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Nissan Pathfinder



  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    When the manufacturer recommends or suggests whats best for your vehicle, I say go with what's recommended. If your attempt is to save some pennies, buy a CRV or RAV4. The PF and all true SUV's with a 6 or an 8 cyl engine... drink fuel like a thirsty camel. These are not Eco Vehicles. Nissan is not purposely trying to make you pay more at the pump...they are suggesting your vehicle runs best with premium fuel. Now if you choose to operate your PF on regular, I'm certain your truck will run fine. But your gas milage will suffer even more, running it on a lower go figure!
  • preuningpreuning Posts: 6
    Passenger room and seating comfort for wife and two kids wins out over fun truck for Dad.

    We went with an SE 2WD silver with gray cloth interior - liked cloth in SE much more than cloth in LE.

    Wife is happily loading up CDs in the changer and playing with sunroof - both were missing in her minivan.

    As to the deal - You always feel like you've left money on the table. Bottom line - go for the best price possible then ask for the 0.9% financing.

    On the fuel issue - salesman said you can run midgrade in the PF but you won't get all 240 horses - whatever that means. Since the Costco near us sells 93-octane premium for the same price at 89-midgrade, the PF should dine in style...and often :-(
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I get 19.3 mpg with premium fuel and have been getting 19.7 to 21.3 with regular fuel and the 2001 Service Manual says to use at least 87 octane. I say use whatever works the best for your needs. If you are going to run the engine at 240 hp at 6000 rpm you might want to use premium!
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    Yes your PF can and will run on at least 87 octane...regular. Over the long term with continuous use of regular fuel can shorten the life of the engine...something to do with the computer chip constantly having to adjust to the lower octane...retardation of the spark etc...etc. Skip2 posted an excellent artical written by experts in this field many posts back regarding this's using a lower octane when it's manufacturers recommend premium fuel. If you've spent 30 grand or more why cheat your self for a few bucks? This I don't understand. It's like going to a a fine dining restaurant and not wanting to pay their prices...why go to a expensive restaurtant in the first place...eating at McDonalds does the trick for a while...but in the long run eating that junk will do a number on the arteries and then you die.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    The Nissan service manual for the 2001 PF does state the min octane is 87. Fuel is blended (regular and premium) with heptane and isobutane which are very volatile to establish the octane. The reason I get better fuel mileage and the engine runs smother with regular is the stations I use have a very high turn-over rate on there fuel and get the freshest fuel. You in turn put flat soda-pop at champagne prices in your PF. Generaly no one knows what octane they are realy getting.
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    I use to run my PF on flat soda pop and was dissapionted in the measley 19-20 mpg. But now that I've switched to premium Champagne, I'm getting a remarkable 30-32 mpg.
  • engle3engle3 Posts: 12
    As bimmer4me mentioned, skips2 post #2672 on May 23 was very informative. Since I tend to keep my autos through many sets of tires, I'm following skips2 advice.

    My perfect Pathfinder is getting 20 mpg on the highway.
  • captainroncaptainron Posts: 58
    Hi all,

    I just thought I'd share this with a typically sympathetic crowd... I went to the local Discount Tire store to get the set of Pirelli Scorpion AT (255/70R16) tires put on my 2001 LE last Thursday. I waited in the waiting room...(you can't do anything else's what the room is for). After about an hour, I got the truck back, drove it to the office and noticed the rear-quarted had been scraped...Like the low-speed paint exchange type of scrape. It covered about 10 inches along the rear bumper fascia that wraps around the passenger side. It also took out the rear mud flap on that side and some paint along the lower edge of the fender flair. Pretty gruesome to look at really.

    I tried to figure out if it definitely happened at the tire shop, but I couldn't pin it on them for sure. I had meetings to go to and by the time I could get back to the shop, I'm sure the object/car that was hit or hit me would have been gone. Lacking this "smoking gun," I decided to just grumble about it and move on.

    I drove my Prelude to work on Friday and when I got home at around 1:00am, there was a note on my Pathfinder windshield!!! Can you believe it??? "Hey, bumped your car, Bob, 555-1234." I was thrilled. I called him on Saturday and he said, "Yeah, sorry about that...was there much damage to your front bumper?" FRONT??? I pulled over and sure enough, I was hit on the front quarter as well! I've had the Pathfinder off-road 6 times now and I get body damage sitting in a parking lot? TWICE in 24 hours! Well, I just thought I'd share...

    For those of you interested in the $$$ details, the breakdown is as follows:

    Front bumper fascia: $216
    Painting in body color: $274
    Fender flair (already in body color) $300
    Mud Flap (already in body color) $110
    "Enjoying the Ride"?: Priceless

    I was able to polish out the rear fascia and it came out perfect.

    Captain Ron...
  • nutsnuts Posts: 9

    I've been having problems with my fuel gauge on my new 2001 PF on long trips it gets 'stuck' at a little over a 1/2 a tank. First time I noticed it was on a long drive 150+ miles then the next tank I had no problem (a lot of smaller trips none more than 30 miles at a time) then second time it happened was coming home from the long trip. I'm pretty sure it's the mechanical device in the tank because it came back down after a few days of city driving (i only added 4 gallons of gas to try to keep it below the 1/2 mark so I could show the dealer but I had to wait a week to bring it in and it dropped to what I think is the right level). They will be switching the fuel level indicator in the tank, anyone have a similar problem?

    If you think your gas mileage is too good to be true, it is.
  • liebesiliebesi Posts: 33
    Am I missing something or is there no good place to put loose change in the 01 Pathfinder?? Right now I keep it in the ashtray but thats not real easy..

    Just bought a cargo mat for the rear from, I will let everyone know how it is once I get it in the next day or two.

    I am still being told by most people to use only reg unleaded that it is a waste of money to put premium in the Pathfinder?? Dealer says Reg but everyone online says Premium...I went halfway for the third fill up and used mid-grade...any more suggestions...
  • I am thinking about buying new PF LE in this week. I want to get SE because it's a lot cheaper but my parents want power seat and leather. Full option with SE and LE doesn't make difference but LE you get automatic 4x4, and woodtrim as well. What is the fair price of LE with leather, Limited Slip Differential? Does LSD really worth to get it? I am from NJ area if price might difference by region.
  • Does anybody know anything about these Dealer Incentive thing? How much is it anyway? Is there any rebate/incentive I should know before I go to dealer? I researched hard for PF(for a month), and $30000 for LE with full option(except Navigation) seems pretty fair. selling for $31010. I know a dealer advertised automatic SE for $25499(MSRP 314--). If I can get similar discount in LE, I should get it around 30k, right?
  • Does anybody know their score guide line for special APR? 0.9% for 36Mo look very attractive yet I want to make sure if I can get it. Do they score by Beacon FICO? I wrote a letter to Finance Nissan DEPT, but they told me to contact local dealer.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    There is a small change holder to the left below the outside mirror control. It is the door to the fuse box. Keep track off all the fuel you use and the mileage. Try running regular for several tanks and premium several tanks. I got the best mileage and the engine ran smother with regular fuel from stations that have a high turn-over
    rate. 90% or more of the cars use regular fuel and the premium fuel sets in the stations tanks and the fuel looses its octane. Also there is nothing in the engine control system that detects what octane fuel is in the tank. There is a piezoelectric knock sensor if it detects detonation will retard the spark some.
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    Please read your owner's manual thoroughly. It will indicate such features as the coin holder as well as what fuel Nissan recommends for you Pathfinder.
  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139

    Sorry to hear about the dings. Thanks for the pics, they are great! I was impressed about the amount of articulation you got fom the stock suspension.

    How do the tires fit? does it feel any taller? Any rubbing?

    I called Rancho this a.m. to see if they had any small (1.5"-2") lifts for the '00 or '01 Pathy, but they don't. :-(

    A question about your mudflaps, do you drag them often when going through some of the deeper pits? If so, have they sustained any damage or wanted to tear off? The reason I ask is that they seem a little stiff & I'd almost rather take out a few screws and pull them off temporarily if needed rather than ripping them off accidentally. Thoughts?

    One more thing, have you seen any aftermkt skid plates?

    Thanks in advance

    p.s the Zino Pics are incredible. Who's bimmer in the background? style 30 wheels, can't be sure?
  • captainroncaptainron Posts: 58

    No problem on the pics...If anyone else wants a few shots of a burnt cherry Pathfinder both off-road (dusty) and on-road (Zaino!), just let me know. I was pretty surprised by the articulation as well...I was very *stuck* in that one photo because I had both corner wheels off the ground! I'm thinking about rigging up a quick disconnect for the anti-sway bars to allow for more movement.

    The tires fit just fine, but I haven't had them tucked up under the wheel wells in some extreme spot yet. I'll let you know. They are a bit taller...actually, I rolled one over next to my friend's Durango (31x10.5x15) and the Pirelli's are a slight bit taller. Understanding of course that there was no weight on my tires at the time and his tires have 20,000 miles of wear. They raise the truck up (at the axles) by about .75" and therefore should give me slightly more ground clearance. They do have a "hum" on the freeway, but it's not at an uncomfortable level. Also, they are stiffer in the sidewalls, so the Pathfinder is more responsive when doing the tight turns.

    The only way I know to lift the new Pathfinders is to replace the factory springs with taller or higher rate springs like xplorx4 (Dean)did. The rear axle...being a live axle...isn't tough at all...the front independant suspension is a little trickier and you need to understand the dynamics of what's happening before going too radical.

    I didn't think I draged the mudflaps 'cause frankly...they're way back there...But when I removed my crunched one, I noticed the bottom of it was scraped up pretty good. They are stiff for sure...there's a plate of aluminum that runs through most of it to keep it's shape. You could remove it before going off would take a stubby phillips head screwdriver to remove the 5 or 6 screws holding it on. At $110 each...not a bad idea.

    I haven't seen aftermarket skid plates...I'm not to the point where I'm getting in that deep... : )

    The BMW in the background is my friend's. We Zaino'd both the same day and it, being a black car, looked amazing. I took a shot into the hood and if it weren't for the BMW emblem, it'd be hard to tell it from a straight shot of the sky.

    Anyway...sorry for the long-winded post...

    Captain Ron. . .
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    You'll find that there is nearly no significant off-road aftermarket support for the Pathfinders (96 and up). A 2" lift for the Pathfinder IS available, but not from major suspension lift companies like Rancho.

    In August 1999 I contacted an independent spring manufacturer and had 2" lift coil springs custom-made for my 97 PF for less than $500 installed. Since then, the springs have been made available at Automotive Customizers, and numerous Pathfinder owners have lifted their rides. You can contact them if you're interested in any modifications for your Pathfinder. Their BBS is also a good resource. By the way, you can squeak a little more articulation out of the rear suspension with slightly longer shocks.

    My 97 Pathfinder mods

  • chenzhuochenzhuo Posts: 1
    New graduate, just decided to loan a PF LE/2WD/fully equipped (w/o Nev/ent).

    Prices from Edmunds:

    Invoice 29253
    MSRP 32313
    TMV 28752

    one of the local dealers (in San Dingo) quotes 29895, with 3.9% APR/60mo.

    Is this a fair price while time's approaching August?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    You can do better than that in Orange County or LA, maybe even closer to home.
  • wags6wags6 Posts: 4
    I've had my Sherwoood Green SE since May 29th, and I have 5,100 miles on it. Absolutely flawless driving to date. Some updates and responses to posts I've read:

    Re: 5 spd. manual -I've owned 7 manual transmission trucks - going back to an '89 Ford F-150 5 spd. V-8, also 4Runners, Tacomas, etc. I live in Northern New England and do lots of mountain, sand dune, and deep snow driving. I wouldn't ever drive an auto. The control you get from 4 wheel drive mated to the 5 spd. is phenomenal... you are pretty much at one with the truck. On dry road, the vehicle feels far more agile and athletic going through the gears vs. an auto. It's downright fun to drive and sounds pretty good too.

    Re: Bug Guard
    I bought the Nissan guard designed for the '01 Path. Didn't like the idea of sticking adhesive-backed foam to my hood forever, so instead I adhered the foam to the six supports on the guard itself. No muss, no fuss, and no fading or scratching to worry about. I take it off every week when I wash the truck. Foam is still holding up just fine. Overall.. it's worth the investment - saves lots of bug scrubbing and road debris scratches. It looks great too - - smoked, so it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb like some after market jobbies.

    Re: Dents and Scratches
    I'm actually amazed that I've been able to go this long without some idiot adorning my truck with its first dent. I had some beach chairs tied to the roof rack a couple weeks ago, and proceeded to inflict some damage myself. As I was removing one of the chairs, I dropped it. It left a dime-sized dimple in the roof just forward of the rear wind deflector. It's essentially hidden... you cannot see it standing next to the truck, but I know it's there and it's killing me. I may seek out the dent removal boys at some point in the future.

    Re: Interior Design
    Yes, the opening under the radio is completely and utterly useless - won't even hold change.
    I also hate trying to eject a CD when I'm in 3rd or 5th gear - need to be a contortionist. I'd like to see ex tenders on the visors, a map pocket on the back of the driver's seat, a remote rear window release, leather availability with the 5 speed, a grab handle for the driver's side pillar, and a bigger console. Don't get me wrong, despite my "wish list", the truck is still an overall awesome ownership experience - - the mega-positives crush any negatives that arise.

    Re: Trailer Hitch
    Had Nissan install OEM hitch as part of the purchase deal. I love the step feature. Tows my 19 ft. cuddy beautifully. No sway, no lag, ..."like a rock" as they say.

    Re: Overall
    The truck is awesome. I commute 120 miles RT per day. 80 mph @ 3,100 rpm all the way. 20.7 mpg consistently!!! I love the look, the feel, the performance, and the durability. Everybody who rides in this vehicle has the same initial comments: "It feels so solid", and "it's really sharp looking - who makes it again?".
    I highly recommend this truck over all others within $5-10K - nothing comes close... believe me -I looked at EVERYTHING out there. Would love to see Nissan stretch the '02 or '03 about 4 or 5 inches, but I hope they stay with the 5 spd. as an option.

    Sorry for the long post, but can't say enough bout this buggy.
    Good luck to all fellow owners. Would love similar updates from y'all.
  • I live in CT and am taking delivery on our new loaded PF LE (minus nav & entertainment system) tomorrow. Can't wait. Without asking, the dealer gave us $500 below invoice (factory to dealer incentive of $500 right now). We also got the 3.9% financing. Dealer said that they actually get $150 from Nissan financing to set up the loan. Hope it helps anyone with what others are getting price wise.
  • preuningpreuning Posts: 6
    I just got my SE and dealer gladly offered up the 0.9% financing for 36 months after getting very close to invoice on the price. Doesn't cost the dealer anything.

    Dealer did say your credit needs to be strong.
  • erhein2erhein2 Posts: 11
    wags6: Tell me about the dings just killing you. My 2001 bronzed grey PF SE is 2 months old. Two weeks ago we bought a 2001 Sentra. After we've had the Sentra less than a week, my 17 year old daughter is maneuvering the Sentra out of the garage next to the PF which is to her right. She's angling to the left while in reverse, watching the left rear of the Sentra. Meanwhile, the right front of the Sentra, specifically the right side mirror, is contacting the rear quarter panel of the PF, leaving a crease and paint on the PF just behind the gas filler door. The bumper of the Sentra is also leaving a couple of scratches on the wheel well of the PF. Cost to repair: $451.00. Not major damage, but it's killing me knowing it's there and it HAS to be fixed even though it comes out of my pocket ($500 deductible). One of the hazards of having a teenage driver even though she's normally real careful. Just inexperience.
  • usarmytttusarmyttt Posts: 21
    I have a 2001 LE and just put on a bug guard, really like the look too...couple ?' arent' having any problem with foam scratching the paint? I had thought about doing the same thing with the padding but then decided to put on by the directions...but it is killing me knowing the longer that adhesive is on the paint the harder it will be to get off eventually. Did yours come with enough padding to cover all the brackets? When you take it off weekly to wash your Pathfinder do you remove the rubber seal on the lower inside of the hood? How do you get it off? When I installed mine I used a pair of pliers and ended up cracking one of them.....feed back would be greatly appreciated!
  • erhein2erhein2 Posts: 11
    I also bought the Nissan deflector. Unfortunately, while installing it, it slid off the hood of my vehicle and hit end first on the floor and snapped like a twig. I e-mailed Nissan asking for a replacement for free, or for a nominal cost and never heard back from them. I bought a replacement by Macneil and installed it last weekend. I like it very much. Rather than use the tape, I used the screws and drilled four tiny holes under the hood. Very secure installation.
  • rdorardora Posts: 4
    What are 4WD LE's with leather leasing for these days? Has anybody gotten a 36 mo. 12,000 mi/yr. with no down payment lease below $400/mo.? Thanks!
  • pondfull5pondfull5 Posts: 53
    Yes for some one like me who has had this 5 speeder for the past four months and only 6000km on it,I could not agree with you better. For this Pf 5 Speeder Is Just Fun To Drive!!!.
    So please keep up with your posting.
  • Is there such thing as Nissan Loyalty Rebate? What is it anyway? I saw Infiniti dealer had put advertisement that Infiniti Loyalty Rebate: $1000.
    Does it mean I had to purchase Infiniti from that dealer? Or I just have to own Infiniti cars regardless where I purchased previously..
    Thank you
  • hattrick16hattrick16 Posts: 16
    I have almost 1000 miles on my '01 PF SE and I am read to do the first oil change before my trip to NYC. I have the correct filter from Nissan, but what oil should I use? I am planning on going with the 5W-30. Thanks for your help.
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