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timing belt replacement?



  • I just wonder how much does it cost to change timing belt on honda accord lx '00?
    Also how much for a water pump?
    I asked service person what happens if timing belt breaks at 50,000 miles and vehicle is well maintained; I was told that I have to pay for a valve job...
    I would expect that if a belt is expected to last 100,000 miles manufacturer should pickup the bill.
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557

    This link may help you determine the timing belt replacement interval.
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Most of the Honda engines are interference engines, meaning that if the timing belt breaks, the piston will hit the valves. This will require a valve job if this happens....could require more work than that depending on what else breaks.

    The cost of timing belt replacement will vary from shop to shop.

    What size engine do you have? 4 or 6 cyl.

    Water pumps cost approx. 50 - 150 bucks. may give you an idea of what the cost would be.

    The manufacturer might cover the replacement cost if the belt breaks during the warranty period.
  • Thanks for info, my accord is 4 cyl.
    Are you saying that manuacturer might cover total cost of damage caused by failed timing belt at let's say 45,000 miles?
  • butch11butch11 Posts: 153
    It is 3 year and 36K-the only time dealerships cover anything outside the warranty period is if some govt agency makes them come up with an extended warranty. Lots of time these are hidden-honda has a hidden warranty for accords thru 97 for their emission system.

    My guess is you would pay for a new set of valves.

    Also given my past experience with honda dealers, I avoid them because their objective is to make my wallet a lot thinner. I never ever get anything done by a dealer unless it is warranty work. You can save at least 50% in labor charges by finding some independent mechanic that works on foreign cars and has experience with honda's. My local honda dealer wants $500 to replace the timing belt and water pump-other belts are extra-probably come to almost $600 for everything-will find a local shop to do it for about half that.

    I like honda's but some of their dealers apparently have boat payments due daily.
  • Thanks for info. I agree with you about dealers.
    Someone recommended independent mechanic to me 3 years ago and I always took my other cars '92 aerostar and '98 escort to his garage. I'm very happy with his work. He did many repairs on aerostar but this van is cheap to fix.
  • I have a 94 Camry LE, 4-cylinder. I replaced my Timing Belt at close to 80,000 miles. I suggest you change yours at anywhere from 60k to 90k. Start shopping now. I believe I had a Toyota dealer do it in the $200's. Good luck.
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    The manufacturer will probably cover the cost of damage due to a broken timing belt, but only during the warranty period.
    If the warranty is 3 years 36k miles, and it breaks at 45k miles, it would be out of warranty and you would have to pick up the cost of repair.
  • When you change timing belt, you usually change the water pump. A dealer will usually charge for the water pump replacement with numbers from his manual, as if he disassembled your car twice: once for belt and another one for pump. A good independent mechanic will do it basically for the price of the pump. So $200 belt from dealer can cost you $100 more than $300 belt from an independent mechanic.
  • Can't believe it. I have a 1990 Infiniti Q45 that just reached 60,000 for the first time and I took it in for its 60K maintenance. The Infiniti Service dealer quoted me $2,300.00 for parts and mostly labor to replace the timing belt for this V8 engine. Anybody else out there know about similar quotes in luxury vehicles? Car's still worth about $9,000. Don't know if its better to sell it or fix it?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    $2,300.00 just for the timing belt change? WOW that seems a high price for just a timing belt.

    What else is being done to the car for the 60k maintenance? Depending on what they do, it may be worth it.

    Thats only $230 a year for maintenance....not too bad.

    Heck, you'll probably get another 10 years out of this car.
  • I also have a 90 Q45 (since new). It does not have a timing belt, it has a timing chain. Service manual never calls for chain replacement.
    A very few 90 Q's have had a problem with the timing chain "guides" as they are plastic (until 92 or 93, I recall). This, if it happens, does so around 150K, and you will get a rattling sound upon start-up well in advance of a problem. Chain can not (well, nothing is impossible) suddenly break like the rubber ones due.
  • BTW, mine has 140k miles and original chain and guides...engine quiet as ever. I have never needed to add any oil between normal 3,500 mile changes. Know some Q's that have gone over 200k with no engine problems. Do watch out for transmission though...I have had to replace twice!
  • BTW, mine has 140k miles and original chain and guides...engine quiet as ever. I have never needed to add any oil between normal 3,500 mile changes. Know some Q's that have gone over 200k with no engine problems. Do watch out for transmission though...I have had to replace twice!
  • butch11butch11 Posts: 153
    Talk about brass -----, I would have loved to have been in your shoes when the guy quoted that number. I would ask for a written quote and frame it with an appropriate caption.

    The belt itself is maybe $50 bucks even from a dealer-figure maybe 3 hours of labor-X70 = 210. I drive a honda and my dealer only quoted my $ 500 to change the timing belt along with the water pump. When I requested a written quote-he said, "Well there are a few other things ----". I will find someone else to change my timing belt-suggest you do the same-ask around see who works on imports and has been around for some time.

    The world is full of people who have boat payments due on a daily basis.
  • My Nissan truck's maintenance manual
    recommends changing the timing belt for the V6
    at 105,000 miles. The dealer wanted to change
    the belt at 60,000, I currently have 63,000 miles
    on the truck. Aside from maybe profit, why does
    the dealer want to change to belt so early?
  • does a 1993 subaru legacy with the non turbo 2.2 litre engine have sufficient valve clearance to prevent them from crashing into the pistons in the event of a timing belt failure?
  • garthgarth Posts: 66
    does your dealer have a particularly large boat he's paying for?

    if the manual says 105k, change it at 105k - and be very suspicious of that dealer.
  • jayguojayguo Posts: 1
    Does anyone know which one is used in Mazda Protege? I was told that timing chain is better than belt. I am wondering which car uses timing chain. Thanks very much.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,814
    Hardly a reason to buy a particular make of car!

    Timing chains and guides wear out too! Replacing a timing belt every 100,000 miles is hardly a problem.
  • jgard1jgard1 Posts: 19
    fuji: The list at Gates states that your legacy is a non-interference engine so engine damage is not likely in the event of a belt failure. It recommends you replace it a 60K intervals.

    jayguo: The Protoge has a belt. The engine is also of the non-interference type. Its is recommended that you also change it at 60K intervals. In the past a timing chain was a common item on most automobile engines. Nowdays, they are in the minority. Most engines in todays cars use a timing belt.
  • everseeverse Posts: 2

    Just bought a 1993 Mitsu Eclipse with 48000 miles on it in really good condition. Could someone tell me if I should change the timing belt now or can I afford to wait a while.

  • everseeverse Posts: 2
    Also, about how much will it cost.
  • jgard1jgard1 Posts: 19
    Check out the link in #53, go to automotive -> belts. There you will find a replacement guide (in .pdf format) which you can check yourself. There are a few different engine types for that particular vehicle, so you will have to know this information. All of them seem to be of the interference type (well documented at that site as well). So I would suggest replacing it before or very near to the specified mileage.

    As to cost, the belt itself is usually not too expensive, it's the labour to do the job. Typically a couple of hours. I would suggest shopping around for a good independent mechanic who has experience with that particular vehicle.
  • trmgatrmga Posts: 50
    My '93 Lexus GS 300 just turned 100,000 miles. Dealer recommends changing timing belt at 90,000 miles. Manual says change at 60,000 miles but dealer said that Lexus subsequently changed that to 90,000 when they found that belts were lasting longer than 60,000. $385 to put new one on. Anyone out there have good feel for how many miles I might expect to get before I really need to replace that belt. Anything else that ought to be changed while they are working in that area? thanks for comments.
  • bill11770bill11770 Posts: 29
    It could go another 50,000 miles, but who knows?

    Why push it? At the very least, it will break when you least expect it to and will leave you stranded, possibly in a dangerous situation!

    While they are "in there" have them inspect the other belts, water pump, etc.
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    I left the last post, but I am not bill11770 !!

    I am the infamous "isellhondas"

    Can anybody explain? ..Let's see what happens this time!
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    we're looking into it...

    Your host, Bruce
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    I'll try it again...I did look at bil1770's profile...hmm, could he be a prankster or something?

    Let's see what happens now!
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