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    Perhaps this will help - Honda to recall 412,000 autos for brake issues. According to the article "Drivers who fear that they've lost braking power should have their dealer check the brakes sooner, Martin said. The dealer can "bleed" air bubbles out of the hydraulic lines, which should fix the problem until the parts arrive for the final repair..."
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    That is one of exact cause that I traded in my 07 Odyssey after 7 months bought it new.
    Braking is very important to safety. Honda said BS "NORMAL" when they can't fix it. Now the recall after 2 years the Odyssey owners were driving their van with an issue.

    I can't believe it takes Honda tech that long to figure out this problem ...
    The problem is attributable to the vehicles' stability control system, Honda said, which can let in small amounts of air and affect the braking system.
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    This was done on my Honda Odessy 2007 and the soft braking came back with in 1-2 weeks. And get this when I ask about what they would replace they give me the same part number of the 'old' modulator for the braking system. They just tell me a replacement has worked. Something changed if it does work, as the recall bulletin A07-045 (those in warranty) speaks of the part leaking in air into the lines. I just wish the company would make it right for those vehicles not in warranty.
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    Right. Because nothing says "we're awesome" like over 200 people dead from the Firestone tire, Ford Explorer rollover problem.

    Sorry, but there is no more to the Toyota sudden acceleration than there was the Audi sudden acceleration problem.

    Bring out desirable cars... Good one.

    You want to talk about brake problems ? I have a 2007 Odyssey. Never had a lick of work done on it at 65K miles. Had the brakes replaced on my 2000 Explorer at 20K miles and every 20K thereafter. GM stopped using 4 wheel disc brakes because they couldn't make them work in the rear.
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    Our 2007 Odyssey EX-L had the brake master cylinder replaced for this problem. At the time I asked about replacing the vehicle stability assist modulator and was offered a "good will" repair that would have cost me $225. We had the brake master cylinder replaced at no cost and like you it lasted only a short time. Like many others we had other problems, including the transmission torque converter and elected to get rid of it.
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    Ditto that. I was not comfortable putting my wife and grandsons in a vehicle with braking issues. Our 2007 Odyssey is gone too, for this reason and others including the transmission torque converter and powering steering issues.
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    Just prior to the announcement of the recall, we had the front brake pads replaced for what is likely this problem on a 2007 Odyssey The brakes had to be pushed almost to the floor. The repair did help. The brakes are still soft, but better.

    What should the expected life of the front brake pads be? The van had over 50K. With other cars I have had, I would have thought that was reasonable life. Apparently the back pads are still at about 50%. Did I really need new front brake pads, or did we pay for an unnecessary repair?

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    Life of brakes depend upon how you use them.
    In my case, with my 2002 I have nad the brakes replaced, the 1st time, at 166,000 kilometers (pads and rotors, front & rear).. I have a type 4 maintainance coming up at 249,000 milometers and expect to replace the brakes again (pads and rotors, front & rear). It costs about $1,000.
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    I am having the same grinding noise when braking at low speeds. The dealer has tried to fix the problem 4 times so I will take it in yet again this week. Did you solve the noise problem on your van? Did you try the Akebono brake pads? Any advise you have would be very helpful. I am so tired of dealing with this problem. Thanks
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    I have not yet resolved the problem, but I did speak to the service manager last week, and I feel as though he will make another attempt at fixing the problem. When I called on Friday, I was told that there is going to be another recall, come mid-April, regarding the "soft brake" issue (this is not a suprise, as my brakes don't feel any different then before they "repaired" the soft brake problem). The service manager agreed to address both the soft brake and grinding issues at the same time, and he said that he would give me a loaner car so that I won't be inconvenienced, once again! I hope that the whole brake issue will soon be resolved. It is quite aggravating to spend over $25,000 on a vechicle, and to have these kinds of problems. I bought a Honda because I was tired of dealing with the unreliability and constant mechanical problems of my American-made minivan! Good luck with getting your brakes repaired!
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    Carprob3, I ordered the Akebono ceramic brakes on-line and had them installed by a local shop. Would have done it myself but the rotors needed to be turned so it was easier to let them do it all. We live in flat coastal plains and we do not overwork the brakes. Had them changed at 50,000 miles and had more than 1/2 the pad left. Those original brakes are harder than diamonds. Way harder than what they should be. My wife hated the nasty scraping and grinding noise at low speeds. After replacement the noise went away and the brakes were "as good as ever." When I say as good as ever they are still too soft and lack good stopping power like the other Hondas I have owned (94 Accord, 98 CRV). Glad that the recall has been announce. Honda took me for $500 for brk module replacement that only helped the soft mushy brakes for a couple of months. Honda was being generous by paying for half. I have already called to let them know I will be back for my $$$ in April! We are looking at the Sienna. Honda may be too late to save a once loyal customer.

    Since Akebono replacement have logged over 35,000 miles with no brake noise!!
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    In November, I had an accident where I rear ended another car. I went to stop and the van just would not stop. I pushed as hard as I could on the brakes and kept thinkg, "I'm going stop. I have enough time." Kept thinking that until the moment I hit the truck in front of me and the airbag deployed. I kept telling anyone who would listen that my brakes did not work properly. Even my husband did not believe me! When my mother read about the recall in USA Today, she called me immediately and said the recall sounds exactly like what happened to me in the accident. Now, I am wondering if there is a class action lawsuit to cover my damages, etc. from the accident. I had to pay a fine and get points on my liscense because I was "at fault" I had complained to Honda twice on previous service visits that my brakes were squealing. Of course, they wouldn't squeal for the dealership!
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    Do you think the brake problem is only on vehicles manufactured in a particular factory? Does anyone know if Honda has resolved this problem and the transmission/torque converter problem for the newer vans? I really want to buy a 2010 EX, but I don't want to buy a problem.
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    Get yourself a lawyer!
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    I don't see how anyone reading these posts still considers buying one of these vans.
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    ouch! Well, I really need a large vehicle for toting grandkids and dogs, and I think a minivan is my best option. Toyota has had lots of quality problems lately, as we all know, and the reviews I have read on the 2011 Sienna are not all that great. The Nissan Quest and the Kia/Hyundai vans are also dinged for quality issues. According to Consumer Reports, 80% of Odyssey owners would consider buying another one, but even if you don't buy CR's recommendations, I don't see another minivan out there that would be any better. I really want a minivan rather than a SUV, so what's a grandma to do? :confuse:
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    Well. I like to buy a model after a few years of the redesign. I am guessing Honda has the problem worked out now since they did not recall the 09-10. That means they figured this out a year or so ago (should have recalled earlier). Chances are the 2010 Honda is better then the past Hondas. Next year they redesign so the chances of issues could begin again. The Toyota Sienna has not been part of the Toyota's issues. They did just redesign for 2010 but the v6 engine remained the same. One other car to consider with the Mazda 5. That is a good mix of minivan that can haul kids and gets the best gas mileage. I think you would be happy with all the choices now that Honda has figured out the brake issue. That is my 2 cents. A couple years ago I would have not recommended Honda since I was bit with the brake issue but I am going to look close at Toyota next time.
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    I don't see how anyone reading these posts still considers buying one of these vans.

    Well, most reasnoble people realize that ANY make of car can have a problems that requires a recall. That's how.

    No car company is immune. Different vendors make different parts and assemblies and all it takes is a imperfect run. The problems aren't detectable and can be near impossible to isolate.
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    Do you really sell Hondas? If so then you should also know about their trans and torque converter issues as well as the PAX tire debacle. Any reasonable person will look elsewhere.
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    And buy what?

    " The Perfect Car Company" doesn't exist.

    Honda steps up to the plate and stands behind their products going WAY beyond the warranty period to fix things.

    PAX tires? Honda doesn't make those, Michelin does and there are pros and cons both ways on these.
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    I am looking at the EX trim, and all of a sudden they seem to be scarce. Do you know of any reason for that?
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    I do not know anything about this. My 2008 Odyssey is an EX, and at the time, there seemed to be more EXLs available. The dealer that I purchased my Odyssey through ended up trading with another dealer for the color that I wanted in the EX model. I would suggest that you negotiate the price on the EX model and then request that the dealer find the color that you want. I purchased my Odyssey in June of 2008, so the dealerships were getting ready for the 2009 models to arrive. This being the case, I had to pay extra to cover the transportation costs. They had to transfer it from across the state of Tennessee, as no local or semi-local swaps were available. I think that it was about $200 or $300. It was worth it to me, as the only colors left on the lot in Memphis were gray and sand, and I wanted a more brillant color, which was the Ocean Mist Blue. Good luck.
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    I also have ODY 09 EX with same issue. Grinding sound and steering vibrations when I apply brakes above 60 MPH. Already replaced brake pads and resurfaced rotors at 20K miles. MU ODO reading is 40K and started this problem again. Dealer told me to install new rotors. What should I do ?
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    1. Were replacement brake pads and rotors Honda parts? If so, I can understand the problem. Those "super" hard honda brakes are the problem. You got 20K miles out of the originals and 20K miles out of the new ones. Makes sense!
    2. How much wear did the brake pads have? Unless you live in hilly/mountainous area or you do lots of hard agressive stopping I would bet you still had 50% or more of the brake pad life.
    As, I posted previously I replaced my brakes with Akebono brand ceramic brake pads. This stoped the grinding and squealing and it has been close to 40 miles since replacement.

    If you you replace the brake pads again, most shops will reccommend that the rotors be resurfaced. If rotors are worn uneven or somewhat warped this may be needed. However, resurfacing may not be needed. It is hard to know without inspecting them.

    Unless you are overaggressive with the brakes, this is definitely a Honda parts problem. I would complain to American Honda. Should be a 800 # in your owners manual. Or start with this 1-800-999-1009 voice prompt #7. In spite of being beyond the 36K mile warranty I would open a case and they may offer to pay for the repair, but you need to be firm with them.
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    I called American Honda and they told me that it does not seems like a manufacturing defect. They suggested that I can take to another Honda dealer for 2nd opinion but I have to pay diagnostic charges. I think I will just buy new Honda rotors and Akebono brake parts and ask my local mechanic to install these parts. I think it will be waste of time and money to get it checked from a second dealer. Basically, they all will say the same thing that it is not a manufacturing defect.

    I drove Toyota Sienna for 11 years and used to replace brake pads after every 60-70,000 miles. Now with Honda Odyssey it seems like every 20,000 miles. I hope my problem will be solved after installing Akebono brake pads.
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    I wouldn't incur this expense on your own, as this is a factory defect on the Honda Odyssey. I just spoke to my local dealer, and there is another recall on the brakes! I have an appointment to have this repaired at no cost to myself, and the dealership has also agreed to supply me with a loaner car. This is the third time that I am taking my vehicle back to the dealership regarding the soft brake and squealing issues. It is certainly not normal, and given the amount of money that I have paid for a "quality" vehicle, I going to hold Honda to a higher standard than their earlier comment that "this is just typical for the Odyssey". Good luck!
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    We have a 2006 Odyssey (EXL-DVD) with less than 30k miles on it. Since last summer we noticed the van vibrates when the brake is pressed at 60 mph or higher (it does not do it at lower speed). We took the van to the dealer today and they said the front rotors were warped (the pads had 61% life). They resurfaced the rotors and the vibration problem seems to be gone.

    We had several cars in the past, some of them lasted more than 10 years with 130k miles. Never once did we have a problem with brake rotors. Only thing we did with the brakes was to replace the pads. I asked the service guy why the rotor of the Odyssey went bad so fast and he said heat might have caused it and he blamed it on the driver. My wife drives the van and I know she is a gentle driver and would not be hard on the brakes. When I mentioned why we did not have rotor problems with other cars in the past, he said Odyssey is heaviver than the vehicles I mentioned (Camry, Collora, Altima). Then I asked him what the average life of the brake rotors in Odyssey. He refused to directly answer the question. He also insisted that there is no material defect with the rotors and the repair would not be covered by warranty (I called Honda America and was told it would be covered if it is due to material defects).

    Is this normal that the brake rotor went bad at such a low mileage (the van had just passed 20k miles when I noticed the problem last summer). My understanding is the brake rotor should be able to stand heat. Are the rotors in Odyssey indeed defective? Should I press Honda to pay for the repair or even replace the rotors?
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    Did you replace both the front and rear brake pads with Akebono, or just the front ones since that's where the grinding noise is most evident?
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    I have the same problem on my 2008 touring. I have 22K miles, the problem with the grinding started at 8K. They want to resurface the rotors. I think for a 40K vehicle they should replace them completely along with the pads. Isn't resurfacing taking away life from the rotor? It seems like a temporary fix for a bigger problem. I had the recall done for soft brakes, but prior with soft brakes = braking harder, would make sense? I'm disappointed to have this happen to a newer vehicle.
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    We replaced our 2000 Odyssey with a 2008 a year ago and REGRET the purchase. One of the deciding factors for making the purchase was that we had dealt with grinding brakes the entire time we had the 2000 model. After many attempts to correct the problem we figured there must be a design flaw and by 2008 Honda had to have resolved the problem. We were wrong, we would have saved $28,000 and kept the old grinding for the new. Honda's solution is to offer us free replacement materials with labor at our cost while stripping some life off our rotors (costing us). That was part the attempts at resolving first Odyssey's issues and it never solved the problem. Last week, the soft brake recall was done which did not resolve the grinding. We have been loyal Honda owners but they are losing that loyalty. if anyone has had luck resolving this problem I would be happy to hear from you.
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    I would like to know what are the best non-Honda rotors for 2009 odyssey. My van is ready for new rotors and I don't want to replace with Honda rotors. My current original rotors were resurfaced at 20,000 miles and were bad again at 40, 000 miles. If I replace rotors with Honda, then I will be repeating this process again (resurfacing or replacing at every 20,000 miles). I am thinking to replace the brakes with Akebono ceramic brakes. Then I will go to a local shop and ask them to replace both brakes and rotors.
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    I am puzzled to see so many brake issues with Honda Odyssey. I have seen recalls for the year 2007 and 2008. I am not sure why the recalls did not include 2006 models. I own a honda odyssey 2006 with 30 K miles when I bought it one year back. We experience the same issue where the brakes feel so soft and you have to maintain larger distance between the cars. We really have to apply force in order to stop the car. I am planning to take it to dealer this week.
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    We replaced brakes on our 2007 Odyssey w/Akebono ceramics and that was over 35,000 miles ago. I had a local shop put these on and turn the brake rotors. No more grinding, screeching, or other unacceptable noise! If you replace with Honda parts then I too am convinced you will have more of the same.
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    Yea I am not surprised. Our dealer had a awesome supervisor who did the evaluations of difficult situations. He had seen that before with the ABS system and knew what part was causing the issue. Just with the 07-08 the part (redesigned in 07) had a design defect that would reoccur even after the part was replaced. Hopefully they can just replace the ABS Modulator and bleed your brakes to resolve your issue.
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    We are having the same issue with our 07. This is our 5th Honda and 3rd Oddysey. We had an 02 with 150k miles. We have had the brake recal for soft pedal, but have suffered over 1yr with the squeal. The dealer has tried adjusting the parking brake and other measures and no luck. I am constantly aggravated by this and embarassed to drive in carpool or have friends in the car. It sounds like I have shoddy brakes. The dealer says that Honda is aware of it but no resolution and they cant do anything else until Honda says so. I have contacted corporate and waiting for an answer. I am aggravated beyond belief and wish I had not bought this car. With this and the torque converter problem I am seriously doubting Honda's quality anymore. Anyone with any solutions? I have two other friends with 07 and 08 with the same issue.
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    Out of your pocket brake pad and/or rotor upgrade may help to solve the problem.
    Got this fit 2008 Ody EX from

    imageSee more Car Pictures at
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    i wish I knew about this issue before buying minivan. I just bought 2 weeks ago. Brakes are too soft. Dealer says it is normal. What should I do? Any suggestions, please

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    When I bought my new Odyssey EX in early April, they told me to take it easy on the brakes and not to accelerate hard for the first 500 miles or so. I did my best to follow their advice (did have to brake hard on one occasion).

    The brakes felt soft to me, too, and I was worried about it based on what I have read in this forum. However, now the brakes seem fine to me.

    My previous vehicle was a small car, so it did take some time to become accustomed to stopping such a large, heavy vehicle. We took a long trip of about 1,000 miles 2 weeks after our purchase, and by the time we returned, I really didn't notice the braking issue. Now, I like the brakes on my van better than the brakes on my husband's Ford 500.

    Give it some time after the break in period, and see if it doesn't improve. If not, keep talking to the people at the service department.

    So far, we have had no trouble with anything on the van, and we are quite pleased with it. We've even taken another long trip recently.

    Hope this helps! :)
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    A couple of thoughts. If dealer says it is normal than take out a new one and give it a real test and see if they are the same. A second idea is to try another dealer. Dealers have different standards. One dealer told me it was normal the second told me it was unsafe to drive and wanted to keep it overnight. They told me it was normal and they were soft and then ended up recalling the 07 and 08 because of an ABS Modulator leak.
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    I need to replace the front rotors on my wife's 2007 Ody. Has anyone done this on this model? Any "gotcha"s I need to look out for or are they fairly straight forward?
    If anyone knows of any DIY sites with instructions, that would be great!!

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    If your brakes are soft, there is a recal for 07 and 08s. My dealer did that fix and it helped tremedously. I still have the sqealing problem though and I am in the middle of a fight with corporate. It is so annoying and embarassing to hear that everyday. People think I have failing brakes, but I just have annoying brakes that do not instil any confidence. If this fails I will do the aftermarket rotors or trade the thing in. But not before I complain to the highest levels of Honda and inform everyone I can about this issue.
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    I've changed my front rotors on an 07. There are two philips screws holding the rotor in place which you will see once you take the wheel off. I drilled them out and didn't replace them. Other than that you have two large bolts to remove at the back of the caliper. Toss the junk Honda rotor to the side and put the new rotor on. I put a lug nut on one of the studs to keep the rotor in place while I put the caliper back. That's it. Make sure caliper bolts are good and tight. You could put a tiny dab of anti-seize before putting them back in (especially if you may have to do this again some day).

    I don't have to worry about that. I have one month left on my lease and I can't wait to see it go. Last Honda for me.
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    I just purchased a 2010 Odyssey EX (june 22), I have about 400 miles on this van and I use my cars and brakes very lightly. With all this, I have a good amount of black brake dust on the front wheels. My question is does any one else have this? I thought Honda used ceramic pads, which are supposed to leave a light colored dust that is not easily visible. Anyone knows if the pads are supposed to be semi-metallic or ceramic? I am thinking about replacing these will Wearever Ceramic (not gold) from Advance Auto Parts. Has anyone tried these pads before? I have tried the golds on my old taurus and had no complains. I would greatly appreciate some feedback. Thank you.
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    I have an 06 EX-L R&N and my brakes generally sound like they are eating into the rotors as well (horrible, horrible grinding sound). I had my van at the dealer for it's 100K service the other week (had them check the brakes for the 4th time due to grinding sounds) and they said I had 25% front pads and 30% on the rears. For 100k miles on the OEM pads, this is great wear. However, I am going to change the rotors and pads anyway (at an independent shop). I was wondering, since I'd like to drive this vehicle another 50-75K miles, what are the advantages of going with a slotted and drilled rotor? Or is there one on a vehicle of this type? I was also thinking about the Centric Posi Quiet pads, anyone have any experience with them?
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    Centric Posi Quiet are a good ceramic brake pad for common everyday use. Akebono, and a few others are good too. If you do not drive constantly up and down the hills or with a full load, any good quality ceramic pads will be fine (most are about $50-75 for either front or rear set). Some ceramic pads are well below $40, I would stay away from those, because you will get what you pay for. Wearever and Duralast from Advance Auto Parts and Auto Zone, respectively are good too. If you do drive with full load in traffic and up and down the hills a lot, then go with semi-metallic pads. Ceramic pads are quieter, and will not hurt your rotors, and leave a very fine grey reside on the wheels that is virtually invisible.... semi metallic is exactly opposite.

    Rotors: I never liked the idea of drilled or slotted rotors for general use.... I can see their application for street racing, but in my opinion, those rotors will eat your pads and do get very hot if used in everyday situations. Also, those rotors are lighter and thus do not absorb and transfer heat very well... Thus higher temperature and a greater chance of warped rotors. Best you should do is buy the heavist rotor you can for your vehicle. Take the old rotor with you can compare the thickness of the steel plates and the vents, if the plates or the vents are of thinner material, do not buy, if the same or better than the original, go for it. Usually cheaper rotors are thinner... I learned that the hard way on my previous vehicles..... The whole rotor and pad replacement is fairly easy and can be done at home if you are handy. Wish you all the best.
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    I have a 2009 Odyssey with about 11,000 miles on the van with a broken rotor, and I have been told my the car dealer in Anchorage that my vehicle is not covered under warranty because they are unable to determine what broke the rotor in half. I must pay the 1,258.87 for the cost of the repair. I spoke with American Honda, and they agreed with the dealer. I was told by American Honda that they do not have a problem with their rotors. I figured that I would be responsible for the bill, so I authorized the repairs. I received a call from the dealer stating that I must pay in cash, money order or cashiers check, or I would not get my car back. I stated that I would like to pay with a credit card; however, the dealer stated that they did not want me to challenge the charge. I can't believe that I have been treated so poorly by Honda! This is my first and last Honda. :confuse:
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    Next time check your Edmunds info and Tire Rack .com. I got lucky.
    Thank you Edmunds!!
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    I would stop using that dealer if they treat you that way. You might have better luck with other brake products then the standard honda OEM. Next time I would give a independent brake shop a chance. Honda didn't stand behind a defective product why pay them to replace that with another of the same product.
  • sonofknudsonofknud Member Posts: 50
    I looked at our 2008 and a neighbors 2008 and they both have brake dust on the front wheels. I am not sure the Ceramic brake pads help much but I am not much on a expert on that.
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