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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • My 2007 Acadia has 76000 road miles on it now, but I have had problems with it for the last 40000.
    First off I get 15 mpg on the average
    I have replaced both the right and left tie rod end in the front of the Acadia because it rattled, and now it is doing it again.
    I have had issues with my Acadia's transmission not switching gears on the highway and running 4.5 rpms
    My transmission slips every other trip on the highway.
    There has been a squeaking noise when I turn my steering wheel for the past year. Today, I found out that the steering gear needs to be replaced. ($800 to fix)

    I am sick of seeing Acadias in the repair shop. There is a serious problem with this vehicle.

    I have called GMC and they are working with me on all of my issues.
  • The rack and pinion assembly complete. Popping is now gone. 500 miles since the timing chain and rack replacement. I hold my breath and watch for the warning lights to all go out on startup. Pretty sad really. Hoping nothing else goes wrong.
  • need attorney also. My acadia 2008 transmission broke in the middle of highway 101 in San Jose CA. I am with my wife and my kids i call the onstar to help us.bottom line gmc gave us courtesy vehicle then after 01-05-2011 the check engine lights and the vehicle wiggle a little bit again we call the onstar
    for diagnostic they said it is the transmission,they said we need to go to the dealer as soon as possible and yes it is the transmission again we ask for courtesy vehicle but they said our car is driveble they will call us if the parts arrive
    My wife do not want to drive the vehicle until it is fix for safety but they want us to pay for the car rental i thought if it is warranty they will pay for the car rental. we planning to sue GMC for breach of contract
  • We have a 2008 Acadia. We bought it as we began renting a home in the OBX for a week each summer. It is on the 4x4 beach and we have to travel about 2 miles down a beach to get to the house. Recently, the check engine light came on. The dealer took about a week to diagnose the issue. A cyclinder is misfiring due to a build up of sand in it!

    They had a GM rep out, an engineer and now are saying they are denying our claim. The local rep who I finally spoke with today could not answer any of my questions. I want to know what exactly we did to void the warranty? I noted that nothing in the manual states the vehicle can not be used in the sand. In fact there is an entry that tells you how to get out of sand if stuck!

    GM is claiming that small microns of sand got into the cylinders, causing the problem. How is that my fault? I live in CT, only drive it once a year on the beach (and not hard, just back and forth to the home), so how could this be considered misuse of the vehicle?

    I also pointed out that I have serviced the vehicle at the same dealer since we bought it new. They have never once pointed out a build up of sand. I shared that they even do a safety check of all belts, hoses, filters, etc... and give you a report. Again, no issue of sand ever mentioned!

    The repair is to replace the engine to the tune of $8000! I am not going to get stuck with an $8000 bill. Something is not right with their explanation. I have insisted on speaking with someone hire up the ladder. I also want everything in writing, which at this point they are refusing to do!

    If you own an Acadia, take it out on the beach at your own risk! Funny thing is when we bought it specifically for the vacations to the beach, the salesman sold us on how the vehicle would meet our needs!

    The GMC reps have all been nice, but clearly not qualified to discuss my issues in detail with me. I get a lot of silence and unable to answer the questions I ask!
  • I have noticed the grinding in when I steer!! What next! Oh wait I will tell! The Acadia leaked AGAIN! Totally different place, took it to GMC dealer where we purchased it, same line of crap...My husband and I are stuck with this piece, aren't we?
  • After reading many posts, it just angers me and breaks my heart at the same time. Looks like engine failure is next on the list...REALLY! Such a "pretty" vehicle, too bad it's a hot mess.
  • Christina,
    So we brought our car to the dealer again, and, once again, they tried giving it back to us wothout solving the problem. We refused to take it back because we don't feel it's safe, and we don't want to keep on bringing it in and taking it back without the problem being resolved. Per your recommendation, we suggested the code reader but they had no idea what I was talking about. We are going to give them your email address so maybe you can tell them what they need to do to help us. And thank you SO VERY much again. We look forward to having this problem resolved and finally enjoying our car.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Time to see a good lawyer and to launch a lawsuit. That will get GM's attention.
  • I actually got to take to a GM Rep that was higher up the food chain. He actually listened to me and felt that the sand diagnosis is premature considering that there was no sand in any other internal part of the vehicle. None in the oil, none in the airbox, none in the radiator, and some build up in the air filter, but nothing too serious. He thinks that the problem might be related to the over heating issues we have had since this summer. He is going to be present when they pull out the piston/cylinder and will be able to provide more details as to the actual cause of this engine failure.

    It was a relief to actually have some one who listened, reviewed the facts and not jump to conclusions based on the site of sand outside the engine!

    I am now hopeful that they will see the light and cover this as I have felt they should have all along. I should not have these type of issues based on taking it out on the beach a total of 3 times in 3 years!
  • lala77lala77 Posts: 9
    I don't know much about engine issues but my catalytic converter disintegrated and the mechanics said it was like sand. Not sure if it could be pieces of your catalytic converter?
  • This is the exact same issue that I am having. I have a 2009 Acadia that started having issues with the Satellite Radio. It started having static occur on open roads with no obstructions. My clock on the radio doesn't keep time...and loses about 5 minutes per month. Now it would not start. The tow truck came attempted to jump start the car. The battery was reading appropriately. Still no luck getting it started. I opened the passenger front door and suddenly some power came on. It still would not start. Load it up take it to the dealership AGAIN... they tell me NOTHING is wrong. They cannot duplicate it. HELLO!!!! I was not late for work, have a tow truck come and pick it up for the fun of it!!!!!

    Please post if you find out what was wrong with it.
  • I own a 2007 Acadia with 58,000 miles on it. It has been in the shop a total of 51 days since I have owned it ( I purchased it used with 19,000 miles on it) My Acadia has had 9 service bulletins accomplished on it. The transmission failed at 42,000 miles. The water pump failed at 51,000 miles. Now at 58,000 the steering gear has failed ($1,200 not covered by GM warranty) The car continues to sound horrible when starting, it is leaking water aroung the dvd player and sunroof(this was supposed to be fixed during a sevice bulletin) and the liftgate operates intermittently. The best thing about the Acadia is that you sure look cool waiting for a tow truck. I now make sure my AAA membership is current and I have plenty of magazines to read before we head out for a family outing.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Did you do a carfax on it before you bought it? Sounds like it might have been a lemon that was resold. Course they are not suppose to do that but you know how that goes. :sick:
  • No Carfax but, Carfax is only as good as the information that is reported. Everything started happening at about 25,000 miles.
  • lala77lala77 Posts: 9
    My 2010 Acadia has under 12,000 miles. This is the third time I have had it in the shop. First was a transmission coil that failed and the car had to be towed. Second time a catalyctic converter fell apart while driving. Car had to be towed and it ended up two converters that needed to be replaced.

    Well at least this time I got to the dealer without having to tow it but the problems are still concerning. The transmission sometimes slips. I could be going 40 miles an hour and press on the gas and the engine will rev really high but I won't go any faster. I have to let off the gas and try again. Sometimes it will respond sometimes it won't. It also sometimes is "jerky" in response when I press on the gas. Also, my car will seem to shimmy at various times. The steering wheel will sort of shake. It doesn't happen all the time or consistently at certain speeds. Finally, last time we brought the car in it was a quart low in oil. I didn't think such a new car would lose oil. They didn't seem to find a reason for it but now I am wondering if this is another issue yet to be determined.

    Dealer is doing diagnositic now but I was wondering if anyone had similar problems. Anyone have similar issues?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    lala77 ,
    Please keep me updated on your progress at the dealer.
    GM Customer Service
  • castilloldcastillold Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    I encourage everyone that has had a problem with their steering to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as well as GMC themselves in order to have proper documentation of this big problem.

    Although the FTC is merely a repository of complaints, if there is a trend they will investigate.

    Below I have attached my complaint to the FCT.

    On 8/24/2009 I purchased a 2007 Certified GMC Acadia for $ 27, 995 and 31,616 miles. It included a 12 month bumper to bumper warranty. On 3/30/2010 at 40, 895 miles it was taken in for repairs due to unusual noises while steering. Service bulletin #PIT4879A was performed as well as the replacement of the steering column. Time elapsed and on 11/26/2010 the vehicle was taken in for the same problem and some additional issues. However, at this time the dealership refused to repair the vehicle at their cost because it was no longer under warranty. I understand that it is not under warranty but there is clear connection with this repair and the previous misdiagnosis. At this time, they recommend replacing the rack and pinion which would cost approximately $ 1, 302.00 plus taxes. After hearing this information, I contacted GMC directly and filed complaint # 71-894216477. There the initial caller took my complaint and said that they would contact the dealer for details. A few days later I was referred to another claims specialist. He again was sympathetic and said that he thought that he could take care of this for me. However, after he asked for approval it was “denied by GMC Management because it was a second vehicle”. I bought this vehicle because it was a “certified vehicle” but only after approximately 51, 000 miles it has reoccurring problems that GMC is unwilling to assume responsibility on. I plead that repairs be preformed due to recurring issues for the same exact problem. Any assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


    Luis Castillo
  • I had purchased a 2007 Saturn Outlook (the sister vehicle of the Acadia and also made by GM). I had nothing but issues with it from the beginning (and I was the first owner). It started with leaks, lots of them that they tried time and again to repair. Then the power steering started to make a weird noise (which the service dept "could not hear" although my family and friends could hear it including my 72 yr old mother). Then the more serious saftey issues started when I was driving in the rain and turning my power steering would fail. Of course the dealer would "test" this by driving through a car wash (which of course you can not turn when you are in a car wash and you do not need power steering UNLESS you are turning). So this "test" was not adequate. The service department is "trained" to treat you like you ar stupid. You do not know what they are doing back there but they certainly are not looking out for you - they are just looking to get their paychecks while having GM breathing down their throats to not spend too much of their money on repairs. They pacify you and if you are not a squeaky wheel then you are not going to get the oil, instead you will have a $40,000.00 vehicle that is worth crap. GM never helped me. I tried, they delayed, delayed and delayed and finally when my one year anniversary of owning the piece of crap was coming I filed for Lemon Law. GM continued to delay/ignore and make phony negotiations only to raise my hopes of another vehicle and then switch my case to someone different and that person would let me know that what the prevoius person told me was wrong. So I filed for Arbitration under Massachusetts Lemon Law and little old me sat through a nasty arbitration with their corporate lawyer (I am a young woman of 37 who works a secretary). But I withstood them and told the truth and luckily the truth set me free. I won. They had to take back the vehicle and repay me for everything (minus the aggravation!). Now I am driving a new Honda Pilot and LOVE IT. Good luck everyone. I know I wish I read these forums before purchasing one of these pieces of crap.
  • I've had mine back from the timing chain replacement, rack and pinion replacement, tire sensor replacement for 32 days.

    Yesterday I laid the right rear captain chair down to haul something. The cover around the seat belt receptacle (the piece the surrounds the red button you push to release the seat belt) broke apart. When that happened it exposed a duel metal prong on the receptacle. These prongs punched through the leather seat, so I now have two nice holes in the seat.

    Today I left my house heading to the store. Began an incline on a 40mph speed limit road. Fastest the car would go was 25. Gave it more gas and the engine was screaming. RPMs to over 4000 and no increase in speed. So now I've arrived at the transmission slipping issue so many have written about.

    Bought it with just over 23K on it. Now have 25,400 and it's headed to the shop again. Unbelievable.

    I take back everything positive I said about this cluster f### of a vehicle in one my prior posts. After the next set of repairs this thing it history. I almost feel bad that I am going to trade it in knowing that some other poor sap will be shelling out $30K for a bucket of crap. I feel it's almost my duty to drive it off a cliff to save someone the hassle of what is to come. If I could afford to write off the cash I'd do exactly that. I wouldn't wish this product on anyone.

    Soon my first, and last, experience with a GM product will come to an end. What a nightmare.
  • lala77lala77 Posts: 9
    Christina - GM Customer Service.

    The dealer called to say that they can't replicate the problems with the transmission or the shimmy. I told them when I dropped it off and again on the phone that the issues are intermittent and unpredictable. With the transmission this is a huge safety issue and unacceptable. Since others have posted similar transmission issues, is there something the dealer should be doing to remedy it even if they can't replicate the issue while driving? You must have some record of what is causing this issue and what needs to be done?
  • Gm has turned out a real bucket here. It is very sad because it is the most comfortable car I've been in. My acadia has 58,000 miles on it and I'm affraid to take it beyond my AAA mileage towing limit. On the other hand, My 1991 Chevy truck has 250,000 and is still going strong. It has had 1 transmission replaced- that's it. I will also be looking to dump my acadia and shop for a Ford.
  • I am a mom with 4 kids and thought this was the perfect vehicle for us with all the bells and whistles included. Boy was I wrong! I had my 2008 Acadia for a little more than a year when my traction control/stabiltrac started having problems. At the same time there was a huming noise in the engine that I asked the dealer to look at. They said that that the traction control was fine and just needed to be re-set and they could find nothing wrong with the engine. Well move forward 6 months and it all happened again! I take it into the shop and they tell me I need a new engine!!!!!! My car is less than 2 years old and it needs a new engine??? GM offered absolutely NO help!! I literally had to call GM and leave over 25 messages for someone to finally return my phone call. Now in addition to needing a new engine, the sunroof is leaking like crazy, the airbags need service, the emergency brake light comes on when the brake is not even on and now the engine wont turn OFF. I fear having to put my kids into this car but what choice do I have? Being a single mom I simply dont have thousands of dollars to buy a new engine. Who would have thought that someone could spend $40,000 on a car and need a new engine before it is even 2 years old? All service has been performed so I did my part, but GM wont stand behind the vehicles they sell. The saddest thing of all will be if something happens to my kids riding in this death trap while GM sat idly by and offered no help to someone who has been a loyal GM customer for years. Does anyone know of how to get in touch with the CEO of GM?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You haven't mentioned the reason for the engine replacement. Two years is premature. At this point I would file a complaint online with the BBB office in your area.

    Did you purchase this vehicle new? Your dealer plays an integral part in convincing GM to assist you yet you mention nothing about the dealer. Just wondering.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    If the car is only 2 years old, how on Earth would a new engine not be covered by the 5 yr/100k mile powertrain warranty? Do you put 50,000+ miles a year on it? :confuse:
  • traci4traci4 Posts: 5
    I too had to replace my engine in my 2008 Acadia. It needed to be replaced at 31,000 miles because the oil filter paper got sucked up into the engine. My engine was making a knocking noise and when I took it in to the dealership that is what they told me. Sometimes I got my oil changed at the dealership and others at Valvoline. We had the paper tested and it came back as a Valvoline filter. My car sat at the dealership for 7 weeks without an engine in it because we refused to pay for it. It certainly was NOT our fault and neither the dealership or Valvoline would take responsibility. Finally, Valvoline paid for the new engine. The way we saw it is GM is partially responsible because and engine should never suck up the paper from an oil filter!!! Good luck!!!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    GM has a TSB regarding use of aftermarket filters. They will not warranty any work on the vehicle if it is proven that an aftermarket filter caused the engine failure. Your recourse would be to go back to the place that installed the DEFECTIVE filter that caused the problem.

    GM is not partially at fault. The way that engines are designed causes the oil to flow. This is normal. The fact that the paper media broke loose is the fault of the company that manufactured it. GM had not forced you to install the defective filter nor should they be responsible for something they had no control over. The fact that Valvoline paid for the motor is due to the fact that THEY installed the defective filter.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    traci4 ,
    I apologize you experienced this problem. Glad to hear you are back on the road again. If you have any future problems or concerns please feel free to contact me.
    GM Customer Service
  • Did they ever figure out what was happening with your Acadia? I have the exact same issue with my Acadia. Mine is a 2009, and I have had it 18 months. I am to the point of wanting to get rid of it. I have Ice cold air that blows out from just below the steering wheel. There is no way I could ever wear a skit in that vehicle...I would freeze! It seems worse when the wind is blowing toward the car and the heater is on.
  • Yep...and they told me that was the only option for it! Ridiculous!!!
  • Issue with exhaust causing black soot on garage floor and dealership thinks this is normal. I have had numerous vehicles including three prior SUV's and have never had this problem. Is this typical or is this just an issue with my Acadia or is this a GMC in general issue with their vehicles. My first GMC and may be my last one.
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