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    Also have an 08 Odyssey and have had soft brake problem. My Service Manager has a different take on the problem. He has not replaced any parts but has bled the system twice and each time found air in the system. After the first bleeding there was noticeable improvement which lasted about 2,000 miles and after the second bleeding it is still good but don't have many miles since then. His theory is that when parts are replaced the subsequent bleeding actually takes care of the situation rather than the part being bad. He also thinks that maybe the factory assembly of the vehicle it putting air into the system that eventually migrates to places in the system that causes the soft pedal.
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    Can you please provide any Service Info - Tech Info - Part info- that can be used at the dealer by others with the same problem. Thanks
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    In regard to bleeding, both service tickets show "413099 Performed Updated ABS Modulator Bleeding Procedure"
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    TSB 07-045 was just updated to include 07-08 Odys:

    This should answer all of the questions.
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    Yes, just got a call from my Dealer's Service Dept that Honda, after 2 years since this issue came up, has finally come up with a fix that involves redesigned parts and that's probably the one mentioned in message #160. At last!
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    I have a 2008 Odyssey LX that has the same low pedal problem. It is almost to the floor and I'm afraid my wife will end up in an accident. I took it back to the dealer with less than 3000 miles and they said this was normal. Spoke to two other dealers and they say they have no reported problems with the Odyssey brakes. With all the posts I'm now seeing on this, I can't imagine Honda does not know about this problem. God help us, I don't want to see my wife and kids or anyone elses in an accident. How do we wake Honda up to this and make them take some responsibility? Honda needs to recall these brake failures. Are there any lawyers out there that can help? Please.
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    Dear ee4Life,

    Thank you very kindly for posting the TSB 07-045 on the Odyssey brake problem. I will be calling the Dealer for an appointment tomorrow.

    Again thank you very much
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    Bring it in and keep your receipts and documentation. I ended up file the lemon law with the BBB and I now have an 08 that so far the brakes are working. I also filed a report with the NHTSA after we nearly missed a accident.
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    Honda is aware that a "soft brakes" problem exists, but they seem to have instructed service managers and district reps to deny it. Unfortunately, it may take persistence and raising a stink to get be taken seriously. That's what I had to do before the service manager pursued it on my behalf (-- I barraged him with postings from this forum and the NHTSA forum, and even mentioned taking legal action if necessary). Researching the issue he was eventually informed by a Honda engineer that the soft brake issue is due to air in the system, and that a special brake-bleeding process was necessary. I've had it done twice, but when the brakes get softer again I plan to have the dealer replace the parts mentioned in the tech bulletin. I hope that will fix things once and for all.
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    I purchased my 2007 Honda Odyssey new and it know has 36K Miles. Currently, when the brakes are applied at slow speeds, I hear a squeaking noise coming from the rear. The dealer has looked at the minivan three times and can't find anything wrong. They are telling me that all 2005 and later Odysseys all have the problem of loud brakes. I'm having a hard time believing them since the problem just started to occur and it appears to get worse. Has other Odyssey owners experience this problem?
    It's a great minivan, but this braking noise has me the to the point of trading it in for a Sienna.
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    I bought my Odyssey 1/2008. At 10,000 one of my rear rotors warped after I drove the car on longest trip at one time which was about 100 miles. There was alot of traffic so I was on the brakes alot. That evening I drove the car again and noticed the vibration in the rear. I have a little mechanical experience so I knew what the problem was. I brought the car to the dealer who informed me that they only warrantied the brakes for 7000 miles and that the car would need rotors resurfaced and pads. The pads still had plenty of life left so I didn't need new ones I just wanted the rotor fixed. They told me that this was a normal wear part and I would have to pay for the repair. My warranty doesn't say anything about 7000 miles on the brakes but does say that they will replace a defective part. I think this guy was just giving me the standard line of BS. Should they be covering this as a defective part? I don't think rotors should be warping at 10,000 miles regardless of driving conditions. My wife, who drives this car, also told me that the brake pedal felt much softer than it used to. In reading threds here I've realized that I am certainly not alone with these problems. Thanks to post #160 I downloaded the "Service Bulletin" that applies to this problem. I didn't pay the dealer to fix my rear rotor problem until I did a little research first. I am new to this forum and have found it to be incredibly helpful. Any comments or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    Skinny rotor warped due to heat from frequent braking or like long down hill braking. There is a trick to remove something to solve the ventilation problem and let more air to cool it down. Ask the tech to show you where 7,000 mi rotor limited warranty was posted.
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    I got my Ody addressed with the TSB. No more soft pedal and uneasy feeling midway through the brake pedal travel. The brake pedal is firm, as it should be.

    Get the TSB done ASAP. Problematic brakes are not something to put off.
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    I also got this TSB done to our 08 odeyssey. The pedal is now firm. When I went into the dealer, they didn't know anything about it. Once they looked it up, they found the bulletin. Ordered the parts and we took it back up to have them installed. I marked all suspected parts with a permanent marker. It's look like the aluminum block where all the brake lines come into was replaced. However, the brake fluid from bleeding the system could have removed this mark. Apparently there is an O ring that needs to be replaced, my hunch is, they replaced the O ring and not the entire part. When I asked to see the old part, they said the return shipping box was already sealed and ready to ship back. I also had the side cover that vibrate fixed as well. This is a bulletin for this also.
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    My 06 honda odyssey also makes squealing noise when you brake lightly. I took it to the dealer 5x and it didn't get fixed. I filed for lemon-law complaint at the BBB. I was wondering how long the process takes to replace you vehicle...Thanks!
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    Well the BBB has specific time frames to respond so that keep the process moving. I am guessing it will depend on the situation. If you can settle with Honda or do you need to go to court? Once Honda decided to replace the vehicle it still took months for them to get the paper work going.
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    I am taking my Ody in for the soft brake TSB (Reference Post #160). Can someone tell me where the VSA module is located in the car and how I can identify it?

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    I took my 2007 Ody in for soft brake response. They confirmed the issue and ordered the required modulator per TSB 07-045. I took the van back a few days later for the fix. The brakes now respond much better. At this point I would say that the TSB fix resolved the issue.
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    Is this TSB covered under warranty?

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    Yes, it was covered under warranty. Likely covered as a 'good-will' fix outside of warranty.
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    Please upgrade to ceramic brakes made by Akebono,it has cured the odyssey brake noise {front}. The OEM pad may never wear out, very high metallic content.
    The price is the same.
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    Took our 2007Ody into the deal last Friday for the grinding noise and low pedel/squichy brakes. Was told we needed new front brakes even though we only have 30,000 miles on the car. I told the service writer that I have 57,000 on my 07 Ridgeline and it still has plenty of front brake pad but to no eval, we got the front brakes done. $200 for pad and turing the rotors.

    Why drivng off the lot, the brakes still made the grinding sound and the low pedel/squichy brakes were still there. I turned right around and drove back the the service bay. The service writer said they'd check it out. The service writer calls me and says they measured the brake pedel travel against another Ody and it was the same and I should come pick up the car.

    After I received the call I got on line and found this site and downloaded the TSB. They've odered the parts and the "fix" will be done to our car tomorrow. Frankly, this is BS that you as a consumer have to go find out this stuff and tell the dealer how to fix the cars they represent!
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    Yeah it is whole lots of baloney that we consumers have to find out how and teach them how to fix it and these dealers charges are expensive if no warranty to back it up.
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    I own a 2007 Ody EX-L. At low speeds when applying light to medium brake pressure I get a similar grinding/squeal from my brakes. Seems to come from frnt and rear. It started around 35-40,00 mi. I removed wheels and brakes and I have plenty of pad left - not even close to be worn out. Also, rotors show no sign of uneven wear. Honda Dlrshp says the rotors may be warped or worn and need to be turned down. Tomorrow I will do this and replace the brakes. I will post my results. This type of problem infuriates me. I am a loyal Honda owner - 98 CRV(182K mi), 94 Accord (345k mi). The Accord will not last forever so I am considering a Ford Fusion!
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    Stop using the OEM pad-they'll never wear out-use the AKEBONO ceramic same price range.Don't need to cut the rotors unless you are pulsating.
    you have an accord with 345k and you'd consider a "FORD" ?!?!?!?!
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    I own a 2007 EX-L. On 3 occasions while traveling at a constant spd of 55-60mph, the van downshifts suddenly and quickly decels to less than 25mph. 1st occurrence was around 40,000 mi. Dlrshp has no clue but advised that we replace transm fluid (no big deal). Now we are beyond pwr train warranty and it did it again. One of the times I noticed that the vehicle stabilty assistance (VSA) light came on.

    Be forwarned. I worry I soon will be faced with replacing a transm! Even worse, I worry this could put my family at risk!
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    Check out the torq converter especially 07 and up
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    I thought the Pilot has it, and now the Odyssey also. It is a big complaint in Pilot forum ...
    check this out... 78 posts in this thread
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    Had the ABS modulator installed. WOW, what a difference. I complained from the day we bought this car that the brakes were soft. Now there great!!!
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    I took my wife's 2007 Odyssey to a nearby dealer and had them fixsed the soft brake. I brought a copy of SB so that service manager couldn't say "it is typical Honda brake!" Dealer replaced the ABS modulator assembly and sure enough now the brake works much better. I still believe Toyota Sienna's brake is better than Odyssey's. Honda's brake just doesn't have enough power to stop the heavy body. Anyway, the pedal feeling is much better for sure. Thanks to Edmund Forum.
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    Nowadays we as consumers have to tell the ASE or AES trained how to fix car, what a joke.
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    Had an email and a discussion with an engineer from NHTSA who is investigating the soft brakes on the Honda Odyssey. I had submitted a report back in July when Honda told me that my soft squishy brakes on my new vehicle were normal (2008 EXL). I had the TSB performed in mid-january and I was very happy with the results. Everything still feels very normal 2 months I am very happy with the repair. Just thought that i would bring everyone up to date. I gave the engineer a copy of the TSB and the link to this site and the Odyforum so that he can see the concerns of others. Also will send him a copy my repair information.

    If you are having this problem I would recommend the TSB, but also reporting it to NHTSA. This is a safety issue and should be addressed quickly by Honda.
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    Supposedly I had the module replaced last december UNDER THE SAME TSB!! It was better but still not like it shoul be. The problem is now comming back!! I wonder if they replaced it with the TSB part???? Only 3 months of usage?? How would I know?? What will this NHTSA do?? This is crazy!!
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    If it is getting worse keep bringing it back in to the dealer. They replaced my ABS module at least 3 times and the did not fix the issue. In the end the lemon law might work in your favor (it was a pain but it worked). You might want to educate yourself on the lemon law for your state.
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    My rotors were turned down even though it may not have been needed. Replaced the original brake pads with the Akebono Ceramics. No more noise. My wife is happy that no one stares at her when she is applying brakes at low speed. The brake pads that were removed had over 60,000 miles and they had plenty more pad. Very likely they could have lasted have another 40,000 miles. However, those super hard brake pads sounded like they were grinding up the rotors. They had to go.
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    What is the number for the SB relating to the soft brake and ABS on the 2007 Honda Odyssey? I've found three SB's for the 2007, but none seems to relate to brakes.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    Check post no. 160
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    The mushy, soft brakes problem still exists in the 09 model year.

    On Saturday, we drove 50 miles to purchase the 09 EXL. Before we signed the documents, I took the van for a test drive. Stepped on the brake pedal and it was nice and firm. Started the van, and pedal went down to within one inch off the floor. To make the long story short; those brakes where as bad as our lemon 07 Odyssey when it was new. We test drove another one, different color, and those brakes were fine.

    Here is another article about Odyssey brakes: recall .

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    Replying to your memo #193 -- Refer to my memo on Edmunds #125, Page 13.
  • topdownridetopdownride Member Posts: 2
    bigdadi118, exb0, and terrip1,

    Thank you very much for your replies to my inquiry, and for the many posts on this forum. My condolences go out to those who have had accidents, and I extend wishes that all are doing well. Your time and efforts will likely save others from injury or loss of life.

    Through your pointers I've now found the Honda Service Bulletin 07-045 (most recent issue dated March 5, 2009), which includes the 2007 Honda Odyssey, and also the New York Times article from January 14, 2009, that refers to the inclusion of the 2007 Honda Odyssey. Thank you! (It is unfortunate that these bulletins do not appear when searching the Honda Owners Site or the NHTSA site.)

    Having owned and done personal maintenance, repair, and restoration on cars since 1968, my impression is that dealership shops have found it a challenge to keep up with the ever more sophisticated systems. In particular, the addition of anti-lock-braking, traction-control, and stability-control systems on top of the base hydraulic system has added complexity to maintaining the braking system. Failure of components aside, the correct filling, flushing, and bleeding of the total brake system is more complex than those that have only a base system, such as my 2000 Honda Accord. For example, from my readings of the factory shop manual for the 1996 Chrysler Grand Caravan and a well regarded aftermarket shop manual for the 1997-2004 Porsche Boxster ( ), correctly bleeding of the ABS/TC/SC systems requires special electronic equipment to activate the valves in these systems to ensure air can be bled out.

    While I am not certain that the procedures described in the above manuals apply to all contemporary cars (I suspect they do), these manuals emphasize that only the base system can be bled using the manual techniques, which have served the past generation of cars and mechanics. The higher functionality systems (ABS/TC/SC) attached to the base system require special equipment and care in addition to conventional manual bleed procedure. Clearly if an ABS/TC/SC system compromises the base system by letting air into it, then eventually sufficient pressure to activate the brakes cannot be achieved.

    Again while I am not an expert, this suggests to me that if the soft brake pedal feel is attributable to a faulty ABS/TC/SC module, then bleeding the base system might restore a firmer feel, BUT this is only temporary situation. As the ABS/TC/SC continues to leak air into the base system, the base system will lose its effectiveness again. If an ABS/TC/SC failure introduces massive amounts of air into the base system or provides a path to relieve hydraulic pressure, then the result is a catastrophic loss of braking. If the ABS/TC/SC module is replaced, but BOTH the base and ABS/TC/SC are not properly bled, then the potential for problems still exists. Bottom line - the ABS/TC/SC system needs to be replaced with one that is not faulty, and both the base and ABS/TC/SC need to be bled correctly.

    I hope my local Honda dealership can service our Odyssey promptly, and that the Honda parts and processes are up to the task of providing a safe vehicle - one that provides the most basic of functions - stopping the car.
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    The dealer replaced the ABS modulator on my 2008 Odyssey today. I don't notice any difference. The petal still travels a long way before the breaks grab. I need to tow a couple times a year with this vehicle. The dealer says they checked it out and it's OK. I checked and they did replace the modulator. Now what???!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    Did they bleed / change the brake fluid? There's still air in the old fluid.
  • float1322float1322 Member Posts: 9
    Are you sure they used the part from the TSB?? Is there a way to check?? I have same problem.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    Put a red or black dot on the all the related parts supposed to be change before bring in for the fix, then check which part(s) was replaced, apparently you can find it without the dot.
  • JasonWJasonW Member Posts: 8

    I recently purchased a used 05' Odyssey with the tow packages installed (by Honda and including both the hitch and transmission cooler).

    I will be pulling an 1100 lb camper trailer (Boler) with the van this summer and I'm wondering if I need to worry about installing trailer brakes or not? It could end up being as much as 1400 lbs when loaded, but I'm thinking I'll be able to offload some of this weight into the van itself (something I haven't had the option to do with the Forester we've used in the past to tow).

    Anyway, the manual mentions that trailer brakes should be installed when pulling anything over 1000 lbs, but I've heard through word of mouth that they aren't necessary unless I'm pulling significantly more weight.

    Can anyone offer advice on this?

    And does anyone know the approximate cost to install trailer brakes? I haven't checked into this much yet as I'm thinking I may not even need to.


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    Would anybody have information on who to contact about the lack of knowledge the dealer has on there Honda product.

    Brief discription

    Front brakes turned twice ( the second time I said no and they did it any way). They wanted to turn them a 3rd time also.( I had them replaced)

    1st turned at 19269 mi soft petal also
    2nd turned at 26486 mi soft petal also
    3rd turned replaced at 26651 accomplished SB for soft breaks (diff dealership)
    (my $)
    The story goes on and on
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    Are there any FSBs on the tourque converter. My 07 bucks like a mule.

    I have had several Hondas in the past but this will be the last one. Between the PAX mess, brake noise, warped rotors (that they want me to pay for) and trans issues I've had it.
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    Soft brake is because the VSC/ABS system(s) keeps leaking air into brake fluid. It has to be breeded manually and stop the air source.

    At that time they didn't find the fix yet, so I traded my 07 Ody for 08 Pilot in 7 months ownership.
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    I just bought an EX. I only have a few hours of driving time in it. I noticed today when stopped in traffic, that I can stop with brake normal peddle modulation. When I am stopped, I can apply more pressure to the brake peddle and it keeps going until it hits the floor! I haven't tried any emergency stops yet to see if I can engage the ABS system, but I will try tomorrow. I have never expenienced a car whose brakes do not seem to have some travel limit. Has anyone else experienced this in a 2009 Odyssey?
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