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Toyota Sequoia



  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    Sorry about the VCR thing, I'm usually reading these posts very early in the morning. I'm sure a VCR wouldn't cut power to the engine. VCS will cut power to the engine under the right circumstances. I have had this happen a couple of times, but it hasn't been a real problem. It has only engaged when I'm actually on sand or ice and in 2WD mode. I decided to treat the truck as 'part time 2WD' and leave the 4WD engaged all the time. Based on other posts that I have read this presents no problem and is probably safer in the long run. I'll continue to operate this way until the snow/ice and sand are gone, which in the Boston area means that I'll use 2WD the last 2 weeks in July.
  • fanman8fanman8 Posts: 65
    The info you posted was a big help. My Toyota Dealer just called me back and is sending me a refund of the amount I paid for the Luxury Tax. Thanks again for your input.
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    I find it VERY hard to believe that your
    Toyota dealer ACCIDENTLY charged you a luxury
    tax. I find it hard to believe that they're that stupid.

    I'd be calling back to that dealer and asking
    for some compensation for your time to research this topic. Oh... I'd go for about 10 hours at $50 and hour for a total of $500. If they don't agree, I'd think I'd mention calling your
    states attorney general. Some people might call
    that blackmail, but I'd say that it was just compensation for your time and effort.

    Then to prove it wasn't blackmail, when I recieved the $500 check, I'd call the attorney general anyway. I'd give even odds that they
    made this "accident" to hundreds of buyers.

  • salmsalm Posts: 17
    fanman8: I'm so glad I could help.
    It's good to see that being a part of this, actually helped someone save some money.
    Or, in this case, not get ripped off.

    For all those interested, I got my Seq. Limited in SD for
    $3835 off the MSRP or $1500 over Dealer Invoice.
    This is approximately 3.75% over Dealer Invoice.
    It took me about 3 hours of negotiating before they finally made this offer.
    It wasn't stressful. I actually had a great time negotiating.
    I was only willing to pay $1200 over dealer invoice. I was fully expecting to walk away from this
    car because I felt they would not come off their $1500 off MSRP price. I got lucky!
  • lcd1lcd1 Posts: 147
    I am gaga over the Sequoia after testing driving the limited version twice but the price still keeps me from buying. A friend recommended the Yukon Denali. I took a look at the specs and pricing and it does seem pretty attractive. The Denali has more power and features. Compared to the Denali, the Sequoia seems to lack the things that a $45K truck should have. The next step is test driving a Denali. Anyone with experience with both vehicles? Your feedback would be appreciated greatly.
  • Salm, I'd like to know where you got that kind of a price. I'm looking and not getting close to that.
  • salmsalm Posts: 17
    btrader: I'm willing to discuss this, but only offline.
    Your e-mail is currently private.
    I've made mine public for the time being.
    If you could e-mail me.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Sorry about slighting your Sequoia. Colors are very individual and what one person loves, others will not. That is why so many colors are offered. In my experience, the darker browns don't sell as quickly as the other colors and that seems to represent national trends.

    Lcd1, the short answer to your 4WD question is the yes, the Sequoia can safely be left in 4WD all the time. Your mileage will suffer a bit but nothing else.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The VSC will not cut power to the engine. The traction control system will. VSC is nothing more than a lateral skid sensor. It selectively applies brakes to one, two or three wheels to prevent sideways skids (understeer and oversteer).
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I don't know what is happening in other regions but allow me to comment on what we are seeing in the DC metro area. Last month, we were taking deals at $1500 to $2500 off MSRP. The result of this was to outsell our supply. Right now, I only have two Limited models in the allocation pipeline and a few more SR5s. Prices will be higher this month. Lcd1, if Page is still willing to take $2000 off, you'd better not hesitate. Otherwise, come see me in Springfield.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I'm surprised to see you write that because stability control systems include lateral movement sensors, yaw sensors, steering angle sensors, as well as the existing ABS wheel speed sensors. Traction control is a component of the stability control system and as you said, if necessary, it will reduce throttle. Obviously it doesn't do this for no apparent reason though. :-)

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  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    A picture can be inserted using standard HTML coding. However, be careful not to use copyrighted images. Also keep in mind that not everyone is on a high speed connection, so keep the images (and image size) to perhaps one or two.

    Hope this helps!

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  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Yes, the VSC can reduce throttle but it can also increase it as well. Whatever is required to pull you out of a sideways skid will be used. My last post was a bit of an oversimplification because of the confusion between TRACS and VSC. It is the TRACS system that was responsible for one member slowing when he tried to merge into traffic, not the VSC.
  • Salm,

    I too would like to know the scoop with that pricing - would like to E-mail you.
  • salmsalm Posts: 17
    grogman1: I'm willing to discuss this, but only offline.
    Your e-mail is currently private.
    I've made mine public for the time being.
    If you could e-mail me.
  • I really like the Sequoia, but the price of 40K+ makes me question if maybe the Yukon may be a better deal,especially since it's the first year the Sequoia has been available. I drive a 89 Chevy Suburban 4WD now. I do like the space and power, however, it floats around the road which people say is typical for a 4WD. Is this typical with the Yukon or Sequoia 4WD's too?
  • I have found one dealer willing to go to 3.75 to 4.00 percent over invoice, but only on SR5 models. That's what I was after anyway. He says demand is still very strong on limiteds and he does not deal as aggressively there.

    I'll see him tomorrow, we'll find out if the personal visit is as positive as the phone call.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
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  • Does anyone have any thoughts on how the Sequoia compares to the ML 320/430? I want a car that can seat 7 (including kids). Safety is a top priority. Thanks.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    If space for 7 adults + luggage on long trips is a major concern, definitely go for the Sequoia. If not, the M-class should be suitable.

    Safety-wise, they both have their pluses. The Sequoia is heavier, and hence that helps in a collision. It also has stability control (which helps significantly to prevent skids and rollovers), available side curtain airbags, front seat pretensioners/force limiters, as well as selectable full-time 4WD. There have been no crash tests as of yet on the Sequoia, but its cousin, the Toyota Tundra pickup has been tested in the NHTSA's 30mph full width non-deformable barrier test. I was a little disappointed at the 4 star (out of 5) driver rating, and the 3 star front passenger rating. However, I tend to put more emphasis on the IIHS's 40mph offset crash test. The Sequoia nor the Tundra have been tested for this as of yet. Despite this, the Sequoia would still be my pick if I was in the market for a full-size SUV.

    As for the M-class, because it is smaller, lower to the ground - lower centre of gravity - and has a four wheel independent suspension (the Tundra only has front wheel independent suspension and a solid rear axle; good for towing, not so good for handling), permanent 4WD and near 50/50 weight distribution, it is a lot more agile and will be upset much less in sudden emergency lane change maneuvers (active safety), even without its stability control system turned on (it's on by default and should remain that way). It is even fun to drive with its accurate steering. Passive safety-wise, it has dual stage/dual threshold front airbags and side impact airbags in all four doors. There are also seatbelt pretensioners and force limiters in all outboard seating positions front and rear. Child seat tethers are in every rear seating position.

    Crash test-wise, the M-class was very good in the NHTSA's crash test (4 and 5 stars), and received a good and best pick in the IIHS's offset crash test. Real world performance has also been very good, showing that the strong safety cage holds up even in rollovers (which seem to involve only '98 ML320s with no stability control systems). You can see accident pictures of a few M-classes here:

    Good luck with your decision! FYI, the M-class discussion topic is located here.

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  • I need some info on the Sequoia. Can't decide what to buy. Please give me impressions
  • salm, how about filling me in on some of that info.
  • I am a lurker who is very interested in the Sequoia and the MDX, and will probably buy one of them in the March-April time frame. Salm please email me with pricing/dealership, etc at:


  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Last night I did an interesting experiment. We got a little over an inch of snow (which is enough to send the DC area into a panic) and then it froze up. Our back lot was a sheet of hard packed snow and ice. I took a 4Runner out to play. I don't have any Sequoias in stock but the Runner has the same 4WD system.
    First, I put it into 4WD high. From a standing start, I mashed the pedal to the floor. The terms "shot out of a cannon" and "like a bat out of hell" are how I would describe it. It was like I was on dry pavement. The TRACS light came on and the brakes did their job at moving power from wheel to wheel. The rev limiter never kicked in.

    I then tried it again with the center differential locked. You can't do this in the high gear range in the Sequoia but it also simulated what a conventional 4WD would do. In this mode, the TRACS and VSC are off. I still moved but could really feel the wheels spinning. Control was not great and I had a fair amount of side slipping. I did it again without mashing the pedal. This worked much better.

    Next, I put it into 2WD and mashed the pedal. Now here is where it got interesting. The TRACS system quickly took over with both the brakes and the throttle. My RPMs were reduced to between 1500 and 2500. The brakes were clicking constantly but I was moving steadily forward. The throttle would cut in and out with my forward progress. If I eased up on the pedal, control improved even more but even with the pedal on the floor, I was able to move forward and turn with ease.

    This was a stunning display of the TRACS/VSC. Even I was amazed at how well this 2WD vehicle was handling extremely slippery conditions. Obviously, the 4WD worked much better but the 2WD got me moving and in control.
  • salmsalm Posts: 17
    Cliffy1: I got my Sequoia back from the dealership yesterday.
    I had the problem with the VSC OFF and VSC TRAC lights that would not turn off.
    They said they only had to reset the computer. There were no error codes, so reseting the system was all they needed to do. I mentioned that this was not a satisfactory explanation, because something had to trip the error condition. And if it was not fixed, how do I know that it won't happen again, or that something is in fact damaged.
    Their reply was always, if we don't know the error code, we don't know where to look.
    I did get the center differential to lock in L4 and L gear.

    I got to drive it on the freeway yesterday, and noticed that around 60 MPH the car has a slight vibration. Nothing major just a slight vibration. Accelerating past 60 or slowing less than 60, the vibration appears to go away.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
  • lcd1lcd1 Posts: 147
    If the computer is/was fried, it would not work again by resetting. Computer errors are common, though we all wish all computers are more robust. IMHO, I wouldn't worry at all unless the error repeatedly appears. With respect to vibration at certain speed, it is probably caused by one or more unbalanced tire. Just have all tires balanced.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    See what happens. Hopefully, your dealer was right and it wont happen again. Let us know if it does. I've seen some very odd ball things cause VSC lights to come on on the Avalon and most of them have nothing to do with the VSC. One had a vapor recovery problem that caused it.
  • vidalsvidals Posts: 1
    In your area and ready to buy. Could you give me the info on your dealership? Thank you.
  • Need to select between the two.
    Any ideas and suggestions.
  • qguqgu Posts: 93
    They are different animals. If you want to go off road alot , or to tow a lot of stuff, and to have one more seat, you probably need a Sequoia. But if you want a quicker vehicle, luxury interior, LOWER PRICE, lower fuel cost (even with premium gas because of MDX's much higher mpg), better handling, quieter and smoother ride, luxury name tag, MDX is the one.

    I had to face the same choice 2 month ago. I tested both and settled on MDX. The MDX gives me all the toys standard including 4WD full time, 5sp automatic transmission, sunroof, Alloy wheels, fog lights, 7 seats, etc. and still about $2500 less than a Sequoia (SR5 4WD) with less features. I don't go offroad and don't tow a lot of stuff so my choice was easy.

    BTW, Sequoia has a better roof rack in my opinion.
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