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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • I do appreciate your info!

    I guess I am hoping they just did not reveal all the facts to you yet :)

    I will see what I find out at the auto show tomorrow and hope to hear back from the dealer very soon also.

    Take care,
  • "Toyota has basically always had a seperate engine family for their truck based vehicles hence the current 4.0L used in the 4runner now."

    I agree. It doesn't make sense that they would keep this a full frame truck, yet put a car engine in it. The current V6 in the 4Runner is designed for extra torque. What good is a truck without the torque?

    Toyota is smart. It knows how to use "select" rumors. They just might want to get people to buy up all the V8's that aren't currently selling ;-)
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Based on the rumours, the direction appears down the Fortuner route. Rugged and smaller engine are all Fortuner attributes. Really, all they need to do is slap another emblem on it and a nicer interior, and it is ready for the US market based on the indicators provided so far. Perhaps we will even hear about a manual transmission. Maybe they can go off the deep end and offer some bright colors too.
  • At the Milwaukee auto show, the Toyota rep told me he has heard they are seeking a more basic less "luxury" type SUV. They said the interior should be larger than the Highlander but offer less goodies and maybe smaller engine choices this time around considering the current 4runner was never really meant for a V8 to begin with. He also said it was postoned to around November of 2009.

    Looks as if they maybe want to combine some of the FJ's design cues with the current model and phase out the FJ to keep just the 4runner.

    Only time will tell, I hope it doe snot become to "rugged" , I need leather & heated seats this time around :)
  • I'm glad you got to go to the show and get more info! ...and thanks for letting us know.

    PS - if they don't have leather and heated seats, you can have them both added for around a grand! (maybe less depending on where you get 'em)
  • "considering the current 4runner was never really meant for a V8 to begin with". Whaaaat? Had there been any V8's available when I bought mine I would have jumped on that. V8's were hard to get early on. Many of us have our 6 and 7 year extended warranties expiring this year or next, and Toyota would be foolish to get rid of the V8 as most everyone I know with the V6 would get the V8 next time around.

    All in all, I was hoping the redesigned 4Runner would have rear IFS and a cold weather package like the Sequoia. Less road noise would be welcome too, as my 2003 version has horrible interior road noise. But there's still hope as nothing appears to be official, yet.

    Toyota also badly needs to revamp how they're optioning the 4Runner. If Toyota optioned the 4Runner like they optioned the Sequoia, I'd be a happy camper. 3rd rows in 4Runners are useless, and shouldn't even be on the vehicle except as a customer add-on. I think the 4Runner 3rd row scares away more buyers than it attracts.
  • My prediction for the 2010 4Runner includes the new 4.6L V8 but I'm sure it will be hard to find, at least initially. I owned a 2003 and 2006 V8 limited and feel that Toyota had a hit with this SUV. It would be very disappointing if Toyota dramatically changes this vehicle as I'm hoping to get the new model when it debuts. More of the same with updated interior and exterior would make a lot of 4Runner enthusiasts happy (in my opinion).
  • brandonWIbrandonWI Posts: 26

    Any new news on the upcoming 4runner redesign? I have not heard a peep, but curious to see if you have.


  • alex1911alex1911 Posts: 1
    I've been holding out for a 5th Gen and I really hope Toyota doesn't mess things up by offering some of the things mentioned here (smaller, 3.5l as the biggest motor, less lux). I've got a 2003 V8 4WD Limited and love the thing, never a problem in 120k miles. I wish Toyota had sent out some surveys to long time owners to see what they would like in a 5th Gen.

    I've like to see a larger V6 or the 4.6l V8 spoken about, even better would be the 5.7l V8 out of the Tundra/Seq, that would fly.

    The size of the current 4Runner is perfect w/o being too large or small.

    If they start messing with it and putting a lower powered motor and a cheaper interior, then I guess I'll look elsewhere. I really have a hard time believing Toyota would downgrade the motor and interior.

    If they get rid of the powered rear window I'm going to be really ticked.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    4-Runner enthusiast/customers are not a significant enough part of the market, so I believe that we will have little influence. If they cared, they would release some information to keep us with Toyota. Unfortunately, the only new designed 4x4 close to the 4-Runner footprint is the Kia Borrego. I own 3 4-Runners but have little hope that the 4-Runner as we know it will continue.
  • I still havent heard anything new - just the same as last time. Im ready for it to be here!
  • brandonWIbrandonWI Posts: 26
    I too am waiting anxiously for the 5th gen 4runner. I have had both a 2003 & 2006 SE 4x4 with V8's. Both have been flawless and loved them! A survey would have been nice for us owners, espeically the core 4runner people who buy them year after year.

    I hope the new 4.6L from the tundra makes it in the 5th gen and not some 3.5 L camry based motor. If not, a new truck based 4.0L V6 with maybe 270-280HP would be fine too. From my understanding, there will be more interior room this time around considering the Highlander has it beat in this department. hopefully the overall size stays similar. I have to believe Toyota will keep the 4runner similar in its design considering it has been in development well before the recession and the drop in recent SUV sales. I cant see them cheapening anything up, but rather just improving things here and there as they do to any new model change. Plus the 5th gen will be one of only a handful of true ladder truck frame mid size SUV's left. The rear power window has always been a staple with the 4runner, I doubt it will dissapear, if so, my dog will be very upset that he cant stick his head out:)
  • brandonWIbrandonWI Posts: 26
    Bummer, they sure keep your folks(dealers) out of the loop. I guess it makes the most sense so they can sell the remaining 2009's before building hype for the 5th gen.

    I talked with the Toyota leasing dept. today and they are fairly certain they can extend my lease an additional 6 months(making it my 2nd 6 month extension) to hold me over until the 2010 redesigned one comes out this fall. They claim its decided on a case by case basis but they know a new ones coming out and my previous customer loyalty.

    Keep us in the loop if you hear anything else!

    Take care,

  • brandonWIbrandonWI Posts: 26
    Check out this link,

    It seems the 2010 will appear at NY auto show! It seems as if it will have the 4.0L V6 and the new 4.6L V8.......awesome if its true!

  • This information came from Toyota reference website which is consistently very accurate. Looking back to the information from pervious generations, they seem to have their facts together. Here's the link.

    Man I cannot wait to see an image of the new 4Runner.
  • Thats great! Im glad more info seems to be getting out there. I just hope that whatever they come out with it meets and exceeds everyone's expectations! Im excited to see if its in the NY show in a couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see/hear everyone's reactions!
  • ougrad1ougrad1 Posts: 1
    FYI, that information was an April fools joke. No new news on the 2010 4runner. Belief is it will be revealed next week at the NY auto show but don't hold your breath. Toyota is either doing a great job covering up for anticipation or there may be some dissension going on behind closed doors with the vehicle...I hope it's the former. One of my concerns is with the economy and demand being so weak, they may cut corners on the 5th gen of the 4runner. To me, that would be a big mistake and would really alienate a very loyal fanbase, albeit probably financially strained, and tarnish the Toyota brand. You're already seeing cracks in the Toyota name with more recalls and QA issues in the past few years.

    I love the 4runner and hope they get it family has bought 4 toyotas in the past 13 years and I would like to trade in my current highlander for the new 4runner if it's as well built, reliable and functional as the previous versions with the usual modern amenities that Toyota has lead the industry in providing.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Talked to a Toyota dealer sales manager today who said the redesign was coming out mid summer. He claimed not to have any details. Interestingly, in our area they are not discounting the 08 V8 4-Runners any more than they did 6 months ago. There are very few on the lots. Simply not hungry despite the economy. Do others have the same observation?
  • Here in San Francisco Bay Area the situation is the same - almost no 4Runner can be found at any dealership. I wonder if Toyota reduced/stopped production a long while ago. If so, that should be a sign of new model on its way. Another sign is no incentives for 4runner anymore - toyota had been offering $2000 over the whole past year or even longer.
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    From "The Toyota 4Runner SR5 V8 2WD was last redesigned in 2003 and the next major change is expected in 2010."

    See .

    Of course, the key word is "expected". No one expected the economic meltdown, either. :cry:

    I went to the 2009 NYC auto show. No one at the Toyota display would admit to knowing anything and of course, no 2010 4Runner was on display (they did have a white 2009 model).

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    The linked article was written more than a year ago, and I think Toyota will certainly have had cause since then to reconsider keeping the 4Runner in the North American lineup. Unless they are actively planning a diesel model, of which I see no signs at all, I think they may be planning to just let the model slowly fade away. It is BOF when all the SUVs have moved away from that formula except the full-size ones, it is not much smaller than the Sequoia, which is selling relatively well, and with the intro of the Venza you can bet they will be planning to extend the Highlander again to give it proper third-row room. At which point Highlander will step all over 4Runner in size and utility, while offering 20% better fuel economy at a lower purchase price.

    How can they keep 4Runner with all that going on? Where would it fit in, and how would they find buyers for it?

    It would be kind of cool to see them just return to their original formula: take a Tacoma with existing powertrains including the 4-cylinder, add the bare essentials for some jump seats and a removable shell in the bed, make that the next 4Runner.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    That could be, but if they were going to just let it fade away, then why keep the web page? You would think they would simply delete that line, but they haven't done so. At least it's a good sign that the 4Runner will be around a while longer.

    The reps at the NYS autoshow said they thought the 2010 would debut in June or October, but they really didn't have any more information than we do. It was more like "I think" it will but don't really know.

    Also, the statements of Bob Carter, Toyota Div. group vice president and general manager, seem to indicate a newly designed 4Runner will be introduced. See It's amazing how they can keep it under their hat this well.

  • I dont think there is any reason to worry about it not coming out. It still comes up in every Toyota meeting and everytime I talk with anyone from Toyota. Also, its still on their "Launch Calendar" with an October 2009 launch date. Who knows, it may get pushed back a month or two, but I doubt it would get chopped from the line...

    That being said, everything in the Auto industry is abnormal right now.... BUT if you wanted to bet against it coming out, I'd take your bet! Just let me know! :)
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    I hope so! I'm ordering one as soon as they will take an order!
  • Great car for crumbling California roads. A 2008 on lot for 180 days, $2k off plus usual Fleet arrangement ($34k on sticker, so $27k was a deal), SR5, no Limiteds around that we could find. Her 1999 only had 94k on it and was only worth a ridiculous $4k despite being new in every way but on the calendar, so I'm putting the miles on it for work. T-100 has 228k, so it's out to pasture (in the barn, actually) at the farm now, still tight and shiny. Our Fleet guy was delivering a Tundra right beside our 4Runner, and he whispered to me, "We've had this one 514 days." They call that Lot Rot. I found two loaded SportTrac Fords with a build date 27 months ago!
  • Got this in an ordering announcement on Current Model 4Runners from Gulf States Toyota -

    "This was the last order for exterior colors Shadow Mica, Salsa Red, and Nautical Blue. TMS has turned
    these off in preparation for the launch of the new gen 4Runner."
  • kfrohlichkfrohlich Posts: 6
    Any update when the new 2010 Toyota 4Runner will be available in the US? I'm shopping for a Toyota 4Runner and need to make a decision on whether to get the 2009 model or wait for the 2010 model.

  • brandonWIbrandonWI Posts: 26
    Good news....hopefully. The sooner it arrives, the better! I am hoping to see some spy pics and some details on it soon too. I would have to imagine we shall find these things out soon if it truly does come out by fall.

    Keep us posted,
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    I attended a grand opening of a local Toyota dealer's new facility. In attendance were regional rep's who told me that the 2010 4Runner will definitely launch in October, and that orders will be taken in Septemeber. He didn't know when the official announcement would be made, however.

    Other than that, he wouldn't comment, probably because he didn't know much more than that.

  • sanishsanish Posts: 66
    2010 4Runner has been nominated for 2010 Truck of the year.

    This means that it will be released before 12/31/09, don't know when.
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