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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    just post the link to it - we don't support uploads within the Forums.


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  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    You can use --> <-- to upload the file for free.
    Upon upload of the file, you will be given a link which you can post /Email to others for downloading. There are no catches other than downloaders are forced to wait 90 seconds and watch an add before downloading begins (that&#146;s how they make their money).

    Look at my posting #67.

  • jtothejjtothej Posts: 10
    A dealer in Chi sent me this, however there is still nothing about it in the dealers computers, i'm told by 2 dealers here that a dealer ordering 9 isnt possible, they all see the same info? 4Runner Ordering Guide.pdf.html
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Thanks for sharing that.

    One difference that I noticed between the Canadian guide shared earlier is the JBL system. The Canadian guide mentioned a 15-speaker speaker JBL system. The US guide lists it as a 9-speaker system.

    I'm guessing that the Limited package is actually "standard" on the Limited trim and probably includes the other features listed in the Canadian guide (Smart Key, puddle lamps, etc.). My 4Runner Sport Edition had a "Sport Edition" package listed under the options, but it was essentially all the additional standard equipment that came with the SE model.

    I'm a little disappointed that it appears a power liftgate is neither standard nor optional. Haven't seen it listed in any of the documents that we've seen, though I'm not giving up hope till I see the final, full list of standard and optional equipment. :)
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    Thanks for the posting. This is no surprise to me.

    Traditionally in the past, Canadian version of the Toyota vehicles have came with significantly more features (also reflected in the price). Since we are a smaller market Toyota offers less variation to choose from. For example, current 4Runner is not offered in 2WD, the Sport Edition in Canada had Moon roof and Rear spoiler and etc. when they were all optional in US.

    For those of you whom know people in dealership, I spoke with my contact and I know he has pricing info now but unwilling to share (apparently secret at this time!). He would not even comment on any change in price.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    No V8. No KDSS on the limited. No 6-speed transmission. I'll be keeping my 2003 V8 Limited for a while longer, I guess.
  • jtothejjtothej Posts: 10
    I've been waiting on this redesigned 4Runner for over a year, cant stand it anymore! I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on a Silver 2008 X5 4.8 Sport w/ Nav/rear camera and 20" wheels, definitely a sweet driving machine, and fast as hell! Sticker was $75k, can buy for $53k, lots of money for sure.

    I've owned both 4Runners and X5s, they are both sweet albeit different, but I know if I can hold out and get 2010 4Runner Limited 4WD for $42k-ish, it will actually be worth more in 3 or 4 years, agreed???
  • jtothejjtothej Posts: 10
    BTW, my guy at Grossinger Toyota in downtown Chicago who has been with the dealer for 15 years, said I was the first person to come in and ask about the redesigned 4Runner, he had nothing on it, has heard nothing on it, and showed me the internal computer system that has no data loaded in it, leads me to believe its still gotta be months, not weeks, away. Lake Shore Toyota is the one who sent me the ordering Pdf, but confirmed to me yesterday afternoon, that they also cannot even special order it due to nothing being in the system.
  • To reiterate what I posted: The 9 orders were not from a dealer. Thats how many (9) Gulf States Toyota (The distributor for the region including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi) got from Toyota Motors for the first allocation...
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    My visit with a dealer today, said that production of the 09 ends in August, and production of the 2010 starts in September. All the 09 are allocated to dealers. A few should be available by mid September. You can not order them at this time.
    The cited the same colors posted on this board and said that the new blue would be lighter than than the current blue. Still no pictures. Toyota must really be able to control their people.

    I have been looking for a new 08/09 V8 and can not find one. If you are aware of any especially sport v8 in red, let me know.
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    Hey Nedzel, your for got the most important feature if you are interested in Limited version. Limited only comes in AWD not part time 4 WD and with 20" wheel narrow tires, low profile and no skit plates this Limited is not intended for off roaders.

  • sky19sky19 Posts: 2
    OK folks, here's the latest on 2110 4Runner. The allocation information was to be sent to dealerships (at least on the east coast) last night. There will be a complete redesign of the vehicle for 2010. I have no idea what it will look like, but this information re. design, options, specs, pricing, etc. will be available to dealerships by the end of this month . I have verified this with a very reputable source at a large dealership. No info about ordering / availability dates has been provided.
    Is anyone familiar with Toyota's track record for problems on redesigned vehicles the first year they are available? I've always been reluctant to purchase a vehicle immediately after a redesign. I've always preferred waiting until they "work out the bugs".
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    I bought an '03 SR5 with the awesome V8, and it was flawless for the 3 years I owned it. Now I have an '07 Sport Edition with the V6. Same thing, flawless. No worries, mate.
  • I bought a 2002 Sequoia early in its second year of production. I was never happy with it's brakes. By reading these forums I found out that the front disks were being replaced free but only if the customer complained. They never did a recall. About 3 or 4 months after my Sequoia was built they started using the larger front brakes in production. When I called the dealer and told them that my SUV was not braking well, they had me come in promptly and did the upgrade free. I believe there was another TSB having to do with checking a weld in the steering column.

    I also have a 2007 Avalon bought early in the second year of the new model. The discussions here were red hot during the first one and a half years until they learned how to properly reprogram the ECM (engine control module) Mine now runs well AFTER the TSB came out and again the dealer took care of it.

    The bottom line for me is that if you can't wait a year, and want to buy a new model year, Toyota probaly involves one of the lowest risks. However if you can wait a year you might have fewer aggravations. I love my Toyotas but they are not bullet proof.

    I am also very interested in the new 4Runner but I will try to wait a least a year before buying one.
  • ratmratm Posts: 11
    I'm surprised no pictures came out already.
    Just ordered a Sequoia and I asked my dealer about the new 4Runner and he said that he had seen it at a Toyota corporate meeting/show in Las Vegas.
    Like someone said earlier looks like Toyota has a strong control on their employees/dealers.
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    We bought a 07 Camry SE V6 in Sep 2006, 4 month into production.

    Few problematic changes were discovered during this period and changes were made for September production.

    We had terrible time with ECM (engine control module), the same engine as Avelon mentioned by blackdog4 in this forum. This was a serious problem causing several accidents there were also problems with breaks, rear struts and hydraulic hoses. Toyota has not been forthcoming to address ANY of these items. They are all under TSB, which means the customer must complain before modification is made. After significant amount of aggravation, specially over ECM, the problems are all addressed and we are happy with the vehicle.

    Bottom line, based on personal experience and surveys (data collected by services centers) by Lemon Aid and Car Guide, Toyota no longer keeps the reputation once held. This is specially known on vehicle assembled in North America versus Japan.

    I must also note my entire family owns various Toyota models and years and the experience are similar.

    However in my opinion, if 4Runner is produced in Japan, it would be a better choice over all other full frame truck base SUVs in the market, regardless of the first year. I suggest you wait till Spring 2010, if you can wait.


  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    Hi sky19:

    I though this might be of an interest to you.

    Mean to check the track of vehicles, first, second and .. year

    - Signup for on (free). You get to see come of the common complaints and real problems and even replies from manufacturers such as Toyota to protect their name. You will find out the number of TSB issued for the vehicle as they are issued and in turn how many for each year. You will notice that number of TSB for the same vehicle usually reduces each year until it is redesigned (such as Toyota Camry as I indicated). You will also see what happens when a vehicle&#146;s assembly is moved (check Volkswagen Jetta or Nissan Pathfinder)

    - Check Lemon Aid used car and Car Guide. These book collect/buy information from services centers such as authorized CAA service centers. The information is categorized and shown/compared from one year to another. Lemon Aid points out what to watch for (common problems) and hidden warranties that manufacturer don&#146;t want you to know. Both will recommend vehicles and point out the lemons.

    - Autotrader. Retained value of the vehicles is the undisputed indication of most sought out vehicles and direct link to its reliability and longevity. Use this site and value finder feature by Province/State to get a sense of the number of THE vehicle on the road, for sale or its popularity.

    - And of course access to a couple of dealers database would also be very helpful !

  • sven007sven007 Posts: 7
    Hi rsarrami,

    You've got a typo in the URL in your post. It should be

    It looks like a great website! Thanks.
  • jepsenjepsen Posts: 3
    I am starting to wonder what the deal is with Toyota. Ever since I owned a 1982 Toyota 4 cyl. manual 4x4 truck, I've wanted to own a similar truck as a new purchase. Now I am having doubts. Toyotas have really changed over the years in a way I don't care much for, too much towards power and size in my opinion. The new Toyota 2010 Tacoma dropped 2 EPA points to 14/18 from the 2009 model value of 16/20 as of earlier today, according to the Toyota website. What's going on, is this a typo, or have the EPA guidelines changed? I am now tempted to buy a 2010 Jeep Patriot, the only SUV I can find with a manual transmission 4 cyl and decent fuel economy. Yes, the downside is power, but the price is $6K lower than the Tacoma! Does anyone have insights into the value of the Jeep Patriot for someone wanting a fuel efficient SUV with manual transmission? I think 170 h.p. is enough for my lifestyle most of the time (i.e., wallet).

  • jepsenjepsen Posts: 3
    Sorry, I should have posted this on the Tacoma thread. I've been considering a 4Runner so I mistakenly posted it here.

  • I bought a 2003 4Runner the first month it was out. The only non maintenance repair in 143,000 miles was an air conditioner relay switch. The first one was defective and Toyota had redesigned it to eliminate the defect.
    I'm planning on buying the new 4Runner as soon as it comes out.
  • i came across these pics on the web...though it says 2011....maybe toyota is skipping a

    link title
  • another site with spy shots....front end reminds me of the old sequoia....still can't believe they're making it without a V8...makes me want to keep my '04 with its V8...

    link title
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Has anyone seen the order form for the US. I hope the Matt Black fender flairs are not the only option in the SR5 and trail edition. Per an earlier post, it was a disaster with the 2003 introduction and could be with the 2010. Also no option to delete the 3rd row seat in the Limited. What a waste of space and extra weight to consume fuel. Hopefully Toyota is rethinking and will get it right with the US introduction. How many folks are screening for the matt black fender flairs and a 3rd row seat. Very few.
  • is the size the same?? on insideline under the review it shows it as a 8 that right???
  • I found this link proving that the 5th Generation 4runner is coming. I would assume that it's this year rather than 2011 (as speculated by some magazines) because Toyota is running it's dealers completely out of '09 stock. According to there are only about a half dozen '09 4runners left in my Portland, OR metro area.

    Enjoy, LA_4Runner_AutoWeek_sutxtlnk&url=html_txtlink
  • Glad to be the first to get this out....

  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 689
    what a tease!

    Looks like it is going back to its roots - keep posting them as you get them!
  • Where did you get that picture?
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