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Honda Odyssey Brakes



  • I think you mis-read my post, this is a brand new vehicle with 45 miles on it. Maybe you thought I meant 45,000.

    What is it with Honda brakes ?
  • Thanks for the advice. It's a very soft scraping noise just as I come to a stop. It is most noticeable in the morning when the brakes are cold.

    I will definitely take your advice and get everything in writing.
  • JUst bought an 07 exl with nav and res this weekend; noticed the same thing - soft brakes; feels like you have to push hard; wonder what deal is
  • I hope I haven't joined the discussions too late! Just purchased a used, untitled '06 Ody. Noticed that the brakes are quite soft. Thought that maybe I was used to the Saturn I owned or my wife's '03 Ody which has excellent brakes - just thinking about braking brings the van to rest!

    I just emailed the salesman at Honda and told him of my concern and will await his response regarding the issue. I hope it's a simple fix, but from reading these posts, at best, I'll remain only cautiously optimistic. Especially after reading that some of you have gone higher up the chain and even sought legal recourse.

    My second issue is the steering. In the '03, the steering wheel shimmies. We had an alignment done a while ago and my wife said it seemed to remedy the problem for the most part. It has returned and seems to be worse than before - holding tightly to the wheel and it still seems as if your driving with the shakes. Anybody experiencing this problem?
  • The brakes on the 07 odyssey are bad. Had mine in 6 times. Still very soft. Had an 06 and the brakes seem fine. Not sure what Honda did to the brakes in 07 wondering if 08 is better. Reading the Yahoo reviews lots of brakes softness in 07. Just started the lemon law process.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Did anyone try to to replace aftermarket premium brake pads instead of the dealer's?

    I suspect that Honda is using cheap brake pads which are bad quality. When the dealer repalces a new set and still the same cheap ones. My 07 ODY LX brakes seem to need warm-ups, and under par in first couple of miles.
  • So, the repeated bleeding of the brake line didn't solve the problem? Bummer, I was hoping a fix had been found..
  • Just to keep you updated. I won a Lemon Law arbitrtion for the repurchase of my 07 Ody. Honda has appealed the decision and now I am going to court to defend my self against Honda. Honda will not admit that there is anything wrong with brakes on the Ody. and they are going to take legal process as far as they can.
    Good luck to everyone in my similar situation.
    I'm not sure if there is anything else that can be done at this point. If any one has any advice please let me know?
  • Now on the 6th attempt to fix (first two they didn't do much). They did bleeding again first bleed the system then engaged the ABS 30 times and bleed again. Again it appears a little better at first (still below what I would expect) we will see how long it will last. I talked to my brother in law that works on cars and he wonder if it could be a problem in the power brake assist system. I just received my information from the BBB to go to arbitration. To bad because we do in general like the vehicle. I also test drove an 08 again and was not impressed with the brakes but they were better than on my 07. I also tried an 08 Hyundai and the I like the brakes. Going to try a 08 Sienna next.
  • I read about the brakes, so before I bought 4 days ago, I tried the 08 and 07 Odyssey and they were the same....soft. So, I got the 2007 EXL RES.
    Now, at 119 miles I hear grinding when releasing the pedal, sometimes it just sounds like the clamp releasing but sometimes it's grinding. Should I be worried?
    Also, with 75 miles on the van, I went up a steep (1000ft) hill and when I stopped at the top, I smelled a burning rubber after opening the side door. Anyone experience this?? Of course, the dealer didn't smell it a day later when I went to get my splash guards put it. Any advice is welcome!!!!!!!
  • My advice would have been not to buy a 07 Honda Odyssey (and not sure 08 would be any better). The quality of Honda is getting poor. Since you already own one, get use to spending time at your dealer. If you dealer does not want to help try another. Some are better than others. I also would not spend a lot on add ons in case you want to get rid of it soon. The only add on I think is critical is the liner for the back. That is nice and worth the $89 I bought an HandA online. On the positive side other than the brakes and the transmission it is a nice vehicle. I am wondering if going to a non dealer and have them look at the brakes would be helpful for my issues. Anyone gone other than Honda and had luck with the soft brake issue?
  • On the positive side, I told the service manager that I was concerned about the soft brake issue before I purchased and he assured me that they would be fine but that if I had a problem that he would personally make sure that it was taken care of properly. So, this forum has helped me to be prepared for the worse yet still hope for the best. It has to be better than owning a T&C for 8 years. I was always in the shop for one thing or another, minor things but annoying. Most people only write in these forums when they are looking to save money or they need answers to problems, there are many who love their Odyssey...sure hope I am one of them! Thanks for the advice!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I am leasing the ODY LX for 3 yrs, 198.-/month (208.-/mo w/tax), 2,000 down
    I think I will turn the van in after 3 yrs and lease another one, may not be Honda any more. Next a Sienna?
    The poor design of bumper grille (wide open, prone for debris to hit condensor pipes, 750.00 for replacement and this is NOT under warranty) and the soft brake issue just scare me.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    My 07 Odyssey EX has been dead on perfect. Not a problem with the van.
  • We purchased our 2006 Honda Odessey brand new. We planned on keeping this van for a very long time. Even installed video/game player, rear sensors and door guards. Then it happened,...the brakes began to make a very loud grinding noice. Sounded like metal against metal. Brought it into Honda and was told that Honda was well aware of this problem they then replaced the pads and resurfaced the rotors! It didn't help. I've brought that van into Honda at least four times now. One time a service man at Honda told me that Honda's rules are if they cannot reproduce the problem withing eight minutes then they are not required to try and fix the problem. A problem, I might add, they have all told me that they and Honda know about. My Honda has 19,000 miles and this is the second time they have changed the pads and resurfaced the rotors. Didn't work first time they did this so we'll see what happens. Also, brakes are spongy, steering wheel shimmys (sometimes) when braks applied and car pulls strongly to the left. I am so disappointed in this car. Never owned a brand new or even used vehicle that sounded like this piece of,... The people at Honda told me that the grinding is only an "inconvenience" and not a safety issue. I CALL IT A MATTER OF DISCLOSURE. IS ANYONE INTERESTED IN A CLASS ACTION SUITE?
  • I have a 2006 Honda Odessey. The grinding from the brakes is loud and embarrassing. How do I know if my brakes are really shot or if it's just my brand new car sounding like metal against metal when I brake? The assistant manager at the Carlsbad Hoehn Honda told me that Honda is very well aware of this grinding noice. Every service technician at same Honda dealership has told me the same thing. WHY ISN'T HONDA REQUIRED BY LAW TO DISCLOSE PROBLEMS WITH CERTAIN MODELS? I think that we need to all get together and sue Honda.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    That is the reason I installed the DIY 4 dollars gutter filter to avoid this $700 - 750 repair (no warranty) .... scottmt, "Honda Odyssey Grille Insert" #76, 18 Aug 2006 5:17 pm
    look under ODY's Grille Insert thread, with photos and installation instructions.

    What a shame. Honda should not have such wide open POOR design for easy debris hitting the condensor / pipes.
  • Took my '06 in to the dealer to have the soft brake issue resolved. They bled the brakes, which improved very slightly - nowhere near as sensitive as our '03 ODY. Some combination of bleeding, Master Cylinder, or ABS Modulator seems to correct for some owners but not others. What IS the correction?
  • Has anyone experienced that more so than the grinding sound? My brakes at 25k started a howling sort of wind tunnel noise whan I step on the brakes from time to time....It started one cold morning (cold here was approx 40 that morning). I thought "oh my it can't be the cold air, making the brakes sound like that"..... Now it makes the noise at various different times whether the car is warm or cold and it is embarrassing!!! Of course Honda says they need to hear the noise. I can't afford to leave my car until they can hear the noise. I guess I could record the damn noise for them.....Has anyone experienced any noise similar to this?
  • Hi there, I have noticed a lot of complaints about the soft brake and grinding noise. Do you really experience any major technical problems with the brakes besides noise and softness? I used to have a 97 RAV4 and I found that there is scratching noise all the time with or without pressing it. I took it to the dealer and they looked into it but they did not find any problem. It went on without any major mechanical problem. Then one day, I changed an aftermarket brake pad because it is time to change the original ones, and the noise was gone. My point is if there is no major mechanical problem with the brakes but noise, then how would the dealer or Honda admit that there is problem? It does not seem an easy negotiation.
  • My new Odyssey EXL RES update. After a few hundred miles, I realized it only makes noise in the early (cold) morning or when stopping at really slow speeds.
    I'm not worried but I'll let you all know how it goes over the months, years....
  • My concern is whether to buy this or not since I heard a lot of brake( grinding noise, soft brake) issues on this forum . Is it a common problem, or is it with very few percentage of Van's out there. If you talk to people out there ( who donot visit this forum), they seems to be satisfied with the van.

    Please ! Help me to make buying decision.

  • I felt the same exact way, so I test drove 5 different vans same 2 (2008) and 3(2007) and some brakes were softer than others. I told the salesman and the manager of the service dept that I was aware of the problem and what would be their response if I had a concern in the future. I wrote down what they said in front of them, I was nervous the first 300 miles but now I am satisfied and I hope this helped you. Merry Christmas.
  • After having repeated problems with the brakes of my 2006 Honda Odessey (grinding loudly, soft brakes, wheels pulling to left) I sent off a report to the Better Business Bureau. Suddenly, after telling me that they only will replace the pads ONCE for free, they decided to check out my van, replace pads, bleed brake lines where they found air in the brake lines and a few other things were done. Now the brakes are not grinding,...FOR NOW. I am so afraid that it will start up again. We paid approx. 34,000. dollars for this car. We planned on keeping it and even added state-of-the-art dvd/game player, rear sensors and front door guards. Everyone I talk to is very happy with their Odessey so I have found out that not ALL Honda vans have this problem but for those of us that have purchased this car and are having these brake issues it is heart breaking (no pun intended). If I were you I would seriously check out comprable vans like the Toyota. I liked how the Toyota drove when I test drove one and the dashboard is lovely but they didn't have an eight passenger with leather seats. Wish they did. Do your research. No one seems to want to stand behind their product anymore. So, BUYER BEWARE!
  • Tough decision. I think I would test drive the vehicle you are going to purchase and make sure the brakes are not soft. I am not sure what I am going to buy if I get them to buyback my 07 Odyssey. Consumer reports show the the reliability is dropping. We do like the van if the brakes were working correctly. Hoping that the 08 Odyssey is better but the test drives I have taken have not made me feel better. I could end up with another Honda but I am leaning Toyota or Hyundai.
  • Hello All,

    Thanks for sharing the info. I just did a test drive on 2007 Odyssey Ex-L brand new with 27 Mile. When I applied the brake, it did make a Grinding sound. I did extensive testing at different speed. I think 07 have this problem, not for all the van, but definitely few vans. I was about to buy this van, but now i changed my mind. I cannot take this chance with $26 K plus investment.
    May be it will improve later or dealer will fix it , but it is just taking chances and headache later on explaining dealer, Honda, lemon law, blah blah blah...

    BTW, When I test drove Toyota Siennna, there was no such grinding sound.

    Potential Buyer, BE AWARE !!!!!!! Try and Test it with your satisfaction.
  • I am expereincing grinding noise in my 05 odyssey for the last four months. I did not have this problem in the first 30 months( yes 30 months).
  • Has anyone ever definitively discovered whether or not there is a Honda TSB due to the soft braking issue many of us are dealing with? If so, does anyone have the TSB number?
  • i have a 2007 ex. got it on dec 5,2007.have 600 miles so far. soft brake pedal,also went down too far. at dealer yesterday,car was done in 20 mins. mechanic adjusted brake pushrod.he said hes done 3 of these just this week. cleared up my problem. great van. ike :) :)
  • The last time they repaired the brakes they mentioned "follow the power brake bleeding procedure in the bulliten (sac)" they also adjusted the push rod at least once but the problem comes back after a while.
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