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    The troubling thing is the SOFT BRAKE issue happens sparsely and is not 100% and you cannot duplicate it at will, or by the time you tell the dealer and the technician tests driving your van. They may think you are from the outer space, or "that is how the Honda brake is", "the brake is NORMAL and within the specs."
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    My 2007 Odyssey started having brake problems about a week ago; suddenly rumbling at stops, noises, soft pedal, etc. I took it in today and had the ABS/TCS modulator replaced, as well as the brake fluid bled and replaced. From some of the posts that I have seen on this forum, it seems that this does not always fix the problem. Does anyone have anything to offer on this? ABS/TCS replaced more than once? Damage to other brake parts that needed attention after the repair? Any thoughts would be appreciated; this is our family car and I chose a Honda based upon their reputation. At this point I'm ready to trade it in and go back to Toyota.
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    Where is TSB #07-045 Posted?
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    TSB 07-045 was updated all the time. Originally posted in Post#160

    This should answer all of the questions.
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    I cannot believe that there has not been a Class-Action against Honda for these issues!

    I just paid to have the front brake rotors turned at AutoPark Honda, at 30,000 miles and the pads still had 65% life on them. They were warped...just like everyone else here. And yes, the front brakes still grind, sometimes sounding like metal on's made me paranoid! ....I have never owned a vehicle that required brake work of any kind before 50-60k miles....never!

    Let me add that the transmission will make a huge clunk and sound likes it's going to fall out from the van on occasion....that's kind of scary!

    The nasty, cheap Bridgestone tires that came with it have been replaced with Toyo Versado LX's....what a difference a decent tire makes.

    Also had the weird, ticking noise coming from the right-front wheel. Funny, you get a service tech to drive it and they can't hear it, even though you can hear it plain as day from the passenger seat as well.

    Now, I get to take it in for some rattling noise coming from under the left-front side.
    Who knows what that might be?

    And the worst thing is.... they lie to you, telling you that it's an "isolated issue" and they have not seem it on other cars.

    I can tell you this, I'll not buy another Honda Odyssey!
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    wheel nuts are supposed to be tightened with torque wrench but how many technicians are following this. Over-tightened might be the cause of warped rotor.
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    This is making me crazy! I've had a problem with my brakes for about a year. We purchased this van Easter Sunday, 2008. I don't remember when I noticed the brake problem the first time, but they have always been really soft and go almost to the ground when braking. I also noticed when pulling up to a stop sign a very loud grinding noise. In my experience that grinding noise is a BAD thing. According to my dealer, this is NORMAL for Honda Odysseys. Something to do with the material of the brake pads because the car is heavier. But even my husband says this is not normal, and the brakes should not take so long to engage. I have a very hard time getting this van to brake going down hills and am constantly afraid that they will not engage in time for me to stop before hitting the car in front of me. I have owned Honda's for over 13 years, and have never had this problem. I am taking it into the dealership tomorrow (San Juan Capistrano - Weseloh) for the third time tomorrow. I decided to see if anyone else is having this problem and am FLABBERGASTED with the amount of people having the exact same problem. This is not normal! What is it going to take to make Honda fix this problem?!?

    I'll report back tomorrow and let you know what my dealer says. Dollars to donuts they'll do nothing. :mad:
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    Do not let them tell you that is normal. These brake issues are dangerous. Tell them that Honda is under investigation by the NHTSA for the brake issue and you can add yourself to the list by making a claim on there site. I believe they are getting better at fixing the issue (standard bulletins) so you might find that if you read the complete site details.
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    Yes, I had this exact problem on my 09 Odyssey EX. I already report this to Honda customer service. but I did not see any complains on NHTSA ODI's website. This is definitely a serious safety issue.
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    It appears they still have not resolved the brake issue on the Odysseys! Yes, the NHTSA is investigating these complaints. Send an e-mail to NHTSA at
    [email protected] We had a terrible accident with our 2007 when it was only 5 months old. We didn't even experience the soft/spongy brakes before the accident, they just went out altogether!
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    Purchase new 07 odyssey and the brakes started acting up at about 8500 miles loud gringing noise, took it in to dealer they resurface the rotors and changed to so called updated pads, noise came back at around 16000 miles took it in again they resurface the rotors again and changed the disc pads, noise came back again at 25000 miles took it in again this time they replaced the rotors and the disc pads, van is now at 32000 miles and the noise is back again however this time they are refusing to do any fix they are saying the problem is the driver,I gussed they are waiting for the van to reach 36000 miles when the warranty would expire however I have stop using it, this is my fifth honda in five years 3 new, 2 used, never complaint about any other vehicle, found a lemon attorney online they are now handling the case, please file complaint to since there is and open ongoing investigation, I will now switch to toyota instead since honda is not prepared to acknowledge there is a problem with their vehicle.
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    I have a 06 odyssey with 38,000 miles that I bought recently. The brakes seem good except for high speed braking on a downhill slope. The brakes work but there is a vibration through the steering column. Any ideas on what may cause this? thanks
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    You could be activating the ABS system which causes vibration. Otherwise it is warped rotors. If you do not feel it with normal braking then it is ABS kicking in. Warped rotors will always cause shaking in the steering with normal braking. Normal braking to me is gradually slowing down with a light touch. Not 30 to 0 in 100ft.
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    Most likely your rotors are warped. My rotors (on a 07 Touring) started to warp at about 12K miles and the dealer said they could cut them at my cost as they weren't covered under warranty. What a crock! I refused to pay them to correct an obvious design flaw. I lived with it for a while. I had to change the wonderful (NOT) PAX tires at about 28K. I found a non Honda tire shop that carries PAX (and had the best price) and when they were changing the tires I had them check the rotors. They told me that the front rotors were too far gone to cut and would have to be replaced but the back rotors were also warped but could be cut. They wanted over $400 to do the work. I returned to my Honda dealer again to complain about the brakes and they again said they could not do anything as they are not covered. I also called American Honda and got the same run around. I replaced the front rotors myself for about $120. Vibration in the steering wheel when braking hard is now gone.
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    Thanks. It feels like it could be the ABS. I only feel it at high speed and downhill. I do not feel anything in lower speed, normal braking. Seems strange that the ABS engages in these circumstances.
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    I have had similar issue with my 08 Odyssey where from day 1 I felt that the brakes were too soft and the pedal was being depressed way too much before they would engage and it made me generally uncomfortable.

    I had not owned a car with ABS before and so I chalked it up to driving a car with ABS for the first time and thought that may be cars with ABS just drive this way. (with heavy persuasion from the Honda service dept that this is how the brakes on Odyssey are suppose to work and it is pretty "Normal") Well after a few thousand miles I still was not happy and so I went back again and told them about the same thing and this time they did the whole ABS/TCS change and may have also bleed the brakes etc.

    This made things a little better for a while and I could feel the difference between before and after the work. However, gradually after 6 months or so the situation is back where it was again and now I feel that the brakes are again too soft. The car has a total of 11000 miles on it and the first fix was done around 6000 miles.

    This is my primary car that my wife uses for ferrying the kids and so it has been tough for me to get it to the shop, add my procrastination and general inclination to not deal with these service departments and you get the picture how this can stretch for so long.

    But anyway, today I dropped the car off finally for the same reason and they are telling me all is fine with the car, "there is nothing wrong with the brakes, they work fine" according to their service person in charge. He told me that two of his techs test drove the car and found nothing wrong with it. When I insisted that all is not well, he said he can have their dept's foreman drive the car tomorrow to see if he finds anything unusual. I am suspecting he won't.

    When I dropped off the car I asked the Service rep lady if there were any braking issues with odyssey's or any TSB's out for it. She said "there have been no issues with Odyssey's period. And there have been no TSB"s for Odyssey's relating to the brakes or any other issues." Yeah, she was very knowledgeable allright.

    What should I do next if that is their response and they continue to decline to acknowledge the issue?

    What do you guys suggest is the best way to get some concrete action from them on this issue.

    What should be my next steps.

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    Wow that brings back memories. A couple of things that help me was to try another dealer. I called Honda American and that is what they recommended also. Tell the new dealer that you have had this in at another dealer and they cannot correct the issue. That didn't solve my issue but at least I found a repair person to agree that we had an issue. The one dealer told me it was fine and the next dealer told me it was unsafe to drive and I need to leave it for a couple of days. What a difference that made. In the end they never solved the issue and I ended up using the Lemon Law and bring a case to the BBB and getting Honda to buy back the car. So my next point is to keep the documentation and keep bringing it back. On my car, you notice the issue more going fast and having to stop. My car was an 07 and they gave me an 08 and the brakes have been good thus far and I have more miles then my 07 did. My 07 was not even a year old and I had been in the shop over 5 times. So look into the lemon law details for your state.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Oh man I hope I don't have to go that far on this one. I just want them to fix the damn thing so we can all go on with our lives instead of dragging this forever or having to escalate it to the next level.

    That would really suck.....

    I will see what they tell me tomorrow and then I may have to do what you have said, get another opinion from a different dealer.
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    I copied the link to the TSB from an earlier post below. Print it out and shove it in the service manglers face.
    I had this done on my 07 ody which had 12k miles back in Feb 09. So far the brakes have been good.
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    Update - so things panned out just as I had expected. They declined to do anything about it.

    I talked to the service rep first, who btw has an attitude like you would not believe. He left me a voicemail earlier in the day to give me the status of my car, here's the voicemail message in totality "Your car is ready". Yep, and i wish i could replicate the tone of his voice from that message.

    But anyway, so as I go to pickup the car I first get to see him, I asked him and he repeated the same story, nothing wrong with the brakes...blah blah blah and a lot of other BS that I wish I could record and post on You tube. I asked that I should be able to test drive another Odyssey from the same Model year or even 2009 in order for me to get a good idea on how the brakes feel in those cars. To that he responded that each car's brakes will feel different and that is not a good test, and besides he did not have any cars available for me to test drive. Fine.

    Then I asked him about whether he had heard about any Service bulletins about 08 Odyssey's relating to the brake issue or otherwise. He responded again in a super confident voice that "there have been no issues with 08 Odyssey's brakes and if there were, he would be very much aware of it." After that sentence I proceeded to pull out the TSB linked to the ABS/TCS soft brake issue as well as the NHTSA investigation doc, I wish i could have taken a picture of his face at that point.

    He then jumped up and went to fetch the Shop Foreman who had also test driven my car as now the issue was beyond his IQ level. I talked to the Foreman and he said he test drove the car and he acknowledged that the brakes feel soft but proceeded to tell me that that is normal and is not a cause for concern as the car's braking performance is still adequate even with that and his decision is to not authorize any action as Honda will not cover the cost of replacing the ABS/TCS module again as it has been done once.

    He told me that there is nothing more he can do and now I should contact Honda directly and if they tell him to go ahead and take some action on this, only then can he do anything about the brakes.

    I promised him that this is slated to be escalated and is not going to go away. I got it in writing from them that he test drove the car and did not find any issue with the brakes.

    I am now contemplating my next steps. I do plan to talk to their service director tomorrow to see if he is any saner than some of the people who work for him.

    Btw, this is a dealership in Northern Virginia.
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    as it has been done once.

    Did they do that exactly according to the TSB, in the first replacement? If not, then they should do the 2nd time according to the TSB guideline when customer complains.

    It is something in the system keep leaking air to the brake fluid, thus causing the soft brake. It needs to stop the leaking source and bleed the whole brake system manually. If the source wasn't stopped, then the brake will get soft again just a matter of time.
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    We have an 06 Odyssey EX and have had the grinding brake problem since pretty early on. Grinding and softness in brakes when downhill only. Has been in dealership and private Honda repair shop several times and problem still occurs at 65K miles. I have three small children whose safety and security is paramount, and I'm always a bit on edge in my car.

    I am really disappointed in this Honda product. Their gold grown is quite tarnished in my eyes. We've been given the same run-around at the dealership - problem is usually temporarily fixed, but always comes back within a few thousand miles. We don't live in a very hilly area with many steep inclines, but even traveling around the Hollywood hills to visit family is a nerve-wracking experience.

    The funny thing is that we traded in a Ford minivan with horrible braking problems (soft brakes/non-existent brakes/grinding) that could never be fixed. We thought that with the purchase of a Honda that our problems were over. How can it be that our Honda isn't any safer than that crappy Ford???

    I don't think we have a chance at the Lemon Law, but I'll be pulling some of the rabbits I've read here out of my hat for our visit with the dealership in a few days.

    I would love to hear from more of you who have had more of the grinding downhill braking problems and what successes you've had in getting the problem fixed (if any!).

    Thanks. :shades:
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    When downhill try to use the brake less by shifting the tranny to a lower gear for engine brake. I saw somewhere that is the brake get overheated easily thus the brake efficiency went down. Some guys got the non-traditional fix by removing the shield to let more air in to cool the brake, or a switch to aftermarket rotor and brake sets will help also. You will always find better quality than Honda OEM's. Same as OEM tires they never come with a good set. I changed to a new set of tires on my Pilot in just 1 month took delivery. They are noisy, shimmy, not handling good.
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    I am glad to hear I am not the only one having issues with my brakes. I have a 2008 Honda Odyssey and the brakes constantly grind when I am stopping. I have taken it in twice before and they told me everything looked great, blah blah. And then two weeks ago, I took it in again and I told them something has to be done. I said it feels unsafe and I have two children that are always with me.

    I was told...and I quote "That is not abnormal for the Odyssey. It's a big car and weighs alot. So once it's been driven for a while and the brakes are warm they will make that sound."

    Now I know I am a woman, but that just sounds ludicrous to me. I don't know what else to do. I am at my wits end...
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    I have a 07 odyssey and had the brakes service three times the van is now at 32000 miles, honda is now refusing to do any more repairs, they have indicated to me via the dealership that the problem is how the vehicle is being driven, this is my fifth honda in five years and never had any issue with any other. I have since contacted a lemon attorney (did online search, there are attorneys who do not require any payment from you, they would review your case, and then decide if to represent you, they indicated that they would recover their fee from the manufacture) my case is still pending and I have stop using the vehicle don't want to cross 36000 miles, I would suggest that you keep all service records, contact an attorney and report it to since there is and open investigation.
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    Your pads will last 70k, too hard. To get rid of the grinding use Akebono ceramic pads about same $. We use them exclusively ( Honda dealer)
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    Dealer change disc pads on three occassion with so call updated ones, they also turned the rotors twice and then decide to changed it on the last service, but the noise is back again.
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    I have an 07 with the same issue, honda is not prepared to do any thing about it and the dealers even admits there is a defect with the brakes, I took mine in three times for service they tried giving me bs talk saying it probaly the abs engaging they soon admit otherwise, after paying 30k for the vehicle we should not have to endure this problem, lets get together report it to and BBB and find a free lemon attorney online, we have to do something about it
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    I'm considering buying a used 2008 Honda Odyssey.

    The current owner has told me that he's heard grining in the brakes when he really gets on them but that he doens't think its anything to be alarmed about. Is that the ABS or should I be concerned?

    Also, these spongy pedal comments have me a little concerned to say the least....on the other hand I've always owned Hondas (81 Accord, 85 Accord, 89 Accord, 95 Prelude, 2002 Accord) and have never had a single problem.

    Should I not buy an Odyssey because of the grinding/soft brakes or is this something, that once addressed, will be gone forever.....?????? Third child on the way and in the midst of a serious buying decision. Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    I also have owned other Hondas but this 2007 Odyssey is the last Honda I will touch. Brake rotors had to be replaced at 20K miles. Torque converter replaced a few weeks ago. Battery replaced at 30K. Power sliding door stopped working and took three visits to fix. Rough ride, hard shifts and and noises that can't be replicated or fixed. My model also has the PAX tires which I replaced at 28K for $1500 for four tires. If the 2008 you are looking at is a Touring model it may also have these tires.

    Do yourself a favor and go find a Toyota. I bought the Honda based on price compared to the Sienna equipped the same. Boy do I regret that decision.
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    I don't like to be a problem in a sale, BUT, I would not purchase the Odessey --
    Our brakes went out and the car was brand new with only 5,000 miles on it and we had a horrific accident. Be cautious, as the brakes can kill you.
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    If the 08 is any thing like the 07, you would definitely be buying trouble, they only have a temporary fix for the grinding brake noise, it often happen on hot days, when the brakes are hot, when the van is under little load, during semi sudden stops, I have stops using mine for the last couple months, and is thinking about buying a sienna. PS please read earlier post on this forum as well.
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    I got rid of my 07 Ody in 7 month after leased it new.
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    Thanks for the link. I have had soft brakes on our 2007 Van since the day we bought it. Two different dealers told us the brakes were fine. However I almost reared ended another Van on a trip to Toronto and I had the brakes to the floor. We took it back for the 5th time and again we were told the brakes were fine. I decided to start checking the internet and found many examples of other people with the same problem.

    Now get this. Honda Canada does not read service bulletins issued by Honda USA. In fact when I called back the service manager at the dealership they told me he does not bother to read the internet because because "cannot trust" the internet.

    I do not know what to do next. Canada does not have a Lemon Law.
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    Call Honda Canada
  • emerchantemerchant Member Posts: 2
    I did call Honda Canada. They confirmed that Honda Canada knew nothing about the Service Bulletin because it was issued by Honda America. The explanation was that there are differences between Honda Odessys sold in the US and in Canada. I asked if the differences included brakes, but he replied he did not know.
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    FYI the NHTSA on Oct. 19, 2009 upgraded the status of an inquiry it is doing into 2007/08 squishy odyssey brakes, citing several reports of people being unable to stop their odyssey b/c the brake pedal hits the floor before the vehicle stops (link to upgrade notice below). This upgrade in the status require Honda to produce a lot of documentation. I talked w/ a guy from NHTSA and he said a decision would be made on a safety recall certainly within a year from Oct. 19, but likely much sooner.

    What you should know:
    1) If you have squishy brakes on your 07/08 odyssey, know that these are not your garden variety squishy brakes. This is because typically squishy brakes do not get progressively worse, but according to Honda a startup routine introduces small amounts of air into the brake lines which will cause the situation to get progressively worse.
    2) The gentleman NHTSA doing the probe seemed eagar to get more reports, as they exist, of MY 07 / 08 squishy brakes. If you're brakes feel squishy speak up, and do so now so your data can influence the recall decision! It only takes a couple min. Link here to make a report:
    3) Know how to use the safety emergency brake if the brakes fail! Read through a few of the public reports from NHTSA website and you'll see a few bad accidents alleged on this problem (and a lot of accidents narrowly avoided).

    Link to Oct. 19 upgrade notice: - 09/EA/INOA-EA09014-37221.pdf
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    2 days after purchasing a 2007 Ody, my wife and I both noticed spongy brakes. I took it back to the dealer and made sure they were aware of the Service Bulletin listed in post #160. They called back and said that the cause was that the rear pads were not moving correctly in the slides. Their fix was to replace rear pads (they were at 50%), and surface the rotors. I told them I wanted the VSA modulator replaced per the SB and they refused saying that just because there is a SB doesn't mean they are supposed to do it, and that what they are supposed to do is troubleshoot the problem first. In my experiece, a spongy brake pedal is normally casued by air in the lines or master cylinder. I verified this by googling and found that I was correct...those are the common causes.

    My questions - Does Honda really instruct their dealers NOT to perform service bulletins when cars exhibit the listed symptom? Has anyone ever heard of spongy brakes caused by what the dealer said was the cause?

    BTW here is the corrected link to the NHTSA upgrade notice. It appears that the link above has a couple extra dashes. 09/EA/INOA-EA09014-37221.pdf
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    I can understand the dealer technician means, plus they don't like what the owners tell them to do as they think they are the one knows better than you.

    Anyway after they said it is "fixed" and you still feel the spongy brakes you can bring back to them and demand the step one didn't work, and do step two. Make sure the service advisor put down same wording of problem as the first repair.

    I know it is time consuming and the longer you have spongy brake the more chance you have accident.

    The ex 07 Ody I felt the brake soft, most of time, is the first 15 mins after started driving. Problem is when you need the brake most and the soft brake come at same time. It is safety issue.
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    With ODY EX '08,how will I know if it is time to have new timing belt and water pump?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    Check your owner's manual, if not there then call your dealer.
    Water pump used to be replaced at time of T-belt change.
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    Well I lost the first round with the dealer. After putting on new rear pads and grinding the rotors to address the very soft pedal (???), at my insistence, they bled the brakes as the first step of SB 07-045 and assure me that no air came out. Therefore they refuse to replace the VSA modulator.

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE that any car can have such a spongy pedal as NORMAL???
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    They are not normal they are bad. Keep bring it back in and check into your lemon law. What year is your vehicle?
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    Have you heard or read how receptive the dealers are to perform the "goodwill" repair if the van is not in warranty? Thank you.
  • guest07guest07 Member Posts: 3
    I appreciate the prior posts re this issue. Has any one in the Fort Worth, Burleson area been to a dealership that has performed the "Goodwill" repair when the van is out of warranty? I bought my 2007 van in December of 2008 'as is' with no warranty as I felt the Honda product was pretty well known to be a good product. I'd appreciate knowing any dealership that would perform the "goodwill" repair. Thank you. :confuse:
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    I have taken my 07 EXL Odyssey three times to my dealership for soft brakes. The first time I was told that was normal for the Odyssey, the second and third time I was told that they felt normal. On the third time, I mentioned the service bulletin update and the service person told me that the tech. said that they felt
    fine to him. Shouldn't there be a diagnostic test for this and not a feel test? I drive this van everyday and they don't feel normal to me. This is the vehicle that my family travels in daily and I am concerned for our safety. I am able to stop, but feel that it is taking longer to stop and it feels as if they are "cycling" and then grabbing before stopping.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a positive resolution? I feel that being a female makes it easier for them to brush me off.
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    Yes, I have the same problem with my 2008 Odyssey which has about 25,000 miles. The problem just recently began, so I took it to the dealer thinking that I just needed new brake pads. They told me that the brake pads were fine but they were making repairs for "soft brakes". The noise actually went away for about two weeks. It is now back, and when I called the dealer, their response was that this is just "characteristic" of Odysseys. The noise is driving me crazy and I am not satisfied!
  • defcarpenterdefcarpenter Member Posts: 18
  • quattroheadquattrohead Member Posts: 12
    It must be confession time in Japan :P
    If it does not feel right, then often it is indeed not right and now Toyota and Honda have gone too far to avoid doing the right thing.
    I say great job Ford in fixing your own bring out desirable cars in all segments and you are good to go.
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    It's been a long time waiting for Honda to admit that the brakes on the Odyssey are unsafe. After a near miss when I could barely stop my van in time I refused to pick up my van from the dealer shop until I talked to the factory rep. Van sat there for 5 days. Still I could not get the rep to admit the problem existed. They just kept repeating the line "Bad brakes are NORMAL on the Odyssey". Ok, maybe they didn't phase it quite like that, but that was what they were trying to say. Will give them a couple of days before I call to bug them again.

    This recall should have happened a long time ago. Shame you you Honda :mad:
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