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2008 Honda Civic



  • 4677hola4677hola Posts: 2
    Thanks. Appreciate the help.

    The Dealer I talked to (Arrowhead Honda) could not provide any information.
  • What is an air deflector and is this something I'll want if I buy a 2008 LX civic?

    Thanks! (I'll try to review previous posts to see if this has been covered)

    I'm seriously considering purchasing an '08 this weekend, so if there are any other anticipated problems I might want to know about please advise and enlighten me!

    Thanks for any support you all can offer...
  • Got a new 08 sedan automatic in June. I have an issue with my transmission when shifting gears while on parking mode. When I put it on reverse, back-up out of my driveway and put it on drive to get going forward, I hear a loud clunk noise that don't sound right. Once I get going, the shifting is nice and smooth. :confuse: Another thing is my horn. I am embarassed to honk cause it sounds like a sheep getting it on with a donkey. Anyone else experience these probems?
  • The LX is available in Canada with sunroof. I bought one in June. It's called LX-SR.

    SR stands for Sunroof
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Civics have always had wimpy horns. ALWAYS.
  • NO they have not always had wimpy horns. This is my civic number 11 and this is the first one that the horn sounds like it has a cold.
  • nsteevonsteevo Posts: 18
    The Civic is NOT a macho, muscle car by any means.
    A cute little car with a cute sounding little horn (sounds like my 10 month old's toy) that's what we have.
    My wife and I both like the way the horn sounds.....fits the car................cute.
    I love everything about my new Civic. Should have driven a Civic my whole life!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Every Civic we've had (82, 91, 93, 95, 98, 07) have had wimpy horns. Monotone "Beep" horns.

    At least the old Accords (2002 and earlier) had multi-tone "Beep" horns. I like my current Accord's '06 "HONK." ;)
  • nsteevonsteevo Posts: 18
    My Civic is an '07. The MPG rating that year for my model and auto transmission was 41MPG. I was told that the automatics got better miles per gallon at highway speeds than the standard. On the highway I consistently get 41 to 42 MPG with the windows closed and the air conditioning on and the car loaded to the hilt weightwise (I go back and forth from WI to FL).
    I noticed that the 08's are rated at only 38MPG highway. I have asked a number of different salespeople in a number of different dealerships this year why that is and they told me the government just changed how they rate miles per gallon on new cars. However, I have two friends who each purchased an '08 Civic because of how I bragged about my '07 and they, in fact, only get around 35 to 36 highway.
    I don't (#1) understand why on earth Honda would go backwards in an achievement like the 41MPG and (#2) why that size car and smaller of both Honda and other makes do not all get the 41MPG or better. I mean if one manufacturer can do it, why can't they all???
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    The sales folks told you the truth, the EPA mileage tests were changed resulting in lower mileage estimates on cars that were idential to their earlier model years. As for your friends, well, maybe you should hold some seminars on how to drive for good economy. ;)

    Best Regards,
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Shipo told you right, the gov't changed their standards (see

    A couple of things...

    The 2007 Civic had ratings as follows:

    30/38 for the 5MT
    30/40 for the 5AT

    The 2008 is rated:

    26/34 for the 5MT
    25/36 for the 5AT

    I'm not sure where you pulled the 41mpg and 38 mpg figures from. :confuse: :confuse:
  • nsteevonsteevo Posts: 18
    The 41MPG is printed in large letters in the "highway" column on the widow sticker that was in the car when it arrived at the dealer.....I still have it.
    Same with the 38 on the 08's I've seen on the sticker in the showroom.
    Maybe Honda decided to print the government's numbers in the small print on the window stickers!?!
  • tiger72tiger72 Posts: 21
    i still have my '08 sticker, so i'll check, but i'm quite sure my sticker didn't say 38mpg...
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I'd LOVE to see a picture/copy of this.
  • johnc27johnc27 Posts: 9
    Does the 2008 Civic have electric power steering ? I am thinking it doesn't because everyone says the steering and handling is one of
    its many strong points. Thank you to whoever responds.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Nope, it uses regular hydraulic steering, as cars have been doing for decades. ;)
  • Hi All,
    I am coming VERY close to getting a civic LX AT 08 and notice though that the seat quality and comfort is a bit wanting (my last car was a camry, so I'm spoiled).

    Does the seat fabric wear easily? It looks and feels a bit cheap to me, but maybe it will withstand longer than it looks like it will (?).

    Are post sale accessories available to help with not only the comfort (i,e, cushions), but also with the fabric (ie, upgrade and get leather installed or simply get a seat cover to protect the seat?).

    Any thoughts from Honda LX owners out there?

    Thanks so much in advance for any info. or advice re: this!
  • ivtec1ivtec1 Posts: 29
    i own a civic 08 lx. i have said this before but i will say it again. THe fabric quality is unpleasant. So far it has been holding up well (had the car since jan) but not sure in the future. I am kinda concerned about the armrest fabric because that might wear out quickly.
  • Thanks ivtec1-- I agree, the fabric quality seems a bit cheap. So for about eight months it's been holding up for you... I hadn't thought about the arm you think a simple seat cover might help?

    Are there sites where we can buy this stuff--I know some people get that skinz leather installed--wonder if it's worth it?
  • ivtec1ivtec1 Posts: 29
    some word of wisdom...... Do NOT buy Seat covers for your civic!(unless it is custom made) Coz of the side airbags and it is not recommended...

    about the arm rest...... it is still ok.. so far.. but i would have to think about it later on. Its not that bad..... but i wish i got the civic hybrid interior. :shades:

    what color r u trying to get? I got the galaxy gray outside and charcoal interior.
  • Ditto on the color!! And double thanks for the seat cover tip... :)

    The gray I hear gets good resale value, although don't know if that's just a sales line...
  • johnc27johnc27 Posts: 9
    I test drove a Civic LX. I am very impressed. I had ordered an 09 Corolla XLE, but the horrible steering , cheaper plastics, and wimpy arm rest on the doors began to really turn me off so I cancelled. That car was quiet, but compared to the Civic even though not nearly as quiet, there is simply no comparison. The Civic is far superior.
    However, I still have doubts. The car seemed to have more road noise than my 05 Corolla LE. The seats although comfortable, made me wonder how they would hold up on road trips. Engine noise was not really an issue, but the one I drive the throttle seemed not soft enough. Would not buy that one. It has to have a soft throttle.
    I do not know if should wait for the re-designed Civic of 2011, or buy now. I am afraid if I wait they will put that new electric power steering in and totally ruin a perfectly fine car like they clearly did to the Corolla. My big issue is the road noise, it seemed too loud. The stereo was also below what I am used to , but the dealership said they could replace the speakers and put in an amplifier that would not be visable in the cabin. It was going to cost $537, but would have solved the stereo issue. I now understand why the Civic gets favorable reviews. Its fun to drive ! I really liked it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,938
    The road noise is one of the few major drawbacks of the Civic. If you don't think you can take it over the time you'll own the car, best to steer away from it so you don't regret the decision later.

    A couple of other cars to check out if you haven't already are the Mazda3i (very fun to drive, nice interior) and Elantra SE (roomiest in class, nice interior, standard ESC, good blend of ride and handling). Maybe you'll like one of these better than the Civic. Or maybe you'll see in the comparison that the Civic is better overall despite the road noise.
  • Hi Johnc27,

    Sigh..Yeah I empathize. I've come to the conclusion that buying a car is a very personal decision and you yourself need to feel comfortable with it. And this requires knowing what you can live with and what you can live without, since none are perfect--some are just going to be a better fit for who you are and what your needs are...

    I love the Civic too, inside and out it is far more attractive than the Corolla or Elantra and the interior plastics and things like the steering wheel, shift knob are all IMO built much nicer . (They don't feel or look cheesy). I find the gauges are really cool--you can see your MPH lit up as you drive (it's straight in front of you on a blue-lit dial)--gives you great feedback to slow down which also helps you control your gas mileage--cause it's easy to go fast in that car ;) . Yes, I agree, it really is fun to drive, and it really holds it's value--the re-sale value in the Civic remains quite high.

    Actually the road noise per consumer reports has greatly improved with the newer models (06,) but some folks still find it a problem. I really don't. I also think the stereo is just fine.

    It doesn't sound like you are even considering the Elantra from your query, but in case you are, if you go over to the Elantra forum, you will find there is a fuel pump problem now emerging with the 08's that seems troubling and something you may want to note, although all cars have their problems as I said--but this is a serious one just coming out apparently...And there prices have gone up since the glowing CR report came out recently.

    The new Corolla is definitely overpriced--so I think you made a wise move to nix that deal!

    Here's a link to a review that may help you some:

    At least you have a car now so you don't have to rush in--many new options are coming around the bend for this market (and the Hybrid market too!) within the next 2-3 years....

    Hope this helps a little--good luck with whatever you choose! :)
  • ivtec1ivtec1 Posts: 29
    since i have had this car from 1st of jan 08, i can dime in some comments.... 2008civic LX galaxy gray

    My car has 4,300miles so far Oil life at 30%. Not a single problem. Planning to take it when it reaches 20% oil life for maintainance. The car is mostly city miles, ~27MPG in city(272miles last fill up (10gallons)) 98%city). so maintainance wise, just fill her up and drive!

    Ride- you can feel all the bumps. corners well. kinda sports like i guess...
    Steering- just perfect. good feel. goes straight if u leave the steering alone
    Eye candy- Plenty. car looks good outside and inside. the two tier instrument panel rocks :surprise:

    cons... as i have said earlier, i don't like the seat material of the car. some of the plastics can get scratched if you are not careful. Road noise on Highway(i turn the music up). Stereo speakers are not the great.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    My car has 4,300miles so far Oil life at 30%. Not a single problem. Planning to take it when it reaches 20% oil life for maintainance.

    Let it go to 15% every time. At 15%, the maintenance minder will illuminate showing certain codes (B1, A3, etc) letting you know what services should be done. When appropriate, it'll call for air filters, oil changes, tire rotations, etc. At 20%, you'll never get to see the codes.

    Check out your owner's manual for details. ;)
  • ivtec1ivtec1 Posts: 29
    ok, that is very good to know. But i have only seen the car oil maintenance % as a division of 10. for example, i have never seen the car display go 35%...... maybe after the 20% mark? also, where can i buy cabin air filters- i heard the dealership charges a lot for replacing these filters that practically take 3 minutes to change-its on youtube.

    your comments please... :)
  • The person I worked with was so helpful--he said one of the biggest problems is folks are getting the oil changed too soon on their New Civics...He also emphasized the break-in period and the importance of keeping the gas cap snugly closed (till it clicks). Some folks are forgetting to do this and air gets in--and more troubles arise....

    Apparently there is a class at this dealership for New Civic owners. They offer a Q&A period at the end "with as much time as you need". :-)

    Most of the info is tucked into the manual, but I think a live class is always a bonus, especially for someone who hasn't bought a car in so long!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    It goes in increments of 10% from 100% to 20%, then 15%, 10%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%...

    You can get a filter at an local autoparts store (Advance Auto, AutoZone). I paid $9 for the one in my Accord and changed it myself. It otherwise would've cost $30 at the dealer. I bought an STP brand and it is just fine. I change every 30k miles since it is so cheap to do.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Yes, the manual gives lots of good info. By the way, never "top off" your tank, either. After the pump clicks, be through pumping.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    where can i buy cabin air filters- i heard the dealership charges a lot for replacing these filters that practically take 3 minutes to change-its on youtube.

    Cabin air filters are available on the internet. Here's an example:
  • ivtec1ivtec1 Posts: 29
    thanks . seems like its not very expensive and not hard to get part. good to know. :D
  • bearcrkrdbearcrkrd Posts: 167
    I have the same vehicle. '08 LX Auto, Galaxy Gray. I bought mine May 28 or 29? Have 5,000 miles already. :blush: I am not sure I agree with your comments about the seat material. Maybe the arm rest. Maybe. Everything else I agree 100%. Funny thing for me is I call it a 'Chick's Car', and I believe it is. But, from the first day I bought it, it has felt like mine. I've had some cars that felt to me like I was driving someone else's new car the whole time I had them. If that makes sense.......
  • coskaticoskati Posts: 1
    Yes, I've been frustrated by that 2006 Civic couple front bumper...the last eyelet fastner rips and comes off on the driver's side of the car.........soon followed by more of the bumper. I had the bumper replaced last summer, and noticed about a month ago that the "RIP" had started again. I took the car back to the collision place, and the guy said that there was a tiny scrape on the other side of the car that could have caused the bumper to come off, that it wasn't the fault of his shop putting on a defective bumper, rather it was how the car was made.....I don't recall hitting anything as I've been super, super careful since the first bumper. Could have been a parking lot touch.......I'm frustrated. I think it's a defect in the car design. How could anything that is supposed to withstand a bit of a collision be so fragile without a collision? I think there is too much tension on the front bumper.
  • I bought my 08 Civic AT LX on June 30th and just got back from Gulf Shores. I live in Western Kentucky so it was over 500 miles one-way. I now have almost 3k on the car.

    For everyone who was wanting how a long trip would be in the Civic, I have to say it was not that bad. The seats are comfy and I didn't have any back pain like people usually do from long trips. My boyfriend is 6'3 and he drove half the way and wasn't uncomfortable at all.

    The car also got good gas mileage on the trip. We went from driving on the interstate to in town miles. The best mileage I got was 38mpg and the least was 34mpg.

    So far I'm happy with my Silver Sally!! :shades:
  • nsteevonsteevo Posts: 18
    I have had the same problem with the front bumper......
    I was on the freeway one night and ran over a large piece of truck tire with the right front wheel.
    I didn't go around that side of the car for 3 days....when I did I was shocked at what I saw. The front bumper had ripped where it connects to the fender and it was sticking out from the side of the car. It was torn so far that all the clips had broken and I could see the styrofoam (or whatever) behind the bumper all the way to the headlights. I pushed it back so that it now only sticks out a little unless it were to get bumped again or someone were to pull on it.
    I thought this was terribly cheap construction and/or materials for something like this to happen seeing all I did was run over a piece of rubber with the wheel.
    I am concerned that this might affect the airbag situation. I will have the dealer check it but I agree that it might be a defect in design that we may have to live with.
    I will be living in WI this winter and I know that with the low clearance and the hard frozen snow piles and drifts that I am going to have more issues in the near future.
    I don't think a bumper should tear and separate from a vehicle so easily.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    You'd be surprised at what a large piece of rubber can do when flung in your fenderwell at 60+ MPH, not just to this particular model of Civic.

    I hit a piece of tire in my '96 Accord at about 70 MPH a couple of years ago; it pulled my black fenderwell liner out completely and disconnected my headlight/parking light on that side.
  • ivtec1ivtec1 Posts: 29
    fellow civic owners. I want to clean the interior of my civic well. What spray should i use to clean the dash and other plastics? I want it to look good as new! :shades:
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I'm a Honda owner (Accord though :blush: ). Might I suggest using Armor All Low Shine?

    It avoids the shiny glare that comes from the normal Armor All.
  • ivtec1ivtec1 Posts: 29
    Thanks.....i will give it a try! :) :shades:
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Someone asked about the durability of the seat fabric material a few posts ago. I have had experience with premature failure of the fabric on our 2006 EX sedan (bought new in Oct. 2005). I started to notice the disappearance of the pattern on the cloth on the seat cushion bolster (driver side) when the car had less than 10K miles, far less, probably starting at about 6K miles. This wear pattern grew until it was about 3 in.X 4 in. I had the car to the dealer for other reasons and asked the service advisor to take a look at the wear and he readily agreed that it was both bad and premature. A new seat cushion cover was ordered in the early winter of 2007 and by the time I got the time to schedule its installation in the spring of this year it had been used on ANOTHER Civic (which lead me to believe mine wasn't the only car with fabric problems) so it was reordered and installed a week later. It should be noted the seat covering was changed at about 13,500 miles and the new cover looks OK so far at 16,500 miles.
    So, yeah, unless we got a flawed seat cover (it looked perfectly normal) there may be a problem. It should also be noted the fabric didn't wear to the point of a hole but may eventually have, probably by now @ 16,500 miles currently on the car.
  • ivtec1ivtec1 Posts: 29
    i will keep an eye on that . Thanks for sharing the information. Is the 09civic gonna have the same seat material?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    With 56,000 miles, my dad's car isn't showing wear like this at all... it sounds like you have had particularly bad luck!
  • xxyxxy Posts: 16
    Just wondering my Civic has reached 5500 miles and the oil life indicates it is at 40% of it's life. I thought I was suppose to get an oil change at 5000 miles. Should I not be concerned and let the oil change indicator to come on and then take it in for service. Just seems like it has been at 40% since it turned 4000 miles. By the way took a 500 mile interstate drive today and got 41.5 mpg, very impressed.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    If you take more highway trips than average, and do little city "stop and go" driving, you should see close to 10,000 miles before your Oil Life Indicator tells you to get an oil change. Don't fret!
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Just wondering my Civic has reached 5500 miles and the oil life indicates it is at 40% of it's life. I thought I was suppose to get an oil change at 5000 miles. Should I not be concerned and let the oil change indicator to come on and then take it in for service.

    That's right, just follow the maintenance minder and it will keep you on schedule. I've been averaging about 7,500 miles before I hit 15% (the recommended percentage to get service.)
  • I got a new Honda Civic 08 EX coupe and the low tire pressure light came on. I looked at the tired and tested it and everything was normal.

    Anyone have a similar problem with the indicator?
  • What pressure did you measure the tire at? Look at the door to see the proper pressure that your car needs to be inflated to. It may be higher than you think.
  • "Product Update: Water Pump Pulley Bolts May Lose Tension"
    06 and 07, if you haven't gotten one of these in the mail you'd better call the dealer.
    It seems the water pump pulley bolts can come loose and cause the drive belt to break. I am really glad that Honda is taking care of this for me.
    However, this is the third or fourth item that has been recalled since my purchase of my Civic a year ago.
    It is a sad thing in this day and age (technologies, education of designers and manufacturers, computers etc.) to have brand new cars having problems like this.
    This is the oposite of the long enjoyed reputation of Japanese automobiles of years gone by not having repairs to speak of for many years of ownership......even when the vehicle was abused and not maintained.
    Japanese quality WAS Japanese manufactured and assembled.....100%.
    Honda and Toyota have sadly watered down their product quality by getting American ANYTHING involved in the production and/or design of their vehicles.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Had it done after receiving a recall notice in the mail. Also had the rear suspension problem taken care of at the same time. With the Lug bug issue and the brake seals issue already addressed, guess that should be it. Still love the car but don't want to see the dealer any time!

    The Sandman :)
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