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Isuzu Trooper



  • I'm pleased to say that the air conditioning in my 2000 S has been doing just fine in the 95 degree heat here in Milwaukee. I'd heard people complain about the air on USENET before buying it, and was worried that it just wouldn't hold up, but it's been working really well.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The dealer was wrong about the helper fans pre-01, at least in 98-00. There were never any "towing packages" offered because all isuzus are trailer ready sans the hitch.

    The reason the helper fan *may* help out the A/C is because the A/C condenser cooler is right in front of the radiator, between that fan and the radiator. If there is a fan blowing directly on the condenser it can help it.


    PS: is back up

  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    The AC efficiency is largely a function of the amount of heat that builds up in the truck. If its in the sun all day and its 95 deg, its not going to cool down quick. If its in the shade and its 95 it will. When its in the sun everything is really hot, well over 100 deg. My CD player would not work properly because the CDs were so hot to the touch the other day. All that stuff needs to be cooled down. That's my take on it.
  • masbamamasbama Posts: 6
    I am this close (><) to buying a 2001 Trooper 'S'. I need to have some thing answered by you experts. How much will it cost to add the single or multi disc CD player? The dealer said 5-600 dollars. Can I have it done from an outside source and still use the main radio/tape control unit to run it? Thanks!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    St. Charles Isuzu. They have the best prices on parts and I think free shipping. I think it's about $400, but....

    I bet you can pick up a brand new one from e-bay or someone on here that is upgrading to a custome unit, and will likely sell you the stock one for relatively cheap. There are no known 3rd party cd-players that work with the Isuzu head unit, at least not ones that are controlled by the stereo.

  • tntmythtntmyth Posts: 70
    Paisan and Masbama,

    There is an aftermarket single CD player that is sold regularly on ebay under Isuzu Trooper. Supposedly it works the the factory Isuzu head unit and plugs into the head unit with no cutting of wires. It usually goes for about $200. The dealers usually sell the Isuzu 6-CD indash changer for about $700. If St. Charles has that unit for $400. That's not bad. But of course it would be better to get one from a Trooper owner for less. I wish I would have negociated for a CD changer when I bought my 2001. But hindsight is 20-20.

    If anyone here has an Isuzu in-dash CD player or even better, a changer they want to sell that works with 2001 head unit, just email me. I would be interested. I believe 1998-2001 head units are all the same.

  • You can buy a single in-dash CD player that fits in the pocket below the radio/cassette, and is controlled by the CD controls on the factory radio, from Crutchfield. The cost is $200 and the unit comes with a 3 year warranty.

    Or, for $200, you can buy an in-dash 4 disk changer, made by Sanyo/Excedio. This unit fits exactly in the dash where the factory radio went, and used the existing brackets. If purchased from Crutchfield, it comes with a connector that uses the factory wiring with no cutting. I bought and installed this unit and the sound is night and day better than the factory unit.

    BTW the factory unit is an el-cheapo made by Fujitsu Ten. I was told by St. Charles Isuzu that the factory add-on CD is also an el-cheapo - except that it costs a lot.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Swamp coolers work in Arizona because the low ambient humidity allows for evaporative cooling to take place...that wouldn't work when the dewpoint is already 70 or 80.

    And I don't believe humidity has anything to do with how efficient an auto AC is, because excess heat is dumped via the condensor located in front of the radiator, humidity has no effect on metal to air heat transfer...

    But having said that, AC may subjectively FEEL like it is doing more in humid climates, because of the humidity (condensation) removed from the air when cooling it (which is why your vehicle drools water underneath when the AC is on), in addition to the temperature decrease.
  • cobbocobbo Posts: 34
    Aloha again ya'll...figured it was time for me to give ya'll another update on my life with the new Trooper...

    Just passed the first three months and took the Troop' in for the 2nd service/oil change with about 8,200 miles on board...went smooth and quick and was happily back on my way...

    Until the next day when that pesky ol' REDUCED POWER light came on with his friend CHECK ENGINE...needless to say I had begun to wonder if this was just some kind of a joke or if the lights were keyed into be idiot lights warning of the need to do an oil change (which had just been done, but maybe the numnut service dude had forgotten to flip a switch or something, right?)...turns out that something blew internally in the "accelerator sensor beneath the pedal" and they've ordered in a new part which they will install tomorrow morning....which is a good thing, b/c I don't mind as long as it's fixed...driving this puppy around on REDUCED POWER is like trying to tow a 5,000 lb trailer with a 4-cylinder puddle jumper up-hill. So, now all that remains is for me to attempt to deduce if I just lucked out with a bad part or if it's the weight of my size 13s that broke the sucker or if I actually move faster off a light than Paisan...*grin*...which I somehow doubt...

    Anyway, aside from that, I'm lovin' T3 (as evidenced by the mileage - I've gotta slow down or I'm gonna pass 30k in the first year)...but I just figured I'd keep ya'll posted since I seem to be the only one who ever gets to see these lights...btw, it's a 2001 Trooper LTD 4x4 Black w/Gold Package for anyone who missed the much earlier posts...

    Hope ya'll are truckin' well...---Cobbo
  • i30g20i30g20 Posts: 24
    Way back in post #1486 a fellow went to Checkered Flag Isuzu in VA Beach and bought an "S" for 18,995 plus fees. The way I figure it 19,000/27,300 = x/32,000 (the denominator is the invoice for the "S" and "Limited"). Now x=22,300 plus fees. At that price I'm willing to pay the junk fees. Here's what I get for an out the door price: 22.3k + 690 (3% tax) + 695 prep + 610 dest + 60 (city tax and transfer) + 350 advertising = $24,710. I'm told that is a steal and probably will not happen. Is there a problem with my math? Has anyone gotten a limited for around $25k? I understand that 2002 is the last year for the Trooper [:-(
    ... so that means they will probably be discounting them even more to get them out the door.
  • masbamamasbama Posts: 6
    Thanks about the CD players. I forgot about Crutchfield. I'll let you know what happens.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You can probably get a Limited for around $28K + TTL. I don't think they'll go much lower than that. Also an LS for around $26K +TTL.

    Cobbo: Since we have a drive by wire system, the sensor probably broke. I wouldn't worry about it so long as they fix it. I pout 25K on my trooper the first year, although now, almost 2 months into the 2nd year, I have only put on about 1500miles since I want this truck to last for it will be irreplaceable! :(

  • Unless you are worried about resale down the road, I say you should drive the dog out of your Troopers. Whose to say you can't get more than 200K+ miles out of your drivetrain because it sounds like they can do this easy from people's past experiences. Approaching two years of ownership with only one trip to dealer to replace a cracked ac vent (ok, these are cheap plastic parts - but still replaced under warranty).
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Gotta love those "advances" in technology! I'm glad my 99 has the old-fashioned accelerator cable that, I can safely predict, will NEVER break, unlike that high-tech drive-by-wire system...
  • kobokokoboko Posts: 34
    I started my Trooper this morning and it fired right up, then suddenly the rpm dropped drastically and engine started stalling and i thought it would shut off, but then the rpm shot up over 2000 and then came back to normal. It drove fine after that. I only have 560 miles on it and was wondering whether this is "normal behavior" and has anybody else experienced it? It's the first time its done this by the way. Didn't seem right to me. Comments/suggestions would be welcome. Thanks...
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    I am looking at a '95 Trooper S in real nice condition, only 45K on the odo. BUT, it doesn't have power windows or locks (twas an option way back in '95). Is it possible to retro fit the power components from one out of a junk yard maybe? It would make this vehicle a bit more liveable.
  • 1998 Trooper S did that a couple times over the span of a year. My 1999 Trooper Ltd has never done THAT specifically, but yesterday it did something really strange..

    I was pulling into a parking lot, and just idling as I coasted around looking for a spot and the AC started gettting warmer. What I realized was that the Trooper was idling at around 500rpm, whereas it normally idles at about 800. i guess the AC compressor kicks off below about 600 or so? Anyway I drove it back out on the road, ac got cold, and came back to the parking lot and the idle sat around 800 with cold air coming out for 10 minutes parked (had to go to work after that)..

    Anyway, anyone else evee had this happen?
  • i30g20i30g20 Posts: 24
    I'm confused. TMV says 30,237 less 1k cust cash and 4k dealer cash /w some high volume dealerships kicking in another k is another wiay to calculate a price. I thought I read that TMV is before any cash back incentives? At 28k, I'll probably just get an Ody and paint my 1992 and keep it.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Hey you guys with idle problems. I hear there is a TSB for that. They need to re-program the ECU.

  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Report Date: August 10, 2001 02:01:57 PM
    Service Bulletin Number: SB0001S005
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 125
    Date of Bulletin: 0004
    NHTSA Item Number: SB612584
    Model: TROOPER
    Year: 1999
    Component: ENGINE
  • The way to get a Limited for a true steal is to... buy a used one. The prices have not held up well, and although the Limiteds are in fact quite rare compared to the S and LS models, the prices for the Limiteds are depressed because the prices for the S and LS models are so depressed. I should know; I have a '99 Limited that I would like to sell, but it's too depressing to put it on the market. For pre-2000 Troopers, look for trucks with both the "Performance" and "Luxury" packages, because they were not called "Limiteds" before 2000. (BTW, mine is excellent condition, Virginia location; let me know if you would like to learn more. )
    Good luck in your search.
  • I paid $25,900 for my 1999 trooper with performance pkg, lux pkg, isuzu hitch, multimeter, moonroof, etc., in August 2000. Had 7800 miles on it, but was in *perfect* condition. Isuzu Rep driven, so the title said *new*. Bank gave me the *new* car financing rate (7% at the time).

    No regrets.
  • thanks for the info on that TSB!!
  • hguyhguy Posts: 5
    Technicians or mechanics(how we call them in the rest of the world) just try to deal with and fix the "state of the art" technology that engineers are throwing at them. Most of them try hard to earn paycheck,witch is hard btw working on warranty ,and assuming that there is a "switch" they flip to trigger a problem like that , shows how little you know about automotive industry. Give them little credit,because after all where you will go when your LTD will crap the bed? Ya'll have a good weekend now :-)
  • cobbocobbo Posts: 34
    Hguy is proving that he/she is the numnut if not capable of recognizing a rant for what it is when someone is dealing with the frustration of a recurring problem...but that aside, contrary to post 1765, most manufacturers have in fact set up an idiot warning light on oil changes which is set to go off according to a mileage countdown and needs to be reset when in for service/oil change by the technician, generally by resetting a computer code or via "flicking a switch" by pushing certain display devices in a preprogrammed order in order to reset the sensor -so common, in fact, that most mechanics/techs will just tell the customer the series after the first occurance in order to obviate the need to bring the truck back in for something so simple...

    Now ya'll have a nice weekend and lets move past this unbecoming incident...

    PS. For anyone who cares, the part was installed this am & appears to have done the job as I put on another 200+ miles today without incident & was able to actually accelerate off the line (which was a welcome change)...hasty lumbegoes...
  • I am about to buy a new Limited, but just started to get cold feet as I read about the fact that this is the last year for this Trooper (is it a redesign or the end of the Trooper)? Any thoughts out there on what this will do to the value of the current style of Trooper? Also, does anyone know why Running Boards are no longer an option? I have them on my 97 and think they really add to the appearance.

    As to the earlier posts on what is a good deal, I am paying 26,500 and am very pleased. Comments quickly please... I am supposed to buy in about 14 hours!
  • cwmosercwmoser Posts: 227
    $26,500 sounds like a VERY good price for a Limited Trooper.

    In 1999 I purchased a "Luxury" Trooper which is equivalent to the Limited and paid $26,788.25 Cash plus a tradein worth approx $3,000.00. This included all taxes, tags, etc.

    I assume the Limited includes the same accessories as the "Performance" and "Luxury" packages offered in 1999 which are Leather, Moon Roof, Spyder Wheels, CD changer, Multimeter, fog lamps, simulated wood trim, etc.

    I thought I got a great price but your price is even better!!
  • cwmosercwmoser Posts: 227
    A quick way to tell if a Trooper has both the Luxury and Performance packges for pre 2000 models, is to look for the badging "Luxury" on the back of the vehicle.
  • beer47beer47 Posts: 185
    Forget it. We all got our $ value up front when we bought it. You can't get it on the back end too. A Toyota will cost much more up front but you will get it on the back end. I say you buy the Trooper with the idea to keep it for good, trade-in value be damned. With the model going away, low sales figures, and the general public not giving a darn there will be no great $ amounts to be had for your Trooper. I think we got a real good vehicle @ a real good price that is tough as an old shoe. But the key is to drive it, drive it, and drive it some more. Avg person should keep it at least 10 years. I do about 3k per month so I'm not sure mine can hold up that long but I do plan on it going at least 200k which should take me about 5 and a half years. Good luck to all!!
  • To answer CW I am getting all of those options, as wll as the rather strange Multimeter, which not only has a compass, but also a barometer. The only thing missing is the running boards.

    Any ideas what will happen to parts availability when Troopers end??????????????????
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