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2008 Honda Civic



  • I am considering buying a 2008 Civic sedan. The one that I test drove seemed to have only half the ground clearance of my current car. Does anyone have any experience driving these cars up steep driveways? Do they bottom out easily? Where I live, the snowplows always leave ruts on the road, and I do not want to get hung-up anywhere.
  • i own a 2008 honda civic and i have no problems in driveways or anything yet.i think it has a significant ground clearance
  • I am also concerned about this exact issue. I have a 1996 Civic and I got stuck on many occasions in the snow, so that the front skirt got ripped off. It also gets ripped off if you hit pavement by mistake. Otherwise great car! Now I am considering buying a 2008 Civic-and the front is even lower. Is there any way to boost the ground clearance a bit? Maybe replace this huge front rubbery skirt somehow with an aftermarket kit? Any help from the Forum will be appreciated.
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    they are a little lower than many cars, but it's still pretty reasonable. I've bottomed out a few times, but mostly just becuase I wasn't being careful going over speed bumps, or going up/down a sloped driveway. As long as you pay attention to what might give you a bit of trouble, it shouldn't be a problem.
  • We own a 2006 EX sedan and with only 11K miles the bottom of the front bumper (driver side) has a large patch of the paint scraped off, additionally the plastic (in the same area as the removed paint) is gouged. Clearly, "someone" has hit a low "something" wife drives this and she swears she didn't scrape a concrete parking lot stop or something similar. I know I didn't do it so that only leaves a car carrier incident during which it was scraped upon off loading when new or a dealer incident before delivery. Fortunately it cannot be seen unless kneeling down and looking under the bumper. The car also lightly drags that rubber skirt under the bumper at our mailbox where it rubs the dirt berm and has become partially unattached. Again, fortunately I was able to re-attach it easily but..!! My point is the car is waaaay too low and clearance absolutely is a problem in everyday situations. I have since cautioned my wife about the excessively low front bumper/skirt and hopefully no other damage shows up
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Having driven my folks' 2007 Civic Sedan out and about, into driveways and parking lots, I can say that it doesn't seem any worse than my ex's '04 Corolla or my grandparents' 1997 Civic.

    Those are the only compacts I can truthfully compare it to though, so take my comment with a grain of salt.
  • Any technical people here? Is there any way to remove the damn rubber skirt underneath the nose of the Civic without affecting performance? I saw 3 Civics here on the parking lot, and all had the undeneath the front badly scratched and one had this skirt broken and touching the ground-I bet it sounds cratchy when the car moves. Any way to bump the ground clearance? If not, I may go with the Corolla, as much as I hate it, there is no way to drive the new Civic in the snowy Northeast. :mad:
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    It will affect MPG because of the loss in aerodynamics.
  • We too live in the N.E. (in south central Pa.) and while we get snow it usually isn't as much as other parts of the state/region. Last winter was relativly mild (as I hope this one is)so not much snow but I can see problems with that low hanging skirt and low good ice lump in the way and good-by skirt. That whole mess is only a couple of inches off the road, maybe 3 and plowing snow probably isn't what the designers had in mind. I take it easy during entry/exit of areas where there is a slope between the surface of the road and the parking lot of drive etc.
  • Yep, I spoke to a guy here with 2006 Civic, he said he needed to replace the front skirt after a snow storm last year TWICE, and of course either time it was not covered by insurance. The funny thing is, I parked my old 1996 Civic next to his and we looked at front ground clearance side-by-side. Because of the rubber on his car, his sits 2 inch lower! The rear seemed to be the same on both cars. I don't know what Honda is thinking. How much will it impact the MPG if I remove the damn skirt?
    I am still considering the new Civic, but my enthusiasm is not what it used to be. We get a foot of snow each winter here.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    How much will it impact the MPG if I remove the damn skirt?

    More aerodynamic drag will be caused. Instead of air moving smoothly under the car, it will be whipped around in the undercarriage.
  • I have a 2007 Civic and it bottmos out every day. I went over the same railroad tracks in a co-workers Corrola and it took it just fine. That was with 3 people in the car. The Civic bottoms out with just me in the car. I am also having tire wear problems. It seems to have suspension travel limitations combined with a low spring rate that can result in serious problems. For myself I will look for heavier spring and stiffer shocks. Possibly using inflatable airbags inside the springs. All the replacement springs I have found will also lower the car which it doesn't need. I would go for the Corrola or better yet the Camry for a little more money.
  • drmbbdrmbb Posts: 80
    For what it's worth - I've had my 2007 EX/AT Sedan for 8 months now, and I've never bottomed out or scraped the underside front plastic skirt. Speed bumps, driveway curbs, parking garage entrance/ramps, RR-crossings, crappy backwater country roads - none of it has been a problem thus far.

    As to snow, I cannot say yet - will have to wait and see.
  • I plan to buy an 08 EX-L. Sound quality is important, but I would like to have the NAVI as well. Any difference in sound between the base system that comes with NAVI, and the higher watt, added speaker system available in the EX-L w/o NAVI? What are others doing to get great sound?
  • kyotekyote Posts: 28
    Probably it does reduce MPG some if you remove it. Too many bugs on windshield would also perhaps reduce MPG. On my 02 Civic, the thing came off twice and I had it put back on by dealer. Third time it came off I left it off, really never noticed a drop in MPG. If it comes off my 08 Civic, I will just leave it off.
  • That's the best solution I heard of so far. The skirt came off my 1996 Civic a couple of years ago and I never put it back. I had had it broken on occasions before and always put it back, but not now. And guess what, the MPG did not change. In fact, I drive 30 mpg purely in town and about 37 mpg highway on my old Civic without any underneath skirt. So I'll probably go and buy a 2008 Civic and leave the old one for my son to learn driving. How much are 2008 LX sedan/auto are going for, before tax, in the NE Mass? I e-mailed a couple of dealers thru Edmunds, never heard anything back but MSRP quote, thank you very much.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You'll probably find this discussion helpful: Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Same sound system but a PC card reader and XM are included. The higher watt stereo is in the Si sedan. They replace the speakers. Some add a JL clean sweep unit. Some new infinity speakers will make the nav sound much better too.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Well according to the honda web-site, all EX coupes have the same 350 watt subwoofer system that the Si has. The EX sedans however have the 165 watt systems. I don't think the poster indicated which style he was looking at getting.

    If you're going to upgrade the system, you might as well get the non-nav version of the EX and instal a new head unit. I was looking at the Circuit City web-site recently and there's a lot of great systems they sell with built in touchscreen Nav and bluetooth, etc. Plus, with the civic dashboard, you can either get a double DIN system or a single Din with one of those motorized nav screens that slide out and then up.
  • Thanks for the posts. Well, I went ahead and bought an EX-L w/ Navi sedan. So is the best advice now for better sound quality (bang for the buck), to put in higher quality speakers? Do you expect it would warrant the cost? Anything else without going major?

    On another note, we really like the car, although at 6' 3" I would like a little more room to the gas pedal. I think I'll put something on the brake handle to keep it from digging into my knee.
  • So is the best advice now for better sound quality (bang for the buck), to put in higher quality speakers? Do you expect it would warrant the cost? Anything else without going major?

    If you want good sound quality you will have to replace the stock speakers. Try replacing the speakers first, then see if that is good enough for you, or if not, you can then upgrade the amp/electronics to your liking.

    Have Fun!

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    New speakers and tweeters helped the sound quality in my LX...a smart decision on my part. Wish they'd offer the 350 watt system across the board though. A major faux pas on Hondas part actually as many want the nicer sound no matter which level they bought.

    The Sandman :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Yes, but then buyers would have one more reason not to spend the extra $ on the uplevel models.

    By the way, is the 350W system in the EX Sedan now? My dad's EX Sedan only has the 160W, but the coupes have the 350W I think.
  • I had my front bumper replaced in Oct. after I pulled into a parking spot with a normal parking lot "curb" and accidentally parked over the curb... not realizing anything had happened I pulled out that night and in the process the front bumper cracked all the way up the passenger side and pulled apart from the car. The kicker... 3 weeks later I walk out to my car and the NEW bumper is cracked in a different place but I definitely did NOT do the same thing because I've been ultra careful after spending close to $800 getting it replaced the first time.... is anyone else having issues with how low the front bumber sits??? Or is there some kind of defect with this bumper model??? I'm a car idiot but I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience... love my Honda otherwise! :)
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    By the way, is the 350W system in the EX Sedan now? My dad's EX Sedan only has the 160W, but the coupes have the 350W I think.

    Honda's web-site still shows 350W in the coupe EX only.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    That's a shame. Since the Sedan costs about the same as the coupe (more than the coupe?), it should offer an uplevel sound system.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    The hi revving Si Sedan gets 350w.
  • dromandroman Posts: 18
    Maybe it is because I am almost 40 (and am half deaf), but I think the sound system in the EX coupe sucks. On occasion, I have to drive a late 90's Buick for work and I feel the sound system is much better in this car. As much of a fan I am of Hondas, I have always felt that GM sound systems rock.
  • I'm in my fifties and well on my way to going deaf too. The first thing I did after buying my Civic was to replace the stereo with a JVC head unit with HD radio and surround sound. I also installed Infinity speakers all around, and put Dynamat in the doors to reduce vibrations and road noise. Made a HUGE difference.
  • Howdy, mate...

    How much power does your new system pump overall?

    Sounds like you have a winner there! ;)

    Peace<-AladdinSane- :shades: <-
  • The head unit is the JVC KD-HDR1 that puts out 50 watts per channel. So far, I haven't hooked up an external amplifier or sub woofer. It doesn't exactly "bump" very much, but it does sound 10 times better than the stock unit.
  • I'm glad for you, mate... ;)

    Enjoy your new system, as I hope you are! :)

    Happy Holidays!

    Peace<-AladdinSane<- :shades: -
  • Hi Everybody!!!

    Please reply if you know how to find and identify the box(es) in Honda Civic (LX, AT, 4dr, 08) please.

  • drmbbdrmbb Posts: 80
    I don't actually know the location. But in the Toyota Prius the EDR is incorporated into the airbag sensor assembly. So it's not some discrete black box, it's just some circuitry in the assembly that monitors and controls the deployment of the airbags.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Please reply if you know how to find and identify the box(es) in Honda Civic (LX, AT, 4dr, 08) please.

    If you have your car registered at Honda's Owner Link,

    they have parts diagram for each section of the car so that one can order replacement parts.

    Click the estore link next to your vehicle and select the Parts tab at the top.

    I would go through the different diagrams and see if you could find the box that way. In theory, it should be a replaceable part and be on the diagram.
  • I purchased my 2008 Civic LX last week. Since then it has snowed continually. I am finding slush freezing into ice clods on and inside the splash guards. I'm spending alot of time digging them out at the end of each trip. The ice clods seem to fill the entire space between my wheels and the wheel wells. Is it worthwhile to remove the splash guards, or is this a problem I have to live with because on or off makes no difference? And are the ice clods potentially doing something to my tires?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    Don't worry about your tires and don't remove your splash guards, they're there for a reason, not the least of which is to keep as much water and crud as possible off the accessory belts.

    Best Regards,
  • drmbbdrmbb Posts: 80
    If you remove the splash guards, all that crud (along with all the road salt and chemicals in it) will end up all over the back lower edge of the fender well, and along the rocker panels. The whole point of the splash guards is to catch all that stuff and keep it off the metal components. Yes, it does mean having to bang/scrap the accumulation off from time to time, but it's better then having rotted out fender skirts and rocker panels, isn't it?

    As to damaging your tires, I've never seen that happen. I lived for years in northern Ontario and northern Quebec and always had mud flaps on my vehicles. And I never had tire damage because of the frozen muck that built up on them.
  • Greetings,
    My 2000 C230 Kompressor has 130,000 miles on it and will want to replace it more sooner than later.
    I don't want another German car. Had an expensive electrical repair on this one and I want better reliability.
    What I want is a compact, powerful, fun commuter car for my daily 60 mile round trip commute.
    I was fixated on "stylish" European cars, but fell in love with the new Civic Si at the dealers yesterday. (Although, their only model is in the showroom so I could not take it for a spin.)

    Here's my problem: I really don't like cloth seats; I want a leather one. Also I have spine problems in my neck so I would really like a power drive seat. I've been to the Recaro site but don't see any power seats. Any ideas?

    I've thought about the Volvo C30 as an alternative car to the Si, I could get a power seat but I really don't want to test Volvo's reputation for poor reliability.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    While I personally prefer the Si, I have noticed that the Mazda Speed 6 with the Grand Touring option does in fact have power leather seats.
  • I was driving my parents LX sedan and noticed the ongoing gas mileage reading on the dash which I thought was pretty neat. I pressed a button and got the trip A, trip B and oil condition. I may have hit other buttons but I can't get the gas mileage readout back. The owners manual wasn't any help. Your help would be appreciated as my parents liked watching the gas mileage also.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I didn't think the Civic came with an MPG readout (Hybrid excepted).
  • It was there in the same spot as the trip A, trip B and oil readout. It was indicating 31 to 32mpg as we drove around town.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    It was there in the same spot as the trip A, trip B and oil readout. It was indicating 31 to 32mpg as we drove around town.

    I have a 2008 Civic EX and I've never seen the feature that you describe either. It toggles from showing:

    total mileage/Trip A,
    temperature/Trip A,
    temperature/Trip B,
    Oil Life %.

    Perhaps it was 31-32 degrees outside and they thought that was the gas mileage?

    If you figure out some hidden feature on how to get the mpg to show there, please post it.
  • It wasn't temperature as we live in Sacramento Ca. and it was warmer than that. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions and I will post again if I can track it down.
  • drmbbdrmbb Posts: 80
    There is no mpg indicator on the 2006/2007/2008 Civic, at any trim level. You can check if you doubt that. I'm not sure what you were looking at, but it was not calculated mpg - that is not a feature available on a civic except the hybrid model.
  • willsimwillsim Posts: 33
    I'm sure your right because whatever I saw I haven't been able to get it back.
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    I am currently researching the Honda Civic vs. the Mazda 3 for 2008. I would appreciate anyone's opinion between the two. Do you think the reliability is much better with the Honda? Any thoughts anyone has would be very helpful. Thanks for your time.

    [email protected]
  • jerdjerd Posts: 2
    I was researching between the same 2 cars. I bought the civic. They definately hold their value if you are ever planning on reselling it in a few years and I had absolutely no repairs except routine maintenance (brakes, tires, mufflers) after 7 years. After test driving both I found the Mazda had a sort of sport suspension so it rides a little rougher than the civic. Also with the Mazda you start with a basic model and then everything else you want is ala carte...and because of this i don't think some safety equipment is standard. So by the time you add all the accessories and options that are standard on a civic EX, the mazda costs like $2000 more. Keep in mind in the past it hasn't been terribly hard to find Honda parts. The civic also got the highest rating from consumer reports and beat out the mazda 3 for reliability and safety. I didn't really like the inside of the car either and thought it had some blind spots. The civics have gotten a lot nicer in recent years for basically the same price i paid 7 years ago. You should really test drive them both because some people don't like the digital speedometers and odometers or the dashboard in the civic. And definately go for the EX if you get it. My old civic was a 2000 and I got almost half my money back for it when it got totalled so they hold some value.
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