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  • I Plan on purchasing a 2002 X-5 3.0
    Options Include: Climate Pkg., Cold Weather Pkg.,
    Lumbar,Premium audio,Premium Pkg.
    Automatic Transmission, Xenon,
    Self Dimming Mirrors, the
    Sliding Load Floor.

    I'm currently $1850.00 Under the TMV,

    But still $3145.00 Over invoice

    I live in the New York City Area

    Any Advice Would Be Greatly Appreciated


  • I am looking to purchase a new BMW X5 3.0i. Can anyone help me search for a dealer that can give me the best price. I live in Middletown New Jersey but will take dealer names from anywhere. Thanks. Mike from NJ
  • Hi Mike,

    As of now I',m paying 3145.00 over invoice,

    I haven't made the deal yet.

    The options are in message 392

    If you get a better price let me know.

    By the way the dealer tried to give me 6.99

    But I was approved on line through BMW at 5%

    Good Luck

  • I am the new owner of an X5. I am trying to find some type of cover for the rear bumper to guard against nicks, scratches, etc. (really the equivalent of a "bra" for the rear of the SUV). This would seem to me like a pretty obvious accessory, but I am not having much luck finding anything. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,801
    This may be a really dumb question, but I was trying to apply for credit approval tonight on had questions "1,2, & 3", but NO way to go to question #4 to submit??? I have a Mac.....but I don't know what difference that would make.

    Thanks for any info/advice!
  • mrr60mrr60 Posts: 11
    x5owner: A couple of ideas, there's something called a bumper saver that I saw on a minivan catalog. It's a rubber mat that attaches via adhesive to the top of the bumper to give you something to step on. Of course the rest of the bumper is exposed. If you have a trailer hitch you can use a a Hitchstep from GoRhino. We use this in my wife's Toyota Sequoia. It's a tubular bar that attaches to the 2 inch hitch and acts as a step so you can reach the roof. It wont cover the entire bumper though.
  • dpb54dpb54 Posts: 6
    I've had bad experiences with Wagner in the past.
    Have heard from a friend they like For. Motors.
  • If you guys have not seen it yet, check out the new Volvo XC90 SUV. It wonder how it will stack up to the BMW X5 and Mercedes ML-Series? It is supposed to have more room than the X5 and ML, plus seat up to 7 people, forward facing.

    Volvo XC90 Pictures

  • My X5 is in for service all the time. Bmw is not very careful about building a quality car. THey also are not too concerned about their customers. THere have been stalling problems, noises they can't fix from the windshield, replaced latches, gaskets, fuel senders, fans, thermostat, and more. Maybe in a few years they'll have it worked out. Consumer reports notes many folks have had repair problems. The Lexus doesn't have as good a safety rating or handle well, but the build quality isn't a question.
  • Just passed 2000 miles on the '02 4.4i X5 with sport package and 19" wheels. So far it is perfect and an awesome vehicle.

    Last weekend went from Las Vegas to San Diego and back. 80 mph on I-15; no down shifting on the mountain passes. 18.5 mpg getting there and 18.9 mpg getting back.

    Happy with that mileage if anyone cares. Around town is about 14 mpg with very short trips.
  • cc44cc44 Posts: 2

    This may sound like a weird question, but I have a question about BMW X5 4.4's engine sound.

    Maybe people who know alot about engines may answer this better:

    Sometimes when the engine is running, I got out of the car, stand right infront of the engine, bring my ear close to engine compartment (with the hood is closed) and I listen the engine sound.

    I do this when the engine is cold, when the engine is hot, when I first start the engine in the morning, when I first start the engine after not using it for couple of days.

    The reason why I started to do this is that, sometimes I hear "extra" sounds coming from the engine compartment.
    Sometimes I hear this but other times I don't. This sound is not loud. You need get really close to engine compartment.

    Forexeample, I think I hear belt sound. But this is intermittent. Especially in the mornings I hear this belt sounds. To ask if this sound is normal, I took the vehicle to BMW dealer. They said that the engine sound was perfect. But I think when I was at the dealer the "extra" sound stopped.

    This is a new car with only few thousand miles on it. Is this normal to hear little "extra" sounds from the engine from time to time? In the mornings? When the weather is so cold? Is there a correlation between the "belt" sounds or any other engine part sounds with the cold weather or hot weather, in the mornings when the temperature is low?

    If you sit in or drive the vehicle you can not hear anything. My engine performance is great I think. In the mornings it starts excellent. My only concern is the little "different" sounds coming from the engine compartment from time to time when you stand close the engine and listen the engine sound carefully.

    Does this happen to you? I just want to be sure, because this is an expensive vehicle and if there is something wrong with the engine and I am driving it, I may later have major problems. The the service says "ohhh! how could you drive this vehicle like this???, You should have brought it to us before. Now you have to pay $$$$$$ !! (Big smile on their faces when they say this.)"

    But I did and they say there was no abnormal sound.

    Please keep in mind that, when you are sitting in the vehicle (when the vehicle is standing or moving) I can not hear any abnormal sound. The engine sounds completely normal. But when I get out the car, get my ear close the engine compartment (with the hood is closed) SOMETIMES I can hear some "extra" sounds like (I think) belt sound. The engine sounds always sounds normal but sometimes I hear "extra" sounds. Is this something to do with the cold/hot weather? Cold start in the morning?

    Thank you very much to all of you for your time.
    Your answers are important to me.

  • The "extra" sound when it's cold could be a faster idle while it's warming up. Extra sounds when it's warm and the air is on is the electric cooling fan kicking on and off. My X5 is great, I'm really enjoying it - only about 2,200 miles on it so far, only seem to be driving it on the weekends for some odd reason. I'm going to try to put more miles on it.
  • The local dealership has a 4.6is in the showroom. Sticker is $68,000 and change plus they are asking $6900 after market mark up for a total of $75,000 +.

    The 20" wheels look great but I'll stay with the 4.4i and 19" wheels for a lot less money.
  • Heck yes - I'll be sticking with my X5 as well - What color is 4.6? I have an Estoril Blue 2000 M Coupe, a matching 4.6 X5 would be cool. The 4.6 would look hot in Imola Red with a matching Nappa leather interior as well. I'd be alot more interested in an M5 instead of the 4.6 X5 for that kind of $$$. Makes me wonder who will buy those 4.6's.
  • lazuralazura Posts: 43
    I have a delimma that I'm hoping somebody could assist me. I am interested in purchasing a 2002 X5 3.0, but I don't want to take delivery for a few months because I'm trying to sell one of my other cars. Also, I would like to 'lock in' on the great lease rates that BMW is offering this month (63% residual/3 years, .00190 money factor), even though I don't want to take delivery until February or March. Therefore:

    1) If I 'order from the factory' a X5 to be built based on my selected options and colors, about how long before it will be ready? Also, what kind of security deposit is required up front?
    2) If I select to have my X5 built based on my preferences, can I still lease instead of buy? Also, can I 'lock in' the current lease rates in December even though the car may not be ready until Feb. or March?
    3) I live in North Carolina, therefore can I drive to the X5 plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina to pick up my X5 rather than pay the $645 destination fee? $645 seems like an awful lot of profit for the dealer to drive a car from South Carolina to North Carolina.
    4) Has anyone else on this board tried this 'order from the factory' option rather than purchased a vehicle that has already been built? IF so, did you get a better price closer to the invoice amount since the dealer didn't have to carry the inventory on his lot?

  • It was black with black interior. Not the best choice for our hot summers here in Las Vegas.

    This months Car and Driver mag has a 2 page ad with a red 4.6is X5 in it. Great looking. The 4.4i has great power as it is, 50 more hp and 1" bigger tires are not worth the extra $16,000 to me. The 20" wheels don't look as sharp as the 19".

    Be curious to see how it sells with that extra $6900 of pure profit. Vegas was built on on upping the other guy so I'll bet that 4.6is has already been sold. I saw it last Wednesday; went out of town for a 4 day weekend.

    Oh, the M5 looks awesome!!!
  • I have delt with Princeton BMW in Princeton New Jersey, for years, even before I lived near by. They have wonderful service, and just did some extensive renocations. Hope you find what you are looking for there.
  • mrr60mrr60 Posts: 11
    lazura: I was in a somewhat similar situation as you were. I needed to be able to get the X5 in March 1 and I ordered around the end of Nov./first of Dec. I odered the X5 to my preferences for leasing with the understanding that I can't pick it up untill March 1st. I didn't get much of a discount. At the time the X5 was in high demand because of the recent release that it was one of the safest SUV's out there. The dealer basically held the papers and timed it so when the order was sent in it would arrive by the specified date. The lease deal that was going on at the time was to expire on Dec. 31 but so long as I put the deposit down that would be the deal that I got. Did it work out? Not really. The car ended up coming 2 weeks early. They said I had to take it or they would have to sell it to someone else(I would get my $1000 deposit back though). I took it anyway. Happy with the car. I would talk to the dealer though as to what would happen if itcame early the way mine did and have it writing. Don't know about picking it up in the factory but it sounds like fun. Destination charges is a flat fee and is the same whether the factory is next door or 3000 miles away. Good luck!
  • I was going on various local NJ dealer sites and requesting quotes over the past week. Like some posters above, i too am leasing for first time and have issues. Bottom line, bmw offering money rate @ .0019=great deal!
    For MMARINO, try Open Road BMW, thats who i went to. This is what they gave me without haggling or issues...(cheapest out of NJ dealers thus far)
    x5 3.0
    premium pkg, auto trans, xenon, cold weather pkg...42 months $550/month 0 down. $2,200 below MSRP. I can take delivery up til end of Feb. as long as paperwork processed before Dec. 31. As of today, normal delivery for custom order is within 4 weeks they say.
    Dealer asked for $1,000 fully-refundable deposit.
    Don't know about avoiding that delivery charge, i'm sure if u went to th plant, they'd still charge that $645 for driving it up to front parking lot from the assembly line.

    In any case, if you've been seriously contemplating picking up one of these beasts...
    I suggest everyone on the fence should jump on the bandwagon ASAP, rates will go up after 31st!!
    IF anyone got a better deal, let me know!!! I haven't put down deposit yet so not too late to switch dealers!!!
    THANKS, hope it helped!
  • Unfotunatley I had to have my X5 towed to the dealer due to a faulty thermostat that was causing the engine to run very rough, spitting and stumbling all over itself. Anyone else have these problems ?
  • although for a minor problem - the A/C manual vent controls didn't work and I could not control air direction to windshield, center or floor properly. fixed now. car does drive like a dream (for an SUV).
  • Just picked mine up and love it. Now, to figure out how to use all the cool toys.
  • lazuralazura Posts: 43
    I found out from a dealer that the $645 destination charged cannot be waived because it is an 'average' of all shipping charges for BMW, regardless of the location of delivery.

    With living so close to the Spartanburg, SC BMW factory(where the X5 is built), and looking to order an X5 rather than by a currently built one, I am in an advantagous position. I am about to send out a purchase request to every BMW dealer in the country for an 2002 X5 3.0i. Since I am doing all the work (researching, listing all options, picking up vehicle myself), I really don't even need a dealer, except to spend 5 minutes keying in my order on a computer screen. Therefore, I am only offering $500 over invoice for the vehicle, which seems like plenty of profit for 5 minutes of work. I wish that BMW had a web site to directly order the vehicle from the factory and skip the dealer 'middleman' entirely. Also, all correspondance can be handled via email, faxes or priorty mail. Also, the first dealer to respond will get my leasing business also (with $0 cap cost reduction).
  • Live in Northern Va.close to DCA and MD and am willing to travel anywhere on east coast for a deal on a 3.3. ARE ANY DEALERS GETTING CLOSE TO INVOICE? I am finding the price on a used BMWX5 very high in this area so that it does'nt pay not to get a new one in color and options of choice. I want a blk on blk with prem. pk,cold weather,prem. sound, zeon lights. I would also not mind a few other options like lumbar and park distance control. I am not a leasor of cars, have always payed all cash. Am I crazy to do this with so many lease deals ect.? Also, is everyone still in love with this SUV? My husband thinks I am crazy to pay as much for any SUV when you could have a really great sedan like the Jag for the same $$$.
  • tom00tom00 Posts: 11
    Just test drove a 3.0 w/ prem, rear climate, cold weather, xenon and will lease it for 39 mos later this week. I also looked at Tahoe, Sequoia, & ML500. All 3 are good vehicles, but my wife liked the X5 best. May be a little tight on vacation.
    BMW's lease rates are great now thru 12/31 and apply if ordered by 12/31. X5 was at least $150/ month less than Tahoe and Sequoia and about $200 less than ML. I looked at X5 in October and rates have dropped about $250.
  • sdeamesdeame Posts: 14
    What are you paying per month? What is down? Anything off MSRP? Residual value? etc...

    I am looking for the same vehicle.

    Where are you located?
  • tom00tom00 Posts: 11
    i got a 39 month lease for about $600. total down is about 1750 which includes 1st month, $600 security deposit, and other fees i'll find out 12/20. Residual 60-63% and around 2,000 off msrp. I'm in Charlotte, nc. email me for more details.
  • wjc23wjc23 Posts: 11
    Let me know if you get any hits doing this. I'm in Atlanta, and am able to pick up in Spartanburg too. I understand that it's difficult to get this price b/c even if you pick up in Spartanburg that car goes against the dealer's allocation for the month, so they will not sell it to you if they could otherwise sell it for more. On the other hand, to the extent supply is greater than demand, someone might bite. I'd be interested to find out. Thanks.
  • Tom00, are you suggesting that Lazaru will get "HIT" by dealer like in the head for suggesting $500 over invoice, just kidding guys.

    Well I shopped for my X5 4.4i 3 months ago in Seattle area, bad place to look for bimmer. Only 3 dealers in area so not much competition, the best I can get was $1750 off the MSRP or around $3250 over invoice. I am sure you can do better now since the economy os still in it's descending path. Now $500 might be a little hard to get, not impossible(On 2001 model is very possible). The reason is that BMW just like any other mfg has a system that send more cars to dealers which sells the most cars previous month. If dealer only sell 1 X5 last month their allocation only 1 also for next month. So this will balance the supply and demand curve. IF a dealer can only sell 1 X5 last month and BMW send 10 X5 for this month dealer might sell a couple of those at $500 over invoice just to move them. In any rate this is the best handling SUV/SAV out there until porsche comes along(that is still yet to be seen by the way).
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