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    RX300 NAV is a GPS updates the cars position constantly via satilites....I think it is probably the best and easiest to use of any Nav on the market. If you have not seen one in person yet I recommend a trip to the dealer and spend some time playing with does alot!
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    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.
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    I have a 2000 RX300 and hear the same clicking sound! It seems to occur when the vehicle is at highway speeds and sounds for all the world like a relay switching on and off. In my attempts to isolate it, I have learned that it happens whether the Ventilation system is on or off, in any weather, and most frequently when accelerating. Sometimes the clicking is louder than at other times. As for location, it is definitely under the dashboard somewhere, but seems to be more towards the firewall on the lower left side.

    If anyone has a clue as to what might be causing the noise, I'd sure like to know since I'm about to bring the car in for service, and most of the time when you report a strange sound, you get "could not duplicate" on the work order and a funny look from the service manager.
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    From what I've seen on this forum, RX prices new are about l-2 K lower this January than last year. I bought my FWD 2000 RX for 36K plus tax in Jan 2000. It had the Premium package--leather, spoiler, 6 CD player in-dash, moonroof, etc., and my wife and I love the car--we have l5k miles on it now with no problems. We use 87 gas and even like the Goodyear tires. What has caused the price decline? Is Lexus producing more RXs? Is it competition from the MDX, the X-5, and soon from the Audi allroad and Porsche? But I have NO regrets. It may have cost me $1500. more or so to buy my RX a year ago, but that way I got to enjoy it a year sooner. Still, I hate to see the value drop. Buy RX--enjoy! enjoy!
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    If you have only 16000 miles on the clock, your 99 RX300 is within warranty limits mileage wise.
    If, in fact, your dealer is telling you a new engine is needed, then it would appear to be no question as to who picks up the tab.
    Provided you have followed the recommended maintenance schedules for the car, and have proof of this, you should have no problem.
    Unless, of course, there is more to this than we're being told---like damage history, driving conditions, abuse, and so on.
    If you've followed the rules, you should have nothing to fear.
    Just about the only ways sludge can occur are (1) Short runs with insufficient warmup, and (2) Neglecting regular oil and filter changes.
    Do you fall into either or both of these categories?
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    I should have seen this coming with the MDX in the chute and 80-90,000 RX sales per year. The 2001 is a vastly better deal than a 2000 RX. Once the $1,500 discount hit with the 2001 improvements us 2000 owners were hosed. Of course that is pure business. Resale will still be strong but I wish I had waited for a 2001. It would have been less with more equipment. Financially I am not happy about that. Lexus is way overproducing these things and now the price is $3,000 to $4500 off with little negotiation.
    The MDX has an effect also as production increases. I do recall the Acura 3.2 TL had a similiar effect two years ago.
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    Someone please help me out, I went to the dealership last thursday for an alignment. Ever since i purchased my rx, it has been pulling to the right constantly. so I went back there for the 3rd time now to hopefully get it fixed. the service guy tells me that if they find out something is wrong with the car then they will not charge me for an alignment. but if it's just he alignment then they have to charge me. anyhow, he ended up charging me $119.99 for the alignment because he says that it is not the car it is just because the alignment is off. I don't get it, I only have 8600 miles on the car and it keeps on pulling. After fixing it, it doesn't do that anymore. so is it just me?
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    What I don't like about our RX (I posted this before in another forum but thought I would do so here so others who are considering this car can consider how important these issues are to them):

    1. The stupid parking brake that in not a center console lever but a lower foot pedal. I thought only American cars used them still.
    2. The Audio, AC, and trip computer are all on the center display. You have to go through several windows to change radio stations, or to see outside temps or setting on the AC. Too much distractions from the road. (However, I do love the Nav system - it is quite excellent and we have used it in Denver and Boulder with success - screen has not washed out for us in sunlight as some have reported.)
    3. Memory is for the seats (and only limited movements) only not the mirrors or other functions. Also could be programed into the key like the MDX.
    4. Horrid turning radius. I have grown to really be offended by this poor performance.
    5. Sound system is not as good as the Bose System in my 98 Audi
    6. The fold down arm rest interferes with fasting the seat belt on the driver seat.
    7. Only a four speed automatic transmission.
    8. Wind and road noise (tires) is more than I thought acceptable for a luxury vehicle.

    Here are the reasons she did not consider the other cars:
    Jeep GC Ltd - Horrid safety testing (two catagories below the X5, MB, RX-300)
    X5 - price and poor fuel economy and first year production
    MDX - First year production car, Not as light as the RX-300, No Xenons.
    Allroad - First year production, not high enough for her.

    If it were up to me alone, I would have gotten the MDX

    Hope this helps with your decisions, and I certainly did not mean to offend anyone who has made a purchase of the RX-300. The dealer service is fantastic and the build quality is one of the best I have seen.

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    I had almost decided that my next vehicle would be a SUV and likely the MDX. However, I'm somewhat put off by the width of the beast, and the RX has more reasonable proportions. I have the following questions for '01 model owners:
    - is the alignment problem still an issue?
    - is the RX due for a styling change soon?
    - is rattles a major issue?
    - what are the features of the keyless entry/security system? ie. does it have passive arming, auto-rearm, beeps/light-flash for arm and disarm, flashing LED indicator light in an easy-to-see location, etc.?

    Thanks for any and all info.
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    i just got back from the dealer and test drove the rx. it's bit quieter than my mdx, but slower and worse handling. however, i'm looking into the rx for my sister and she demands xenons. the salesman said that it is impossible to find cause lexus is fading it out as an option, is that true? originally, i was looking for a awd with value package plus, heated seats, and hid. but i'm willing to buy one with the nak package if it would be easier. but he said that the nak were impossible to find to. anyone have more info on this. thanks
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    I'd have to agree with the numerous comments regarding the RX' turning radius. HELLO MACK TRUCK!! It's unacceptable!! Unfortunate thing is that it will take a massive redesign to correct this shortcoming. I'd still choose this vehicle over the MDX. The MDX does NOT have a stability control system which was a STUPID mistake on Honda's part. Regardless of AWD, these vehicles need this type of enhancement to compete the package! Also, the MDX has NO cladding and that's just asking for problems. What SUV goes around without that type of protection? I'm happy with my RX... plus the deals out there are MUCH better than the MDX. Also.... put some Michelin LTX tires on the RX and it makes it a totally different vehicle. I also think the RX is better looking than the MDX too. Honda should have made the MDX look a little more different than an Odyssey SUV.
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    I can't answer the questions regarding alignment, rattles (new owner). But the keyless entry/security system is easy...
    - Does it have passive arming (nope, all doors need to be closed before hitting lock button, long beep if a door is still open and you have to press lock again once doors are closed...service tech can disable the beep)
    - Auto-rearm? (yes, the doors re-lock if you don't open them in 30 seconds)
    - Beeps/light-flash for arm and disarm (yes, 1 nice beep and light flash on lock, 2 on open...service tech can disable the beeps)
    - Flashing LED indicator light (yes, regular LED but not clearly visible, located on the dash left of steering wheel)

    Other stuff...
    - All 3 remote buttons built into ignition key (unlock, lock, panic...very handy)
    - First unlock gets driver door, second does all doors (service tech can change to make all doors open first)
    - Holding down the unlock button opens all windows and cracks open the sunroof 30%...really neat
    - Interior light fades nicely (wish the map lights would illuminate when entering car...but they're really bright so maybe it's best)
    - Headlights stay on for a while after locking (or you can hit lock a 2nd time to turn them off sooner)

    BTW...if you're overwhelmed by the map light (same bulb for both driver and pax), try flipping the sun visor all the way down and opening the vanity mirror (nice light and doesn't distract the driver)
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    I am quoted a price of $39,400 for a loaded 2001 RX300: AWD, Navigation Package, heated seats, roof rack, spoiler, wheel lock, cargo mat. Is this a good price in the DC area?
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    Thanks for the info on the security system. To have to bring car in just to get the beeps disabled/enabled by the mechanic is a bit of bummer. Do you know if a second flashing LED can be added in a more conspicuous location? After all, you'd want the crooks to know right away that the car has an alarm.
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    We replaced the stock RX300 Good years with Michelins; I reported on the handling improvement in a previous post.

    The Good years have about 300 miles on them and we live in the greater nos Angles area - anyone in the general area interested? Deal of a lifetime...

    mail me direct at [email protected]
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    I'm really not that much of an English idiot.

    Greater "nos" angeles area?

    Not all change is for the better, Edmunds.
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    I agree with you on the spelling checker. But you can now edit a newly posted message within 30 minutes to make corrections. That's a better feature.
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    What accessories are available for the RX 300 and where can i buy them?

    Regarding a prior post on the Nav, the RX Nav is NOT the best out there. We also have an Acura and that nav is much easier to use and the screen display is not as cluttered.
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    Shortly after I bought my 2001 RX300, I noted a regular ticking/clicking sound in idle, regardless of transmission, sound system, and climate control setting. It eminates from the engine and is the kind one would have heard in an older car with a valve out of adjustment. To do this, the engine must be warmed up.
    I brought it back to the dealer. They placed another car next to it, warmed it up, and there it was, even somewhat louder than on mine.
    A qualified appearing technician stated that these are the fuel injectors, and that this was normal, and they all did it.
    "Some degree of engine noise must be expected," I was told by the service manager. I have driven less expensive cars in my lifetime, and this "expectation" had not been met.
    I wonder if others have had similar experiences? Incidentally, this is rather subtle, and one has to listen very carefully. Thanks.
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    Has anyone traded a 2000 in on a 2001? If so what kind of deal did you get? I have a Silver 2000 AWD with everything on it except NAK. It has 18,000 miles on it. Appreciate any input. Please respond by email if possible.

    [email protected]
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    Has anyone added a strip to protect the back bumper on RX300? If so where did you buy it, how much & do you like it?
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    Mid November I traded my 2000 AWD (loaded with all EXCEPT tow hitch and rear spoiler) for a 2001 AWD Loaded with Navigation Package (loaded EXCEPT for Rear Spoiler and optional chrome wheels). My 2000 had 4200 miles on it. Dealer gave me $33,500 on my trade-in and new car was $40,500. Off the lot it ended up being my trade + $7400. Remember with trade-in you only pay tax on the difference in value between the two vehicles. There for I paid tax on approx. $7k. Love the new 2001 !! Nice improvements !!
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    In Nov I traded my AWD 99 RX300 with 30K miles for a AWD vapor blue 01 RX300. Both had the premium package. The only option on the 99 not on the 01 was a rear spoiler which I did not want anyway. I paid $8K out-the-door price. The larger gas tank in the 01 is very nice as are the other improvements such a SC, traction control, child seat anchors and other improvements.
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    Could you be more specific on some of the improvements and differences between the 2000 and 2001 RXs. I have owned my 2001 AWD for about 2 months and 3500 miles and did spend a total of 1 hour in a friends 2000 RX before I bought mine. I feel the suspension has been improved as I have not noticed any sway or the tires "folding over" (sorry I'm not a car-techie). Alot of the reviews which are around were based on the 2000s, when you read these things there are minor complaints about "to soft suspension" and "you can't canyon carve". My perception is that the the 2001 suspension results in a tauter ride without giving up any refinement. I have pushed my RX pretty hard at times and never experienced anything close to hairy moment(not even a suggestion of a skid), plus I've been very pleased with the vehicles stablility at what I consider to be high speeds (90-105). Anywwhoo I'd appreciate your opinions.
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    I do notice a tighter ride (less sway) at higher speeds....(I am no auto techie either however) I only noticed a loose ride on my 2000 when driving at higher speeds....I thought it was the tires, but my 2001 has the same Bridgestone Duelers....therefore it is possible Lexus made some improvements, but I do not know for certain.
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    We own 2000 and 2001 RX-300's. Both AWD, Premium
    Plus Package etc. Differences on 2001 I found
    so far:
    alloy wheel spare tire
    larger brake fluid reservoir
    high/low heated seats
    no power switch- only snow mode larger fuel tank- 19.8 as 17.2
    ride definitely farmer- different color codes
    on springs
    restyle front and rear lights
    extra cup holder built into rear seat
    electrochromatic inside mirror with compass
    electomatic outside mirrors
    water repellent front glass
    isofix child seat anchors
    Both are still low miles. No problems with either of them.
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    I expect to be making some trips to the Lake Arrowhead (CA) area this winter in the wife's FWD RX300. I've heard that chains (or 4WD)are required to be carried (or installed)in order to go up the mountain if snow is present or imminent. Any facts on this? The car has the standard-issue Goodyear tires, and I don't particularly want to buy a set of snow tires, since most of the time we'll be in San Diego. Does anyone out there have any specific experience/recommendations in regard to brand, model, and size of snowchains for the RX300?

    Thanks in advance,

  • fasdogfasdog Member Posts: 3
    We own 2000 and 2001 RX-300's. Both AWD, Premium
    Plus Package etc. Differences on 2001 I found
    so far:

    alloy wheel spare tire
    larger brake fluid reservoir
    high/low heated seats
    no power switch- only snow mode larger fuel tank- 19.8 as 17.2
    ride definitely firmer- different color codes
    on springs
    restyle front and rear lights
    extra cup holder built into rear seat
    electrochromatic inside mirror with compass
    electomatic outside mirrors
    water repellent front glass
    isofix child seat anchors
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    of the 2000 vs 2001 still looking for more though.
    As far as the the undeniably big turn radius is concerned it has been a non-issue for me, the car is maneuverable and nimble. In my two mos of ownership my sole problem has been a nonfunctioning light bulb on the driver side visor and when I brought it in for 30 day service they were oos. No rattles no clicks no problems. What is happening in the rear of the car when you shut it off, I'd really like to know what those noises are.
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    Did anyone notice that on the 2001 RX 300 the wheel fenders are slightly more flared??? I can clearly see the difference and it looks awesome. I haven't seen anyone mention this before...
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    I have a 2000 rx300 and was hearing a lot of rattling in rear of my truck while I was driving. When I finally checked it out I found out that the wheel lock key was rolling aroung in the spare tire bay making the rattling sound. I thought it was pretty funny. I simply weged it in so it doesn't move. I haven't had a problem since. I know some people on the board mentioned they had problem with rattling in the rear of the car. I hope your problem is a minor one such as this.
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    Ellis Kruger of Lexus of Cerritos in LA quoted $45029 out the door price for a 2001 AWD with NV pkg, all season tires with chrome wheels, running board, cargo mat, tow hitch receiver, gold trim kit, color-keyed rear spoiler, roof mounted accessory cross bars. I read in these forum that he's the one to go to for great deals but this price seems too high to be considered worth looking into. Is he serious about this price? Any recommendations from anyone within the LA area? I'm looking to purchase by the end of this month...
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    I had the dealer install a bumper strip when I took it in for the 20k service. It cost about $40, installed. Installation is just cleaning the bumper, remove the tape protector paper and apply to the bumper. It works fine, but does not protect the "back" of the bumper, only the top. So, if you bump the back bumper it will leave a scratch in the paint. Very irksom, as I have scratched it many times when loading heavy objects into the rear of the RX.
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    I've heard many people comment on the Michelin's and have recently put some on my wife's '99 DX that needed new tires. They seem to be quiet and a good riding tire, except that there is a rubbing noise anytime the suspension compresses. I'm not sure if the tire installers screwed something up or if the very tall tread of the new tires is rubbing against something. Anyone else run into this????
  • gdanczykgdanczyk Member Posts: 26

    What size Michelin's did they install? It sounds like they might have installed a different size (read: taller) than original equipment.
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    You need to check elsewhere. Try Longo Lexus in El Monte. I was just there (12/24) and picked up mine for WAY less. (Similar setup, not exact). I told them what Cars Direct price was and they MATCHED it! I just put your specs into Cars Direct and came up with $39,540. Good Luck!
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    We have a place at L.Arwhd. It really depends on the severity of the weather when you get to the checkpoint (location varies also, depending on current conditions). I have driven up in all types of vehicles and conditions and sometimes they'll let people through in a sedan and sometimes they'll stop 4WD vehicles for chains. IMHO, buy the chains/cables* and stick 'em in the back end if your heading up. It'll save the hassle of either turning around or having to pay 4-5x as much on the side of the road.
    * The cable style are a LOT easier to install.
    BTW If they are requiring you to stop and put them on, there are almost always guys (usually high school kids or contractors who can't work or go to school due to weather) at the check point who'll put them on for you for a few bucks.
    If you feel inclined not to grovel in the snow and do it yourself, its worth the money. In case you'd rather have this experience, keep a plastic bag and a small piece of carpet with the tires to save your knees (experience speaking!).
    Enjoy the Lake, its beautiful in winter.
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    Our '00 RX with 17K on it has developed a rumbling/resonating noise when idling in either Drive or Reverse. When the transmission is put in Neutral or Park the noise stops. The dealer has replaced the muffler, adjusted the idle, and cleaned the carbon out of the top end of the engine but the noise persists. If anyone has any idea what it might be, I would certainly appreciate any help you can give. My dealer, Bobby Rahal Lexus in Mechanicsburg, PA has been very cooperative but cannot seem to find the cause of the noise. We were so impressed with the smooth and quiet engine in the RX as compared to our '99 JGC Ltd. Thanks for any help.
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    ditto to comment #272: I traded in my '00 rx for '01 rx because of new lites, etc. never had any problems til now."ejwint" says it best "it eminates from the engine and is the kind one would have heard in an older car with a valve out of adjustment" my '00rx DID NOT have this problem!!!!! I only have 400 miles on new rx.I will wait til 1000mi. before returning to dealer. Hope you all listen closely to determine if you have this same nagging problem. If you hear of a service bulletin for noise, please post it here.Also, has anyone noticed that the 01rx is slightly taller? The only reason why I noticed this is that the antennae now hits the garage door whereas '00rx didnot. I have to turn off radio before pulling into garage.Otherwise this is my all-time favorite "car"
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    Am ready to get rid of the cheap GoodYear Integrety tires that came on my 2000 AWD. Am trying to decide between the Cross-Terrain & LTX. The price difference is only $13. each. The Cross Terrain is fairly new. Would appreciate input from anyone who has tried either tire.

    Also, wouldn't this site be much easier to use if you could reply to individual messages, rather than having to search the board for answers?
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    Have a 2001 RX FWD. Put 300 miles on OEM Goodyears then switched to a set of Michelin CTs -

    1. Better tracking without hands on wheel
    2. Firmer ride at 32 psi, same psi as I had with Goodyears
    3. Just had our first rain in L.A. area and they did fine while the oil was coming up on the roads
    4. Can't help with info on snow/ice capability

    Hey - doesn't somebody out there in the Greater L.A. area want my set of Goodyears cheap?

    email me directly at
    [email protected]
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    I have recently purchased a Rx. I am a former Volvo person. Love my Volvo too. The Volvo has 210,000 miles and still going.
    The RX is loaded including Nav and hitch. We had a ml 320 ordered for 6 months and was told through the Mercedes dealer that I could get a seat belt of longer length. The day the ML320 came we were told they no longer will do that. We did not except it. No customer service help through dealer or direct to Mercedes.

    We went to a couple of Lexus dealers then and were told we could get a seat belt extender. The same my Volvo has. Lexus customer seemed very good.
    My one big problem on the RX is the drivers seat back not going up straight enough.You are semi reclined.
    It is a 8/10 way seat. I never had a seat like it. It is not just like that for me but, my husband also. The dealer said that if you want it straighter you have to tilt the bottom seat cushion forward/down. Well then you feel like you are sliding out. The passenger seat has less adjustments and goes much straighter. I had to buy a pillow and tie it to the headrest.
    We rent a lot of cars and never found this problem with any other. Has anyone found this a problem??
    Thanks in advance.
  • sandiegotomsandiegotom Member Posts: 50

    Thanks for the prompt reply and good advice on snowchains and Lake Arrowhead. I'm picking up a set, probably cable-type, tomorrow since we're heading up there on Saturday to continue our search for a second home. Looking at the weather forecast, we might get a chance to try out the chains!

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    Did anyone hear the news already? Lexus is bringing out a special edition RX 300 in April, it's called the RX 300 Silver Sport or something. You guessed it, it's what the name suggests. It has a sportier grille and an eurotuned suspension and some other stuff I think. Can't wait to see it.
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    I am eager (maybe too much so) to by a 2001 with the NAV package (the works). My local dealer told me that they are in short supply and that he could not give me any price break, i.e. he is sticking to $43K.

    In earlier posts on this board, I saw people getting $40K. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • ststephen0ststephen0 Member Posts: 37
    Is this one of the navs with the "Value Package" ?
    I would not pay 43k for can do better. Where are you trying? Here in Atlanta all the dealers play the short supply game..., but I had no problem getting mine for $40k...just went about 90 miles from here to a dealer outside Atlanta. BE SURE to SHOP AROUND !! Good Luck!
  • nolimits1nolimits1 Member Posts: 1
    I'm interested to find out if the 2001 RX300's windshield is made up of any semi-metallic material which might impeded on the sensitivity of a radar detector. I called Lexus customer service and they said NONE of the windshields are made up of any kind of semi-metallic material. Is this true and has anyone verified it?
    If the rear windows are not made up of semi-metallic material internal to the glass, then how can they get it to be so mirror like and offer proper UV protection on all windows?
  • clee4clee4 Member Posts: 103
    Run, do not walk to another dealer. Nav Value packages are getting easier to find and at much better prices. I would consider 39K to 39.9K a good price on east coast for a nav package, heated seats, spoiler, wheel locks, and those pesky cross bars. MSRP $42,601. Don't fall prey to a older RX with nav that does not have the $1500 value package discount. Same car, just discounted by Lexus. The dealer is just trying to unload the older priced RX. West coast prices are even better. Good luck.
  • inkyinky Member Posts: 370
    Any other 2000 late year RX buyers out there feel screwed by circumstance of better 2001 features, lower actual RX selling prices?
    I do, but that is risk of frequent car buying. RX's are piling up and with $1,500 package discount are better deal than a 2000 ever was. I actually had a 2001 MDX reserved (deposit) in August for October delivery and made the very stupid choice of the RX due to its higher quality.
    What a mistake that was. IN hindsight, I should have bought the MDX ($34,850) driven one year and sold it for close to $33,000 given supply and demand. My market timing simply sucks. I knew MDX would be well worth it, but did not want to wait 30 days to pay MSRP. In that case car is worth MSRP. RX was worth MSRP in mid 98 when first released and loaded AWD was $35,000. RX is now way overpriced and now selling for market price. Another lesson learned.
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    My brakes squeak when cold. After driving for a while, the squeaks are either reduced or disappeared. Lexus service said that this is normal. Anyone has the same problem?

    Got my LTX tires instead of the standard Bridgestone tires from the dealer when I bought the car. I don't have the experience to compare the performance of the two, but I am very happy with my LTX's for the past winter and this winter so far. They are very quiet and provide a lot of traction both in summer and in winter. I have about 15,000 km on them already.
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