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2008 Honda Civic



  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i'm 22 and unless the si was a weekend car, i have no intention of getting a stick anytime soon.

    if i had the money for a gti right now guess what transmission i'd choose? the dsg.

    i don't really have a teenlust for slapping stick at all; and guys this isn't a 'the benefits of a manual' and 'i'm oldschool/a purist so i drive stick' type of argument: honda knows that the high revving k20 simply does not suit an automatic.

    if they stuck the k24 from the tsx with its 210hp and 160+lbs of torque, ok we are good now. but k20a with auto=no.
  • orbit9090orbit9090 Posts: 116
    ...the Civic Si with an Automatic would seem like a car with the worst turbo lag you could possibly imagine. The Si simply deserves a manual...There's not enough torque to make the Si a quick car with an automatic.

    - It would be quicker than the EX. Reason enough.
    - The Honda Civic Si doesn't use a turbocharger.
    - The automatic should be an OPTION, not standard.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    - It would be quicker than the EX. Reason enough.

    You don't understand. It wouldn't be quicker. To get the speed from this engine you have to get the RPM's higher than an AT would permit.

    The torque at the low end (which is what you'd get from the AT) is not high enough to give you any additional speed over the EX.

    See post #16 for more information.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I didn't say it had a turbocharger. I said it would seem like it had TURBO LAG. In a car with turbo lag, you have meager intial power, followed by a rather un-graceful surge in power later on in the powerband.

    An automatic would be a detriment to the "Si" badge. Much like the disgraceful 3.8L Impala SS with the Supercharged V6. The "SS" badging is symbolic of a muscle car (something the GM 3.8L is not). In the same way, the Si represents a very pure sports car experience (light, loud, and racy). And automatic would go against the Si moniker's purpose, cheapening its worth.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    I found this on one of the forums.

    Someone with access to the Vehicle Locator on the Honda Interactive Network confirmed the Civic trim levels with leather for 2008.

    The Vehicle Locator screen on the Honda Interactive Network shows an EX-L model.

    Interestingly enough, you can get Navi with cloth or Leather.

    FA1598JNW - Civic 4DR EXL 5MT
    FA1598KNW - Civic 4DR EXL NAVI 5MT
    FA1698JNW - Civic 4DR EXL 5AT
    FA1698KNW - Civic 4DR EXL NAVI 5AT
    FG1198JNW - Civic 2DR EXL 5MT
    FG1198KNW - Civic 2DR EXL NAVI 5MT
    FG1298JNW - Civic 2DR EXL 5AT
    FG1298KNW - Civic 2DR EXL NAVI 5AT
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    how can you enjoy a stratospheric redline with an automatic transmission?

    an auto tranny is built to keep you in the optimal powerband.

    do you WANT to NEVER be below 6k?

    i agree with grad....very little initial get up and go, especially since the k20 in this civic is NOT tuned for midragne torque at all.

    it goes against everything 'si'.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i'm actually a bit unimpressed...just a shifter and a badge on the inside? why not some more aggresive seats and more mugen specific stuff?

    and the suspension, while probably great, is just limited to firmer springs and shocks? and an exhaust that adds a couple horsies?

    this is def for the jdm whore...except that being built in america, its NOT jdm!

    mugen's stuff is really nice looking, but its not exactly worth the price paid.

    look at all the other 30k compacts based on econo boxes: the sti, the evo, the R32 they have something extra to back up the price! not just an aftermarket suplier who makes just as good as stock components that look cooler. (this is cool in itself, and the mugen si is a VERY good looking car, but not worth 30. maybe like 25k.)

    i was expecting more. it'll be great in a decade...but unfortuantely, its resale wont be as good as say, and r32, if peopole don't lap it up. i think thats why there is only 1k being made, to ensure they all go.

    again, if you handed me one for free, or if i was in the market for an si and they had one only slightly more than a regular si sedan, i'd take it.

    otherwise, if i had 30k to spend, its an r32 for me.
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90

    just if you're interested in hearing nearly the same opinion from different people...
  • orbit9090orbit9090 Posts: 116
    Oh who cares...turns out the Civic roof line is too low anyway. I got a backache just from scrunching-down getting inside to try out the seat. "Next..."

    Forget this low slung car, unless your arms 'hug the ground' when you walk and you are trying to compensate for something else that's too short.
  • bruinftbruinft Posts: 8
    I've been pretty unsuccessful finding a Fiji Blue Civic Si Coupe with Navi. Apparently, most dealers are out of Civic Si Coupes with Navi to begin with. Sedans with Navi are also getting scarce. I may end up having to wait for the 2008 models and pay a bit more. Anyone know when the 2008 models will be hitting the dealers?
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    New models should be on the floor mid September. The specs/prices should be out on August 21st from what I've read.
  • I agree with many of the people on this thread; a Si Civic with an Automatic Transmission would be pointless and would not sell.

    I disagree with Honda on many of the things they did not include for the non-Si Civics.

    For one, the manual transmission's high gears are too short for me. Manual lovers come in two breeds; people like me who want high mileage, and other people who want performance. Honda has the Si for performance yet the Automatic gets better mileage on the highway (albeit the 2008 mileage reports fare slightly better for the manual). I think Honda should have made the final gear taller to get maximum mileage (which is a key reason, especially today, that people purchase a Civic) while saving the shorter, more performance-oriented gearing for the Si.

    Speaking of Mazda, who uses a larger engine for sportier models of the 3, why doesn't Honda simply use the Accord 2.4 engine? It may be too large, but they have made slightly larger hoods (like the '96 V6 Accord) to accommodate this.

    Why not use the TSX engine?

    Honda makes great four-bangers but their love of horsepower with high RPMs usually leaves the torque to be desired.

    Wouldn't a larger engine sell more anyway?

    Just my two, wordy cents.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    they wouldn't use the tsx engine because now it would be as powerful as the accord. AND it requires premium, which would totally go against the civics quest for economy.

    i agree with putting a slightly larger engine in the higher trims of civic (like an se trim), and the k20 that was in the old si and currently in the high trim levels in the jdm civic would fit nicely: 155hp, 135lbs of torque from a 2.0. Not so great gas mileage wise, but still no slouch.

    while some honda engines leave torque to be desired, they accomplish the same thing the competitors can with regards to speed.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    so how does everyone feel about this trim?

    i personally like it, and the fact that you can now get a leather wrapped wheel straight from the factory. (though i feel this should be standard at least on the ex regardless if its an ex-l or not)

    anyone think honda should have invested in a slightly sportier se trim between the ex and si over this, but similarly priced? or should they wait it out till gen 9?
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    so how does everyone feel about this trim?

    I think the EX-L trim is great. It's about time someone introduced this. Just because someone wants good gas mileage doesn't mean they don't want leather seats.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    true. now all we need is a type of traction control and the civic will be even more competitive.
  • I see your point with the TSX engine, but Honda isn't the only manufacturer that is blurring their product lines. Toyota and Volkswagen have been excellent at that. Besides, I wouldn't buy the car anyway cause I like economy, which brings me to the issue:

    I'm thinking about getting an '08 Civic. Leather seats are nice, but for that much bread I could get the Hybrid for practically the same amount after tax credits (and yes, I know the quirkiness of this argument since the Hybrid has no leather seats, and since you already know I am someone who prefers frugal cars over speedy ones).

    What are the '08 Accord prices? Smells to me like the EX Civic might be more than an LX Accord. Since all the EX models come with are "creature comforts" like moonroofs and the like, its interesting how Honda is changing their lineup.

    Oh, and also, I think they should dump the DX.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I bet you'll see a Value Package Civic in the next two years...

    A DX Civic + CD Stereo, A/C, special wheels/covers, and maybe cruise control.
  • mth2mth2 Posts: 25
    The honda website shows the 2008 EX sedan model with all the different interior choices (leather). Will the SI sedan model have these choices as well? The website still shows the 2007 model.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    no, i don't think they'll give the si a leather option, unless they bolster the seats up a bit more, there is no need for them, especially when you factor in that an ex-l civc now costs just about as much as an si, that would make an si even MORE expensive than it is.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    finally, we can get white with a grey interior!
  • kyotekyote Posts: 28
    You are correct. I have the 08 Civic brochure and there is no leather option for the SI. Also, it only shows XM for EX and SI on navigation models.
  • kyotekyote Posts: 28
    Correcting myself here. Today I picked up my 08. Love it!! :) About XM. In the Quick Start Guide it says "On Navigation system, XM radio is standard. On EX,LX, and SI models without navigation, the audio system is XM capable but requires installation of the XM accessory kit to make it operational". Well, I have the little cord now to hook into the aux port so will just use my Sirius, I like programming of Sirius better than XM. Just my preference.
  • Yeah, I saw one and it could have been a 2006 or 2007 but it was a 2008 EX with leather. What do I mean could have been a 2006..07? There were absolutely NO changes from 2006 on, I own a 2006 and externally there is no way to tell the difference, inside there is no way either, except the leather package which did look nice. Oh, I'm wrong there is a sure fire way to tell a 2008...take a look at the window stickers. The price went up and the mileage went down. Yeah I know the EPA re-adjusted estimated fuel economy is lower now. The price on the EX leather with auto is...$21,345.
    If you thought, as I did, that the Civic was high priced way back in 2006 (mine was $19,685) then this new high will cause you to sit down a moment. News flash!!! If there was any lingering doubt the Civic is no longer a "cheap" economy car. This price places the Civic solidly in the price range of some larger better equipped mid-sized sedans. I guess since the new 2008 Accord increased in size and no doubt price this is a natural progression.
  • The price went up and the mileage went down.

    Prices stayed the same for 2008. Obviously the price is going to be higher for the new EX-L trim. I think $1,200 is very reasonable comparing leather in other cars. considering you also get heated seats and mirrors.

    I guess since the new 2008 Accord increased in size and no doubt price this is a natural progression.

    Well sure. The Fit has taken over as the lower level economy car. I commend Honda for offering the Civic with leather. There are some people that want to save gas, but don't want to do it it a $14,000 economy car with cheap plastic everywhere.
  • You can equip a Mazda 3 to cost well over $25,000 though (well equipped, mind you, but still, this isn't the high-performance model).
  • So prices stayed the same did they? I still think more than $21K is too much for a car with the content of a Civic. A Hyundai Elantra Limited with leather, heated seats, and mirrors (which by the way are standard on even the cheapest model Elantra) and more equipment including fog lights, trip computer, leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, heated seats, 4wheel discs (standard on the cheapest model), and XM radio standard can be had for thousands $$$ less. All those features are either optional...not available...or available only on the leather package for Civics. In addition, the Elantra is larger inside, has a larger trunk and has a more comfortable quiter ride. Finally, the Elantra will soon be available with ESC.
    Before you lecture me about how a Honda is superior to a Hyundai I own a 2006 Civic (with quite a few problems) and came out of a Hyundai (we had two actually with no problem for either) so the Honda "quality" mantra means little to me.
    Honda has consistently overpriced their offerings recently searching for the "what the market will bear" level. Starting with the Fit through the Accord they all seem to be priced a level above what they actually other words the Fit costs more than other "economy cars" within its class and one can buy the next size small car for the same or a bit more money. The Civic too is solidly within some mid-sized cars price range now. And the Accord is approaching or at entry level luxury/quasi luxury levels. The Accord is supposed to be a mainstream family sedan so why is it priced at over $30K for a well equipped model. Toyota also seems to suffer from this inflated price syndrome. Is the name and reputation worth more than the actual car???
    As an aside: you mention cheap plastic everywhere in a $14K economy car. It is funny that our $19,680 Civic EX sedan has some of the most scratch prone hard interior plastics I have ever seen. Maybe (probably) this poor first experience with Honda has negatively colored my feeling about the brand.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    fyi Hyundai dropped the Elantra Limited for 2008 but still offers leather and heated seats as options on the SE (which also has standard ESC for 2008).

    As you noted, a loaded Civic with leather is now about the same price as some much larger cars, e.g. the Sonata Limited. But the Sonata won't get the fuel economy of the Civic. Some people want a car with high FE for commuting but don't want to give up the creature comforts, and the Civic EX-L fits that bill.
  • A Hyundai Elantra Limited with leather, heated seats, and mirrors (which by the way are standard on even the cheapest model Elantra) and more equipment including fog lights, trip computer, leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, heated seats, 4wheel discs (standard on the cheapest model), and XM radio standard can be had for thousands $$$ less.

    Well thousands less is not quite right.

    Hyundai Elantra SE is $17,225
    add leather pkg 1,950
    Total $19,175

    Honda EX-L with leather is $20,710.

    So the difference is only $1,535 not thousands less.

    Take a look at used car prices for 3 and 4 year old Elantras and Civics and you will find that the $1,500 difference is more than made up for and re-sale time. While you personally may not value Honda's reliability, the market does. Until Hyundai establishes the track record that Honda has, it will still be that way.

    If you like the Elantra, just sell your 2006 Civic, you'll get good money and go buy the Elantra of your dreams.
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