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Dodge Ram Idle and Stalling Problems



  • Change throttle body.
  • gums138gums138 Posts: 1
    not sure what's wrong with my truck, its a 1999 dodge 1500 sport. every time it rains it takes about a minute or so of turning over for it to finally start. also when I'm driving if i hit a puddle the engine cuts out and takes any where from 1-10 minutes to start. any idea on what the problem might be?
  • Try changing you cap and rotor. It may have a crack in it.
  • You need to change the coil. I had the exact same experience, seems the coil looses about .2 ohms and doesn't work correctly.
  • I just install a new TPS and now my idle speed is at 1150, how do I adjust it back down? There doesn't seem to be an idle adjust screw on this engine.
  • dravens442dravens442 Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    I have a 2000/2001?(dealer told me 2001) Dodge ram 1500 sport, 4x4, ext cab....5.9...Anyhoo, the truck started acting funny, starting with hard gas pedal and the speedo acting crazy then just cutting out...Put it on the scanner at work, speed sensor needed to be replaced...Did that, speedo worked for one day then quit again...Started running like crap, stalling at stop lights. Heard a "poof" sound, figured the cat con blew out...Scanned again, evap code came up....Replaced abs sensor, and checked hoses, no leaks, truck ran fine for 2 days...Started stalling again at lights..No codes showing this time....Someone here at work suggested the AIC or throttle control sensor? ..HELP, I LOVE MY TRUCK :( :cry:
  • tlinktlink Posts: 1
    my 08 4.7 will just die. mechanic has changed modules, wiring harnesses, and ignition switch. even when connected to the computer it leaves no code. you have to turn the key to the lock position for it to reset and then it will start. star and my mechanic are stumped. any ideas
  • rcbenderrcbender Posts: 3
    The truck has 140K miles and runs good except for hot restarts. If I stop somewhere for a short period while the truck is still hot and then restart it, it will not accelerate and usually stalls out when I stop at the first stop sign etc. Sometimes I can pump the accelerator and it will surge and then stay running. Once I get past this initial hot restart stalling, it will run fine with no more stalling issues. I have replaced Idle valve, TPS, MAP sensor, disassembled and cleaned throttle body but not luck. Someone suggested that it may be the computer chip that switches the truck from cold start to hot start throttle position. What is causing me to stall out?
  • monty1211monty1211 Posts: 2
    I have a 1994 Dodge Ram Laramie, with 84,000 miles on it. Has been running great until the first week of April, 2010. Took the truck to the Dodge dealership, there was a recall notice on the ignition switch and evaporator canister. The following problem occurred before and after the safety recall: I would drive for 5-6 minutes, stop off at the local gas station, come out and try to restart the truck, hard to start. The engine will crank but not start. Once started, heading down the highway around 60mph, there is a lunge from the transmission, rpm gauge goes to zero, and the engine stalls out. Had the transmission rebuilt in November of '09, I have replaced the (pcv), air control module,and the throttle position sensor. It is currently back in the shop at the local dodge dealership, my belief is there is some sort of electrical problem similar to the safety recall. Does anyone have a solution or a potential answer for the problem? Thank you, Monty
  • joerrjoerr Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9L 4x4 that will start and run for about 3 seconds then stop. I can keep it running if I step on gas but as soon as I let off it stops again. Check engine light is on. Tried a code reader and it won't read. It just says error. Tried disconnecting battery. This didn't have any effect. Checked all fuses and relays did not find any problems there. With the key in the on position I can hear the fuel pump running and there are various clicking noises in the fuse panel and other places under the hood.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do next?
  • crystal84crystal84 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    I have a 02 Dodge Ram 1500 , while driving it will rev up , like u would tap the gas pedal and the back off , it does this with or with the cruise on .. doesnt do it st speeds less then 45 have had the trans checked no probl there. getting frustrated
    anybody have any ideas ....
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    One of the first things to have checked in surging like that is the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). If it's acting up, it will send signals to the computer suggesting you're goosing the gas pedal.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • jarrettdjarrettd Posts: 2
    Hi all. I am not very mechanically inclined and I am hoping for some insight to my problem. Recently my truck started shutting off on left turns. It occasionally does the same thing when I put it in reverse. It always starts right back up again with no issue but I have to be almost at a full stop to take a left turn. Auto Zone showed an error with timing belt OR with the computer. I just dont want to get hosed at the garage. I seem to have weird things going on with the electrical also (random lights and dings popping on and off). This all started after getting my radiator replaced and power washing the grime off my engine and inside hood. Thanks for your time!!
  • dweaver69dweaver69 Posts: 1
    I was having problems with the Transmission not staying shifted in fourth gear. Took the Truck to a Transmission Shop. They recommended changing the Throttle Position Sensor. That fixed that problem, but While I was there I cleaned the Idle air control valve. Now the Truck idles around 1600 rpm. I replaced the IACV, and it didn't help matters. This truck has a V-10. with over 200k. Everything else is great. Any help is appreciated.
  • ramtough1ramtough1 Posts: 1
    I have a 03' dodge 1500 with a 4.7 pickup. I'm have idle problems at stops. Well I had a mechanic lean over to me as to whisper so his boss wouldn't hear said " it's a idle control spring that goes bad. It's a 5minute fix." He kinda pointed to the top of the engine behind the cam. It's just ashame these mechanics have to keep these simple fixes hush. I have been rolled by mechanics with every vehicle I've ever owned. I'm sick of mechanics acting like they are neurosurgeons and getting paid like it too!
  • rdolan5rdolan5 Posts: 2
    My 03 ram 4.7 is doing the exact same thing. So far I have changed the MAP sensor & fuel pump. I was told by a local dyno shop to change my idle control valve. Will try that next. If you find your fix, please contact me and I will do the same for you.
  • rdolan5rdolan5 Posts: 2
    Exact same thing on my 03 Ram 4.7L. New Jasper engine but the car has 120K. I have changed the fuel pump, MAP sensor, O2 sensors, I bought a new cam and crankshaft sensor but not installed yet. An owner at a local Dyno shop recommended a new idle control valve. Doesn't matter if the engine is cold or hot. 90% of the time after engine start the car will stumble approximately 20 seconds after start-up and last for 10 to 15 seconds. Just about when you want to jump out in traffic! After the engine recovers, it run fine until I shut it down for more than 20 minutes. Please rcbender, when you find out the fix, let me know! I will do the same for you!
  • Over a year has passed since I posted a message about my stalling Ram. After trying all the possible easy fixes that I could handle (like the IAC valve), I finally took it to a local mechanic. He found that the problem was a bad crankshaft position sensor. He replaced it with one from NAPA but didn't fit correctly, so he got one from Chrysler and it worked perfectly. I hope this helps you solve your truck's problem.
  • bhob11bhob11 Posts: 1
    I have to agree with the guy who said program the ECM or PCM. Had mine hooked up the other day and it was reading that something was wrong with the computer. My truck has been stalling as I come to a stop and have even had it stall out as I'm making a turn through an intersection. When I go in reverse it spits and sputters until I take it out of gear. I have to keep my foot on the gas to keep it running. How can I reprogram the computer. :mad:
  • backpbackp Posts: 1
    i have had a 96 and 98 dodge 5.2 L and they were both cat problems,they both came apart thats what every one alwasy says but i was told that this was a big problem but dodge wont make it public.but on my 96 they paid me back aftere the fix.
  • Have you already checked the vacuum lines at the evaporative canister under the passenger compartment?
  • drago2drago2 Posts: 2
    i got a 99 dodge ram 1500, it started stalling out on me, i took it to a couple of shops, and put a lot of money in it,, i replace the ecm, isc, new plugs and wires, tps, timing chain, fuel pump , the trany been rebuilt 6 months ago, newer transfer case, i went to the junk yard and changed out the fuel reel, , but the truck keeps on stalling out, it stalls out in reverse right away and about 10 min. of it warming up, it stalls out when driving forward and coming to a stop,, any idels
  • jessebrownjessebrown Posts: 8
    edited October 2010
    I changed the throttlebody and it has cured my stalling completely. And improved the gas mileage too. It cost $250.00 ...........Bill It was the idle control valve and it was built into my trottlebody, yours my be separate attached to it.
  • drago2drago2 Posts: 2
    i put a new icv on the throttlebody , i even took the body off and clean it and put new gasket on..
  • Where is the Idle control spring you are talking about? if looking at front of engine is it on the left or right side? just would like to fix my problem I have replaced every sensor I could find, and even replaced all 8 coils, and the fuel pump, and replaced the senors on the throttle body!! even new 02sensors trans sensors you name it I replaced it. So if you found out where this spring is could you let me know? sure would like to know what is doing this idle problem. I even had the pcm and all that checked for and upgrade, and they said it dont need one. Thanks for you time, and you have a good day!
  • I just have one question. Was you check engine light coming on when all this stalling was happening?
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