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Acura TL Bluetooth/HandsFree Link Problems



  • Hello everybody,
    I was surprised to learn today that Acura HFL does not release any updates to their software for HFL. I don't think any software is perfect how do they fix the issues with HFL?
    Also, to add audio streaming feature via bluetooth is a firmware update, why not make it available to the cars that already have bluetooth and to the customers that have phones with A2DP.

    It does not make a business sense from a luxury car brand not offer upgrades to their HFL. Am i missing something?
  • I do not use Hands Free. Whenever I do people complain that I sound distant. I want to use my bluetooth/BlackBerry in the car but when I do my blackberry continues to come detecting the handsfree. It annoying. Anyway to turn bluetooth off in the 200 Acura TL?

  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    I don't know the specific steps, but you'll need to "unlink" the phone and the car. Look for this in the car and phone manuals.
  • k19k19 Posts: 9
    I have an 05 Acura TL. My bluetooth is not working. I tried holding down the the TALK button but nothing happens. I tried holding down the BACK button but nothing happens. I tried BOOTING UP but the display just keeps reading BOOTING UP. Is this something the Acura dealer needs to diagnose?

    Thanks for you help
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    Sounds like it if you've had your phone successful paired already. Would you come back and post what happened? Cost, problem etc. My bluetooth has been kind of funky, sometimes not hearing my command at all, sometimes not hanging up. I'm wondering how much Acura charges for repairs.
  • The solution was simple:
    1. Delete paired device from phone
    2. Remove battery from the phone, wait 10 seconds and replace. This will reset the phone and the Bluetooth connection.
    3. Pair phone to the HandsFreeLink
    If this does not work hit the menu botton for the HandsFreeLink and give the command"System Clear". This will clear the system of all phones, phone numbers and recorded voice commands and will reset to the default settings. Once this is done repeat the 3 steps above to reset the phone.
  • k19k19 Posts: 9
    Thanks, I'll try that.
  • mavericmaveric Posts: 1
    Any luck with the Bluetooth? I just bought an 04 TL yesterday; I didn't try the Bluetooth feature until I got the home. I've got the same problem. When I push the button, it doesn't "Beep" or anything.

    I don't see how I can "reset" the system, if it's not accepting commands, as the guy above suggested; maybe I'm not understanding correctly....

    Any thoughts anyone?

    Thx in advance!
  • Have you tried Acura Hands Free link Customer Service? I found them very helpful. They can be reached at 1.888.528.7876.

    You can also contact Acura Client Service at 1.800.382.2238
  • k19k19 Posts: 9
    I got my bluetooth system to respond a couple of times, but was unable to set up my phone. Right now it's not working at all. I guess I have to take it to the Acura dealer to get it diagnosed. Have you had any luck getting your system to work? Did you take your car to the Acura dealer?

    Thanks ">link title
  • k19k19 Posts: 9
    Has anyone had to take there Acura TL to the dealer for Bluetooth problems? If you did was it expensive? Was it a software problem?

    Thanks for any help
  • bill214bill214 Posts: 2
    My problem turned out to be a weak car battery that affected my bluetooth and seat memory.
  • Hi there. I apologize if this is a repeat question. I searched but could not find anything on this...FYI...we have a 2009 Odyssey Touring and a 2009 TSX w/Nav.

    When a phone is listed as "not compatible" but under the details of that phone almost everything is listed as "yes" such as you can use the paddles for answering and hanging up a call...what does that exactly mean? Yes I can use it, but no I can't pair it? Huh? (For example: Verizon LG Dare) Anyone have any idea? Yes, I would call AcuraLink, but they are closed on the weekends.

  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I think it can mean a variety of things. I had the Dare for a while. I could pair the phone; but a number of times the phone wouldn't disconnect which was annoying and expensive.

    Hope that answers your question.
  • eicotleicotl Posts: 1
    My HFL just died, nothing is happening when I press the talk button, been working just fine for the past 3 years. Any Clue????
  • jth3jth3 Posts: 4
    I drive a 2005 MDX and been HF with Verizon for 3 years. Like you it's been fine until yesterday when it flat out stopped - no click, no interrupting the radio, no nothing. I called Acura CS and also talked with the HF department. They referred me back to the dealer.

    Things I did this evening - checked the fuses (two for HFL on the MDX.) HFL is paired with interior lights and they work. It's also paired on the other fuse with the socket in the dash (the wife and I use it a lot for recharging.) The charger works. I then checked my bluetooth link on the phone and switched it off and then on again. Guess what? Connection!! Go figure. Fingers are crossed for continuing HF service.
  • jth3jth3 Posts: 4
    It's jth. The HF didn't work this morning, but pulling into the parking lot it did. When I came back it didn't???? I have a Monday appointment at Acura. Will let you know the result. jth
  • zmt3zmt3 Posts: 1
    any luck getting your handsfree link working? I'm having the same issues.
  • I have an 06 TL and I am having trouble pairing my T-Mobile Nokia 6301 with the HFL. Does anyone know if it will pair? It is not on any list that I can find, maybe because it is not a popular phone. I can not get my phone to recognize the HLF when I try to pair it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  • oeloel Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 tl w/o navigation. Is there a replacement microphone or a way to improve the quality of the existing. It is my first car with handsfree link, the convenience is great but the outgoing sound quality is poor, I am almost yelling or constantly repeating myself.
    any solutions?
  • I am having trouble pairing my Samsung Omnia to my HF Link. It was working fine for about two months and then just stopped. I get all the way through the pairing setup and it at a certain point will not recognize the phone. Is there a reset step that I may have missed?
  • Out of the blue, my HandsFreeLink stopped working(steering buttons unresponsive etc)--when I toggle to HFL on the message center it indicates "Booting Up"--I've waited up to 10 minutes and nothing happens. Is this something I can fix on my own or do I need to take it to a dealer?
  • k19k19 Posts: 9
    My 2005 TL does the same thing. If you take it to the acura dealer let me know what they say.

  • park13park13 Posts: 2
    I saw some messages that state the blue tooth in the TL stopped working suddenly.
    My bluetooth did the same thing. No response from the buttons and the display says booting up. Has anyone had this fixed and if so how?
  • park13park13 Posts: 2
    Did you get this fixed and how?
  • kari524kari524 Posts: 7
    :cry: This is so odd seeing all these posts about the same issue within days of it happening to me. I purchased a CPO 2005 Acura TL in May 2009 and paired my 5 yr old LG flip via the Bluetooth and it has worked flawlessly until this week. I started the car and noticed the phone icon on the nav screen was gone so I thought I either left my phone home or the battery was dead. But the phone was in my purse and worked perfectly. Then when I went to use my CD player a whole totally different CD was in the drive when I hit PLAY. It was almost as if there was some kind of electric surge in the car. Now when I start the car the icon will come on..its on the screen for a few minutes and then just fades away. When I go to the HF menu it keeps saying "Booting Up" but nothing happens. I am HOPING its not an electrical problem. Guess I have to call the dealer unless anyone else has a suggestion???
  • anniebeanniebe Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    Hello! I agree with kari524, it is strange to see these post for the Acura Tl HANDSFREE LINK all NOT working around the same time. We have a 2005, the link stopped working around the first of march.
    Says it "booting up", yet does not happen. Took it to dealer who said it would cost around $600.00!! And that is with about 1/2 hour of labor! That seems like an over inflated price to us. Looking into other options.

    Is this a coincidence for all these people to be having the same problem around the same time??? :confuse:

    ~Has any one else been having this problem?
    ~Has any one else looked into the options of fixing this?

    Thanks for your time in reading this, look forward to you responses.
  • I have a 2004 TL and this exact issue started in the first week of March. Very odd indeed. Is there a simple fix such as a fuse that can be replaced or is this a failure of a whole module?
  • swanieswanie Posts: 1
    More of the same. HF was working great. Was on a call and wandered away from the car - out of range for the phone. When I walked back, the phone would no longer connect and when you use the car's menu system to try and pair it, a message says "Booting Up", but it never finishes. This happened in Nov '09. I tried disconnecting the battery to completely reset things, but nada.
  • Paruljain -
    Have you figured out a fix for the HFL Noise problem? I have the same problem (exactly the same) on my '05 RL. Any advice is appreciated.
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