? This sets the power mode to NORMAL (economy), POWER or SNOW driving patterns. I have a 99 RX FWD and find it to be a superb vehicle with just a few minor shortcomings. Hope this helps a little.

  • mvs1mvs1 Member Posts: 462
    For Newtosuv I own a 99' Rx300 with 30000 I currently use 87 and have for about 25000. The dealer said use 89. The engine in the RX is the same in the camry/ES the Toyota uses 87(thats my logic behind the change and I've noticed no difference in mpg.) For lovelexus as far as color goes I've been told that good color choices for resale are white, black, silver, and champaign. I own the white(golden pearl) just for your own knowledge all Lexus white paints include an extra paint process(increase in repair costs over all other colors.) Also interiors make a difference ivory leather is very popular. A color combination of black/black is bold and not to everyones' liking. If your trading in to a dealer you don't benefit in price as it relates to their wholesale book(no price adjustments for having one color over another) In my personal opinion get the color you like most you have to live with it. For tonychrys the $4000 you save now you'll pay later if you ever decide to trade it in. JGC are a dime a dozen.Chrysler's always running specials to attract buyers, meaning there is no exclusivity to the car. I to was concidering a JGC my uncle loves the truck (is on his 3rd). I Drove one in my opinion the vehicles are not even close in any regard. If I were to list the +,-'s I'd still be typing when you read this. Check out what the two cars used are selling for in your area I'm sure you would reconsider that aspect of your reasoning after further investigation.
  • robhaferrobhafer Member Posts: 13
    As far as Nav is concerned there are some great comments on this subject, check for earlier posts in Part III/IV.

    I've played with most of the Nav's on the market and IMHO the latest generation of DVD based systems are the only ones that provide good enough databases and intuitive software refinements to be truly useful.

    The Lexus implementation is extremely well done and was immediately useful to us. The Acura system is also excellent but selecting places on the map and clicking buttons takes slightly longer when using their joystick.
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I'd really love to hear your + and -'s if you have the time.

    One thing I am concerned about is that I am a weekend Tim Allen once in awhile. Will The RX300 be my friend at Home Depot? Is there cargo area friendly to large items? For example what's the widest part of the cargo area floor (for laying down sheets of material)?

    djasonw: I also live in Nassua County and would really value your input also since you have driven both vehicles.

  • jbihunjbihun Member Posts: 2
    I saw in a post that Lexus offers a 220 money factor for people with a credit score over 700+. Can anyone comment on that? When I bought mine I asked the dealer and he claimed to know nothing about it.

    Is this something lexus offers to everyone with the high credit score? Or is it particular to a dealership or location. I am in Chicago and purchased mine from McGrath Lexus.
  • QuazimotoQuazimoto Member Posts: 15
    I leased a Camry a couple of years back on a lease sale. When I went to close, my lease came down $30/month because of my credit history. Forget the factor, but I was very pleased. The dealer will probably not know too much about the special factors. Toyota America Financing provides the qualification. However, the dealer SHOULD know that the credit score DOES help on the lease. Check with another dealer.
  • paulsmileypaulsmiley Member Posts: 2
    Was in for my 15k service over the holidays, I mentioned the weird "ticking" noise I sometimes have (driver side dash, but only when cold and windy)...

    A tech drove it, said he pushed down on the dash and the noise went away. Of course, it's still there, but perhaps a bit quieter now.

    The dealer (Lexus of Rockville, MD), claims there's a Service Bulletin for this and on my next service, they will need the car for an entire day to remove the dash and add more insulation. Not sure I will do it, the noise is very minor and don't want to risk them messing something up.

    Btw, using every discount I could muster, I walked out with $276 less dollars in my wallter. Other DC area dealers wanted $325/350 for the 15k service. My Rx is 2000 AWD.

  • moonray80moonray80 Member Posts: 5
    Here's the best deal I could get using the method.
    2001 All wheel drive, Premium Package Plus, Heated Seats, Luggage Rack, Cargo Mat, Wheel Locks, Destination, and $1,500 year end discount = $34,331.
    I bought it for $35,550 in Milwaukee. We have had over 40" of snow just in the month of December (we normally get 40" during the entire winter) so demand has stayed strong for SUV's regardless of the economy. They won't be having any tag days for the owner of the Lexus dealership!
    Good luck to those of you just starting the buying process!
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    I was just informed by my sercice department that my 1999 RX300 requires a new engine because of major sludge. Milage is 16,000. Not covered by warranty - Absurd. Has anyone heard of a 16,000 mile engine bust?
  • gdanczykgdanczyk Member Posts: 26

    The only way that I know of that this can become a problem is if you don't change your oil regularly. How often did you change your oil/filter?
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    I got the RX brochure and it lists the drivetrain as "full-time 4Wd". Well, this could mean many things like:

    a) Normal FWD that automatically distributes torque to rear as the wheels slip.

    b) FWD and RWD with a 80/20 (or something similar) split between the axels under normal conditions, with progressive redistribution as needed.

    c) All wheels actually being driven at the same, with near equal torque under normal conditions, redistribution to any wheel as needed.

    d) something else I'm missing.

    Can anybody provide a link to how the system ACTUALLY works?

  • pschiffepschiffe Member Posts: 373
    Six-year/70,000-mile limited powertrain warranty includes ENGINE: cylinder block, head and all internal parts, intake manifold, timing gears and gaskets, timing gear chain or belt and cover, flywheel, valve covers, oil pan, oil pump, water pump, fuel pump, engine mounts, seals and gaskets, and engine control computer. **IF** you followed the "Scheduled Service Maintenance" there should be no question whatever about warranty coverage!

  • inkyinky Member Posts: 370
    Good gobs of crap who is coming up with this stuff. I have suffered through it on Camry page, Sienna page and not here. What a bunch of crap.
    First of all anyone told this must have not changed oil according to recommendations (7500 mile OK). Secondly, I do not believe the sludge stories. This basic engine has been around since 1994 in Camry V-6. The 3.0 VVTI is used now by ES 300, RX 300, Sienna, and Avalon. Give me a break.
    If anyone has concrete information, please share. Why have I seen 99 RX 300's with 50,000 miles and no problems. Why have I seen Carmy V-6's with over 100,000 miles and no problems. This is fishy.
  • rleverrlever Member Posts: 1
    1999 loaded all except Nakamichi. 12500 miles, desert bronz metallic, ivory leather. great car, pristine condition. wife left, no longer need. email for details.
  • frank115frank115 Member Posts: 2
    To Paulsmiley (#242)
    What services are provided for $276.00? Did you feel the cost was worth it? Does Lexus allow you to have this done by an independent mechanic or does that adversely affect the warranty?
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    Is it a true GPS system?
  • denise121denise121 Member Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me the difference between a Value Package and the Premium Package Plus? It seems as many of the dealers around here (in California) have cars with the value package, but I would like to know what it has on it. Thanks for your help! Have a great 2001!
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    I went through the same thing at the dealer (New York), I'm pretty sure they are exactly the same thing.

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