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Isuzu Trooper



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    That is cheap! Does it include the mounting brackets and floor bracket?

  • cknottcknott Posts: 61
    I have been investigating third seats lately. Outside of potentially getting the OEM 3rd seat, does have a double folding 3rd seat with shoulder belts for $850 delivered. The seat folds against the 2nd row seat when cargo capacity is needed. This is possibly a better alternative than the OEM, because this seat can also be completely removed in less than a minute. They sent me fabric samples which appeared to be reasonably close to my factory cloth.

    Can anyone vouch for littlepassengerseat products? Has anyone purchased from them?

    If we could get a mass buy going, I would coordinate the activities and see if we could get the price down. Throw some input in and let me know.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I would be interested for sure. Last time I looked at their site it did not have that option! Cool beans. I'll have to visit this afternoon and see what they look like. Someone on here has their seats and said they were great.

  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    Well now, that news about the fold-n-store third row seat is great. I had looked into the little passengers seat for the 4Runner but the design didn't work well for me. When the Trooper is being used as a chase vehicle it needs to haul luggage during the day and people in the evening. That's why the Landcruiser style seats in the Trooper seemed perfect but this new design from little passengers would work great. With the Suburban, we used to fold the third row seat and tip it into the passenger foot well which held it up against the 2nd row seat backs.

    That said, I'm interested in getting the real deal if the Australia plan can work out. Any Aussies on this list? There were a bunch on the LC list.

    These forums are too much fun, how does anybody get any work done?

  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    I think I need to get a Trooper first to put them in.
  • Hi,
    I have a 99 Trooper and can not insert any cd's
    into the the In-Dash changer. Has anyone else experinced this problem?
  • zutrooperzutrooper Posts: 66
    FYI, has rancho 9000s on buy3 get 1 free plus free shipping. You can get a s set for $225 delivered!
  • gtroopgtroop Posts: 85
    The seats alone are AU$660 with the brackets going for AU$110. Shipping?

    That fold up seat for little passengers doesn't have head restraints IIRC, they aren't even optional.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Hmm so let's see $770AU + ~$700Aus shipping + 2.5% US Customs should come out to around ~$800. The question is do the seats from aus come with the seat belts? Molding for the seatbelts to go into the D pillar?

  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    I am interested in the Austrailian OEM seats as well. I have the very sturdy littlepassengerseats non-folding 3rd row seat with 3 seat belts mounted rear facing, the kids love it. Taking it out is four bolts, about ten minutes. The OEM folding seats would be nicer I think because they make it quick to get back my load floor. But then, I would go down from eight seats to four, but the kids are getting bigger and littlepassengerseats will buy back my used seat when the kids grow out of it... Hmmm...
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    This topic has come up, either here or at, a few times in the past. I've heard several good things about their seats. They basically deliver on what they claim. The seat fabrics are remarkably close to the OEM (I've heard that in many cases they get the fabric from the same supplier as the vehicle manufacturer does), build quality is good, etc.

    We now have a minivan too, so we're not in the market for a 3rd row Trooper seat.

    What's the AUS/US exchange rate? Just curious to know how much $770AUS is in U.S. $.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    99tropper, I had this problem on my 98 Trooper. Dealer replaced the CD changer under warranty, no questions asked.

    I've heard a few folks mention similar problems on this forum. Considering the relatively small number of folks who post here, I'd say it's probably a fairly common problem.

    hey, did you misspell "trooper" in your user name on purpose?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Is about .52US $ So $770 is about $350, but shipping is also about $700+ AUS + Tarriff etc.

  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    If the Australian seats are about $800 USD (all in) then it would seem to me that they'd be the way to go (for my uses). The fact that they're specially designed for the vehicle and have headrests is a nice advantage.

    A local Isuzu dealer was kind enough to lend me a used 2001 Trooper overnight for a 300 miles test drive. He knows what I am looking for and understood that, since it lacked a sunroof, the particular example I drove wouldn't be one I'd buy. I was particularly interested in long-distance comfort/mpg and so took it to Burlington, VT and back. Overall it was as comfortable as my Suburban and got 17 mpg @72-75 mph. I do a lot of driving so I can't pretend for a minute that I'll stay to 60 mph on the interstate. It does make me think that with backroad driving at 50 mph, the mileage would likely stay at 17 which is a decent number all things considered. I brought it back to the dealer this morning nice and clean with a full tank of gas.

    The Toyota dealer lent me a 1998 4runner (w/o sunroof) for last weekend and it got 19 mpg on a similar trip. I have no idea why I am getting so lucky with dealers. In both cases, I offered to pay a "rental charge" for these long test drives and both dealers refused.

    The Suburban would do 14-15 mpg on the same kind of trip. I'd like 25, but 17 is workable.

  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Thanks. I have been waiting on a sale on these. Ordered via phone since I could not get the web order page to ring up the free one. He quoted me $217.90. Not sure where he got that. Surprised they did not hit me with tax since their page lists a 'Performance Center' retail shop here in Memphis. If they add the $5 handling that is separate from free shipping it will be closer to $225, still great. The stock shocks with 33,000 miles are more 'noticeable' all the time :-).

    Tires will be next later this year. Can't stand much more of the Bridgestones. BTW, vehicle is a 2wd '00 Trooper LS.

    In case anyone else has the problem ordering, I called the following # under customer service: (877) 474-4821 (Internet)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Which model did he lend you? Was it an LS w/o Roof or was it an S model? If it was an S model the LS/performance package models have an even more comfy set of seats in them.

  • fasterthanufasterthanu Posts: 210
    No more real Trooper by the end of this year. The next 'Trooper' will be a re-badged GMC Envoy. That's a pity. At least the current Trooper has been around for awhile. I prefer the older Trooper II in styling - was close to that of the great SUVS of the 80s: Montero and Range Rover.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "Isuzu is considering a lower base price for the upscale Axiom sport-utility and repositioning the Rodeo as an entry-level sport-utility with an optional diesel engine in model year 2005, Isuzu's chief U.S. product planner said Tuesday."

    Isuzu Considers Recasting Lafayette, Ind.-Made Sport Utility Vehicles

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    Hi Mike,

    I borrowed an "S" model and those seats gave me lots of headroom. Today, I took a Limited for a short test drive and discovered that those seats (even set to their lowest position) put my head up against the sunroof frame. Headroom was one of the things I liked so much about the Trooper. I'm really hoping that that the LS model's seats don't put me so high up because if they do, it's as a bad a problem as the 4runner and I'm back to square one. So, I'll need to find an LS to "test sit" real soon. Thanks for the info.

    - Sean
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Where are you located? I'm in NYC if that helps.

  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    Do you have an LS? I'm in Rockingham, VT which is just north of Brattleboro in the southeastern corner of the state. Where's your upstate place? Let's talk further off list, I'm at


  • amigo_johnamigo_john Posts: 107
    Sign me up. I've been waiting for a new diesel Isuzu for 15 years! Why would one of the best diesel engine manufacturers in the world have gas only in their sport utility lineup? It doesn't make sense. The Golf and Jetta TDI's are hot sellers right now with rising fuel prices. I guess people are too wimpy to try driving a diesel. Personally, I love the smell of diesel in the morning! Pulling up next to the noisy big rigs to fuel up is a lot more macho than gassing up next to a minivan playing a Barney tape.
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    This is an interesting newswire article. It is from 1997 and indicates that BW already had produced 1million TOD units by that FORD? Plus it talks about 4w high for off-road use.


    Look at the December 22, 1997 date, about 3/4 of the way down.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I beleive B&W calls all their auto-engaging T-cases TOD. I did hear that Ford had a version of TOD but not sure of the specs on their unit.

  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    To tell them not to mess up this opportunity to revolutionize SUV engines in the USA. Very important, they must offer the Rodeo diesel at lower cost than the six cylinder gasoline model. Since the diesel is four cylinder it should be less expensive to make than the gasoline six.

    In other words, they must introduce the diesel as a low cost of ownership, smart car buyer's choice. And emphasize Isuzu's diesel experience.

    Please tell Joe Isuzu that 4cyl 179hp diesel is not as he calls Isuzu's "sexy". Instead say that the Rodeo has an Isuzu Duramax High Torque High MPG engine. The number of cylinders and low Hp numbers should be left in the background as information not to advertise.

    The Rodeo can be advertised as the most environmentally friendly SUV with probably 30MPG.

    I just hope they can stay alive as an SUV company and this opportunity to become extremely popular in the US with traditionally anti SUV because of MPG people is not waisted.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Let's hope this turns them around. IMHO they should offer diesels across the board Axiom and Rodeo both. Also it should be a v6 4.0 so that the HP and torque figures are high.

  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    I think Isuzu can make a real nice nitch selling diesel models of several GM vehicles. All of them with a little less luxery than the GM brands but with added utility and diesels.

    The Rodeo 3L duramax for $15000 33 greenSUV MPG
    The Isuzu Silhouette 3L duramax minivan 40MPG
    The Isuzu Safari 4L duramax medium van 30MPG
    The Isuzu Full size van with Duramax 4L and 6L 24MPG
    The Isuzu Full size camper chassis with Duramax
    Isuzu can direct sales efforts at fleets for lower cost of ownership through better MPG and longer life.

    Isuzu would synonomous with diesel.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    That could work.

  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    They can pretest the diesels in the USA by taking prepaid orders for diesel Troopers for sale to us to test them here, to see if they can be made to pass emissions tests.

    I think the diesel should be as economical to buy as it can be and the 3L 4cyl will be plenty of power for a midsize SUV. Add some hybrid boost and it will be overkill on power and very economical to own. So I think they should avoid a V6 diesel untill they gain acceptance of diesels and become known for incredibly good MPG and durability.
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