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  • Been reading the links, very enjoyable so thus far. I've recently placed my order 2/5/2002 for '02 3.0; when can I expect to receive the car?

    And is there a discount if one opts for the Performance Center Delivery? I understand BMW gives an additional price break for the European Delivery.

    Thank you.
    Just curious
  • What is dealer cash, there is no mention of this on Edmunds for 2002 X5 3.0?

    And does this apply to a buy or leased?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Is a rebate to the dealer. It does not apply to the X-5 as far as I know.
  • My new X5 with 1547 mi. driven,went down with an apparent mysterious electrical fault that makes the lights stay on and the engine inoperable, unless the battery terminal is disconnected. Seven days at the dealer and no clue!! Does anybody has experience the same or has an idea?
  • Any thoughts from the group on X5 3.0 pricing. The best offer I have had so far is $1000 under MSRP.
  • First off, let me say I love a deal, and searching for a deal. But I've come to the conclusion that BMW is not hurting in selling cars.

    Just returned from the BMW dealer 2 hours ago after discussing X5 Lease pricing. The edmunds lease incentive deal of $419/month for 36 months with $2500 down on a stripped X5 seems unobtainable. According to edmunds, residual is 66% for 10K miles. Dealers agree to this. Acquistion fee in my area of California is $725, not $525 per edmunds. The lease interest rate is 4.92% (divide by 2400 to get the lease factor 0f .00205). Kelly Book ( has this as the interest rate. And the BMW dealer said the BMW was kicking in $1000. He even showed me the sheet so I could check the math.

    But no one will make this deal here.

    $1000 off MSRP should be doable for all deals since BMW is paying it, not the dealer. Lease factors are negoiable, but no one is offering 4.92%, claiming that is the dealer buy price. Kelly Blue has a second incentive interest rate at 6.75% (.00281), which you can get.

    Just getting under the lease price quoted on has been time consuming. This car is still hot. There are over 10 BMW dealers within a 1 hour drive, but no one has more than 2-4 X5 3.0s and no one seems interested is deeply discounting them. My research has a car in the low $47K running $550-$560/month for 36 months with $2500 (ouch) down.

    The only upside is that the Acura MDX is even worse for bargin hunters here, even when you work your way past the 200 people the acura dealer told me were on the waiting list.
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Which part of Cal are you located? In S. Cal dealers are over stock with X5. I would see rolls and rolls of X5.

    The $525 acquistion fee is corrected as of Oct last year if you lease your car from BMW Financial.

    Good Luck.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    There's no such thing as a stripped BMW, they advertise it but there are never any available, espescially an X-5.

    And the SoCal dealers may have some inventory, but they're still not giving the cars away.
  • I live in Silicon Valley (San Jose). Apparently, there's not as many failed dot coms as the press lead you to believe.

    Raybear, you're right, stripped BMWs don't exist on dealers lots. I did find a X5 at $43K MSRP that had a sale sign of $2K off MSRP. But it is pretty sparse inside and the salesman said they were discounting it because it didn't have many options and did not appeal to many buyers. When I asked for the same $2K off on the one with premium and sport package he said no.

    If the car is trading at near sticker, then fine, that's what I will end up paying. I saw today in the paper that I can get a Chevy Avalanche for $9000 off MSRP, but I don't want one of those. The great deal will just have to wait.
  • I got a heck of a deal on my 2001 X5 3.0 last November with Premium, Climate, Xenons, CD, etc. The dealer was willing to negotiate back then, but not now. I went with a friend to put a deal together on an X5 3.0 this past Saturday and the same dealer I got mine at would not budge an inch on MSRP, totally a take it or leave it deal.
  • chowrchowr Posts: 11
    I had done extensive research on the MDX and ML320 and the X5 had not even been a consideration. With that said, I leased a X5 3.0 this weekend with the deal they are currently promoting. I got it as stripped down as possible, base with auto,moonroof and cold weather pkg for $399/mo and they took my 96 Jeep as down payment. I have to say I thought the MDX was THE car but I am loving every minute of my new X5. The MDX looks excellent on paper (price and with what it comes with) but it doesn't give you the same driving satisfaction as a BMW can. Good luck to all you out there still deciding.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

    A Light off-road event in Southern New Jersey! Come enjoy the trails!


  • I placed a downpayment for a '02 X5 Steel Gray from a dealer last week on Feb 4. Does anyone know what should be the average turn around time for the dealer to notify me with the Production Number. I'm dying to tell my friends by showing them the Owners Website?

  • chowrchowr Posts: 11
    Sorry if this was hashed out before but does anyone have info regarding problems with the key seat settings. At first I thought that I just didn't know how to program or use the key correctly but after getting a new X53.0 on Sunday I brought it into the dealer today b/c everytime I lock and unlock my car the seat, mirrors and steering goes to a completely different setting and has a mind of it's own. Kinda annoying b/c that means everytime I get into the car I need to readjust everything. Any help here is appreciated.
  • I'm getting ready to ink a deal on a 02 X5 3.0, I really want to get the sport pkg. the issue: is the ride difference minor or very noticible than the non-sport, dealers in the area have no X5 w/ sport in stock for a test drive. I'm in the northern NJ area, any feedback on the dealers in the area, I'm more interested in the quality of service of the dealer, any feedback on this two concerns will be appreciated. We are looking at a X5 3.0, auto, premium, rear climate, sport & xenon. I'll keep you posted. Thanks, Pete D.
  • I also lived in northern NJ, dealers in the area have the almighty attitude of take it or leave it. Most are not really giving great deals anyways. Since pricing from all of them seems equal, find one that will guarantee you a BMW service loaner, no matter what. Park AVE gives out cheap Ford cars. I'd heard Prestige is pretty good.

    What kind of deal did you get? Just curious.
  • And don't fall for the sales pitch of "you'll get a service loaner for everything". What they forget to say is NOT with scheduled maintenances like your first oil change. I got stuck waiting for 4 hours for my car to be return at Park Ave.
  • I live in the San Franciso Bay Area and I am shopping for the 4.4i. It seems like this car is in extreme short supply in the area and I was told that if I sign up now I am looking into a March Production, May delivery car. I am wondering if anyone knows of a 4.4i that's available immediately in CA? And secondly, I really appreciate any discount information, dealer incentives or recent purchase experience anyone can share with me here.

    Thanks a lot!
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    I don't have any current information but the dealer sounds like he's telling the truth. Don't count on cashing in on dealer incentives or big discounts in California, they're selling all they've got.
  • Hello.

    I just picked up my new X5 today (Factory Order -12/18/01, arrived 2/14/02; Auto, Cold Weather Pkg). $479/mo., 36 mos., 10k/yr, 66% Residual, .0015 M/F, $2000 TOP.

    This is one terrific vehicle (my first bimmer). Contrary to what you hear and read, this SAV is roomy. Previously owned a 99 JGC Laredo V8. Did not have nearly as much interior room. Fit and finish is superb; better than any other vehicle I researched. Also considered GM Triplets, RX300, and QX4. None even came close to the X5. Inline 6 is as smooth as it gets; acceleration is excellent, and performance far better than JGC V8.

    I've read many of these posts over the past several months. I agree with Shipo regarding Prestige BMW. I got my BMW at Prestige on 17S in NJ. This dealership is kind, courteous, and very helpful. It was the single best car buying experience I've ever had. Old car lease was due 2/18/02 and I got the car today. It doesn't get much better than that!

    peterd320 - I also considered the Sport Pkg., but decided against it b/c a. too pricey, and b. suspension is stiffer and not really good in inclement weather. I also live in northern NJ.

    I look forward to being a part of the group going forward.
  • x5box5bo Posts: 3
    Cisco 4440: My dealer ordered my X5 3.0 on January 23. He immediately faxed me a summary of the order with the Production Number. I was able to go to the BMW website and confirm that the vehicle was ordered. The X5 was estimated to be built in February, with an April 1 delivery. I see on the web that it is already completed and en route to the preparation center.
    I became obsessed with trying to match a deal that I made in L.A. (four hours away). I called at least 10 dealers in California. Most were unwilling to reduce MSRP, some up to $1000. I have been told that BMW increased the invoice price to the dealers January 1, with no change in MSRP. It really changed their attitudes about dealing.
    I would suggest to standc that he call dealers in the Central Valley of California (Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield.) Your X5 is probably out there! You should be able to purchase your X5 for about 2% under MSRP (this was my local dealer's "internet price.")
  • Thanks a lot for the pricing information. I wouldn't mind paying MSRP for this great car but I don't want to be ripped off by the dealers when everyone is getting a 2% off MSRP. I've called almost every dealer in the bay area but no one is willing to come off MSRP. I'll try the central valley ones. Thanks!

    Hopefully I'll be able to join this discussion as a proud X5 owner very soon!
  • I'm picking up my car next week. Here's what I'm getting - 4.4, premium, sport, rear climate and cold weather packages and Xenon headlights. MSRP is $56,345. Negotiated sale price is $55,145 ($1200 off the sticker). I'm leasing it for 36 months. The money factory is 0.00235 and the residual is 61.0% for 15,000 miles per year. That makes the payment $787.42 or $852.39 with tax. I think I got a good deal. How does that sound to you guys?
  • Thanks for the feedback, today I signed the papers on a 02, X5 3.0i, auto, premium, rear climate, sport, xenon & mats. Negotiations were a little tense, but pleasent, dealers don't want to come down too much off the MSRP. I was able to get about 2.2% off MSRP, I ended at Prestige in northern NJ, I had a little better deal at another dealer, but was not familiar with their service, and did not want to take a chance over a few dollars. Sales lady was very pleasent had a tour of their facility and it sold me. Considering the comments on previous post, I feel I had a very good deal.
    Cisco4440 and jagzbimmer thanks for your feedback, it helped. It was a great day, sun was out and it hit 60 degrees, now the wait begins, but from what I have heard from the postings and current owners, it will be worth it.
    Happy X5 Motoring, peterd.
  • on the X5 purchase. Are you going for the Performance Center Pickup Delivery option in Spartenburg SC?
  • I just leased a 2002 X5 3.0i with the premium package and auto. I really wanted one with a sport package but they were hard to find. The ones that did have them were loaded to the tilt. I was really wanting the bigger 18" wheels.

    The dealership upgrade to 18" wheels and tires will cost about $2400. This is after getting the $400 credit for my 17" wheels. Ouch.

    I found an ebay posting for 18" wheels and tires right off a new X5 4.4i. This guy bought new and upgraded to 19" wheels. So, he is unloading his 18" wheels and tires. Current bid is around $501 but it has not met the reserve requirement. If I decide to upgrade, I will chase after these wheels and then decide how to unload my new 17" wheels and tires. Not much of a market for these.

    At any rate, my question is whether I should bother going to the 18" wheels. Has anyone upgraded to this tire size, if so, what benefits have you noticed other than looks?
  • Thanks, I'm thinking about the Performance Center Delivery Pick-up, I read about it and I like it. Trying to figure a way to fit it into our schedule, my work, wife's work and kids.
    Donelonpc: From your experience as far as upgrading, now you know why it pays to take the sport pkg. Dealer wants 2,400 for wheels / tires vs 2,100 for pkg. with all the other goodies. I had the same problem when I bought my 2000 Benz E320, did not like the wheels (16"), dealer wanted around 2,500 for 17" wheels / tires, last year I found a OE set (17") on E Bay with less than 100 miles on the tires, bid started at 600 ended paying about 900, still better than dealer, when I received the set, they were like brand new. Goodluck and enjoy the X5.
  • cb44cb44 Posts: 87
    Anyone gotten Steel Grey and if so, what interior seems to go best (besides black). SG seems to have different looks based on lighting, but seems to fit the X5 body lines well.
  • I am trying to purchase an X5 4.4 with the above referenced equipment and have run into two issues that I would like comment on. 1.The 745's tying up 4.4 engine production and I will need to order it. and 2. BMW has gone to "no haggle" pricing and I will pay near list price (approx. $56k in this case). Also I am exploring the 36 month Buyer Option walkaway financing option. Would appreciate comments on all? Thanks.
  • I think that if you go with leather, get the saddle color. It looks sharp. I saw one at the dealer where I got mine. Otherwise, you are limited to black in leatherette.
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