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  • We are looking at both of these SAV/AAV's and are having a tough time choosing.. The BMW rides better but the 2002 M-Class is better than previous years. Are there any X5 Sport owners out there who have gone through this decision? I would appreciate any comments from X5 Sport owners.

  • suavechavosuavechavo Posts: 40
    Don't forget Fred Brown in College Station/Bryan. They always make the list for customer satisfaction thru the BMW network. Hope this helps. :)

    Good Luck!
  • Both sport packages feature a number of cosmetic changes, but the X5 sport also features a beefed up suspension. Depending on the road conditions where you live the X5 sport may be too harsh for your back seat passengers (it's hard to impress potential clients after beating them senseless). Price-wise a reasonably optioned X5 Sport is more comparable to an ML500, not the 320. Reallly a judgement call based entirely on your driving habits, needs (X5 is pretty small inside), and styling preferences. Both excellent vehicles so it's hard to go wrong.
  • arh4arh4 Posts: 3
    My X5, 3.0 is not up to the same German build quality as my 530. Mechanically it's great but fit and finish leaves much to be desired, lots of squeaks still around after 4 visits to Momentum's service dept. in Houston.

    Anyone with squeaking/creaking noises around the hatch area? If so please let me know what the fix was.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I don't have any squeaks/ rattles in my X5 at 10k miles - it's solid as a rock. Try another dealer, I doubt they are even trying to fix it.
  • smarty2smarty2 Posts: 6
    Go to BMW of Fairfax and deal directly with John Hayes or Richard Burton of BMW of Arlington.In June I was looking at 1900 off sticker for new car and a wait of 5 special order. They had a pretty good selection on the lot in Fairfax. Call first, avoid salesmen if you can.The above mentioned are sales managers. Know what you want before you go, and if they have a good pre-owned that you like check Edmunds and aim for the price by a forsale by owner from the dealer with certifcation and 6yr./100,000 My preowned had a sticker of about 61,000 new.A year later and only 11,500miles and I payed 48k.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A journalist is looking to interview CEOs/CFOs/CIOs or other c-level business-types who drive the BMW X5 or the Volkswagen Beetle. Please direct all responses, including daytime contact information, to me at no later than Monday, July 15th 5:00 p.m. Eastern.

    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director
  • sirwinsirwin Posts: 3
    Ok, so I have gone out and test driven both the X5 and RX300. Although the RX300 had a few extra standard accessories, I fell in love with the X5. My only concern is that I keep reading about the below average reliability of the X5 which deters some from truly recommending this SUV. Does anyone have specific experiences with the 2002? Help!!
  • sirwinsirwin Posts: 3
    I'm gearing up to buy a 3.0i X5 between now and the end of the year. Does anyone have a recommendation as to when is the best time of the year to buy? And, should I be waiting for the 2003 model - if so, why? In other words, what's the difference between the 2002 and 2003? Finally, when do the 2003s appear on the lots. Thanks!
  • The most common complaints I read about these days are a) key memory b) peeling door handles and c) break dust. The X5 began as a new vehicle on a new line in a relatively new plant so it went through some growing pains. If you search google for 'bmw forums' I think you'll find a group where you can ask all the '02 questions you want -- my experience there indicates the X5 has gotten much better.

    Personally I think you should wait for the '03 rather than take the immediate depreciation hit. IIRC the '03 should be out in October with some subtle improvements (like an indash CD player available with Nav).

    IMO the best time to buy is when supply is high and demand is low...of course this is hard to gauge. A few posters suggested they were going in to buy last month but they never came back -- so who knows how it went. End of the month is rarely effective on an in-demand vehicle. In some states dealers have to pay taxes on vehicles on the lot at the end of the year so the last week in December and the week leading up to xmas are pretty good if you can "buy off the rack".
  • jammylingjammyling Posts: 7
    So i just received my 02 X5 3.0 from Open Road BMW service center for the 3rd time for the same navigation problem...screen blanks out for no reason and resets itself. Once again, the problem hasn't been fixed even though they told me they installed a new navi system. in fact, its blanked out more times in the past four days since i've had it back than ever before!
    Needless to say, its getting pathetic.
    To make matters worse...i picked up my X5 at the service center with 20 more miles on it than when i dropped it off. Does it take 20 miles to test a navi system!?!? And lets not forget to mention a self tapping screw stuck in my brand new 22" rims/tires!!!!
  • toska1toska1 Posts: 1
    Look out for this site,, the 2003 X5 facelift, check it out.
  • marysammarysam Posts: 1
    sorry if this question has been addressed before.
    i just got my X5 a couple of weeks ago and have an issue with my xenon headlights. at nights when there are no street lights, the lamps on the passenger side seems to extend "much farther" than the driver side. i understand that this helps to protect on-coming traffic from that glare. not sure. are the rest of the X5 owners with xenon lights see this much difference? the difference is annoying since i am much more into symmetry (even discharge levels from both sides). thanks for any advice.
  • If you visit the website and drill down to "X technology" under the "X" series, and the end of the page you'll find a link to "Xenon Technology". That'll take you to a shockwave model comparing the Xenon lighting pattern to that of halogen bulbs. What you are experiencing sounds normal and matches my experience as well.
  • txdrivertxdriver Posts: 5
    What broke to make the dust? Or did you mean brake dust...? This seems to be a common problem with German cars. Just check out all the BMW's and Mercs with clean rear wheels and ugly, black front ones... Our Audi A4 used to do this until we had the brake pads replaced at the corner Just Brakes shop. I cant detect any difference in brake effectiveness and no more dust.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    "This seems to be a problem with German cars". Is only a problem of aesthetics, one has to always keep in mind that Germany is the only country that has an Autobahn, as such they have to satisfy domestic demands, and that is for a vehicle to be able to handle very high speeds AND BE ABLE TO STOP at those high speeds, therefore they use a high content of carbon filler in the pads, hence the black dust, another plus is that those pads are softer (very little metallic fillers) and they prolong the life of the rotors.
  • slockoslocko Posts: 107
    The X5 is the first bmw I have ever test driven. I had this image of bmws being very quiet, so I was kind of surprised at how noisy the engine was.

    Are all bmws this noisy or is it just the X5 because it's an suv?
  • lzmlzlzmlz Posts: 7
    I have 3.0 X5 for 4 month now. I enjoy every minute of driving it. X5 actually is quieter than Lexus RX300 in both max acceleration and cruise at 70 MPH, according to Car & Driver magzine. My wife has RX300 and it is true. X5 does have engine noise, but it's kind like music to my ears, because of the in-line 6-cylinder designe (better than V6 engines, as agreed by experts). The engine and transmission response is much better in X5 than RX300, just like a sports car with a high seating position. It is also very smooth. I always had Japenese and American cars in the past. The X5 experience totally change my impression about German cars. By the way, my X5 has been rock solid, it's perfect in terms of reliability with near 4000 miles now. Go with the X5, you will not regret. Driving X5 to and from work is certainly the high point of my day.
  • smarty2smarty2 Posts: 6
    I had to have my bumper replaced because I was rear-ended by someone while waiting in a parking lot for a light. My car was a brand new purchase but these things happen.I decided not to return to the dealership I purchased the car from due to location and the fact the buying experience was not great(Sterling BMW in Va.)So I went to VOB which also was the closest BMW dealership with their own body shop. Here is what I have been through. 1 Estimated repair 4 days to fix bumper, park distance sensor and exhaust..2 weeks later still no car because of wait on a part..Insurance Co. becoming hostile.2 Get car back..wrong muffler is on my sport package X5 it should be black,but it's silver like the non-sport. VOB trys to convince me this is the only replacement part BMW has for the X5. Call BMW several times before finally getting someone to admit the wrong part was put on. 3 The new bumper was a mess with overspray on the black part of the bumper(my car is white)and the worst paint job imaginable.Car must be redone.Everyone agrees on this.4 While waiting for the muffler to be replaced I come back from getting coffee and see my car parked in the service road due to lack of parking at dealership and there is a nice scratch on it. The dealership says they will take care of it but I am livid.5) Car goes back to body shop 2 days later to have bumper redone....4 days later pick the car up to find that while it is a much better looking job,there still is over spray on the black trim (when the back hatch is opened, you see it)and worst yet...they have cured the problem of overspraying and messing up a brand new bumper by painting the black textured part that is not supposed to be painted. They are telling me that it will be just fine and that they do this all the time..This car was $61,000 new...2 other dealerships say this bumper needs to be replaced but I cannot stomach dealing with VOB again(Also my car had a full tank of gas but was only3/4ths full and at least 15 miles higher upon picking it up) I have had it..I told the insurance co. that I refuse to take it back there they have been so dishonest to deal with. Can anyone tell me if there is anything I can do?I think the insurance company may tell me I can have it redone but with no further liability on their part.What about all my time ect.? I never had Mercedes dealership problems in the 20yrs.I owned various cars.I thought a change would be nice,what a mistake! No matter how much fun the X5 is to drive so far my BMW experience has been horrible!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,327
    While I understand your pain, you're having a bad experience with that particular dealer's body shop. I suggest you try and speak to the manager of the body shop or even the manager of the dealership. Your bumper will get fixed right, you just have to talk to the right people.

    Next time something like this happens, I suggest you find a body shop that specializes in European Marquees.

    Another suggestion I can say is to take it to another body shop and have it fixed right on your own dime. You're driving a $61,000 BMW and I assume you're not strapped making payments on it. I know there is a principle involved, but somethimes you just have to cut your losses.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • kerbkerb Posts: 124
    Can anyone tell me what deal they got on a lease or purchase for a 2002, 3.0 X5 with the premium package, automatic transmission, and zenon's? I am looking to lease and have been quoted $800 for inceptions and 625 w/tax (Florida) per month for 39 months. Many Thanks.
  • pbjbpbjb Posts: 2
    My wife has a 2001 X5 with 20,000 miles on it. The AC/Heater adjustment wheel on the dash had to be replaced, the door handles replaced due to peeling, the plastic sleeves for the steering column that squeals when returning to the preset driving position are still on order and the most troublesome was the front end had to be rebuilt ball joints, bushings. BMW indicated they've had numerous premature front end failures.This care has never been off-road. For a car that was allegedly designed for light offroad use I find the reliability unacceptable. It has, in my experience been correctly designated "worse than average" for reliability and a used vehicle to avoid. I'll finish out the 4 year, 50,000 warranty and move on to the new Lexus SUV due to hit the showrooms in 2003 for about the same money with a lot more cargo room and seating capacity. If you decide to buy the X5 I do wish you have better luck with it than we have.
  • Hey,

    Has anyone used the European Deilver program? I want to try it - new car and vaction at the same time - but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Althoguth, I would love to drive my new 4.4 v8 X5 w/ sport on the autobaun.

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,327
    Many members on the 3 series and 5 series board have experienced EUropean Delivery. It is no available on the X5 due to the fact that the X5 is assembled in Spartanburg, South Carolina right here in the good old US of A.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    You could take delivery of the X in Spartanburg SC - somehow I don't think it'd have the same cache as taking delivery of a 5 series in Europe.

    I've had my X5 for almost a year with no problems whatsoever, this one's a keeper.
  • I'll be taking delivery of my new X5 3.0 at the end of the month (gotten BELOW invoice by the way!) and am thinking about purchasing the load space divider to keep our active Husky in the rear cargo area on road trips. BMW dealership sites show an MSRP of $350. Sounds like a lot for a piece of netting?? There are metal barriers out there, but I'd rather not use them. Has anyone ever used the BMW-issued load space divider? Is it worth the $350? Know of any sites which sell it below MSRP??
  • Does anyone know where to by the X5 cargo cover for a good price? I mean the original one. I need pastel green cover and couln't find it. Dealer couldn't find the part number and even price.
  • rkx5rkx5 Posts: 1
    You say you have gotten an x5 below invoice ! where, how?

    I live in US and am currently looking into an X5 & would love a good deal!

    Also, please advice again - what are the Internet agents for sales who can give lower rate?
  • in the first year, especially with a BMW? I have never own a vehicle that had a problem in the first year so I am surprised to see that some owners of X5 felt excited that they did not have any problems with their cars. Is this a BMW or a Yugo that we are talking about. Otherwise it sounds like the X5 so far does not seems to have decent reliability record.
  • I had 02 3.0 X5 for almost 4 months but most the time my car was at the dealer shop due to several problems. First my navigation wouldn't work at all. Dealer tried to fix it but the whole unit had some kind of problem. Then the car wouldn't start at all, I had to tow away. Before I had 3 series and never had any problem with it. May be 3 series is made in germany so has more reliable than X5 which is made here in US. So, I traded my X5 with 2002 Nissan Pathfinder Le and I'm really satisfied with this car. The navigation system is one of the coolest system i have ever seen. This car is smooth and fast plus I saved some money too.
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