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  • I am seriously considering buying either a X5 3.0 or a ML320 (other possibilities are 525 and C320 wagons). The motivation is that these two are the best rated in IIHS tests and heaviest mid size SUVs (Rx300 rate highly, but weights 1000lb less) and I believe in a two vehicle accident, the heavier car will fair better. While testing drive a ML320, the sales person insists that cars are safer than SUV. He insisted that MB engineering had determined that a C320 is safer than a ML320. In a single car accident, this may be. But if a C320 collides with a ML320 head on, I would say the Ml320 will come out way ahead. What do you all think? Any data on this?
  • tom00tom00 Posts: 11
    responded under the ml heading. Personally, i liked the ML better but got X5 for my wife. It is an execllent vehicle and if you can live with the limited cargo area, get it. you will not be disappointed.
  • Have about 3500 miles on my X5. Love it so much I will be buying a 330i in March. Just to throw a few things out there about it right now...
    It rides sooooo smooth and it is very quiet. I looked at the ML when considering but the interior of the X5 is far superior in my opinion. One thing I am a little disappointed about is power at highway speeds. At 85mph there really isn't much power above that. Sure it will get up higher than that, but it takes a while. I couldn't get it up over 90 on a hill here in So. Cal. and was disappointed when an F-150 breezed past me...and no, it wasn't an SVT. But then again, I didn't buy it for that reason. Comfort is great...I have PP, Xenon, Auto...wanted SP but dealer said I would have to wait until March(!) to get it!! So I took it without. I paid below sticker but not much. I was a little disappointed with the dealing of 2 separate dealers. I think they figure since they're BMW they have so many people wanting to buy them they don't have to deal. But I got what I considered a somewhat reasonable price so I'm happy.
  • lazuralazura Posts: 43
    I have contacted a few dealers and the best offer I have received so far is 5% over invoice for a 2002 X5 3.0 (about $2000 over invoice). Based on previous posts this is about average, but the problem I have encountered is that the BMW dealers are not being honest about the leasing terms (big suprise, huh?). We know that BMW FS is offering a .0019 money factor and 63% residual on this vehicle (3 years, 15K per year), but the few dealers I have contacted refuse to give me these numbers. Instead, they insist that these rates are from BMW FS to the dealer, which lets the dealer charge anything above these lease numbers to increase their profit. Obviously, I stated that they are already making over $2000 profit on my potential purchase and therefore I want the lease numbers offered by BMW FS. But, no dealer has moved yet on their leasing stance. But, I'm going to wait until this weekend when they are really trying to increase their sales numbers because I refuse to lease the X5 at the dealer inflated numbers.
  • wjc23wjc23 Posts: 11
    Please let me know what results you end up with. I'm in the same boat as you. I want to obtain the attractive lease rates, but there is no urgency on my part to buy unless I get a good deal.
  • bst00bst00 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased BMW X5 3.o silver/gray.
    I can definitely rate this car as No.1 in SUV.
    However, I still miss the ride/drive quility of BMW 530. I am maybe not a SUV guy....
  • I am trying to sell a friend's X5 4.4 in Southern CA. He moved out of the country and I offered to help him sell the car and get a few more bucks than he could get on a wholesale basis.

    Even though I am an autobroker of new cars, I am not trying to solicit any of you. Just want feedback.

    Car is listed for $41,900 which appears to be lower than most used X5s out there. Would like to sell for $41,000. Here are the vitals: 2000 X5 4.4 in Pearl Beige with Pastel Leather. Activity Pkg., Xenons, Premium Sound, In-dash CD, Sunroof. Mileage is high at 35,000. I realize there are some negatives but it is a great car. There has been no serious activity. Car is in perfect condition. What am I missing here? Thanks for your feedback.
  • I agree with you in some respects. I recently bought a 4.4 sport, came out of an Audi A8. I miss the sporty, yet supple ride of my A8, the amazing acceleration, and the subtlety of the big sedan. I like my X5, drive it hard (9k miles since 9/25) and enjoy some of it's "SUV" like abilities (I like it's handling a lot more than my wife's ML430), great exhaust note, good looks, but am not in love with it. I may not be an SUV guy either.
  • BST00:
    I am a SUV guy! I love the the higher seating height and the ability to get through almost anything, but I long for a little more performance. I was actually thinking of giving my Land Rover to my wife and getting either an X5 4.4 with sport pkg or the A8. I know they are two totally different vehicles, but since you have had both what is your opinion? Also, is the sport pkg extra harsh in town, I live in Chicago where our roads are full of pot holes? Thanks.
  • Sorry my last post was for bertram60.
  • 4u24u2 Posts: 17
    In the next couple of weeks, I am buying/leasing either the BMW X5 3.0 or Cadillac Escalade AWD.

    I have gathered from reading countless reviews the following strengths and weaknesses of each SAV/SUV.


    -cargo space
    -tailgate design
    -choppy ride

    -passenger and cargo space

    -fuel economy

    Any feeback is appreciated, especially from any owner/lessee who considered these vehicles. I
    welcome all comments.
  • I believe your asking price is too high. The 2001 X5 was offered with $2500 dealer cash and .00195 lease rate. That translates into a similar equipped 2001 model with a selling price for around $46000 brand new ($1000 dealer profit since it is year end model). And the low lease rate helps with a lower monthly payment.

    You are essentially offer a 2000 model with 35000 miles on it that is only 10 percent off a 2001 brand new model. If you ask me, you should take another $6000 off and I might consider it.
  • I have the 4.4i with sport package and 19" wheels. The ride is not harsh but very solid. Made 4 trips to San Diego from Las Vegas in the past 8 weeks and hit some very bad Calif. roads. Can't imagine taking any other vehicle on that long trip.

    The wife and I also have a '98 Vette and a '00 4x4 Silverado so we wanted a firm ride with great handling.

    Test drive a sport package before you buy though.
  • The ride height is one real advantage to the X5, and as I live in a flood zone, it was one of the reasons for switching to a higher vehicle (I couldn't bear to take my A8 through 2' to 3' of water in the roads, although I have had to do it). The utility of the truck also exceeds that of the Audi (not by much though). I have equated the ride of the 4.4 sport more to that of a Porsche, as it's handling is very good, no lean or sway, and the ride is very firm, but not really harsh (although I might worry about it in extreme cold if we had that weather). The two vehicles are almost diametrically opposed. The X5 screams to be noticed, has a very raspy, sporty exhaust, and is a very high profile vehicle (IMO) as compared to the subtle (albeit dated) looks of the A8 and the pure silence of the car. Materials in the A8 (interior and exterior) are by far superior in quality to that of the BMW. Fit and finish are flawless and acceleration is amazing (especially when you consider size and weight). My car had warm weather package (insulated glass, and solar sunroof) which made it silent inside that car at double the posted speed limits. One of my biggest adjustment was actually hearing the motor and road noise in the X5.

    I loved the fact that the Audi was such a low profile car (i de-badge all my cars),and a relatively rare sedan (2,500 per year total production with 1/3 of that coming to the US) capable of triple digit speeds with very little drama, amazing grip, and the very best materials inside.

    Had my dealer not tried to close out his model year with a bang (raping me in the process), had the right model (S8) and color combination been available, i would have bought a new S8 from them instead of the X5.

    I do not regret buying the BMW and enjoy the truck a lot, but it's no love affair, my heart was stolen by the Audi, and when the new version of the A8 debuts in '03 i will probably switch back.

    The BMW is a lot of fun to roar around in, but for long trips, give me an A8.
  • Like you, I am running into the red tape here in Charlotte, NC. Trying to get the dealer to give you the details on how they derive their total numbers is like pulling teeth!

    However, here's the best deal they are willing to do until 12/31 on a 2002 X5 3.0 in stock (or can be located):
    Residual - 63% (3 yr. 15K)
    Money Factor - .0019
    $2000 above "hard costs" (dealer's invoice)
    Fees- $300 (MACO), $600 (PAC), $725 (lease acquistion)

    Bottom line: $634/mo. with $1,763 at signing

    If anyone has any feedback on this, I certainly would appreciate it.
  • The money factor and residual are as I have been quoted in Southern California. $2000 over invoice sounds good. Which options did you choose for your vehicle, and what was the invoice price?

  • lazuralazura Posts: 43
    The BMW dealer is trying to squeeze even more profit out of you. First of all, the lease acquisition fee is $525 (direct quote from BMW Financial Services), not $725. Also, I'm not sure what the MACO and PAC fees are, but I'm assuming these are dealer prep or advertising fees. You should refuse to pay any dealer prep fees and advertising fees are negotiable. Also, go to the site below to enter your lease numbers to arrive at the payment amount to compare to the dealer.

  • ttc136ttc136 Posts: 17
    Anyone know whether vehicle buyer has to pay so called "luxury tax" on purchasing a vehicle more than certain value, say 38,000 ?
    I live in Oregon, and don't know whether it applies or not.
    Can someone point out a light?
    is there any website has this info ?

  • Since this is the site for the X5, I'm assuming you're asking about an X5? If so, there is no luxury tax on SUV/SAVs (according to the BMW dealership) because the IRS (believe it or not) does not consider X5s "luxury vehicles" but "utilitiy" vehicles.
  • lazuralazura Posts: 43
    I stopped by my local BMW dealer today to order an X5, and he informed me that BMW is raising all the X5 invoice prices starting on Jan 1, 2002. Does anyone know if this is correct or is the dealer trying to squeeze more profit out of me with this tactic? For example, the dealer informed me that the 3.0i base invoice will increase from $355170 to $35560. Also, the option packages are also going to increase. The dealer also said that the MSRP may not change, just the invoice prices, which of course if not true, is another way to squeeze the consumer. Just want to make sure my dealer is on the up and up..
  • This is correct (or at least what I have been told by a reliable source) - the invoice price is going up 1% but the MSRP is staying the same. This is why I am going in tomorrow (12/31/01) and place an order for a 2002.

    BTW, if you don't mind me asking, were you able to get the price you wanted or did you have to concede? Email me ( or call me - I have a few questions for you off-line if you don't mind.
  • Yes, this is correct, the prices and lease factor will increase effective Jan. 1.
  • Thanks for your response/comments. Were you referring to an X5 with the 3.0 or 4.4 engine? This car has the 4.4 engine. MSRP when new was $55000 +/-.

    Hope you were referring to a 3.0. I would hate to think I need to take $6000 but I appreciate your feedback.
  • wjc23wjc23 Posts: 11
    Had to work to get the .0019 money factor. Went with 42 mos., 15,000 miles per year.

    Premium package, rear climate, xenon, automatic. $45,820 MSRP

    Lease is $577/mo.

    $600 Security Deposit
    $577 First mos. payment
    $330 Processing Fees

    $1507 total initial payment
  • lazuralazura Posts: 43
    I did the same. The dealers were reluctant to give the .0019 money factor, but I was persistent. I have a $587 payment, but I had to pay about $500 in advertising and doc fees. Even though I hated all these fees (including the lease acquisition fee), getting a 2002 X5 for under $600 month with NO money down (except for required amounts - deposit, acq. fee and 1st payment) is still a good deal. But, since I decided to order mine from the factory, I was hit by the 1% increase in invoice costs starting 1/1/2002. I ended up getting about $1800 off MSRP and based on previous posts, that is a decent deal.
  • Hi,

    I am considering buying a X5 3.0 that was used as a dealer demo. It has about 4500 miles and it is a 1991. What kind of discount should I demand given these two facts?
  • I would buy that 1991 X5 3.0 at any price dude. Those are SO hard to come by. So rare in fact, that I have never even heard of such a thing until just now!!! And just 4500 miles of driving in 11 years (must have been to and fro the prototype garage! LOL ;)
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    MACO fees are legit. Don't fret over it. Even Edmunds says you should expect to pay such a fee. What they don't want you to have to pay is the cost of local advertising by the dealer.
  • Hello, I am thinking of getting an X5. Currently own a mid-90s Explorer, which for all of its various faults, does have a lot of rear cargo space -- about 5' wide, x 3.5 feet in length from the passenger seats back to the rear tail gate.

    How does the X5 compare? I like the look, but do need some space back there. I can't find the rear cargo dimensions anywhere, and hope some X5 owners can help out. Everyone publishes their cubic feet dimensions, but that can be deceiving if there is a high roofline. For me, the square footage is key. The X5 looks to be a little shorter than my Explorer in terms of distance from passenger seats to the rear hatch....

    Thanks for any info!
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