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  • I've noticed a shortage of 4.4 X5's in my area too. Although no shortage of 745's, I don't think people are warming up to the new 7. A couple months ago when I bought my X I inquired about a 745 and was told there was "at least a 6 month waiting list" The first 7's hit this dealership about a month ago and I saw 7 or 8 unsold 7's on their back lot yesterday - not counting the 2 or 3 I saw up front in demo use.

    I thought I wanted a 4.4i when I decided on the X but was suprised by the spunk of the 3.0. I went with a fully loaded 3.0 and have no regrets - the 3.0 is an excellent engine.
  • I'm thinking about buying an X5 3.0 for my wife.
    Has anyone had any success faxing an offer into the sales manager of a BMW dealership offering close to dealer "invoice" cost? It seems to me that since the car will need to be ordered they won't need to worry about carrying the inventory and all the costs associated with it on their lot.
    I would appreciate feedback, positive or negative on buying an X5 without the need to actually go to a BMW dealer. I test drove the X5, liked it but HATED being "sized-up" by the salesperson.
  • BMW dealers only get so many X5s to sell each month and they're selling all they've got (from what I've gathered). Why should he sell it to you for next to nothing when there's a line out the door of people willing to pay more? Two quick ways to find out the going rate are 1) Edmunds TMV and I actually bought mine going thru carsdirect (who routed me to a local dealer). I communicated with the dealership thru email until the date of purchase so I never got "sized-up". Truly painless, and since I was still buying thru the dealership I got the BMW loaners, free car washes, free floor mats and a few $s off MSRP.
  • Leased an X5 3.0i on Saturday. Steel Gray with dark popular wood, gray leather interior and manual transmission. Options: Premium Package. The numbers...MSRP $43,594 including BMW Mats. Discount $1,688.00 (3.87% off of MSRP). Selling Price $41,906.00. Monthly Lease is $528.58 which includes 9% PA sales tax for 39 months at 15K miles per year. Lease numbers are: Out of Pocket $4,198.83 includes 1st payment, $2,600 Cap Reduction, $625.00 Acq. Fee, $234 PA Sales Tax on Cap Reduction Amount and $211.25 tags & fees. No security deposit since this is my 4th lease with BMW Finance. Residual set at 61% of MSRP with a money factor of .00238 (5.71% APR).
  • Why would you lease as oppose to purchasing the car outright?
  • The 3.0 certainly would save money on the initial purchase costs and operating costs as well, but I am curious if the 3.0 is potent enough to make me forget about the 4.4. Any comments?
  • Does Bmw have a "mid-year" model? I guess what I am really asking is are there changes/fixes made mid-year to correct problems that seem to plague some people and keep Consumer Report's reliability rating of the X5 as poor? Or should I wait and order a '03 X5, knowing that the reliability gets better every year?

    In addition are there any interesting options coming in '03?
  • Recently, while my friend was en-route from NY to Florida his 2001 X5 3.0's tranny failed. I understand the X5's transmission is manufactured by GM, and is the same as the Cadillac CTS line...

    Anyone else experience this rather bizarre problem?
  • Has anyone brought an 2002 X5 3.0 in Northern California lately? If so, which dealer and how was the experience? Also, was the price pretty good? Any deals? I would appreciate any bargaining tips.
  • qbbeeqbbee Posts: 1
    I'm considering the X5 and am interested in what anyone knows about resale. Also, does the GPS system really make a difference in resale? And if you get the GPS, how inconvenient is the CD player in the back?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Not much in the way of deals up your way, I'm afraid. Just contact a few dealers by email and see what they have.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    No deals to be had in Florida either - X5's are MSRP take it or leave it. the 3.8% off MSRP qouted above I'm sure was due to the manual transmission. Manual transmission X5's are rare and hard for a dealer to sell. X5's that are typically equipped - Auto Transmission, Premium, Climate, Xenon, etc. fly off the lots at MSRP.

    Legran - Take a 3.0 X5 for a thorough test drive and see what you think. I did and found that the 3.0 has excellent performance, not underpowered at all. The 3.0 is an excellent engine, very smooth and powerful - this is the same engine every test report raves about in whatever BMW it's in - 330i, 530i, etc..

    Not a single problem with my X5 at the close to 10k mile mark.
  • ttc136ttc136 Posts: 17
    Most of the sport utility sales volumn can be found in the URL:

    However X5 is not listed there, does anyone have the info about X5 sales volume?

  • I ran my '01 X5 w/ nav thru Edmunds TMV calculator and the nav seemed to be worth $1500. I didn't buy it for resale value tho'. I bought it because it a) integrates a lot of features into the display (such as aux. ventilation) b) is extremely useful on unfamiliar streets and c) looks good. BTW mine's the small screen -- can't decide if the big ones look good up there although they're certainly more useful with the split screen feature.

    I have the 6 disc changer in back and it's certainly not as convenient as an in-dash unit but I generally go a week before I swap in some new music. Plus I burn a lot of mixes and that gives me satisfactory variety. Hope this helps.
  • I don't have an url but here goes...
    For 02/02 the 3, 4.4, and 4.6 are: 2609, 517, 65.
    For 02/01 3, 4.4 are: 1955, 918.
    YTD 02 = 6336, 01 = 5902.

    I keep hearing 4.4s are down due to production cuts (perhaps need the engine in other vehicles). Overall sales are up almost 10% feb 02 vs. feb 01.
  • cb44cb44 Posts: 87
    Can anyone gve me their leasing money factor on a BMWFS lease in February (or any new rate quotes for March). Thanks.
  • x5box5bo Posts: 3
    On Saturday I picked up my X5 3.0, steel gray, gray leather, AT, premium, climate, xenon. I did not want the sport package, and I am very happy with the standard suspension. It was ordered by the dealer, and arrived in L.A. 35 days after the order went in! I spoke with at least 10 dealerships in California (and Nevada), and was unable to beat this deal (about $1300 off MSRP.) It was worth my while to drive three hours to L.A. Most dealers wanted close to sticker. My dealer was unable to get the X5 I wanted without building it, since other dealers weren't willing to trade.
    My expectations have been more than exceeded. This vehicle is a 10! The treatment I received at the dealership was superb. The manager oriented me to the features of the vehicle for over an hour, including a test drive.
    I highly recommend talking with John Jack (a delightful Scot from Glasgow) at Nick Alexander Imports in Los Angeles. He is the Fleet Manager (1-800-900-NICK.) Good luck to anyone in California that is ready for the X5!
  • x5box5bo Posts: 3
    Sorry...their number is 1-800-800-NICK.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    March 17 Pine Barrens Monthly Trail Ride

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  • 3lakeswi3lakeswi Posts: 77
    My wife and I have seriously been considering a BMW X5 3.0 with the Sport Package. That was until I got the new Car and Driver yesterday and read the long term test on the 4.4 they did. With less than 30,000 miles on the odometer the car had already had not less than 5 or 6 problems that required trips to the dealer! Is this a typical ownership experience?

    We would be located about 2.5 hours from our nearest BMW service center and that many problems in the first 1-2 years of ownership is just not satisfactory for a $40-50,000+ SUV.

    Also, does anyone out here have a 3.0 with the manual transmission? How would you describe the power and acceleration? Adequate I presume but not much more?
  • tan7tan7 Posts: 5
    thinking of purchasing bmw x5 v6 any suggestion?Any comment about the car? I just want a good deal before i get one.
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    The new SUV from Porsche will rival both the BMW X5 4.6 and the Range Rover!!! Incredible. What do you BMW fans think. Only drawback base probably around $70K, 450hp turbo model close to $100K.

  • C & Ds # of dealer visits sounds typical. I myself went 3 times in the 1st year -- all for the same problem (undercarriage squeaking). Why all the trips? 1) diagnose problem, no parts 2) parts arrive, attempt fix, doesn't work, discover real problem and 3) fix real problem.

    Now that sort of thing can happen to any car regardless of make. But I'd rather be close enough to make in convenient.
  • sjbettesjbette Posts: 11
    I am in the market for an X5 and I will definitely try to give them a call.
  • kpflegerkpfleger Posts: 14
    I've made a new FAQ of BMW X5 common problems available at the following 2 URLs (page should be the same in both places):

    FAQ of common X5 problems

    FAQ of common X5 problems (alternate copy)

    Hopefully it'll be helpful to someone. Feel free to point people at it.


  • mrr60mrr60 Posts: 11
    Excellent summary of X5 problems. Anyone considering an X5 should consider this required reading. I guess I'm lucky in that I havn't had any major problems except for the following:
    1. Fan recall(warranty)
    2. condensation in headlight cluster after going thru carwash(replaced under warranty)
    3. current problem-left front inner fendrwell liner came loose, rubbed against tire and basically
    wore it away. Part is in and am going next week to have it put in. Not covered under warranty
    but I'm working on it.
    4. Steering wheel sometimes dosn't go where it's supposed to after starting the car and must be
    manually adjusted.
    Overall I'm quite happy with the vehicle though. Fun to drive. (3.0 with sport).
  • bernard1bernard1 Posts: 58
    Sales volume of X5 for model year 2001 - 40,622 most were 3.0's.

    We've had our X5 for 17 months and 17K miles with only 1 problem. The steering wheel doesn't alway adjust as it should. There is some peeling on the handle grips. Will take it to the dealer and have them replaced. Cheap covering on the grips as C/D stated. Fun car, great handling, not an excess amount of room for storage. Great pick up. 3.0 engine rated as one of Ward's top 10 engines.
  • bernard1bernard1 Posts: 58
    Porsche SUV compares on paper quite well to the X5. But VW is coming out with basically the same SUV for less $$ and Porsche probably will not offer a full maintenence warranty similar to BMW. Also if Porsche's service on their V8 cost as much as it does for the rest of their cars, I don't think Porsche will knock BMW of the mark. Plus BMW has had 3 years to work out the bugs, this will be Porsche's 1st year. Other than that, it will probably be a good effort by Porsche.
  • bernard1bernard1 Posts: 58
    I can't speak to C/D's experience but remember BMW said the X5 is an SAV, emphasis on sport not utility. If you need the room, this is not the vehicle. C/D's conclusion is that this is still by far the best looking and most fun SUV to drive on the market. What's equally important to your assessment should be the cost of $458 over 40K miles. Some of the owners will get the brakes right at the 36K mile service and will save that $458.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,334
    While I am not a fan of SUVs by any means, I do happen to like the styling of the X5 (Especially the 3.0 with Sport package). There's definitely an empahsis on Sport more than utility, but that's fine by me. I love the fact that you can get a 3.0 with a 5 speed. I'm sure the driving dynamics are pure BMW (as I've never driven an X5). The X5 seems to have great resale value as I've heard from a dealer here in Manhattan that a CPO X5 will sell for $3000-$4000 under the original MSRP! That's pretty impressive! The X5 is expensive, but BMW didn't make it expensive just because they could. I've read that the Chassis and Platform are extremely expensive to produce and they're working on reducing those costs (without quality suffering) for the next generation X5. About a year and a half ago my Dad almost got into an X5 3.0, but there wasn't enough room in it for the 2 Great Danes he takes to work with him every day. Mercedes may have done the German SUV 1st, but BMW did it right. Mercedes wanted to make an SUV at a price point, which they were successful at doing. They got many first time brand buyers who were upset a year later when their cars developed numerous quality problems (I know the X5 has had many recalls as well) and have been turned off to the Mercedes brand. If Mercedes had built a true Mercedes price be damned (which they could have due to the fact that Dealers were getting $10,000-$15,000 over sticker the first year and a half), maybe there wouldn't be so many M Classes sitting on dealer lots now while X5s seem to be sold before they arrive.

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