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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Electrical Problems



  • I have always been a GM man, but no longer can I support GM!
    Chevrolet needs to step up to the plate with some help, in the form of goodwill repairs and some recalls on these Colorado problems! I have spend a ton on out of pocket money on repairs, I should not be paying for! When there is a definite design flaw & obvious manufactured defect with is time the GM Corp. shows some honesty and makes it right! Too many vehicle with the same problems.
  • I purchased, new (in 2006) a Colorado that is also now experiencing the same starting issues. Sometimes it will not start when hot, and the starter will also continue to turn the engine over, for a few times extra, when the key is NOT put in the start position. The engine also has never started when the starter continues on with the extra revolutions. But, after cooling off, for about 30 minutes, or so it starts up fine, with no starter ( continuing on) issues either. It is now becoming a problem. I have 54 K miles, on my Colorado, and no warranty left, so I will try to change the electronic ignition switch (my mechanic's idea), and maybe the timing sensor and crank sensors (mentioned here in an earlier post)..If that does not work, I will trade it in for something else, as my daughter sometimes drives it late at night.. I also had a burn in the blower line/ resistor too. FYI, the parts section at Classic Chevy (in Orlando, FL) said that they have sold over 40 new electronic ignition switches for fairly new Colorados / Canyons lately. My VIN: 1GCCS198168309315
  • sean91sean91 Posts: 10

    I'd like to know the GM telephone contact number (800 number) for Mariah, GM Customer Service.

  • sean91sean91 Posts: 10
    My fan stopped blowing except at speed 4, after my wife ran on speed 3, which I think was too much with the daily heat down here in the South at 105+ daily. I read about the problem online and saw that it is a common problem. I bought a resistor online, but then I checked to see if any of the wires were burned out on the unit under the dash (sometimes the blue burns out and turns brown) but none were. So I wiggled the wires a little...and the blowers speeds 1-3 came back on. I guess the wiggling knocked away a little residue. So I will be conservative by using speeds 1-2 on the fan. (Speed 4 bypasses the resistor so you can run that directly.) If it's not broke, I won't fix it. Got the recall notice, though about the brake lights from GM on the 2006 Canyon. Still a good vehicle, so far, at 42,000 miles.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Sean91,
    If you are having concerns or have a question(s) about your vehicle please email me. You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Our 2005 Colorado has many of the issues here. We bought it brand new.
    The fan wont work in position 1, 2, 3 sometimes and sometimes it does.

    The truck also wont crank sometime, same issue it just turns over and over. Used to be just every now and then but its getting quite frequent. This morning after sitting all night it would not crank.
    My daughter also has a customer with the same issue, they keep replacing all these things and so far nothing worked. Seems to me chevy has a widespread problem with these issues and it should be recalled.

    Of course our truck isnt under warranty any more, and my husband is on disability so just taking it in isnt an option for us.
    My husband has always been a chevy driver, but this truck is changing that.

    Chevy you need to get these issues resolved.
  • I have spent all day researching this problem(truck wont crank), and lo and behold its a very very common complaint. There are 1000's of people out there with this problem. And it appears its a known issue by GM after all they published a TSB on this very problem years ago.
    GM should have to fix all of these vehicles. Its not just the colorado's and canyons its a wide spread GM issue.
    The passlock anti theft system is causing this. I for one will be filing a complaint NHTSA as this could be a safety issue. If you are having this issue I urge you to file a complaint also.
  • Hey, I was just wondering if you ever got your light issue fixed?? I'm having the same problems and bought 2 new headlight switches but it still didnt work. The chevy dealer told me the switch didnt have to be programmed, but the new switches made everything worse. do you know if they do need to be programmed?
  • I'm trying to get GM to step up now too. I've already had a nightmare of a time with my wife's 2008 Impala and it's inability to hold alignment, now I'm dealing with my Colorado. It's a 2005 with 42k miles on it as of October 2010.

    Position 3 on the fan does not work.
    Intermittent problems with the display not appearing after I start the truck.
    The vents between the cab and the bed leaking water. (mildewed carpet smells great!)
    CD player works sometimes.
    Replaced GENERAL tires after 12k miles. They were almost thread bare.

    If GM steps up and does the right thing I'll give them another chance. If not, I won't. EVER.
  • Seems you have my truck. Mine is a 04 Z71 4x4 72000 miles. I have had blower resistor changed 5 times with a new connector 3 of those 5. We were thinking of putting the last one on with quick connects. Headlights yes Roof leak yes. Did fix, found the light in back of the cab had a bad gasket. New head yes,. Anti lock brakes yes. No Throttle Sensor yet, however there is always tomorrow. I expect almost anything with mine. Now it seems I am having some Body control module problems. Radio, windows dash lights etc doing strange things every now and again. BCM is about 800 and as I understand it you cant use a junk yard part has to be new .
    We should after all GM sold us junk, seems only fitting we should be able to get real junk parts from a real junk yard.
    I am so lucky I have a good friend that owns a Auto electric shop. He has helped me keep it going but even he is getting to a point.
    I have, like you been a GM man for over 30 years. No more for me. I would sell mine but dont have the heart to stick it on someone else.
    Bad thing is I really like the truck but am at my end with all the problems and no, that correct no help from GM or a very bad product.
    GM is turning a new leaf so maybe they will come around and fix all these problems and make us a happy camper. Then we can drive our trucks to NASA and they will let us fly the Space shuttle also.
    No more GM for me.
  • Update on my issue: Mariah replied to my email really quickly and got the ball rolling on opening a case for me. In the meantime, I contacted my dealership (Terry Labonte) and they stepped up. They agreed to repair the leak under warranty. They won't replace my carpet or padding but will remove it and dry it out thoroughly. I suppose I'll either get it cleaned or replace it myself for $150.
    I wiggled the connector for the blower and the position 3 came back to life. I got about a half mile down the road before it shut off and I started smelling a burning odor. Has anyone purchased the GM protection plan? I ordinarily wouldn't but I'm scared not to with all the potential problems I'm facing with this vehicle.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I always purchase the extended purchase plan on any vehicle I buy from any company. I consider it cheap insurance. Just the cost of doing business. Have you noticed what it costs per hour at most dealers. I've seen up to $150 per hour for electrical problems with mechanical ones going for $100 per hour. Heck it can cost you what it costs for the warranty just in one simple repair these days.
  • I was one of the first posters on this thread with the door lock, starting problems, BCM replacement, fried battery, blower resistor, fusebox issue. I have to say, since the summer of hell with the truck in 2007, outside of the head replacement, the truck... has been doing ok. Well, I did lose the heated seat on the driver's side last winter, but it is 6 years old. Could be the switch, haven't tried to trouble shoot it, but no major issues since 2007. The truck now has about 130K miles on it.

    I keep following this thread to see what I might have to expect, I have never had the dashboard lighting problems that sound pretty common. I have not had any leaks that I am aware of, but the truck is garaged in the evenings.

    I've followed all the posts on the suspected reasons for the electrical issues, bad grounds, too small an alternator, bad connectors etc. I really think the deal was the fuse black they replaced under the service bulletin (they took care of that, but I had to pay for everything else). The fuseblock was shorted and scorched. I think this was responsibe for the bulk of the electrical issues. The other thing that may be a contributor is the alternator. I read that the alternator is like 100 amps and should be replaced with a 125amp when it goes. There is a lot of electrical gear running on the truck. By default the running lights are always on. I make a concious effort to turn those off and try to minimize the electrical load on the truck when I can. Don't know if it helps, I haven't had any electrical issues since 2007 other than the heated seat going out.

    I agree though, I will never, ever, buy another GM product. It would have been one thing had they said, "Yeah, the truck has problems, it was poorly designed, sorry we inflicted it on you, but we'll support our customers". Instead I got, "What? We have never heard of an electrical problem with a Colorado? Oh! I see, you've been reading the internet. No wonder you have all these crazy ideas. We have never heard of anything wrong with the door locks, instrument panel, fuse blower resistor. This stuff is all cooincidence. What did you do wrong to the truck? Ohhhh, you left the keys in the ignition overnight, that could do it. The BCM doesn't shut down, We better replace that... Oh? That didn't work? Well, let's try this, that, and the other thing... By the way, we replaced your burned and scorched fuse block, but that wasn't the cause of all the rest of your electrical problems we are charging you for..."

    This company has robbed me as a customer and through Obama, as a tax payer. I can tell them where to stick their Chevy volt... and turn it on. When this Colorado finally dies, I may consider a Ford, (at least they have stuck by their products in the past), but I think I see Toyota or some other foreign make in my future. Hate to say it, but I'm done with Chevy. Not covering less that a grand in bills has cost them $40K+ in future sales. Real smart guys. Once your protector Obama is gone, you guys will be too.
  • I bought my Colorado brand new after returning from Iraq in 2004. I was really happy to have what I thought was a nice pickup. At 20,000 miles, my right tire blew out on a surface street and I discovered the front tires were sitting in an inverted position and were both shredded down to the cables, after 20,000 miles! I took it to the dealer and showed them the pickup was obviously defective but they immediately denied all responsibility and I paid for new tires.

    Then the factory stereo broke soon after, then the pickup was recalled due to a faulty brake switch. My bad fuel mileage indicator came on soon after and they replaced the fuel cap telling me that was the problem and that my pickup had been recalled for it.

    Soon after that, the fuel mileage indicator light came on again. Then the engine began stuttering soon after starting and I thought it was just bad fuel or something, but the problem persisted. One day as my girlfriend and I were driving 60 mph on a freeway, the truck just shut down and died and I lost all power. It took all my strength just to not run off the highway and thankfully there was a road I could guide on to the side. About 15 minutes of sitting, and the truck suddenly started again.

    I made it to the dealer after the truck dying again and they said my primary control module went bad and that they would fix it. The fuel mileage indicator light came on again soon and persisted. The engine began to stutter and the truck died again suddenly as I was going down a hill thankfully at only 20 mph, but it took all my strength to stop it with no power brakes.

    I took it to the dealer and this time they said it was definetely the battery. They changed the battery at a cost of $283 to me and told me all was good to go after I paid them 75$ to have a guy spend an hour with it driving and really check it out. About 100 miles after that the fuel indicator light went on again and the truck has started stuttering in the morning and just stutters for about 30 seconds before moving again.

    I think I get around 17 miles a gallon in fuel economy, less than what was advertised on the vehicle. I am not an aggressive driver and I understand the differences due to hills, ctiy driving, etc., but I believe my pickup runs through gasoline faster than it should.

    I feel like GM hired a bunch of overcaffeinated hyper claims adjusters to work for them who know little about their own vehicles. This last time I went to see the dealer she told me the battery was the problem before even looking at my truck. I said, "How can you tell that's the problem without even looking at my vehicle?" She responeded by saying that she could charge me their $140 diagnosis fee to tell me that the battery was the problem or could just change the battery since that would certainly be the problem based on my symptoms. I had no idea and would never imagine they were going to charge me $283 for a new battery.

    I don't care what GM ever does to try and sell me on another one of their vehicles. After 6 years of dealing with this fool company and their piece of crap truck, their dealers and their arrogant mentality, I will buy a more expensive make, anything else before I buy GM, or American for that matter since they are probably similar in mentality. I was a sucker and bought a truck brand new from GM because only American brands were being sold to Iraq veterans through AAFES at the time but I trusted the system and boy was I a sucker. Now i realize that congress or whoever was able to manipulate the military and force selection among American brands, which were mostly made in foreign countries with foreign parts. In fact the only thinig American involved was the stock options of the executives of these companies. I should have bought a Toyota. I urge anyone reading this post who is considering purchasing a GM vehicle to reconsider your decision before you are stuck having to deal with this company and them finding creative ways for you the customer to subsidize their mediocre quality vehicles.

    No wonder they went bankrupt, I was too stupid to see that the reason they went bankrupt was because they build cars nobody wants to buy, because their cars suck and the company sucks. If they built good cars, they would go bankrupt and wouldn't have shaken down the taxpayers for even more subsidies.

    Hello, German, Japanese and Korean cars! Good bye GM and good riddance! I hope they send all you fools to China!
  • I have a 2010 Chevy Colorado. I'm having difficulty with the auxillary outlets below the dashboard. I have an electronic deer whistle that plugs into the outlets. Everytime I connect the deer whistle, I blow a fuse. Can anybody help me? Thank you.
  • Have a c.b. radio that does about 50 watts. have it hooked up direct to pos/neg on battery,good magnet mount antenna,EVERYTHING is grounded. Battery,alternator,radio,doors,antenna. I have put rf chokes on antenna coax,power leads to radio,headlight switch. transmit with radio head lights dim,go to normal,then go bright,then GO OUT COMPLETELY!! along with dash lights and blower motor. have checked volts from charging system. 13.8 when just listening,then 16 when transmitting.(checked with both digital and analog volt meters by a mechanic.) have even disconected radio completely from chargeing system and put fully charged spare battery in truck hooked radio to it and same problem. anyone wanna buy a 2007 colorado??
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Does this happen when you plug other things in such as a phone charger or just for the deer whistle? If this is a consistent problem I would definitely recommend taking your vehicle into your dealer of choice. If it only happens with that particular item, that may suggest its something to do with the whistle. The dealer may be able to help your sort that out too. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.
    GM Customer Service
  • If a fuse blows "every time you plug in the deer whistle", the FIRST thing I would be suspicious of is the deer whistle!!

    Just for grins, did you try plugging it in in another vehicle?
  • 2004 chevy colorado, heater used to only work on 4, so I replaced the resister and the harness than it worked til I went over a another harness and resister now...I have nothing, what else can be the problem
  • Sounds like it's down to the fuse or the motor itself.

    Time to get the voltmeter out and see if you have 12 volts getting to the motor with the switch on high. If so then the motor is probably bad. If not then check your fuse, a bad ground, or a broken wire.

  • I just had mine fixed at the dealer. I had also checked the resistor & wiring harness. The problem that the dealer found was a loose wire & connector going to the grounding block under the hood located on the passenger fender by the air box. Check for loose wires & connectors.
  • I just had mine fixed at the dealer. I had also checked the resistor & wiring harness. The problem that the dealer found was a loose wire & connector going to the grounding block under the hood located on the passenger fender by the air box. Check for loose wires & connectors.
  • Good Morning,
    I am having the same problems with my colorado after thebattery went dead. Did the dealership charge you to fix it since it is a known problem?
  • Did the dealer charge you to fix this, since it is a known problem ?
  • DId the dealer charge you to fix thsi, since it is a known problem ?
  • Need some help. I just picked up my truck from the shop for a rear break inspection and found that the drivers side dock lock and window are not working. Is there some related electrical issues between the door locks/windows and rear breaking systems?
  • Need some help. I just picked up my truck from the shop for a rear break inspection and found that the drivers side dock lock and window are not working. Is there some related electrical issues between the door locks/windows and rear breaking systems?
  • no. the bad thing is i thought it might be an equipment issue and after A LOT of time, money, and expierimentation. i still dont know what causes my problem although ive "rigged" something that works for now. also the dealer i bought the truck from " Randy Wise Chevrolet " of milan Michigan. ( the worst dealership on the planet!!) was contacted by GM about some feedback i left in one of their questionaires. THREE times in a row i took the truck back for the same problem. (not the one listed here,but something else!) THREE times the Randy Wise DID NOT fix the problem! sooo three time i gave them a negetive feedback to GM. the last time i had a problem with this truck i called them to take a look at understand it was still under warrenty. I was told by the service Manager " you've given us 3 neg. f/b,ive talked to the sales manager and you can take your truck somewhere else because we just dont want your busuness." RANDY WISE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING You will DISPISE if you buy from WISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your experience at this dealer; however, we do appreciate your feed back about our dealers. I would like to locate you a different dealer so we can get your concerns resolved. If you would please e-mail me your zip code I will respond with the closest dealers. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    The best resource for technical information like this is the dealer. If these things were working on your vehicle when you took it in and are now not working, I would definitely recommend taking your vehicle to the dealer and speaking with them about this. Please keep me updated on your progress.
    GM Customer Service
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