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Acura TL Bluetooth/HandsFree Link Problems



  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    OK - I call into my office voice mail a lot.

    I programmed my office voice mail number and call it "office voice mail." When I want to call that #, I hit the button and say "call office voice mail."

    I programmed a separate numer into my phonebook, too. It consists of my passcode, the pound sign, 2 pauses, a secondary code, 2 pauses, and a 3 (I need to push 3 when I'm in my system to check current messages). I labeled this number "office voice mail codes."

    When I call into my office voicemail, I say "call office voice mail." When the system answers and asks me to enter my password, I hit the talk button and say "send office voicemail codes."

    Since the system doesn't have a "pause" that waits until the phone connects, this is how I handle it. Hope you find it helpful.
  • Got my car two days back. A couple of callers complained of noise and that they could barely hear me. The signal strength was 100%, battery 100% and I was able to hear them just fine. When I transferred the call to my phone the noise was gone and they heard me fine. So it was definitely not a cell phone related problem. I have a Verizon RAZR V3c by the way.

    I decided to test the system and left voice messages on my answering machine; one at 35 MPH and the other at 65 MPH. The audio quality of the message left at 35 MPH was acceptable but not great. However, there was plenty of noise at 65 MPH and the quality was unacceptable. What this means is that the other side would be very annoyed if you are taking to them using the HFL at highway speeds.

    Has anyone tried hacking the HFL microphone? Change it with a different type? Add padding to isolate it better? Move it to the visor?

    I had an after market stereo in my previous car, a 2000 Accord, with BT capability and I never had any issues with that in a full year of use. I am really disappointed with TL's system and hate to think that I will have to go back to a headset!

  • joeolds3joeolds3 Posts: 8
    just bought a '08 TL. The salesman helped us to get the phone paired and set up (LG CG300). All worked fine when we left the dealership. Now when you go to make an out going call it makes the call as it should, then after 1 ring it disconnects from the HFL. The call is still going on, but you have to use the handset. This problem is only for outbound calls as incoming calls work flawlessly. Anyone have a suggestion or idea. Its such a pain in the butt to take the car in for such a minimal issue.
  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    I have this problem on a relatively regular basis, :( although for me, the "trigger" is when an automated answering service picks up.

    When that happens, I press the car's talk button and say "transfer" - this command transfers the call from the handset back to the car speakers. This command can also work if you need to "transfer" the call from the car speakers to the phone handset (such as for privacy).
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    I'd look on the Acura web site to see if this is a documented problem with that model of phone. I have the same problem with my razor v3 ring on outgoing calls and then fine for incoming calls.
  • joeolds3joeolds3 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the tip. My wife used the transfer command this am and got it to work. Later she said it worked without using the transfer command. Her phone is not on the compatible list, so I have a feeling it will be hit and miss performance until she upgrades her phone. Thanks again
  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    You're welcome-glad it helped!!!

    FYI - last I checked, my phone (motorolla i880) was not on the approved list (or maybe it was approved, but most of the features were listed as not compatible). The only feature I am aware of that I cannot use is the function that allows me to dial someone's number from their address listing in the nav system.
  • I have a Gleam 700 cell phone with verizon service I was having problems with getting my voicemail messages from the hand free device. so I decide to disconnect the phone along with deleting the phone book and tried to reenter everything again. I now can not import my phonebook it will keep saying lost connection and the phone actuallly shuts off and restarts itself. the phone is connect back up to the bluetooth but I can not import the phone book again. Any suggestions.
  • I have an 08 acura TL and I brought a Samsung Gleam 700 cell phone because it was the most compatible. I got the pairing process done and entered my phonebook into the system and it excepted everything. I then had a problem getting voicemail out of the system so I decided to disconnect the phone and delete the phonebook from the system and try it all over again. I reconnected the phone to the system and then tried to import the phone book back into the system and it will not let me. The phone says bluetooth audio disconnected and the screen comes on in the car and says lost signal could not import phone book. the phone actually turns itself off and restarts itself again and that is causing the system to disconnect. Does any one have any suggestions.
  • I have just recently purchased a 2008 Acura TL with Navigation, and have had the vehicle approx 1 month. Almost 2 weeks ago, I experienced a problem with voice recognition, with both HFL and Navigation. I could press the related buttons to initiate voice recognition. However, when actually giving an audible command, no commands were accepted. Initially, when it happened, I was on the phone with Acura Service to let them know of the issue, thinking there was something that I may have inadvertantly changed, just getting use to all of the new features. After about 1/2 hour of attempt after attempt, finally I was able to get acknowledgement of an HFL command (TRANSFER), as I was speaking to service. The problem reappeared almost 1 week later; this time without being able to get voice recognition back. I feel that there is something wrong with the Audio input feature of voice commands, but that is simply from a layman's perspective. The car is now at the dealer (having been able to duplicate the problem for one of the service reps when I got there). Now they tell me that they can not duplicate the problem and that it is functioning yet once again. Does anyone have a suggestion? I do not feel comfortable just picking the car up, having had the issue more than once.
  • Greetings to ALL! My 2008 TL is just about 3 weeks old. I got a pretty decent deal, not a screaming one but okay. Anyway, I paired my phone to the car. Things seem to work okay, though I have to press the call button alot to get it to call, but everyone hears me fine. I can't seem to get my phonebook imported. I thought that the 8703 was on the compatible list, but who knows. Has anyone else experienced this and did they find a way around it?

    Scott - Virginia Beach
  • It's time for a new phone and I've been considering the Blackberry 8830 (World Edition). The Acura link page lists the phone as compatible, but when you check further it shows call waiting as not being compatible.

    Does anyone have any experience using a phone that Verizon says will not work with call waiting? If it's not going to work, I'll have to give up the idea of the 8830. :( Call waiting is a must.

    Thanks for any help or advice.
  • I had an 8703. It does not support the Phonebook transfer. I actually bought on eBay a Sony phone that was fully supported, put my important contacts in that, and then did the phonebook transfer. The 8703 had no problem using the imported phonebook from the Sony. Honestly, however, it takes 7 button and/or screen pushes to dial a number from the phonebook. Very poor design, and I seldom use it.

    I have subsequently upgraded to an 8820 which does support the phonebook transfer.
  • I have a 2008 TL Navi and call waiting works fine with the 8830. I'm on the Bell Canada network.

    However, I do have one annoying problem with this BB. When I make an outgoing call, I dial from the BB but I have to manually transfer the call over to the HFL by saying "transfer" each time I make a call. Incoming calls go directly to the HFL.

    I have my phone paired correctly, and it is set to trust the connection. I'm reading others have this problem too.

    Any suggestions?
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I'm interested in purchasing a Verizon Palm Centro. I can't find it on the list of "approved" or "not approved" phones for the 2006 TL. Any way I can find out whether it's compatible? Or does anyone here have it?

  • Hello,
    I'm new to this site. Can anyone help me here please? I have a 2006 Acura TL and yesterday the hands free buttons just stopped working. No beeps, voice or anything from the thumb paddles. Any ideas?

  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    Just curious. Do you have a phone that's been "approved" by Acura?

    I realize that my new phone is not on the list and for the past couple of days the disconnect thumb paddle didn't work.
  • Yes the phone is approved and have been working all along but now the buttons appear to be dead completely.

  • IMy problem with dead buttons started yesterday on my '04 TL. Any answers?
  • If the buttons are dead it has nothing to do with the phone or compatibility you need to contact you dealer for repair.
  • I recently purchased a new Blackberry 8830 that is listed as compatible with the Hands Free Link on my 2005 Acura TL. I was able to pair it easily, however after about 4 weeks it just stopped working with the Hands Free Link. I went to the dealership and they had problems pairing not only my phone but another phone as well (not and 8830). The hands free link system was covered by warranty so they replaced it. All was well for about 3 weeks then once again it stopped working with the link. After numerous attempts I am not able to pair my phone to the link nor was the dealership able to pair it. :cry: This frustrates me greatly because I'm on the road quite a bit and the hands free link makes phone use very simple and safe. Has anyone had this problem and if so what can be done to fix it.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    Have you tried calling the handsfreelink customer support number? I was told that they'd support any phone they had listed as compatible.
  • I have not called the customer support number. I'll see if I can find the number and give it a shot. Thanks
  • Thanks for the great advice. Calling the Acura Hands FreeLink customer support number did the trick. They were very helpful and provided immediate assistance. Although neither my dealership nor Verizon could offer any solutions customer support was able to do it in less than 5 minutes. The solution was simple:
    1. Delete paired device from phone
    2. Remove battery from the phone, wait 10 seconds and replace. This will reset the phone and the Bluetooth connection.
    3. Pair phone to the HandsFreeLink
    If this does not work hit the menu botton for the HandsFreeLink and give the command"System Clear". This will clear the system of all phones, phone numbers and recorded voice commands and will reset to the default settings. Once this is done repeat the 3 steps above to reset the phone. :)
  • I have a BB 8830 also. Were you able to download your address book into the TL's address book?
  • The 8830 world edition is not compatibe with phonebook import does not have the pbap profile.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I just need to vent. It's so frustrating to see all these great new phones come out and then have to wait ????? months to find out whether they're compatible. :mad: I posted in March that I was up for a new phone. I still have not found one that offers good speaker/volume, compatibility and is still available at Verizon.

    I spoke to a customer service rep at Acura hands free link who told me it took a long time to test the phones because Acura was so careful. Makes no sense to me. You pair up the phone. You drive around with it for a couple of weeks. And boom... you should know whether which or all features are compatible.
  • kkaitikkaiti Posts: 1
    I recently switched from a Blackberry to a 3G iPhone. My 2005 TL Bluetooth worked fine with the Blackberry, but since I got the iPhone, about 50% of the time that I get an incoming call, the radio silences, I answer the phone, the radio comes back on, and the calling party ends up listening to my radio, but can't hear me. Acura says it's an iPhone software problem. The Apple store yesterday said it was an Acura problem. What now? Outgoing calls are not affected.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    If the iPhone is on the Acura approved list, which it is, Acura is responsible for the problem unless there is a firmware update. At least that's what I was told.
  • My phone, according to the website doesn't support bluetooth audio...but I listen to music using A2DP Stereo all the time....

    HTC Mogul
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