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  • p0keyp0key Posts: 5
    I am looking to ink a lease this week on an X5 in Northern NJ. Anyone have good luck with a particular dealer here?

    What is a reasonable residual percentage and money factor for:

    50K sticker price including options
    36 Months
    12K miles/year

    How will 15k Miles/year affect the residual?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    Asd far as dealers go in the Norther New Jersey area, I'd give Park Avenue BMW a try. I don't know how much you'll be able to negotiate off MSRP though (anywhere on an X5).

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • bernard1bernard1 Posts: 58
    If you are willing to travel, contact Arlington BMW (Formerly Heishman BMW). You can do this over the phone. Ask for Fred Meloan and see what he can do for you.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    Almost 10k miles on my 2001 X5 3.0 without a single problem. Absolutely fantastic ownership experience so far, I highly recommend the X5.
  • peterd320peterd320 Posts: 13
    When I was doing the shopping for my X5, I had the best price at Hoffman BMW in Bloomfield, NJ, second best came from Prestige BMW in Ramsey, NJ,
    it was only a few hundred dollars, I ended up at Prestige (more convenient for me), in speaking to other owners both Prestige and Hoffman had a good reputation for service. I live a few blocks from Park Ave. BMW and did not feel comfortable when I was trying to negotiate a deal.
    I ended up with a X5 3.0i, titanium Silver/Gray, Premium, Rear Climate, Sport Pkg., Auto Trans., Dark Wood and Xenon Lights. Prestige took off 1,200 off MSRP. Currently the vehicle is in the assembly line, hopefully I'll take delivery about second week in April
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    That's a good deal on an X5!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • You said you "ended up with" a particular configuration...does that mean it was too late in assembly to pick and choose options, or those are the options you picked? Also, you said you "didn't feel comfortable" at Park Ave., why? What put you off? I'm just trying to get a sense of what's going on around the country with respect to pricing. Thanks.
  • peterd320peterd320 Posts: 13
    When I said I ended up, I meant, I ended up buying at Prestige, sorry for any confusion, I was able to place an order Feb, 16 and the options I listed were the options I wanted, as of today, the vehicle has been completed.
    When I was doing the shopping, I checked with six different dealers, the best was Hoffman (1,400 off), Prestige (1,200 off), Wide World of Cars (1,000 off), Park Ave (920 off) Paul Miller (750 off), and Open Road (600 off).
    At the first three dealers, it was very courteous, I felt they wanted my business, at the other three they made me feel like this is our price, you don't like it, there's the door. I also have a 2000 Benz E320, which I purchase from Prestige MB, the sales experience and especially the service, I'm very satisfied, that's why I picked Prestige.
    When you are buying a high end luxury vehicle, and paying a good dollar for it, I feel that your experience should be nothing but the best, if you feel uncomfortable, walk away. When I started searching for the right dealer, I was able to speak to owners who bought vehicles from the above mention dealers.
    Hope this helps, Good Luck.
  • sjbettesjbette Posts: 11
    Does anyone getting a good deal in Northern California towards the end of the month?
    Any info is appreciated.
  • p0keyp0key Posts: 5
    Thanks for the information. Perhaps things have changed in the month since you signed your deal. Or, perhaps you are just a better negotiator. Right now all dealers have a take it or leave it attitude which turns me right off. When spending this much money I want to be treated like they want my business.

    Here's where I am right now:

    Paul Miller = $0 off - I even made two visits and 3 phone calls with no success - will never return again
    Prestige = $500 off via internet sales manager - I couldn't get a price when I visited in person and salesman never returned my follow-up call.
    DeFeo= $500 off via internet sales - $100 off in person
    Wide World = 800 off
    Park Ave = never made it to pricing discussion since I was so turned off by the salesman I walked out.

    If I could get to $1200 off I'd probably sign this week.

    Perhaps I'll give Hoffman a try. There are others further away, and I'll take a shot at those too.

    Thanks for your help.

  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I've owned several BMW's and have found dealers don't discount hot selling models and the X5 is among BMW's best sellers. For me, the brain damage of trying to get a deal on a hot selling BMW is not worth a few hundred to a thousand dollars you may get if you shop all the dealers you are mentioning. Consider the time you are spending in trying to get a "deal" of $1k off of a $50k vehicle - is it really worth what you are putting up with?

    Go to your nearest BMW dealer - the most convenient one to take it to for service - buy an X5 at or near MSRP and start enjoying it. Most BMW dealers don't give you a service loaner unless you purchased your BMW from them. That for me is enough of an incentive to buy from the nearest dealer to me at MSRP. My time and convenience after the sale is worth a lot to me.
  • p0keyp0key Posts: 5
    Rick, the 35 bucks per month for 3 years is worth the time I spend up front to get the car discounted regardless of how "hot" the car is selling. Sometimes I wonder how much of a demand there really is. At 2 dealers after being told that there was 2 month wait they "found" a car when I started out the door. There is a dealer in Northern NJ who had 5 on their lot for sale with no wait. They didn't have my option choices but they were available for immediate purchase. Anyway, I suppose if I didn't want to haggle I could go buy a Saturn.

    But you're right in one sense, money isn't the only factor involved. Service and customer experience are important to me also. When a dealer tells me to go buy Lexus if I want a discount, thats a pretty good sign that they don't deserve my business. The one thing I learn from the adventure is how curteous and respnosive the dealer is. I feel it's important that they behave like my business is important to them. If the management is arrogant before the sale, who knows what they'll be like after the sale.

    Regarding the loaner program, I'm not too worried as many service organizations would compete for my business after the sale.

  • bernard1bernard1 Posts: 58
    Don't give up, we got more than 2k off our X5 with no hassle. Cut the deal over the phone and picked up the car when it came in about 2 months later. We have the car serviced at a different dealership with no problems and we get a loaner.

    If you want more details email me. Good luck.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    That's great that you have the choice of a dealer that gives loaners to non-customers. Unfortunately the nearest BMW dealer to me doesn't. The next closest BMW dealer to me is 80 miles away. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so hung up on BMW's - I rarely shop other brands like Lexus or Mercedes when I'm in the market for a new car. I was thinking I wanted a new M3 (no discount there) when I decided on the X5 this last time - go figure. I actually did get a $1k discount without asking when I purchased my X5 - I guess it was a repeat customer discount of some sort - who knows? All I know is I was out of there in my new X5 a half hour after I picked it out - as painless as it gets.
    What I really like about this dealership is I can drive anything I want when I stop by to get a detail on occaision - M5, Z8, M3, 745i, or used Porsche Turbo, Mercedes CLK 55 cabrio etc - anything they have on the lot - they just throw me the keys. I'm at the top of the waiting list for a MINI Cooper or Cooper S at the moment - I can pick one up whenever I want, I'm test driving one on Monday - I don't really know what I'd do with it though - I already have an M Coupe I use for fun.
    The M Coupe is a result of one of those "throw the keys at me" days - I probably have sucker written all over me when they see me - oh well.

    Good luck in your X5 adventure - I'd be interested in hearing how good a deal you got.
  • When I bought mine back in 1/01 I felt fortunate to knock a few hundred off MSRP. Today, according to Edmund's TMV, I'd have to expect to pay a little more than MSRP, and carsdirect seems to be right at msrp. So what's your experience? When did you buy, where, and how does it compare to edmunds' tmv? If you were able to take one off the lot I'd expect the price to come under tmv, ordering -- dunno. Why am I asking? 'Cuz I think the tmv thing is wrong. Maybe a decent trailing indicator, with carsdirect showing the direction of the trend. Heck, maybe it'll generate some interesting discussion.
  • Have had our X5 for about 2 1/2 mos now, and absolutely love it. One recent problem is that a creaking noise (almost like a bad spring or two pieces of plastic rubbing together) has developed in the rear on the driver's side - can't tell if it is from the tailgate or the frame - only happens at very slow speeds, when we are turning into a driveway or going over a speed bump, etc. Brought it to the dealer - they adjusted and lubricated the gasket around the tailgate, but the noise is still present and getting worse. It drives us nuts!
    I read in a previous (old) discussion of someone having a similar problem. Any ideas? I don't want to keep bringing it in to the dealer and not having them find the problem.
  • I had a "rusty and defective joint in right rear spindle" that made it sound like a junker in bumpy parking lots. The fix was to press out the old/joint bushing (old, 6 mos old!) and press a new one in.

    The creaking noise came from underneath in back. Hope this helps.
  • thanks - I'll make another appt at the dealer and mention it - I will make sure the service manager comes along for a long ride over multiple speed bumps so he can reproduce the noise......
  • bernard1bernard1 Posts: 58
    TMV is pretty good overall. We beat TMV by quite a bit on our X5. On some other models TMV is about right. Ordered our 01 in Aug and picked it up 0ct of 01.
  • hayoob99hayoob99 Posts: 1
    I recently took delivery of my new X5. Since I gained so much information reading this news group I thought I would also contribute.

    I ordered my X5 3.0 PP, CWP, RCP, Xenon, Auto on March 8 for $1200 off MSRP at BMW of San Francisco. I feel I probably could have gotten another $300 dollars but I really dislike the whole negotiation process and felt that $1200 was reasonable plus they gave me a good price on my trade.

    I visited several dealerships in the Bay area and got the impression I could have gotten this same deal anywhere. I visited or called EVERY dealership in the Bay area and could not find an X5 that was even close to what I wanted. I don't think any dealership had more than 2 BMW's in stock.

    I was originally told it would be the end of May before my X5 would be available. I was surprised when it arrived on April 2. It was fun to be able to track the production of the vehicle on BMW's web site and it seemed to be pretty accurate with what my salesman told me.

    I was very satisfied with my experience at the dealership. However, it is located in a major city so the experience is not the same as buying in a smaller city or suburb. It is very busy and you can wonder around the dealership all day without someone asking if they can help you. However, once you ask to see a sales person they are very helpful.

    As I mentioned above, I am not a fan of the negotiation process and found a salesman who recognized that I had done my homework so we pretty much "cut to the chase". This is exactly what I wanted.

    Since I have only owned my X5 for 2 days, I can't really comment on it's reliability but everything is great so far.
  • peterd320peterd320 Posts: 13
    Congratulations, here in the East Coast, dealers don't want to negotiate too much, you did terrific, not only on the price, but getting a quick delivery. I placed my order back in Feb, 16 and its leaving the factory tomorrow, hopefully I'll get it next week.
  • lfnylfny Posts: 2
    I have just ordered an X5 3.0 and I have come across two people in two different states that have had many maintenance issues. Rear hatch unlocking and leaving the interior lights on until the battery is dead. CD player not turning off and draining the batteries, stalling, not starting etc. The vehicle has been towed 6 times in 3000 miles. I am planning to lease the vehicle and it will arrive this week. Now I am wondering if I have made a mistake. I have read mainly very good reviews of this vehicle.

    Any comments would help.
  • There is no statistical evidence to suggest that the X5 is any more/less reliable than anything else. However there is plenty of annectdotal evidence that says yes, this vehicle is a potentially a gamble. Most of the people I've talked to with problems had '00 or early '01 models...the CD player is a known problem with a TSB.

    Did you make a mistake? Based on my own experiences (performing, handling, dealership experiences, reliability of my X5) I'd say "no". No other vehicle offers the ride height/AWD driving performance of an X5. Of course it has less cargo room than a Ford Escape and costs twice as much so it better be an awesome ride, right?
  • ttc136ttc136 Posts: 17
    To bimmer owners, which car will be your choice when you consider to purchase your next one? go for another brand or still bimmer?
  • bernard1bernard1 Posts: 58
    We have 3 cars and at one time two of them were bimmers and we had no problems. We still have 3 cars but different makes an enjoy each, but differently. I am currently looking at the 745 but would really like to try Audi's S8.

    My neighbor has in his car collection 6 bimmers, and he can't get enough.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Since 1983 I've always had at least one bimmer in the family. Right now I have a 318ti Club Sport for my back road burner/track rat, while my wife drives the geezer sled- a 1997 528ia. We considered an A4 or A6 but the Louisville Audi dealer tried to ream us on our trade and their service department has a less than stellar reputation. Don't know what my next one will be, but I really like the M Coupe and the 4.6 is. None of the other new stuff lights my fire...
  • ttc136ttc136 Posts: 17
    the ride feeling for a germany bimmer and a japan lexus is quite different. Bimmer owners, do you consider to own lexus as your next car?
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Different strokes for different folks; I just prefer the Teutonic philosophy and feel. That said, I do need and use a SUV with true off-road capability. I chose a 1993 Pathfinder SE.
  • scottw57scottw57 Posts: 3
    Just finalized the deal a few minutes ago from United BMW in Atlanta, GA. I'm picking the car up this afternoon.
    This is the deal we receive for everyone's info. This was done over the phone negotiating with 3 different Atlanta dealerships. Two dealership gave me the same deal.(picked the closest to my house). BTW, I never mentioned leasing until the price was agreed upon. Then I focused on money factor and doc fees.

    2002 BMW X5 3.0i Steel Grey Metallic with Black leather

    MSRP: $45,320 (premium, rear climate, & auto tran)
    Gross Cap Cost: $43,720 (selling price)
    Money Factor: .00238 (5.7%)
    Drive Off: $941.31 (First Pay., Tag, Title, Doc)
    Lease payment $607.47 plus tax
    Lease Term: 36 months
    Residual: $28,551.60 (63%)
    Miles per year: 12K
  • bernard1bernard1 Posts: 58
    We have a LX and an X5, they are very different. Each excels in it's own way. I would certainly consider a Lexus as my next car. Unfortunately I would also consider a Bimmer.

    I don't think there is a SUV on the market that is more fun to drive than the X5 or a more luxurious and capable SUV than the LX.
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