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Acura TL Bluetooth/HandsFree Link Problems



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Sorry folks, we don't permit organizing lawsuits within the forums.

    Besides, if you go the class action route, be prepared to wait 2-3 years, then receive either a free fix for the problem, or a $500 off coupon toward your next Acura vehicle purchase. That's how these suits usually end for the consumer.


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  • montesdamontesda Posts: 1
    Hello, I just came back from the Thomas Acura Dealer because my Hands Free Bluetooth is stuck in "booting" and they quoted me 699.99 for unit. This did not include installation. I have a 2006 Acura TL. 4.5 years and it failed. They told me it is a common problem and have these Bluetooth Control Units in stock. I am not going to pay over 700.00 for this!! I am on-board for a class action law suit!
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    I feel your pain, and I would rather spend the money on an after market than give Acura a dime to fix something that in my opinion should not die after 4 years, and if I pay to fix it who is to say I wouldn't have to go through this again in another 4-5 years! I have a $40.00 Motorola Bluetooth headset that is about a year older than my 2006 Acura that still works great today. As the previous poster mentioned, we can't organize a class action law suit, plus I agree that we would not be the real winners in that scenario. I know I sound like a broken record, but I truley believe this is a true flaw in there technology and this should be a recall item. I still need to get that letter out to the CEO of Honda for all it is worth.
  • sushi0318sushi0318 Posts: 1
    i have a 07 TL and it froze up about a week ago stuck on booting also .. niello Acura quoted $800+ for the fix ..i think these defective hands-free units should be recalled, here in California its the law for hands-free cant be on the phone while driving, or its a ticket , so we rely on these units, its a shame .
  • 5050iam5050iam Posts: 2
    Hi, I have an 04 and my Hands Free Link when out a few months ago. I have googled this problem a few different times and found that this is more than just a one off issue for ACURA!
    I guess that I am lucky that mine lasted 6 Years; but I am disappointed that a vehicle in this price range would have such a significant issue with something so simple and have no resolution or recourse for their consumers.
    Ironically, I just started looking at the 2012, but I am EXTREMELY hesitant to purchase another Acura because of the lack of accountability. I think I can funnel my next $45,000.00 to a manufacturer that is willing to be accountable for their vehicle in its entierty; especially when they know they pushed a defective product to market.
    I would gladly sign a petition and follow up with legal recourse.
  • janetlpjanetlp Posts: 8
    To Everyone who has been following this discussion:

    I encourage you all to call Acura Client relations at (800) 382-2238. I did and it paid off.

    Be prepared to answer a bunch of seemingly irrelevant questions (they want to know if you are a "loyal" Acura client and will need your VIN. (I've owned at least 2 Hondas and 3 Acuras over my driving life.)

    They are also going to ask if you have taken your car to a dealer and had any diagnostics done on the car. Have all your information ready.

    I threw around the class action lawsuit at first, which was blown off by the rep I spoke with because the maker of the HFL (Johnsson (sp?) Controls) is the only manufacturer for all the handsfree products for almost all the cars out there.

    After several discussions and a trip to the dealer, however, Acura paid for 80% of the cost of a new HFL (I just got the car back last Friday). FYI, I had to replace my second battery in 4 1/2 years (don't know if that's another issue with the car). The service rep at the dealer also told me (and I'm not sure why this is the case or if it's an accurate statement) that it's better if you pay a portion of the replacement because you get the full warranty.

    It's certainly worth the time to make the call plus if they get enough of these calls maybe they'll do something preemptive to get these things fixed.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  • turieturie Posts: 9
    Thx janetlp I made the call and now need to take in my car to have a diagnostics done, The rep basically said- they would not tell me to get the diagnostics if Acura for sure was not going to help on the cost of repair.. SO with that said I will let you know how my situation turns out next week!
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    Thanks for the tip. I called the number and spoke them. I took it into the dealership and they diagnosed my car at no cost, and Acura will cover the bulk of the cost. Out the door will be $230.00. What is funny is they want to know how many other Acura's or Honda's you have owned and how much you have used the dealerships for maintenance and repairs, and that weighs in their decision as to how much they will help you. As long as Acura is willing to pay the bulk of the cost, I'm fine paying 20-30% of the cost.
  • turieturie Posts: 9
    Mine did not go as well as the previous 2 people have, I was told Acura would pay for 25% pf the cost~ which still left me with over 550$ in cost~ I told them NO THANKS! It's really unfair business if they are basing what percent to pay as in how many times you have taken your car to the dealer, or how many Honda/Acura's you have. If this is how they are going to do business, I will be quite surprised if many will continue to buy from them.

    In the real world you gain people's trust and appreciation and keep it. In the manner you do business with them from Day1..
  • janetlpjanetlp Posts: 8
    That's about what I paid. Apparently they are willing to help you if you are a "loyal" customer. That's why I wrote about the "intake" questions.

    I was pretty annoyed when I was asked all those questions so I asked why the customer care rep why they were asking them. That's when I learned about loyalty factor.

    For all you out there without the HFL, please call Acura. They need to hear form us. They really need to be innundated.

    Good luck to you all.
  • janetlpjanetlp Posts: 8
    What year is your Acura?
  • turieturie Posts: 9
    2005, and there is no reason we should be judged on what we have not done yet~ that's just wrong in every true business sense... But as of now I can tell you what I will not be doing.. and that's buying another 35K+ car from them.
  • My HFL died on me 2 days ago, and after reading the countless stories of other peoples identical issues, I too am disgusted with the situation. I have a 2006 TL that looks like new, and never expected the car to have a dead HFL. Acura needs to step up. After 2 Honda's and now an Acura... I guess they made their money on me.
  • bojo5bojo5 Posts: 1
    Looks like I am joining the club.... The HFL on my 2006 died on me this week as well. And this morning my battery was dead so I think I am experiencing the discharge issue from the bad module.

    I going to try to unplug the module this weekend to see if that helps. No way I am putting out the $$$ to Acura for a new module!
  • rentnerrentner Posts: 1
    For everyone having hfl problems, my 04 also stoped working. Would hang up in the pair mode. I did some research and found the the telephone assy, hands free link for part # 39770-SEP-A01B for tan interior $174 at I called to confirm that it included the hands free module. Its listed under the interior light. I think part of the problem with this module is where its mounted, up by the interior lights but mostly exposed to the windshield under where its blacked out. I think in the summer time it might get too hot. Hope this post helps some of you out
  • hi. I bought my 06 TL new in Sept 06 and now my cruise control button just stopped sticking after about 76500 mi. I am afraid of what Acrua will charge to fix it. How much would it have cost you if you had to pay the full amount? what did they have to replace / say was wrong? Thanks!
  • I see a lot of post on this, but I came to surf the web to see what I could find on this issue as well. I have an 06 TL with NAVI and the bluetooth just stopped working all of a sudden. If all of our cars "suddenly" stopped working this is totally strange and we all couldn't have broken our cars at the same time. Acura better come up with something!
  • After replacing the windshield, my handsfree link would not pair. Previously worked for years. Got a new cell phone, it wouldn't pair, and then took it to the local dealership where I have had it service for many years and the expediter's phone wouldn't pair. The repair estimate was almost 1000.00 dollars.
    I see here that many TL owners have the same problem.
    I called the Acura number and even though I have had only Acura Dealerships service the car for 5 years, they would not give me any of the concessions mentioned here.
    They said it was an RL, not a TL, and they said my mileage was too high.
    Any ideas? Where can you buy the part? I am ready to take it elsewhere for the service.

  • udiaz75udiaz75 Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    All of the sudden, I noticed that my paired phone (Samung Epic 4G) Could not longet pair with my 2005 Acura TL. It then dawned on me that the phone could no longer even find the Handsfree device. So from reading these posts something tells me it is dead.

    Also, something tells me that Acura is nuts if I they want me to pay $800.00 when I just paied them $700 for a dashboard because the passenger front dash cracked. Not to mention that I've seen this on already 4 differnet Acuras. I love my car, but I am no sure that Acura builds cars to last. :mad:
  • My Acura TSX 2007 handsfree didn't fail - it's just that the audio quality totally sucks. I persuaded dealer to replace microphone unit, but they would not replace the bluetooth module.

    So now I am using a $20 headset made by GE. It looks like a telephone operator's headset, or perhaps a cheap computer gaming headset. It uses a WIRE to connect to my phone. The microphone is on a boom that sits in front of my mouth, and there is one earpiece - not one of those horrible earbuds, but rather a 1.5 inch disc covered in comfortable foam. My friends no longer complain about the voice quality, in fact they cannot even tell that I'm in a car.

    Sometimes I will use a Motorola bluetooth speakerphone that I bought for $30. It's audio quality is far superior to the builtin Acura system, but not nearly as good as the wired headset.

    With an Android phone I can easily voice dial, so I'm not missing much in terms of usability. Let's all tell Acura that we hate their handsfree system and will not buy another Acura unless we find it is dramatically improved. In the meantime, do your friends a favor and buy an old-fashioned wired headset.
  • My 2006 Acura Tl bluetooth also stopped working. I researched and after hours and hours of research, I got the answer. Oemacuraparts has the bluetooth module for $185 including shipping and tax--its under the interior lighting section--TELEPHONE ASSY., HANDS FREE *NH528L* (MOON LAKE GRAY)--they also have the two other colors. They shipped me the part in 3 days---its the exact part and color of my current overhead console. I looked up service bulletin 05-020 and this tells you exactly how to take this apart--very, very easy. I took it apart ahead of time to know what I was doing and it took me 8 minutes to replace this and put back once it came in. I also have navigation and did not replace any delay part that is mentioned in the service bulletin. Once I replaced this part, the bluetooth worked correctly immediately. You do have to reprogram it and store all your numbers again, but this was by far the cheapest and easiest fix out there.
  • turieturie Posts: 9
    Thx for the posting! I just redid mine and like you said by far the cheapest way to go... I also emailed the Cerritos Acura Dealer about this and they have agreed to refund my 115$ diagnostic fee (Credit I should on next service). The person I talked to stated that Acura has lowered the cost of the HFL unit since (THEY KNOW ITS AN ISSUE ON THE TL and MDX) that is why the cost is now 177$. I somewhat believe this and somewhat think they are full of it! I say that because i dont believe the unit used to cost 600$ which is what I was also told. I think this unit was maybe 300$ or so at one time. anyways thx! and if anyone happens to have an issue like this and the dealer quotes you anything above 300$ message me and I will send you the email I received.
  • Turie, I attempted to message you but there didn't seem to be a way to send a message just you.

    I have been having problems with my HFL for a couple months and have just been making due without it. However now, my battery keeps dying because apparently the HFL is draining it.
    I took the car into my local Acura Dealer (Acura of Pleasanton, CA) and they want $150 just to diagnose it and another $500 if it needs replacement. Could you send me whatever information you were able to gather? Also did you just replace the module yourself or did you have the Dealership take care of it for you?
    Thanks for the help!
  • turieturie Posts: 9
    edited October 2011
    Ok 1st here is where you can buy the part at- - el=TL&year=2005&version=4DR+BASE&transmission=KA5AT&system=PARTS&component=INTER- - IOR+LIGHT

    8 39770-SEP-A02ZB TELEPHONE ASSY., HANDS FREE *YR167L* (LIGHT TAN) $181.17 $173.93 1 Add to Cart Add to Cart
    8 39770-SEP-A02ZC TELEPHONE ASSY., HANDS FREE *YR240L* (LIGHT CREAM IVORY) $203.70 $195.55 1 Add to Cart Add to Cart
    8 39770-SEP-A02ZA TELEPHONE ASSY., HANDS FREE *NH528L* (MOON LAKE GRAY) $181.17 $173.93 1 Add to Cart Add to Car

    One of those should be the color you need, also it literally takes about 10 minutes to do this yourself- locate the Acura Service Bulletin 05-020 (Google it) and it gives you the directions to fix it.

    think this is the link-

    Any other questions let me know.

    O.o you didn't pay the Stearlership anything right?
  • Nope, I did not pay the Stealership anything. Thanks again!
  • naga2naga2 Posts: 2
    I brought my 2006 TL for A service on Saturday and to see why my HFL wasn't working. I was told it is not covered by warranty (I purchased the 100,000 extended warranty). I asked them how would I be able to break it and they said I can't, so I asked why isn't it covered by the extended warranty? They said the wording is in the small print of the extended warranty contract.

    After reviewing all these complaints, It is an Acura service issue not an owner issue. I am on my 4th Acura and told the service rep, to discuss my issue with the Service and Sales Manager and call me back with a better resolution. I'll let you know what the response is later.

  • Just so you know--I purchased a CPO 2005 Acura TL 3 yrs ago and also have the extended 100,000 mile warranty. The HFL failed about a year and a half ago. I called the dealer where I purchased it, brought it in and said I was not paying for it because it should be covered and they did not charge me. The dealer told me normally without the Warranty I would be out 600+ dollars. Not sure if it being a Certified Pre-Owned has anything to do with it but I would go back to your dealer again and complain. My dealer also put 1 odd ball tire on my car too when I purchased it--which my mechanic spotted during my 1st oil change and tire rotation--I made them replace my tire too--and made them match it to my existing brand--again--no out of pocket from me. You have to be tough with these guys or they take advantage of you. Its not like this is a "throw away" car like some econ car..These are higher end cars and I expect the dealer to treat me and my $$ with respect. Good luck ;)
  • cece6cece6 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 MDX and my handsfree button just stopped working completely, the car does not recognize my phone at all, in fact nothing happens whatsoever when the HF button is pushed. I was quoted over $500 to fix it. If there is a way for me to get the email you reference I would love to have it.
  • naga2naga2 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply!

    I took my 2006 Acura TL for maintenace service on 10/22 and to my amazement they took care of my HFL without much hassle. I did agree to pay $50, since some of the other messages commented that they agreed to pay a minimal amount to ensure they have a warranty on the newly installed HFL.
  • turieturie Posts: 9
    Hi there if it was you who tried to Instant Message me go ahead and send me your email address.

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