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Lincoln Town Car Water Leaks



  • Yea,I went out there and felt a wet rug up behind the brake pedal and in the middle-which is the usual spot.I'm wondering if it is the windshield leaking down or something.I'll see how soaked it is in the morning.
  • I want to know what to look for when investigating used TC's. Specifically these water problems. I am definitely buying a 2003-2007 TC, signature LTD. Besides a clean carfax report and a smashing test drive what signs can I look for with respect to these water leaks (air filter, really?).

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Oh and any haters out there who want to recommend a Avalon or something save it. I have been test driving for quite sometime.
  • Well George,feel the floors first under the hood,passenger side bottom of the windshield.There's a black grate there.Make sure it's all free of leaves and stuff.Hard to see a leak that doesn't want to be seen!!Like in my 99.Also open all the doors.At the bottom of each door are black plugs-pull them out and see if any water drains.That's a biggy.There was a whole bunch inside my front door panel that came out when I pulled that door plug.I assume that the newer then 99 TC's have the same things in the door.
  • According to Ralka, even newer TC's have the leaking problem, so be careful-look for signs of stains on the carpet, especially on the passenger side front & rear- Look under the car to see if the rubber drain plugs are intact and not off, like someone took them out so the carpets can dry. Look at the rails for the seats-do they have any surface rust like they've been exposed to moisture? That would be a tell tale sign that the car has been leaking for awhile. Does the car come with up to date service records? Carfax, definitely helpful but not all accidents are reported- look carefully for overspray, "fisheyes" in the paint, mismatched color, to indicate any bodywork. I also like the Designer series in the newer Town Cars. Nice interiors. Good luck- I think they're one of the best bargains out there if you buy them right. :)
  • don't forget in this climate without removing the carpet or getting it up so you can dry it out with a fan, it's going to take a lot of time to dry. You sure it's not wet from before?
  • don't forget in this climate without removing the carpet or getting it up so you can dry it out with a fan, it's going to take a lot of time to dry. You sure it's not wet from before?
    Well,it felt dry the other day after my 8 hour trip back and forth from Jersey.I'll see how it is this morning and report in.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    Lincolns are good just pay attention to tell tale signs of moisture mostly town cars.
    jags i don't deal much with as they usually resolve all issues internally at the dealership . if i were to look for a higher end car i would base it on more mechanical and performance reviews and comments. any car can leak and many do. but many don't. a lot of time the higher the price tag the harder to work on
    good luck
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Thank you for the opinion. Our '94 Town Car, 142,000, is still dry and has never been wet. It spent Thanksgiving weekend out in constant rain on Orcas Island & remained dry.

    Should we replace it, I am drawn to the '05 Jaguar XJ8L because it doesn't look like all the other "tear drop" styles on the road and is still RWD.

    Again, Thank You for your input. :)
  • Your '94 will last you 442,000 if you take care of it!Jags are nice but expensive to fix.I have an 02 X TYPE,AWD.Can't even find remote start for it!True that not all Lincolns leak.The majority of mine didn't.
  • Well fellas,I lifted the carpet in the 99.It is soaked under there!!I left it up a couple of days and I don't think it did anything.I put some sealer stuff around the plugs in the floor too.I guess I'm going to need to remove the rug and hang it somewhere for a week or so till dry.It's been raining here for a while.The floor doesn't feel any wetter then it was.I did cover the windshield last night with this plastic garbage bag type thing for that specific thing.
  • sorry to hear about it-Well Ralka says if it isn't the fresh air vent, the sunroof, door seals, it could be a body seam. I think you need to be in the car while someone works the hose on certain areas of the car and hope you can see while your in it where it is coming in. I think you'll find it that way-are all the drain plugs plugged in?
  • Yes,the plugs I pulled from the driver side front and back,and passenger side back are back in there.I did see the hose for the sunroof.It looked ok from what I could see.Where does it go under there??Did you ever go see RALKA??
  • I never saw Ralka because apparently my fix to my fresh air vent worked and stopped the leak. My car hasn't leaked since I fixed it and I left it out in a bad rain the other day. My carpets are finally drying out completely and I put baking soda on them and have been vacuuming them with my wet/dry vac. Also I sprayed some Lysol on them. I also put some silicone on any exposed rubber that probably covers some seams. Do you see a chunk of foam in the corner under the hood on the passenger side. Take it out and inspect around there and look in the corner where water drips from the roof. If you supect anything leaking you might hit it with silicone. Ralka was saying that on certain cars he has seen that you need to remove the fender to get to the leak.Like I said, have somebody run the hose on it while your sitting in the car and try to see where the leak is coming in from.
  • Yea,I took that foam stuff out a while ago.It was all dark and old looking.Should I put it back in there?Is that need in the corners under the hood?
  • yeah, I would definitely put it back in but before you do, check the rubber caulking in that area and see if it looks good-for preventive measures, I put some silicone on a few existing rubber spots there. Also check the plastic piece that goes over the plastic housing for the fresh air vent-the one that rests on the windshield that's held down with the two long black plastic screws. there should be a foam gasket underneath- mine was loose so I reattached it-make sure that part is on there tight after you secure the foam.
  • OK.The gasket under the black thing wasn't in good shape so I put some spare rubber stripping in there,like weatherstripping.The black screws are a little loose though,stripped or something.Those 2 foam things looked like old beehives which is why I took them out!I'll put them back in.
  • those long black screws press in-they're held in with these white plastic rectangular pieces that press into the body under the entire plastic piece-you won't get them too tight but you can make sure the white plastic pieces they go into are there and are doing their job. I replaced one that was cracked- I got it at the dealer- if the whole thing is tight water would tend to go over it rather than under it and into the fresh air vent-at least this is my theory- when I removed mine the foam gasket was loose so I reattached it.
  • That area seems good now.It's the rest of the car I'm looking to keep dry.Merry X-MAS!
  • So I took the whole rug out to let it dry.The pad behind the brake/gas pedal is all wet too.I'm riding w/no rug right now.Seems to be coming from that front driver area somewhere.Any ideas???Back isn't wet,just driver side front floor gets a little water.
  • did you have the windshield resealed? Hows the rubber weatherstripping around the windshield?
  • what was it like to remove the entire carpet? what did you have to remove(seats, console) and did you need any special tools? How difficult was this?


  • Hey Man: Congratulations! You should get a reward from Ford for sticking with it and not giving up on that car!!

    Rob Stone
  • Thanks man!If It wasn't found soon,I was getting to the trade it for a Caddy point!lol.It sure is weird driving around with no carpet in the car..Incidentally,the drain hose for the sunroof,if you have one,runs down the side by the hood release behind the trim.
  • Well,it was in fact the hood release cable thing where the water was coming in.Car is back together,back in my possession and it's like driving a new car!! I have new inner door weather stripping stuff if anybody's looking!!lol.
  • Congratulations! That's really the only way to dry out those carpets-by removing them- I still have a few damp spots and it's been weeks. One thing I can say is I've learned a lot about these cars in the few months I've owned mine- I would definitely buy another one- they're cheap enough now to buy another used one every few years-

    Hey let me ask you another question- does your car make a sound every once in awhile for the air suspension? I understand it's normal but it's a little annoying.
  • Yes,it does.I've had lots of Lincolns over the years and that noise was in all of them,this one included.It's normal.The air suspension is settling,raising or something.Merry Christmas man!!
  • Yeah same to you- we've earned it!- Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and for my New Year's wish, I wish my Town Car never leaks again and that someday Ford will make a Town Car with independent rear suspension and use real wood in the interior, have wool carpets, wool headliner and a factory limo with a division window, and then I'll buy one ten years later for $4,000!
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    Glad you found your leak now you don't have to ice skate in your car :)
    i've been busy with work , training a new dog for my daughter and looking for another jeep( since an 18 yr old kid slid across the road on snow and hit my wife's jeep) what fun . if i can be of any more help let me know
    merry x-mas all
  • Ralka:

    Good luck with the new car-sorry to hear about the accident- thanks for all your help and guidance with the Lincoln-you really helped me and 99towncarexec- Happy Holidays and New Year. If you're ever near the Villanova, PA area shoot me an e-mail-lunch is on me! :D
  • Ralka,thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.Merry Christmas to you and yours,my man!
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