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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • brandonWIbrandonWI Posts: 26
    I just ran across the same nomination page and thought that was very odd considering the public has not seen or heard much if anything about it:)

    Here is a link to a pdf file about the '10 4runner. Looks like a 268HP V6 & 4cyl only. Should arrive around September. More rugged with improved interior mentioned. I also see that a fold flat 3rd row is offered, does this mean they went to a IRS setup?

    The one thing that surprises me is no mention of a 6spd tranny. I was really hoping for it for gas mileage reasons......hmmm.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Interesting information. I too am looking forward to a 6-speed transmission, but I'm disappointed to see the V8 go. I wonder about the IRS, too.
  • jonnya40jonnya40 Posts: 1
    I was at a dealership this week and was told end of July for 2010 4Runner - would be bigger and similar to the Sequoia but not sure about any other details.
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47

    It is now official, 2010 4runner will start production on Aug and will be available in dealers in late Sept to early Oct. I have a pdf copy of dealers order form, someone let me know if it can be posted.

    The highlight are as follow:
    V8 discontinued, V6 only, 4.0 Lit DOHC Dual VVTI – 4 trims, Base, Upgrade Package, Trail Edition, Limited and Limited Navg.
  • sven007sven007 Posts: 7
    Yes rsarrami, it can be posted.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    If you could post it, that would be great. I'm really curious as to where the 2010 4Runner will be positioned in the lineup.

    Based on what we've read so far, it seems like Toyota may be aiming it more at the Xterra type of crowd, versus the premium/up-market turn in the 4th Generation.
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47

    How do I post the pdf here? Let me know and I'll post right away.
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    Based on this document, they are aiming at both. (Xtera and pathfinder in one vehicle but based on the trim)

    The trail edition, has the Kinetic suspension, Skid plates, crawl control (don’t know what it is), Multi-terrain select, multi-terrain ABS, roof rack, Mat black, bumper-door handle-mirrors, deleted running board.

    The limited is X-reas Suspension, 20” wheels, 15 speaker, rear subwoofer, climate control, chrome grille-door handles-around fig lamps, deleted splash guard, running board, and yes full time-4WD for city driver.

    I want an off-road capable but I am not crazy about their pigeon holing my taste. For example, I want the running board since my off road is very limited annually (for hunting) and I would be using this for family as well. I am also not a fan of the back matt stuff. So what if the color coded bumpers get scratched? If you recall they did have the black matt fenders with earlier versions of the 4gn of 4runners. It was very unpopular so they color coded it after one/two year.

    As I said, if there is a way to post the pdf let me know and I will post it. Unfortunately, coping in the document is locked and I can not copy and past the text.
  • sven007sven007 Posts: 7

    My bad, you can't post a PDF on this forum. But look at post #63 above by brandonWI. He posted a link to a PDF on the website. Earlier today I clicked on that link and downloaded the PDF. When I responded to your post I thought I had downloaded the PDF from this website. Sorry for the confusion.

    If you want, you can post the PDF on the forum and link to it in a post on this website (like in post #63). I know I'm dying to see a copy of the dealer's order form!
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Thanks for the info -- it's great. Hopefully there's a way to post it (the other way would be one of public file uploading sites -- Google "file upload").

    I'm guessing Toyota is trying to bring the base price down significantly from the $28K starting point of the 2009 SR5. The 4-cylinder and the "Upgrade Package" sound like there will be a true base model similar to the way the entry-level Tacoma is rather basic.

    I'm interested in the Limited trim -- everything I've read so far sounds great. Will it have a power rear liftgate (either standard or optional)?
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    I'll see if I can upload in Google and let you know.

    ps. There is no indication of 4-cyl, V6 is the only option. You guys are lucky; the 4runner starts at $36,800 in Canada. We always pay significantly more since we are a smaller market. However, the options and packages are different. The info that I have submitted is for Canadian Market. Canadian version of vehicles most often have more standard option. For example, current version of 4Runner only comes in 4WD in Canada and the sports package in here has more options. But still we pay about 15% more than you guys in States.
  • brandonWIbrandonWI Posts: 26

    Thanks for the info. Were you able to post the pdf elsewhere yet? As you know I posted a link to a different pdf on the tundra solutions forum. Yours seems to have new info. Any word on when more info will be released publically and when dealers can begin taking orders?

    Thanks once again!

  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47

    Attached is a link to a .pdf file, 2010 4Runner dealer order form. It contains detail info on the new model. The production is scheduled to start in Aug with estimated arrival date of late September to Early Oct at the dealers.

    The link is:

    This site makes you wait 60 second, watching their add, before it allows the download, but it is public and free.

    Please note this information is from Canada and the trims and options may be different in US (as it is today).

    Enjoy, and please post new info and Pics if you come across any recent valid ones.
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    Hi Brandon:

    I just created a new tread with the link to the pdf file.

    I should be having more info by end of this week or early next week. I will post as soon as I get it.

  • brandonWIbrandonWI Posts: 26

    Awesome! Thanks for the pdf file! Thanks for keeping us posted, I cant wait to finally see some pics too :)

  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47

    Check out post #76. I have the link to the download there.

  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Awesome! Thanks for posting it.

    Several things I noticed:

    * The V6's automatic remains a 5-speed (kind of makes sense -- none of Toyota's other V6 trucks have a 6-speed).

    * No power liftgate (answering my earlier question) -- I thought it might be due to the weight of the retractable rear window, but the Sequoia has both the power rear window and power liftgate

    * No beige interior (but black leather is now available) -- this might be a Canadian thing, though. I noticed the Canadian 09 is only available with a Stone interior (and with a more limited set of exterior colors than in the US).

    * Leather available via the Upgrade Package on the SR5

    * Puddle lamps and turn signal repeaters on the mirrors (Limited)

    * Eco Drive monitor -- pretty neat; glad to see it available on non-Hybrids as well

    I'm trying to picture what the various trim levels will look like. It's interesting that the SR5 will move towards color-keyed elements including the mirrors except for the fender flares, which will be matte black.

    The Trail Edition goes matte black for the bumpers, fender flares, mirrors and even door handles.

    The Limited gets color-keyed fender flares, but the grill is chrome (the reverse of the 09).
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    The most interesting thing that I have noted is that finally Toyota has acknowledged its initial base customers, the Hunter and Anglers and off-road users.

    Limited packaged for city users and Train for Off-road users with meaningful differences ,for parts which counts and they are:

    Key differences
    - Ttransmission (Full-Time 4WD versus part time), Multi-terrain features
    - Suspension KDSS versus X-REAS (although X-REAS is very good as well)
    - Skid Plates on Trail (although not enough, you must buy your own engine plate like FJ)
    - Wheels 20” all season low profile versus 17” M&S

    Notable differences
    - 3rd row seating on Limited
    - Leather versus water and dirt repellent fabric (hopefully with rubber cover cargo and floor area similar to FJ)
    - Running board and underbody spoilers (although as a off-road user I disagree with removal of running board. You loose about ½” when the vehicle is on its side, but you get to hit that before your vehicle’s body. It also protects the side from stone splash from M&S tires on off road use)


  • tommatetommate Posts: 4
    Does anyone know if the 2010 4Runner 3rd roll can seat 2 or 3 people?
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    > Does anyone know if the 2010 4Runner 3rd roll can seat 2 or 3 people?

    If I had to bet, I'd wager that the 3rd row will seat 2 short and skinny people. More than likely it'll be a 7-seater in a 2-3-2 configuration, just like the current 4Runner and the Highlander.

    There's just not much room for a 3rd row in a vehicle of the 4Runner's length. The current 4Runner's 3rd row is not very practical given how tight it is and how much space it takes up when folded. The 2010 is supposed to use a fold-flat 3rd row, so at least it'll stow out of the way when not needed.
  • owenmaeowenmae Posts: 1
    So, does anyone know if the 2010 4Runner has an Independent Rear Suspension ?
  • huck1776huck1776 Posts: 1
    If the ordering guide pdf is for real, then which is a better vehicle for daily commute and weekend offroading- the 2009 (Trail Edition) or 2010 (Trail Edition)?

  • brandonWIbrandonWI Posts: 26
    The 2010 has a solid rear axle like the the pdf it mentions the same suspension setup as the current gen.

    As for which model is the better combo, its yet to be seen but from the specs it looks as if the 2010 is catering more to the off road crowd with crawl control, KDSS, and etc. Personally I would like the trail version for 2010 but I need leather & heated seats. Although maybe the US version will offer this:)
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "Does anyone know if the 2010 4Runner 3rd roll can seat 2 or 3 people?"

    If it is anything like the current 4Runner, it can seat 2 midgets. If you really need 3 rows for adults or older children, you need a bigger vehicle (Sequoia, Expedition).
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    " Personally I would like the trail version for 2010 but I need leather & heated seats. "

    Agreed. I would take the Limited edition, but not with 20" wheels.
  • thammer62thammer62 Posts: 48
    People forget that you don't have to buy limited to get leather heated seats. Buy the trail edition and have an aftermarket shop recover the seats. My friend had a cloth Tahoe entirely done up with heated leather for around $1,200. You'd never know the difference. Save 4 or 5 grand by not getting the limited this way.
  • brandonWIbrandonWI Posts: 26
    No word yet? Someone mentioned they would have more info on the '10 soon and that was a week ago or so. I assume the dealers must still be in the dark like us:)
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    Hi Brandon:

    Sorry forgot to post the info earlier. I have uploaded a pdf file with more info on the 4runner. It actually has highlight of all new features for Toyota line up. It seems that US will be getting the 4 Cyl. I bet it would be 2 WD. We never get any 2WD in Canada (no Market for it. It also has the updates on FJ. No more Premium gas.

    You can download it using the link below. for 2010 Toyota lineup.pdf.html

    Don’t curse, the site makes you watch a add for 90 sec but upload and download is free.

  • Heard today that there will be dealer training on the 4Runner in late September and that the new 4Runner will be featured/shown at the Texas State Fair in Dallas.

    The fair begins on September 25th I believe.

    - Donnie
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