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Isuzu Rodeo



  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    collinjeremy- You hit on the main thing already. The rig was well maintained by your friend. The 2.3/2.6's may be a bit underpowered- depending on what you are used to, but they are good isuzu engine. The weakest link for them is the cylinder head. They can crack on you. Always keep the cooling system top knotch, change the oil regularly & you'll get a lot of miles out of it. The valvetrain will smash on you if the timing belt breaks, so you want to make sure you keep a good timing belt on them. The bottom ends on these engines are extremely tough & well built. The 4L30E auto tranny is a good unit as well. Just keep the ATF clean in it & that will last well over 150Kmi too.
  • Actually, I just looked at and drove the vehicle and it is a V6 not a 4cyl. It still isn't overly powerful (compared to my '03 Maxima anyway) but it isn't a dog either. The vehicle has a few scratches and there are some rattles but it feels mechanically sound. I'm going to have a mechanic check it out next week.

    This friend of mine is moving out of state and just wants to pay off what she owes on it so I can get it for $3800. It has some cosmetic damage (broken pass door mirror, some minor scratches on the paint and the interior is really in need of a good cleaning) it also has a poorly installed trailer hitch but I know it hasn't been used to tow anything really heavy on long distances or for long periods of time.

    It also needs 4 tires but that I'm willing to accept.

    We'll see what the mechanic says next week.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Wear is not a major issue why I am looking to replace my stock Duelers. I still have about 6/32 left and the tires have 44K mi on them already. They've been very (I would even say impressively) good in all conditions for two years. I just noticed 3-4 months ago that they started squealing VERY badly on every turn no matter if I'm crawling or making a quick turn. They also lost their grip and hydroplane on wet roads and are extremely slick on snow. We just had first snow drizzle of the year and I got a chance to notice how slick they are.

    I was kind of leaning toward the A/T tires but have been told by different sales people and seen it in various reviews that A/T tires are generally not too good on ice and snow. They are very good in deep snow, but otherwise not very impressive on regular "city snow." While I'm still considering them, I was also looking at Cross Terrain and LTXs. Michelin rates their Cross Terrain's higher in pretty much every single aspect then LTXs but even considering their "zigzag" thread pattern they still look kind of like bus tires with straight groves that go around the tire :-)
    Here's the link to Michelin's review and rating page:

    I guess I'll call couple more places and will have to make up my mind relatively fast - the winter is starting here in Colorado.

    Pricewise, here's what I can get:
    Revo - 123.99 + tax (installed)
    Dueler A/T - $103.99 + tax (installed)
    LTX M/S - $114.99 + tax (installed)
    Cross Terain - $124.99 + tax (installed)
  • df2000df2000 Posts: 60
    Well, my OEM Goodyear Wrangler AP were the same as yours now, 6/32 treat left and tire was not good at all, "lost their grip and hydroplane on wet roads and are extremely slick on snow".
    The X Radial LT I have now still very good on dry and wet, no squealing at all. Well snow, we have to wait month or two.I keep 35psi in every tire,the ride is OK and wear is even.You posted good price for Cross Terrain, I usually see these in $145-150 range installed. But again by they treat pattern they clearly SUV highway tires. Oh by the way, BJ's have a coupon $12.50 per tire off any Michelin tire, valid for one week in mid November.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    The prices for tires are Costco prices. Local Discount tire offered to match them as well. All Michelin prices also reflect $60 off (for a set of 4) that Costco offers till November 2nd.
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    You mentioned their is a nationwide backorder, and your concerned about replacements. I was walking through the parking lot at work today, saw a re-designed Ford F-150 "4X4 OFFROAD" with Revo's, 265/70-16 made in Japan. I was shocked to see a Firestone product on a Ford! So I looked at the spare, and it too was a Revo. Maybe Ford and Firestone kissed and made up? This could explain the shortage.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    I really doubt they went back to Firestone... I bet the guy got GoodYear Wrangler or something like that and got them replaced immediately :-)

    I just called Discount tire again and checke the price at Costco and I think I'll go with LTX's. The price is $114.99 +tax (I hope Disc. Tire can match it) and I hope to get about $10-15 credit for my old onse (cross my fingers).

    Will probably get them put on Saturday... I really like the look of Revo's but it looks like Michelin is better deal after all.
  • Hi. I had a quick question maybe someone can answer. What type of body or frame (not sure what the correct word is) does the 2001 Rodeo have? I was just in a rear end collision, and it looks like my frame might be messed up underneath (I haven't taken it for an estimate yet). My mom is concerned about them trying to fix a frame or totalling it. She believes there are certain types of frames that you shouldn't let them fix, because they can't fix it like new. Does anyone have any clue what she is talking about. I just don't want to be rolled over by the insurance company if that is the case.
  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    kcchica- the rodeo has a full ladder style box frame. The body is mounted onto the frame. Same type of setup used on pickup trucks. Good to hear you didn't get hurt. If you are the one that got hit from behind, you wont have any worries! Those are pretty straight forward cases where insurance companies cant mess with you.
  • Have a question for you isuzu folks in the know out there. My son is looking at a '93 V6 4WD Rodeo, 95500 miles, auto, a/c, not sure if any other bells and whisles. Price is $2000. Questions: is this a good deal, is this a good vehicle, what problems should I expect, how many miles do they usually last, etc. All my research so far looks positive, but I wanted to get the info from thise of you that have the hands on. Thanks for any info that you all can give me and I hope that I didn't butt in on anyone.
    Thanks, Bob.
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    Anyone had a problem with thier V6 rodeo stalling when idling? It has happened 2 times (sent it to the dealer, replaced an intake gasket (not sure which intake gasket it is though, throttle body, manifold?), it was ok for a week, and then it stalled twice again. No warnings (reduced power indicator or check engine), but it starts up right away. ??
  • Anybody know the thread size/pitch for a '98 Rodeo wheel stud/lugnut?
  • Hello everyone. It's been a while since I posted last, just wanted to update everyone about some great shocks I recently installed.
    So far, I've had the originals,that suck, then I bought the monroe matic plus and those helped dramatically. Still though they were harsh sometimes over a rough road and still bottomed out over med size speed bumps, and dips in the road. I of course was still unhappy. So I decided to go with the ranchoes and they were very stiff and I felt as though I were riding In a jeep. I was still unhappy. I then bought some gabriels and they were no different than the monroes. I was going to put some billsteins on but I knew they were going to be way to stiff and didn't want to take a chance and waste my money and as most of you all know unless you have a full size truck or suv billstiens are going to be to stiff. They are for heavy duty, or off road use. Just a few days ago I installed my... yup you guessed it, my new shocks that I ordered. I bet you all would like to know what kind they are, well, they are Tokico trek master RT's. They come in green and also come with black rubber boots. Not only do they perform, they look cool. I was also very pleased with the build quality. As you can probably tell I am very picky about what I install on my Isuzu. I just want the best over all ride. I think the shocks the truck came with were Tokico's but they were oem. That means Tokico builds them to Isuzu's specks, which suck, not Tokico's specks. These are some great shocks. I called this place called Truck performance, 1-800-719-8100 and they set me up. I have a 2002 and they do make them for that year but anything from 98 and up will fit.
    the part #'s are TKOGE3726 front and TKOGE3727 rear. I put these things on and I was in heaven. I drove all over town and I was not getting tired of driving. It doesn't bottom out over speed bumps anymore even with my tool box in the back. Just a much more solid ride I am very pleased. If anyone gets a chance to try them, let me know what you think. I hope this helps the people who love the Isuzu but hates the ride quality. Thanks for every ones time.
  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    4 sets on a 2002!!! You are a one man, shock testing team! I thougt I was bad putting a set of monroe sensa-tracs on my 2002 at 15Kmi. I couldn't resist the deal at the time. Got 4 for just under $100. They're a HUGE improvement over stock, but just a little bit stiffer would be nice. It's good to hear your evaluations on the others with part #'s too. Thanks.
  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    Same here, had my trekmaster for 1 k miles already on my '99 passport and the ride quality is way above the shocks I had before (OEM, Bilstein, Monroe matic). It ignores small road irregularities just like the OEM but absorbs bigs bumps very well and doesn't skip or hop. It has good cornering ability similar to monroe matic (less than Bilstein) and has excellent rebound control without sacrificing ride quality.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please, no phone numbers!

    tidester, host
  • I have a '93 Rodeo 4WD Manual Transmission with 166K miles.

    It has been a great vehicle. Much better than my Acura Integra with similar mileage.

    Make sure they have done the timing belt and water pump as that will add $600 to the cost.
  • Hey nato1,

    I have an '00 V6 LS, and I suffered from a similar stalling problem about 2 months ago..

    Two weeks before the problem I had an oil, filter, and air filter change done. The shop told me they didn't have the air filter, but when I paid it was on the bill. I was informed they had found one that was similar enough and put it in. This seemed ok, since it was just an air filter. However, when the car started conking out during idle, I got suspicious that the air flow was impeded, so I went to the local auto parts place and bought the most expensive filter they had for $23 and popped it in.

    I don't know if you'll be lucky enough to have it be something so cheap, but it may be worth replacing the air filter if it's been a while...
  • Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone knows of a good place where I can order oem or good parts for 98 rodeo? I'v tried a few web sites but they all have the same thing. Also does anyone know who makes oem brake pads for Isuzu. I'm going to order more then just the pads but I want to go with oem pads. I was told the best way to go is oem.
    Thank you
  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    You can order genuine isuzu parts there. They ship it for free. I got sll my parts from them end they are extremely professional. St charles also carries Hyundai, nissan and other makes that I don't recall.
  • Thanks guys. sorry about the double post, Have not posted here in a long time.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
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  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    Thanks akfont, I did replace the air filter/plugs and the pcv (I really thought it was the pcv, because it didn't have the 'rattle' when I pulled it out), but I will check the air filter again, and some other airflow restrictive things.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    97 Rodeo, 3.2L with 97,000 miles.

    Now that the cold weather is setting in I believe I have a slow leaking head gasket that only shows up in cold overnight temps, the tiny cracks in the gasket permit coolant to seep into the cylinders and burn upon start up in the AM. No real white smoke, no odor, pressure test is fine but it loses coolant slowly (overnight) over a week or so. Fine in warm weather. No outside leaks and again, pressure test was fine as was a chemical test to look for combustion byproducts in the coolant.

    Anyone else have similar issues? Head gasket is big bucks and really not worth replacing, $1,000 plus!!! I am probably going to let it go and just die or if it really gets bad unload it.
  • Hello all,

    Hope someone will help me with my problem.

    I am going to buy used (non-expensive) SUV and I found a Isuzu Rodeo 1998, 70K miles, 2WD, 2.2L, 4V, manual trans (I like manual). And they ask $5000 for it.
    This car is clean and looks great, but I know nothing about Isuzu.
    What is the average mileage for this kind of car? Is it too old 1998 for Isuzu? What do you think about the price?
    I want to buy it and use at least 30-40K miles or 3 years without any problems, is it possible or it's a dream?

    Please help me.

    Best regards,
  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    Oleg- You don't see a whole lot of information out there on the 1998-2003 rodeo 2.2L. This engine is actually a GM/Daewoo/Holden derivative. The same engine is in the Daewoo Leganza. Isuzu did put out a TSB that the timing belt on the 2.2L should be replaced every 60Kmi due to early failures. They are an interference engine. The only other issue I've heard of with this engine is a faulty crankshaft position sensor causing issues. They look pretty easy to work on & give you lots of room under the hood. I personally would stay away from the 2.2 because of its lack of power. It may get a few MPG's more than the 3.2L, but not much more due to the rodeo's weight. IMHO- I would not consider any 1998-1999 rodeo due to the fuel sending unit / gauge issues & the bad oil ring / oil consumption problems with the 1998-1999 3.2L. If the rodeo you are looking at was maintained well & you can bargain a bit on the price (isuzu's don't hold resale value well), that is a good amount of truck for the money. you'll likely get 2-3yrs of trouble free service out of it.
  • ae1awae1aw Posts: 6
    98 Passport-92,000 miles:
    Same problem here, almost. Am losing colant slowly over the course of a week - 10 days. No indication of coolant in the oil, or oil in the coolant. Does not seem to be coming out the tailpipe, either. Level drops the more it is driven.
    Took it to local import shop today, pressure check shows a small leak from the water pump. Leaking slowly from the weep hole down the underside of the truck.
    Will get it replaced in a few days.
    I was worried it more than this, so I'll take it.
    Also, no overheat on the guage, stays at 40-45 % all the time.
    Also, just FYI. Had to have the idle air control motor changed 2 weeks ago. Truck would turn over, but would immediately shut off. ICAM did the fix.
  • Joel,

    Thank you very much for your post. But I still do not have whole pictire. Does this car (Rodeo 1998) has a lot of problems or if I'll buy it I will use it 3 years without any problem?

    Thank you very much again,
    Best regards,
  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    Has anyone drove the 3.5 Rodeo. I saw in another forum a former Jeep GC owner is very happy stating it has a V8-like power and also stated what a misery owning the jeep with never ending problems.
  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    Oleg- I really can't point to any specific long-term reliabilty issues with the 2.2L engine. The rodeo's 5spd trannys & axles are reliable & well built, plus being 2wd eliminates a bunch of drivertrain hardware. Like any 4cyl truck, so long as you keep it cool, well lubed & don't run it too hard- it will last. I'm not sure the fuel gauge/sending unit problem applies to the 4cyl rodeos, but I know the fuel gauges on 6cyl 1998-1999 stop working every 40Kmi or so & need to have the sending units "adjusted" or replaced. Being a base model rodeo, there is not too many electronic gadgets to break. So that's a positive point as well. If the truck is clean, solid & drives well, I dont see why you wouldn't be able to double that milage w/out any major problems.
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