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Acura TL Bluetooth/HandsFree Link Problems



  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    I am having an issue with my car handsfree link bluetooth system for my 06 Acura TL. It stopped working last week with my phone. I have tried to pair it, along with other phones since, and no phones will recognize the car bluetooth (HandsFree). Also tried disconnecting the car battery and did not do the trick. Was curious if anyone else ran into similar problem?
  • Hello:
    I am a new member of the "Bluetooth handsfree link suddenly stops working" club. I have a 2005 TL. Dealer wants $950 to replace bluetooth unit. Can you email to me this Bulletin 05-020 and what ever else I could use to get dealer to repair/replace my unit for free, or for a much reduced price. It was the reason I bought this car, b/c I am always driving and stuck in traffic and need to make calls hands-free. Thank you very much. Jim
  • kari524kari524 Posts: 7
    Try this link
    I was shocked on how many recalls on the 04 there are for various reasons
  • efgraphxefgraphx Posts: 4
    The link to the Bulletin is:
    This should help as it did for me. Just remeber to mention the bulletin and print it out for them. Also,
    "Out of warranty: Any repair performed after warranty
    expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by
    the District Parts and Service Manager or your Zone
    Office. You must request consideration, and get a
    decision, before starting work." As mentioned in this bulletin. This saved me $$$. Remember I as I mentione in my prevous post, I ended up paying $474 + Tax = $504. But it was worth it as it is now has a one year warranty.
    Good Luck and stick to it!! I even called Johnson Controls who manifactured this HLF which also helped. I would give you their number but I no longer have it.
  • I bought a 2006 Acura TL yesterday from Cerritos Acura and when I got home I tried to set up my iPhone 4. The buttons on the steering wheel won't work at all. I also found that my heated seats don't warm up either, lights are on but nobodys home sort of speak. How many miles are on your Acura, and what other issues should I be looking forward to?

    Thank you,
    Shawn :mad:
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    I am at 78k and change. Bought the car brand new Dec 06. Overall it is a great car, but have had the following issues:

    (1) Cruise Control (on/off) button would not stay pushed in. That was just over 60k and Acura paid 90% of the cost to fix it since I was just over the warranty.
    (2) At 50-60k I had to replace the starter. I have been told by Acura and every mechanic I have mentioned to this about, and they all say that should not happen, but I was the lucky one :-)
    (3) TPMS (tire pressure) system issues. Looks like my sensors may be dead. I have a feeling it was from the last time I had tires put on that they were not careful and broke them. However I will find out this Sat what Acura what is going on and how much.
    (4) Then there is the blue tooth issue which started not working last week. All of the buttons work, and the system acts like it is working and looking to pair with a blue tooth phone, but no phones will pick up the hands free all of a sudden.
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    I spoke with HandsFree ( yesterday. They are well aware and told me other people have had the same issue with the Hands Free burning out. I also went to the local Acura dealership this morning where I was going to have them take a look. After I explained to the service manager all of the steps I had taken, he had the integrity to tell me the only thing it could be is the unit is bad and would have to be replaced. He could have charged me the $100 for the analysis and told me the same thing. A new unit for a car with navi is $700.00, which I am not going to replace something that may just go out on me again in another 4 years. It is more principle to me than the money. This should not just be burning out after 4 years. It is not due to not taking care of the car. I'll just get a nice bluetooth set for the car and be done with it. However I will call HandsFree back on Monday and maybe write a letter to Acura for all that will be worth. I am wondering if this should be a recall item. That technology should not be breaking after 4 years.
  • timsyptimsyp Posts: 1
    Same problem here with my 05 TL. 5 1/2 years worked fine then suddenly no pairing. I disconnected the unit to reset it and it worked for a few seconds then failed again.

    Has anyone had success in ordering the part themselves as it seems like a very easy install? Or even better... can it be upgraded to also include phone book import and bluetooth audio??
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    Spoke with HandsFree again today. They might as well told me these things happen and oh well that's life :-) I was told it was newer technology when I bought the car and these type of things can happen. My cheap motorola bluetooth is older than my 06 Acura and is still working. I will try to get someone higher up the food chain at HandsFree and Acura for that matter and see if I can get some better response.
  • tlcamonetlcamone Posts: 1
    My 2006 Tl w/o navigation had loud static about a year ago and the module was replaced under the warranty. Over the past year there have been minor problems with linking my phone but all were resolved with simply re-initiating the process. Good clarity otherwise.

    Today the system would not respond at all. After numerous attempts, I tried to check for a blown fuse. None for the HFL were listed in the manual.
    A bit later in the day I attempted to link with the bluetooth and it responded fine.

    I am 5 days over the replacement part warranty. I will however contact the dealer next week to check for a possible short in the system.
    I too am disappointed in this expensive electronic problem since this should be rock solid for the life of the vehicle.

    If others have experienced this problem and have resolved it , I would appreciate hearing.
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    If you are within a month or so, or within a couple thousand miles, over the warranty, they will probably take care of it at no cost. They are usually pretty good about that.
  • rhcbrhcb Posts: 2
    My 2007 TL Hands Free Link is not working. The dealership told me that it would cost $875 to replace the system. Does anyone know if the system can be repaired or if there is somewhere to get a discounted HFL with a guarantee?

  • rhcbrhcb Posts: 2
    I have this problem with the HFL system in my 2007 TL. I took it to the dealer and was told the system needs to be replaced - $875. I am also seeking resolution to this problem without spending this amount of money.

  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    Same thing happened to me with my 2006 TL. It stopped transmitting the HandsFree signal. I was quoted $700 from Acura to have it replaced. Although I would ideally like the built in bluetooth to be working, as I used it regularly, I don't think this is something that should have died on me after only owning the car 4 years and I don't want to give Acura money for something that I think should not break after only 4 years. Acura's response was pretty much that oh well this type of thing happens. I plan on getting an after market system, as apparently Acura's is a low quality system and why should I pay them so it can break on me again in another 4 years. I am in the process of writing a letter to Honda of America for all it is worth, but at this point I don't plan on purchasing another Honda Acura product in the future.
  • my 2010 txs has 14000 miles on it and the hands free link froze up while I was using it. it would not let me end the call, complete the call or listen to the radio. I pulled over and turned the car off and opened the drivers door (which usually disconnects the call) and when I restarted the car I could use the radio but the phone part still was not working. After I got home I let the car set for a while after I turned it off . When I came back later everything was in working order. My question: was this just a glitch or a pre-curser of issues to come. of the other people that have had their hands free link go out, did it start with this type of glitch?
  • kari524kari524 Posts: 7
    My advice is--you are still under warranty--go back to the dealer to have them look into it so you have a record of the issue should something worse happen
  • janetlpjanetlp Posts: 8
    I have the same car and my HFL went out about 2 weeks ago. I have learned quite a bit in the past few days. THIS IS DEFINITELY A BIG PROBLEM. The repair place I talked to told me that the supplier has at least 3 in stock. If suppliers are carrying expensive items like the HFL then they expect to be selling about 1 per week. He has replaced many of them and feels Honda should be replacing them at no cost given how many he has had to replace. He also said counseled against buying a used one -- for obvious reasons.

    BE CAREFUL ABOUT AN ANCILLARY PROBLEM--Yesterday my car wouldn't start. I was told by the Acura dealer and the 3rd party repair facility that the broken units drain your battery. YOU HAVE NOT CHOICE BUT TO SHELL OUT THE $700-$800 -- same cost whether you have the navi or not. I asked if they could just disconnect it and the dealer said NO, they were not allowed to.

    In my opinion, this is a recall item but will they recall something that is not a "safety" issue? If not, from what I've heard and what I've just read, this seems to be a class action issue.
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    Sorry to hear about your HFL, and thank you for sharing this. My 2006 TL's HFL stopped working after only owning the car after 4 years. Definitely not something that should be breaking. I was told by Hands Free that there was nothing they could do and the technology was new when I bought the car. My next step is to write a letter to the top people at Honda, not that I am expecting much response, but I agree this is something that should be a recall item.
  • mardewmardew Posts: 1
    My 2005 TL hands free just went dead this past Friday. I've had the car for 5 years now, three phones later and never had a problem until now. I called the dealer and they want to charge me $150 just to diagnose it, then "if" they need to repair the $150 will be deducted from the repair. But after seeing all these complaints on line, and there are a lot, I decided against fixing it. I can't afford the $600 to $800 they want to replace it. I called the Handsfree people and he talked to me like I was an idiot and didn't know how to set it up. If he was in front of me, I would have punched him. Any way he said that my system is no longer transmitting the signal. He gave me a case number and I will call Acura tomorrow. If they give me the same B.S. I will not fix it. I'd rather spend $40 on a blue tooth head set. I don't have $800 to throw away on something that should not have broken down. Maybe we should start a class action suit against the handsfree and Acura. I wish I knew how to start it because I would, but I don't know how to. :mad:
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    I really think this should be a recall item. Too many people are having this issue, include me. I had the same issue where it just stopped transmitting the signal. This is not a wear and tear type item that you are supposed to maintain. It should just work like your stereo.

    I am going to write the top dogs at Honda America for all it is worth.
  • 93lt193lt1 Posts: 2
    You can add me to this long list of defective HSL. 4 1/2 years and now it's not operational. Seems as if it's not transmitting. My Phone searches but it can not locate it. Arrhhh.
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    Same timeframe and exact same issue for me too, just under 4.5 years and it is not putting out the bluetooth signal.
  • mizzmariemizzmarie Posts: 2
    My HFL died this week. $$$$$$$ What a shame!!!!
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    What year is your TL?
  • janetlpjanetlp Posts: 8
    I asked the dealer to fix it for free after they told me that they knew it was a common problem and they denied my request. I was told it was out of warranty. I wonder if it's because it wasn't that it didn't boot up but that it didn't pair. I also spoke with an independent Acura mechanic who told me that he sees this problem regularly and that Acura will not make good on these items. He said there should be a recall because of the number of problems.
  • janetlpjanetlp Posts: 8
    I've put out a request for help to an attorney/friend about finding a consumer class action attorney. Once I get that info I'll post it on this forum. If anyone wants to do some research to find more people who have the same problem that would be a great help. Today I counted 16 of us just on this discussion. I don't know about you guys but I am pretty disgusted by this whole thing.
  • k19k19 Posts: 9
    Let me know about any class action suit.
  • k19k19 Posts: 9
    I have received at lease 10 complaints from people complaining about there HFL.
  • turieturie Posts: 9
    About 2 weeks ago mine died out too.... I have had my TL since Jan.1st 2005 and was wondering if this could be a bigger issue and it def. seems to be something much bigger than I thought!

    Please keep me posted for any kind of action suit...

  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    This is good stuff, not that I am happy you are all having problems with the HFL, but that this is really an issue. I'm not sure where a class action law suit will get us, unless the end result is this becoming a recall item. I look forward to hearing more on this. My nexg move will be to send a letter to the Honda America to the attention of the CEO.
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