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Dodge Ram Idle and Stalling Problems



  • i have the exact same truck and problem, could u tell me how u fixd ur misfire problem?
  • Was getting ready to put the truck on the road for the winter. When I started it Check engine light came on. Went to gas station to fill-up/ gas gauge keep going from full to empty. Just ignored as it semmed to be fine after a minute or so. Truck became sluggish. Humming noise started and became louder as I accelerated. Also heard slight rattle which seemed to be coming from under the hood. Truck would not go over 20mph without wanting to die. As I drove a mile farther kept going slower and slower always wanting to stall. Needless to say it sitting at the mall right now couldn't get it home.

    Any suggestions on what it might be??

  • sounds like ur fuel pump is about to go bad or the fuel pressure regulator(on top of fuel pump assembly) is stopped up. best way to test this is to do a fuel pressure test. i have a problem with my dodge..., when i go to accelerate mine gets slugish and acts like it runs outa gas but after awhile straightens itself out and at idle wants to shut off. if uve heard anything that would help me let me know.
  • my 02 was having the same problem check the oxygen sensor fuse under the hood, the fuse may not be blown, pull the fuse and use a test light to make sure you are getting power to the fuse
  • About 6 months ago I was driving along and my Dodge Ram 5.7 started to sputter as if it were running out of gas. It did this for a block or so then stalled. At a quarter tank of gas, this couldn't be the issue. I tried to start it and it only turned over. After it sat for about ten minutes it fired right up and ran fine and I dismissed it as a one time quirk......until last night! On the freeway it sputtered for a second and then stalled. No luck this time when waiting ten minutes. It just turns over and once in a while it shows signs of life like it wants to start, but wont on 3/4 tank of gas. All these posts show so many possibilities to the problem. Where should I start?
  • jgp59jgp59 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Dodge Ram with a 5.9L 24 valve Cummins. This truck starts fine but since a -15 degree night will shut off at various times from ideling to running down the interstate at 80 mph. I've changed filter, lift pump, added power service 911, and plenty of antigel additive. I've removed the edge power chip and the problem remains to occur. All electrical continues to work its like the fuel just shuts off. So far it always restarts easily. Had it to shop for diagnostics to be ran they did them with the power chip on and were unable to make exact diagnosis, but said the injector pump had a timing issue. Any suggestions prior to me spending money for injector pump?
  • dodds1dodds1 Posts: 2
    My truck had a slight surge at freeway speeds and now will die after driving approx. 20 miles. It will start after about three tries and run normal for about 20 miles. The first two times after trying to restart it it will start, then die like it is running out of fuel. Like I said the third time it will start and run fine for 20 miles. Please Help.
  • jgp59jgp59 Posts: 2
    Sounds like mine in #69. Cummins ran diag codes and found injector pump bad.
  • my 01 1500 sometimes cuts out while driving. Its like it shuts off then goes again, the dash lights come on the radio resets. Also last weekend I was driving and the battery gauge whent all the way up. Plus the alarm some times goes off when I shut the truck off Does anyone have any sugestions I'm lost on this one Battery? Alternator I Don't know HELP
  • dodds1dodds1 Posts: 2
    Problem sounds similar but mine has issues restarting after it dies on the third attempt it will usually run ok for about 20 miles. I have not had a problem while idling. No engine codes are present. It only has a problem starting after it has stalled. I live in Phoenix, Az which in the morning is usually around 40 to 45 degrees right now which may make a difference if you are in -15.
  • also the speedomitter quit and engine brake lightsare on
  • if sitting at a stop the idle speed is high ~1200-1300rpm surging. going down the road @ 60mph the rpm surges back and forth from 1500 to 2000rpm for no reason. going down hill or small decline at 45~55mph the rpm tach up to 2200 and the rear end feels like it downshifts. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  • Mine(03 4.7) did the same. Replaced the camshaft position and the crankshaft position sensors at the same time. Worked for 2 1/2 years. Now I think my throttle position sensor just went south
  • Replaced the TPS and everything seems back to normal.
    Oh! Radiator blew up on me just as I parked at work. Not mad though-175K+ miles plus its made of plastic so you get what you get.
    Still luv my truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • have a 1994 1500 5.9l engine. 3 times now on roads trip travelling at speeds about 73 mph there is a sudden loss of throttle. can press on gas pedal no increase in speed- just keeps slowing down. will idle smoothly but no acceleration. shut engine down and wait for a short time period and restart will run fine the rest of the trip. had new O2 sensor and catalytic converter installed.happened again. and seems to be a drop in mpg
  • my 2000 1500 did the same thing on me in Morgantown, WVa. spent three days waiting for local Dodge dealer to order and change out the in tank gas pump.
    Seems the filter section got clogged up and would work for awhile then would stop gas flow. If I waited a couple of hours it would restart and I could drive another 30 to 50 miles and it would stop again. Had to replace entire gas pump since filter is not a separate item from Dodge.
  • i recently had a tune up done on my v8 360 magnum engine. it would spit an sputter after the tune up was done but now its stalling. it still idles rough on initial start up but now even when warm you come to a stop an it shuts down but will restart like its running out of fuel. :confuse:
  • I have a 1997 Ram 4x4 5.9l. Around 2-3 months ago my truck started acting up. Check engine light came on so i took it to a nearby auto parts store. Code came up as a cyclinder 8 misfire. i changed the plugs, wires, cap and rotor. fixed the problem. a few weeks ago the same problem happened again. truck starts fine, but whenever i give it gas it stalls, (whether in park or drive). you can feel it missing and when running you can hear it missing, like a popping noice. once again i took it to the auto parts store, cyclinder 3 misfire this time. again i changed the plugs, wires, cap and rotor. did not fix the problem. they said it could be the plugs or wires, which i already changed. or low compression, or a faulty fuel injector. i dont think the compression would be low. i really love my truck, i just dont wanna spend money i dont have if i dont need to. if anyone has had this problem or knows what i should do. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Good Evening,

    I am extremly happy to see that I am not alone in this problem. I can't be sure when it started but the problem has been escalating.

    My Dodge Ram1500 is a 2004, 5.7 Hemi and has 51,300 miles. A few times I had a stalling issue, however it always started occasionally. Then at some point it got worse.

    Right or wrong, many times in the winter I fill the truck running, as I am in a Full Service state I just don't turn it off, but it was not a problem till a month or two ago. As soon as the pump clicks full, the truck shuts off and then I have trouble keeping it running. My mechanic gets in and there are no codes, but he says he resets the throttle sensor and for the most part the truck is OK, however I still have issues.

    Now I turn the truck off all the time, but it tends to stall shortly after fueling, today was the last straw and on I-95 while coming to a quicker than usual stop the truck stalled, right there. I needed to hit the throttle to get it going again, then the same happen again in Stop and Go traffic and again.

    I believe the issue may be focused around breaking harder than normal. I'm unsure though due to the stalling after fueling. I generally need to hit the throttle to get it going.

    When it stalls, I get absolutely no lights. I love this truck and I'm about to send out the last payment, but I am getting frustrated.

    I have had two O2 sensors replaced since I got the truck, but, like I said, when it stalls no lights?

    Could this be a TPS problem or one of the other issues? Thoughts? I want to sound intelligent when I call either my mechanic or the dealer.

  • cm4166cm4166 Posts: 6
    all I need to do is say its was my truck not yours. my 2004 ram hemi 45000 miles after filling and stopping the truck stalls, no dash broad lights on. It has happened four times. I will bring it to my shop and let you know what happens. If you fixed your truck let my know how you repaired the stalling. Thank you.
  • odaddyodaddy Posts: 1
    having same problem with 04 model, 67k miles. found out that if you take off oil fill cap that plastic piece inside is designed to catch moisture and bad oil. its part of the vacuum system, when too much moisture builds up on this part it starts to get past and clog pcv valve thus causing poor vacuum hence idle surges and stalls. bottom line is dodge put out a duzzy in this motor. im not sure what exactly causes this high amount of moisture but i clean this plastic part and pcv valve every 2 weeks cuase i refuse to pay mechanics for services that dont work. so far idle and stalling has stopped since i started this about 2 months ago. any better suggestions would help. :sick:
  • I have my mechanic working on it per se. He doesn't think it is all this TPS and all these other parts. He has contacted Chrysler, but nothing yet.

    He seems to think it is some sort of issue with the vapor like or a vapor sensor.

    To the last post (#85) I can mention this to him as well.
  • cm4166cm4166 Posts: 6
    I have looked up other complaints and tips for repair and I replaced the air cleaner. I am running the gas tank down to E and I wfill fill it with gas and run the truck and stop hard and see if it still stalls out. If it does I will clean the inside of the "carb" and run it down to E and start all over again. I will post what happens. Thanks
  • I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 5.1l v8 that stalls after warm. The problem first showed signs when slowing down to turn or at a stop light. Now will run fine until warm in Idle or Drive. Once warm the engine will not go into gear without stalling or will stall unless rpm's held over 1000 at idle. Have replaced the IAC and The TPS sensor. Only has 78000 miles. Any suggestions?
  • bertha01bertha01 Posts: 1
    i have a 01 ram sport 4+4 since i bought the truck if it sat for more than two days the battery would be dead,put a new battery in it and same results.recently it will barely even turn over and when it does it won't idle i have to keep my foot on the gas to keep it i took it to a tech and they said my glove box light was drawing constant power,so they took it out recharged my battery and sent me on my way.everything was great until i didn't drive it for a day and now its barely starting and if it does start it's a nightmare to keep it running. DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY IDEA HOW TO FIX THIS PLEASE ................BERTHA NEEDS YOUR HELP!
  • So I have been working with my Mechanic and they see to think there may be an issue with the Vapor sensor or lines.

    My stalling issues have been most severe after fueling and generally I would only stall once or twice shortly after filling up.

    Since working with my mechanic we are running an experiment where I only get $20 of fuel once I pass 1/2 tank.

    I have yet to stall and I have completed this twice. He says we should do that 2 or 3 more times to be sure and then fill it, drive it, and check it.

    Apparently it was an issue in the Caravan, not sure why my truck and suddenly, but progress is progress, I hate stalling.
    For the guy with the '01 that keeps dying, could it simply be your alternator is shot? I know you had it tested, but, the glove box light does not sound like the likely culprit, not on a new battery.
  • cm4166cm4166 Posts: 6
    I have filled my truck with 25.8 gals of gas in a 26 gal tank ( low fuel light was on ). I drove about 5 miles and the truck began to run rough. The rpm was running from 1000 to 2000 going up and down when at a stop light. It didnot stall and I drove fast to the next stop light which was now turning red. I stopped hard and the truck stalled out. There were no ligths on the dash broad ( no check engine light ) . It would not start the first two attemps untill I gave it gas. I fell it was starving for gas and just shut down. It my be the engine can't get the amount of gas it needs to run when the tank in very full. Ask your mechanic I will take it to the shop and let you know what the out come is. Good luck
  • cm4166cm4166 Posts: 6
    I found this on the NHTSA web site. Action # EA05018, investagation opened on 11/2/05 and the investagation was closed on 8/29/o07. The complaints were about stalling in 2004-2005 durangos and rams 1500,2500;3500. It reports that the autos needed to have the power train: automatic transmission:control module (TCM,PCM) reprogramed to stop the stalling issue. The report stated the autos were stalling at stop signs or at low speeds in parking lots. It makes no mention of the full gas tanks. I will has to experiment with a less then full gas tank.
  • cm4166cm4166 Posts: 6
    I took the truck to the dealer and explaned the stalling and the full gas tank. He stated that it has notthing to do with the fill-ups and he reprogramed the power control module and cleaned "carbon build up" inside the TPS. I will fill the truck up three times and drive it and report back. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • You described the exact same problem that I have with my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 5.1 liter v8, 74000 miles. I've replaced the IAC. It still stalls after 15 minutes. It will restart, but stalls within a few minutes if I slow down or stop. This is a pain in the next because I use the truck for plowing snow. I'm wondering if it could be related to the fuel pump. I had a problem with it about a year ago and I had to get it fixed at the dealership (local mechanics couldn't find the problem). Perhaps this stalling problem is realted to the fuel pump problem. I hate to take it back to the dealership. Let me know if you discover a solution. Thanks, Alan
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