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    Your description is excellent. It sounds what is happening to my 07. The last time (sixth time) I brought it in the engaged the ABS system 30 times and than bled the system. Time before that just bled twice. That has helped now for a couple months not sure how long it will last. One of those complaints with the NHTSA is probably mine. How many times have they tried to resolve? When did you buy your O7 Odyssey out of curiosity?
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    Because of my persistant complaining and bombarding them with copies of similar brake complaints posted here and on the NHTSA website, my service manager got the district rep involved. She drove my van, compared it to others at the dealership, and decided there was no difference. :(

    But a week later the service manager called to inform me that an engineer higher up at Honda contacted him to say that he knew what was wrong with my van's brakes. In lay terms, it had something to do with air bubbles in the "black box" of the ABS modulator and it would require a special type of bleeding process to correct the problem. They performed the "magical bleeding process" on my '07 Touring and, I must admit, it feels a lot better. The pedal is firmer, doesn't require as much travel, and doesn't require as much pressure. I have been able to move my seat back a fair distance since the pedal no longer has to be depressed as far or as hard. I hope this "air bubble" problem is not something that will recur over time.

    Interestingly, I asked the service manager why a bulletin isn't being disseminated by Honda regarding the issue (rather than denying that the problem exists), and he said Honda can't (or won't) because it would have to be evaluated by the legal department first! I wonder if it isn't really the bean counters who make the determination.
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    The second bleeding done to mine was supposed to be the 'special procedure' recommended by the Tech Line. It may have helped some but not enough to really notice. It still feels like air is in the lines. Hopefully my request from the top of Honda will have better results.
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    Please post whatever happens. It really appears that Honda is trying to duck responsibility on the "soft brakes" issue. The, "They're all like that," excuse just means that they all have the same problem (design flaw or defective part)!
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    Honda has to have the money belt come first before anything, including life, safety, customer satisfaction, etc. That is why they can't post a bulletin as soon as they found the fix as all the problems have to get the situation evaluation of the legal department.
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    I've had my van in for soft brake pedal which was an intermittent problem. Tech called Califirnia tech support and ended up replacing the brake modulator. Brakes are now working better than they ever have since day one.
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    Same problem. Replaced brake modulator after finding air in the line. Brakes have NEVER been this firm
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    Do you mean the ABS Brake Modulator?
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    Mine is doing the same thing!

    I haven't had a chance to take it in yet...have you found anything out?
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    I have odyssey 2008 EX. It has 2000 miles on it now. I have the soft brakes issue from the beginning. I have an appt. with the dealer tommrow. He said Honda has changed the brakes as the old oddysses have hard brakes and lots of complaints. It is like a joke ??? I told him I have missed couple of accidents luckily.
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    I traded my 07 that had soft brakes for an 08, at first brakes felt firm but now have about 500 miles and the brakes feel somewhat softer every day. Hopefully Honda will come up with something. I have a case open with Honda on my 07 (got a call from Honda January 2 that they were working on a fix) and apparently will have to open one on the 08. You might want to call Honda in Torrance, CA to open a case on yours. You may also want to file a complaint on the National Highway Transportation Saftey Administration web site as I did. These are great vehicles but this is really BS that they can't seem to come up with a timely brake fix.
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    Did you get your brake problem fixed? If so, could you please share what you did?

    I get the problem when start the van and backing up from the driveway into cul-de-sac and go forward and make a left turn immediately.

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    The brakes on my 06 ODY have had a grinding sound on and off for about 2 years. Now have 25K miles and the sound comes and goes. Honda replaced the brake pads at 7K and said all OK. Started again at about 11K and Honda claimed that they could not find any problem or hear the grinding noise while testing it.
    I have the oil changed at Good Year every 6K and they inspect the brakes. They don't report any problem. The grinding noise still comes and goes.

    Good Luck.
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    Purchased my 06 odyssey back in Oct of 05 and had it in shop around 16k miles. The front routers were warped. They machined the routers and replaced the pads. Recently I had to make an emergency stop and noticed that my brakes made a terrible girding noise and my steering wheel shakes like a wet dog. I took my van into work and they told me that my front routers are glazed and warped. They work on corvettes and told me that Napa brakes and pads are the best bang for your buck. They replaced my front routers and pads plus machined my rear routers and replaced the pads. The breaks are not as touchy as the OEM brakes and seem a lot softer which I like. I believe that the weight of the van and the type of pads or routers that were used caused the system to over heat and damage the routers. I must admit that I have changed my driven habit and realized that I was driven the van more like a sports car. This has also helped me to increase my fuel economy from 16MPG to 20MPG. I have only driven the van for about 1000 miles and love the new pads and routers.
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    I have the exact same issue and it appears to be getting worst. I just used to hear it when turning slowly into driveway with the wheel cranked at a low speed with minor touching of the brakes. Now I also am beginning to hear it when I'm slowly making big turns in store parking lots.

    I heard a similar noise a few thousand miles back (I'm approaching 44,000miles) and they replaced my power steering pump saying it had a leak and was boiling over. The problem disappeared for a couple months and then came back. I recently had it in and they said the pump was fine but they also heard the noise and thought it was coming from the brakes. They said it was normal!?!! I've never owned a vehicle that makes such a noise when turning at low speeds. Has anyone resolved this problem yet??
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    I am amazed after browsing through this thread.

    This incident happened 10 days ago. When I applied the brakes suddenly at a signal light, my Ody did not stop in time and rammed into the car ahead of me.

    In the past, I have complained to the dealer a few times about the soft brake issue that I have been having with my 2007 Odyssey. They told me it is normal and then can do nothing about it.

    Now, my insurance company decided to total the car. I am very frustrated and would like to know what my options are.
    Thanks. :sick:
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    Haha - will Honda blame you followed the front car too close?

    Soft-brake on my 07 Odyssey is part of my many reasons to switch to Pilot. Dang, I 'm a loyal Honda fan.
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    I have replaced the rear brakes on my 2002 Honda Odyssey 3 times in the last 14K miles, first after 10K miles, then again after 4K miles. The front brakes are wearing normally. I live in a hilly area, so I would expect more brake wear, but nothing like this. I just had them checked again today and after 2500 miles (both front and rear were replaced 2500 miles ago), the fronts wore down 10% and the rears wore down 40%! Any ideas?
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    I had an 01 Odyssey for 75K miles and never had to do anything to the brakes, also in a hilly area. Either there is a mechanical issue or a driver/use issue. Try using second gear on hills for awhile and consciously keep your foot off the brake as much as possible and see if that makes any difference. Play a game: how little can you use the brake pedal by anticipating conditions and laying off the gas early?
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    We purchased our Ody 7/18/07, brand new. On 12/26/07, we had a very bad accident hitting 2 cars and all of the air bags in our Ody deployed. We were exiting the highway onto off ramp when the brakes completely failed; I stepped on the brakes repeatedly and they were so soft they went to the floor board and the car would not stop. The ramp was about 100 yards long, so we would have had plenty of time to stop if the brakes worked. We had no previous warning and did not experience any problem with the brakes prior. At the top of the ramp was a light that stopped traffic on the road, we were the first off the highway onto the ramp, because we could not stop, we reached the light (green) for us, crossed over a median and hit two cars on other side waiting for light to change and crashed. Every air bag in our Ody deployed, the seat belts held us back and fortunately no one was hurt. After 7 months of body repair, the car was taken to a Honda Dealer who FINALLY tested the car and brakes and determined that the ABS/VSA Modulator Circuit. They replaced the Modulator assembly, bled the brake Hydralic system and then road tested again. THERE IS A DEFAULT WITH THE ODY BRAKES -- We took the car into Dealer for oil change and checkup 2 days before accident happened. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS PROBLEM!
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    I had 07 ODY LX and also felt the brake was soft sometimes, esp. engine warm-up time, like the 1st 5 mins in driving.
    Brake is very important. That is one of reason I got rid of it and switch to Pilot 4x4. The Pilot's brake, suspension are much better, and driving/steering feel much solid, heavier car.
    Only 08 Pilot complaint is the tire noise/handling. I bought a new set of tires to replace the OEM, cost about 400.00
    The 2009 Pilot has much better OEM tires.
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    Get this documented by Honda!!
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    Replacing the ABS Modulator appears to have been done on some 07 and maybe 08 models. My question is whether or not this solves the problem permanently as MY 08 STARTED OUT NEW WITH A FIRM BRAKE PEDAL BUT NOW WITH 2000 MILES IS GETTING VERY SOFT. It seems that if Honda is replacing this part with the same unchanged part then replacing the ABS Modulator and removing the air in the line might not be the permanant solution. It should be noted that Honda Tech line does appear to be recommending replacement of the ABS Modulator which probably means that they have no fix. And how does air get in this closed system anyway, my Service Manager says this is impossible. I have a case open on this with Honda but so far they only say they are working on a fix but they have been saying this for at least six months.
    Has the replacement of the ABS Modulator been a permanant solution for anyone?
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    I bought my 2007 Odyssey in Jan 07.
    The brakes started to gradually get softer. In July I took it into Rusty Wallace Honda dealer. The service person informed me the brakes were close to failing.
    The master cylinder was replaced. The brakes felt better for a a few weeks but went back to the same old squishy feeling. Took it in again to the same dealer and this time the master cylinder and modulator were replaced.
    It wasn't long before the brakes went soft again. I had to make an emergency stop when an idiot made a right turn in front of me. There were 2 lanes. I was in the left. He pulled into my lane. I slammed on the brakes and the pedal went to the floor. Fortunately there were no cars in the right lane so I changed to the right lane. Otherwise I would have hit him.
    This time I took the van into another dealer. Lute Riley and they did nothing but bleed the brake lines and tell me it was normal to have soft brakes.

    What is the time limit for the lemon law? The Odyssey was taken in twice before the 1 yr anniversary.
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    and tell me it was normal to have soft brakes.

    What a joke. Does this dealer treat the buyers like 7 year-old?
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    The finger points back to Honda, their Tech Line does not have a fix and by this time surly should have. The dealers are caught in the middle.
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    We had a terrible accident with our 07 Ody, hitting 2 other cars and we were almost killed. The seat belts held us in, air bags blew and luckily we were not hurt
    but our car is totalled and our insurance bought us out.

    I don't know what our options are, but I'm thinking law suit. Someone is going to be killed with these brake problems! I won't buy another Odessey.

    What do you think?
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    It appears that Honda deserves a class action suit for letting this go on so long. Am at a loss on how one of these suits come about but it would seem logical that those that attribute accidents to these brakes should look into it maybe with the Attorneys General of their states.
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    For me that never seemed to resolve the issue. After 6 attempts and a letter after the 4th I ended up filing the lemon law.
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    This soft-brake issue, from my experience, is on and off. You just don't know when the soft-brake will come when you need the brake most. I can't bet on the safety issue so I got rid of my 07 Ody in just 7 months leasing.

    I suggest anyone with this issue should file complaint to N'tl Hwy Safetyn (NHTSA) site.
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    How long ago did you file the lemon law and what is the expected time this would take to get resolution? This might be the way to go, although really like my 08 EXL with Nav except for the lousy brakes.
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    Each state is different so you will need to look at what your state has I was from MN. It is a long process, but the BBB keeps it moving. That is who you file with for Honda. You want to first understand you Lemon law for your state and make sure you qualify. BBB tries very hard to not take a side. They seemed like were trying to talk me out of filing and going to arbitration and that my case may not be good enough. In the end I thought I had a good case and went ahead. I also had a good dealer that seem honest about the problem. How many times have you brought the car in to honda? The rules are different for complete failure. In MN they have 4 chances and then you need to notify them and they get a final chance. Make sure you notify via certified letter or something. I sent a fax that in the end seemed ok but BBB made me dig up fax records off my Mac.
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    Purchase my 07 Odyssey EX-L-Nav-Ent purchase Oct 07--- brake pedal felt okay but not up to my experience with 5 previous Accord and my daughter's 08 Odyssey.
    First trip to dealer about 5000 miles - pedal soft - travel about 2 inches before brakes engage - pedal will continue to travel down with pressure after coming to complete stop. Dealer bled the brakes -- some better but not as expected. Approx 1000 miles later soft again and same excessive pedal travel -- My wife dropped off the van to appointment I made. Service writer at dealer would not let my wife drive the van following inspection and test drive - dealer supplied rental car -- after inspection dealer ordered replacement ABS Module. After replacement off and on the brakes would feel firm pedal and minimum travel for engagement. 1500 miles later - soft pedal and excessive travel -- this time replaced the Master Cylinder - bleed brakes -- still not correct --- Service manager contacts Honda Tech Center that provided a special brake bleeding procedure. Brakes felt better for about 200 miles. Now back to soft pedal - long travel before engagement. My next step is to "demand" a factor rep meeting with dealer. I believe the dealer is doing everything possible -- Honda does not have a fix as yet and safety, crashes and deaths will be the results until fixed. My concern is complete failure of the brake system without warning --- Odyssey is a great vehicle - if I had searched for this brake problem before purchase I would be driving an Accord or Pilot.
    Has anyone tried to tie this problem to Odyssey's built in the US or Canada?
    As I find out more or have a solution/fix I will update.
    Thanks for anyone else with input.
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    Do forget to file a complaint to the NHTS
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    im having problems with the brakes on my 2008 honda odysses. the pedal goes to the floor when pressure is applied. three trips to the dealer and all parts replaced have not solved the problem. i see where there have been several bad crashes because of brake failure on the honda odyssey. it looks like a class action suit is necessary to make honda correct this problem. if anyone has a sokution to this problem, please post it.
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    i am having the same problem with my 2008 odyssey. the brake pedal was normal when i bought the van. after 3000 miles the pedal started going to the floor. i had to pump the brakes to make it work. after the dealer replaced the modual then the master cylinder and then bleeding the line two times, they give me the NORMAL routine. i see where there have been several bad crashes because of brake failure on the odyssey. it looks like a class action suit is needed to get honda to correct this problem.
  • michal513michal513 Member Posts: 4
    i bought a 2008 honda odyssey. everything was fine for the first 300 miles. after that the brake pedal started going to the floor. had to pump the brakes to stop. after 3 trips to the dealer and replacing several parts, the same problem exist. the dealer now says this is normal in the odyssey. i don't recomend buying a 2008 model.
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    I called the dealer I purchased my 2007 Odyssey from a couple weeks ago and spoke to the service manager. Scheduled an appt and dropped the van off on 8/4/2008. This is the repair info:

    Air trapped in the ABS/VSA Modulator.
    Applied tech line article and bleed modulator with HDS.
    Conducted a brake bleed procedure and verified repair with test drive.

    No mention of tech line article #

    The mechanic also updated the ECM per bulletin 07-051 to help with line 1.
    I am assuming line one was the brake problem.
    The brake system was flushed out with new brake fluid. There was a qty 3 for brake fluid on the invoice. The service rep told me the fluid was flushed.

    Since then the brakes have been excellent with little pressure on the pedal to start braking. Holding the brake down at a stop light I can put my left foot behind the brake pedal. I could never do that before.

    This was done under warranty. No charge.

    Time will tell if this fixes it. Unfortunately I work from home and don't drive much. Use my bike for short trips with 25lbs or less of cargo. So it will probly take 6 months to get 2k miles on it.
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    I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey EX and have had this happen after owning for 2 months. I am a frequent driver and put on about 1000 miles a month. Long story short, I am about to take the car in for the 6th time and the dealer still looks at me like I'm crazy and this problem is "unusual." They have replaced the brake pads front and back 2 times each and front brakes with new rotars once. 2 times they would not do anything because they "could not reproduce the problem." I could never get the brake pedal sinking to the floor to reproduce, but I could get the hideous grinding of the front brakes to reoccur enough to get some kind of fix.

    Had a reprieve of the problem long enough to go out of warranty. Dealer seems willing to work with me due to history of issue with grinding, but still acts like they have never heard of brake dropping to floor and losing power assist to brake. Well, yesterday I happen to have this happen while going downhill and the only thing that stopped me was a curb. Fortunately, I was turning into a driveway and not going down the freeway at 70 MPH. I think to myself...oh, #@$#%!!! My brakes just FAILED!! I have requested to meet with the manager of the dealership, service manager and asked if there is a Honda rep that I can speak with to address the problem. I am not sure if I can use the Lemon Law due to timeframes (GA), but the problem has been noted in service records since 2 months after I bought it.

    I would love to hear from anyone who has had action taken by Honda to fix the problem or offer an alternative resolution. It sounds like buying a 2007 or 2008 would not help since the problem exists with both of those year models as well. I hate to think I am wasting my time trying to get it fixed and that I am stuck with a death trap to drive my 3 kids around in.
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    When the soft brake occasionally happens, quick-pump the brake a couple times surely will get more grips back. So DON'T follow the front car too close and give yourself enough distance for response, your car for stopping.

    So how far is considered to be safe? I use the ballpark of a car length per 10 mile ... 4 car length for 40 mile or so.

    I traded 07 Ody for a new 08 Pilot (8 seaters) and now 4.5 months later, the brake still going strong.
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    Thanks for your post.
    Actually, I tried to pump the brake when it happened and it didn't work. I try really hard not to follow closely, but in Atlanta with all the aggressive drivers, it is a challenge.

    Dealer "could not reproduce problem," well, duh - neither could I, on demand. They did call and open a ticket with Honda Tech and engineers had them check and measure numerous things. Could not find leaks in master cylinder or any seals and did not want to replace anything (ABS modulator) without Honda's OK to do so. The computer did not register a failure. I told the guy I don't have any desire to waste my time at a dealership trying to manage a small child when there isn't anything REALLY wrong and it really did fail. I don't typically ram into curbs for fun. I understand that they wanted to figure out what to do without just throwing parts at it, but I did offer the service director the opportunity to drive it until the brakes failed again. So far, he has declined. Hmmm. He said he would get back to me when Honda responds and let me know what to do next.

    I looked at the Pilot and sat in the drivers seat. It felt like I was in a big truck. It seemed pretty nice though, but 3rd row seat had very little leg room. I really like the minivan and hope there is some way to resolve the issue before someone gets hurt. I don't want to spend $37K for a Pilot to resolve a problem that could be fixed for much less while keeping the car I like.
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    Wow! Thanks. I will check the depth of brake depression. The dealer service director said my brakes looked brand new - as they should since the dealer replaced the pads and rotors about 8 -9 months ago. I did try to pump the brake when it happened, but it did not grab, there was an awful grinding noise though - like metal on metal. (see my other post done today) I get an intermittent grinding noise frequently with regular driving and yesterday the dealer said that is normal when the brakes heat up. Where I come from hot brakes are a bad thing (mountain driving). He said softer pads would actually make the problem worse. But this was a separate issue from the brake failure. How did they determine that it was the ABS modulator that needed replacing for the soft brake issue? My brakes are definitely softer than they were when I bought the van, but when they failed they weren't "soft" the pedal dropped to the floor and stayed there even with pumping and once I took my foot completely off the brake and sat for a minute (in shock) the pedal was back to the typical "softness."
  • barberikyawpbarberikyawp Member Posts: 7
    Did they investigate the wreck? Did your cars computer register a failure? Mine did not.

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    We had a similar issue with our 07. The regular softness that would get worse with time followed by repeated trips to the dealer which would make changes and improve things that did not last. Followed by one complete failure that just happened once. I did get a dealer to agree that we had a problem, after the second dealer and a compliant opened with Honda American (you can read my past posts for all the details). In the end the MN lemon law helped. I filed with the BBB and was able to get Honda to give me a new 08 and pay for title transfer. So far the 08 brakes have been good (not great) and stay consistent. Look into your lemon law for your state and start doing what is needed. Otherwise my recommendation is to get a Toyota Sienna. Look at the Sienna brake forum lately?
  • barberikyawpbarberikyawp Member Posts: 7
    Thanks. I am looking into the lemon law, but fear I will have a problem because the service person who input the problems in the computer at the dealership did not put the specific of the pedal dropping to the floor, she would look at me and say "That's really wierd, I've never heard of that" and "we'll have them check it out." When looking through the details she had only put the brake grinding. Although she did give me a handout entiltled "Brake Pedal Sinks" from the Honda Trouble book at the dealership, so I know it stuck in her head. Interestingly, it is in the paperwork after the car was over one year old when I used a different service agent. Hmmmm.... I think I may be SOL. I am hoping that the fact that the brakes had so much work recorded with grinding, it will be enough. I'm not sure that getting another Odyssey would make it all OK after reading this blog. It appears the 07 and 08's have this issue as well. By the way, Sienna's have grinding and failure issues as well. So much for that.
  • jetzzsjetzzs Member Posts: 64

    I have a question and would appreciate any input.

    I took my 07 Odyssey in yesterday to have the brakes checked--they feel like there is air in the brake lines. I had the oil changed at the same time.

    They said they could not duplicate the break problem. I insisted there was a safety issue with the brakes and they asked me to come back tomorrow and take a ride with a mechanic. After I picked it up, I noticed that the mileage in and mileage out were the same and I confirmed this with my own observation. This made me think they did not try very hard to find the problem.

    This morning I brought hot muffins when I brought my car in and told them I appreciated the good work they had done on my car. (I have not had good luck with car repairs in the past so I was trying a new approach). The mechanic got in the drivers seat, pumped the breaks a few times and said "order a master cylinder for this." I made an appointment for tomorrow morning.

    I called them to reschedule to the afternoon and the person I talked to said they did not have me scheduled. They asked if I was the one that came in this morning. I said yes I was and that I could come in the afternoon and they said that would be fine.

    Are they putting me off or did they just forget and are going to work me in? Since they didn't look at it yesterday and they said they did, I was wondering if they would just have me bring it in to appease me?

    I am not sure I am understanding what is really going on here. I would appreciate any input. Thanks so much.
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    Own a '06 Odyssey that has been a headache from the start. Have owned 3 Honda's prior to the Odyssey and have been please. Now, I'm not so sure. I'm not sure if it is the car or the service department but I'll try to explain the issues!

    1. Early on was getting a really bad grinding noise when steering.
    Problem: Wrong motor mounts installed during assembly and caused the steering pitch to be to sharp of an angle and binding things up.
    Fix: Was without the car for a week so they could cut the old motor mounts out and install the proper ones.

    2. Major grinding noise while breaking.
    Problem: Wrong size breaks were installed on the front. Did a recall only based on if customer reported the problem.
    Fix: Replace with proper size pads.
    3. Have had a noise for a while like something was dragging on the front breakes. Not a constant thing and seemed to show up more after the car has set over night.
    Fix: No clue, this is a still an on going issue. See more on this below.
    4. Loud noise coming from the front end.
    Problem: Wheel bearings went out.
    Fix: Replaced
    5. Noise still in front. Like in #3.
    Fix: Had three people drive vehicle, all said it was rear rotars and not the front like we have stated. Then we were told our rear rotars were worn out at 44 thousand miles. We would need to replace them. They were going to cut us a deal since this has been an on going issue. They replace! Problems still there. So we tell them we shouldn't be paying for something if it doesn't fix the problem. They come back and tell us that their is nothing wrong with our old rear rotars and that the tech was in a hurry and just said that they "LOOKED" like they need replaced. He didn't actually test it on the machine. So we took the car back in, the removed the rear rotars. Put the old ones back on, tested everything and for the most part said everything looked fine. They were going to refund us our money and asked "were do you want us to go from here"?

    How about fix the problem that has been an on going issue for 4+ months now.

    It seems like all the wrong parts being intially installed when put together at the factory has led to other components to fail early. I shouldn't be replacing bears, rotors, and breaks at 44 thousand miles. My wife drives this vehicle only 8 miles one way to work and back. And to shuttle 3 kids around. Not driven hard at all.

    Anyone have any advice they can offer up. Would be greatly appreciated!

    1. What the problem could be?
    2 What to do about our wonderful service department. When they say its one thing and then another. Then put parts back on that they said was a problem, but now all the sudden they are not. I don't feel safe with letting my wife drive this with our kids.

    Frustrated Odyssey Owner
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    I feel for/with you! I have only written about the brake failure and grinding issues, but did not mention that my '06 also had to have the steering pump replaced after 4 months, the passenger side front window had to have work done 2 times, I have issues with the transmission that, of course, I can't reproduce when the mechanic or service manager is in the car. Although, I have to admit, when I took the car in the last time for break failure, they seemed to be more interested in the comments I made about the transmission - a problem that Honda has admitted to apparently.

    I would look into your lemon law in the state you are living in and see if you have the documentation needed to pursue moving forward. Also, a complaint to the BBB may get their attention. I would also meet with the Service director at the dealership you are using until your issues are resolved and request a meeting with a Honda representative if needed. (Cutting apart a NEW car - insane!) I am trying to work through these areas right now. Best of luck to you!
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    i reported soft brake problem at 600 miles. push rod adjustment seemed to help. back to dealer at 2000 mi. same problem. nothing wrong. in calif. with 12000 mi. brakes started to drag. at 30 mph let up on gas and van came to stop with no brake appalied. dealer said, push rod was adjusted wrong. ok, but i still have soft brakes. van has never failed to stop when using brakes. just recieved a free brake inspection.took it in all ok.main brake problem - start van step on brake to take out of park and with a little pressure pedal goes slowly to the 16000 mi. everything else is great. still love the ody soft brakes and all. eisiminger .
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    Hello Odyssey Drivers,

    I have had brake problems with my '08 Odyssey from the time I bought it (as I believe others have experienced also). After a few attempts at repairing the problem, an updated Modular Assembly was installed in Nov. 2008.

    Since this new installation we have not experienced any brake problems. However, I'm nervous that we will soon experience the same soft brake problems again; nervous that it is just a matter of time before they fail again.

    I would like to know if anyone else has had an updated Modular Assembly installed, and if so, whether this seems to have solved their soft brake / failing brake problem.

    Many Thanks!

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