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Lincoln Town Car Water Leaks



  • puftuy1puftuy1 Member Posts: 1
    seems like this model car had ALL kinds of leak issues (for a lot of years) you said so far so good with your "07...... i have owned quite a few of these cars and ........your '07 is going to have one soon....... my '07 JUST went through it (found this one under the right side gasket under the wiper....good luck dude
  • jhnnygjhnnyg Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought my neighbore 2003 Town Car. Great conditon until I statrted to vacuum it out and detail it. The passenger side rugs were soaked. Initial I used a wet vac to pick up the water and thought I got it all until I lifted the rug and noticed the rubber backing was soaked still like a sponge. Had no choise but to pull out the carpets and let them dry. Was a good opportunity to shampoo them. Now in the process of locating the source of the leak. Thabks for all your insights. Will keep you posted.
  • 99towncarexec99towncarexec Member Posts: 160
    Listen,the leaks are more of an inconvenience then anything else.Yes,they should have addressed the matter long ago in the 90's,but they didn't for whatever reason.So,here's where you look and should find the source. First,under the hood,passenger side where the wiper is.Remove the grating there,a few screws does the trick.Take out any leaves or debris stuck in there. You can also remove your glove box door and stick your hand behind there and feel the cabin filter.If it's soaked,you need not look further. It's the passenger side thing I just explained.On the other hand,if that's not it,look where the hood release cable goes thru the firewall.That's another source of leakage.Surprised the hell out of me when they found that on my other Lincoln.I pulled the rugs up and pulled out the drain plugs in the floor to let the water out.There was lots of it in the car.Not to mention I forgot to close the sun roof in a rain storm!!lol.So, check those two places and you should find the source.Good luck.Still the best made American car out there!
  • ortautoortauto Member Posts: 13
    edited September 2013
    Weather stripping dries out over time and cracks, especially in hot climates. All your weather stripping has very small holes in it every 6 inches or so. Buy some heavy duty silicone in the red and white CRC spray can. Attach the red straw, insert in those little holes and spray. Keep putting it in until it has soaked the rubber. Do it again when it starts drying out, usually around a year. For two bucks you weather stripping will last forever and It'll keep the rubber like new.
  • dnasty1dnasty1 Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2014

    Silverton - did you ever find out the cause? Having the same problem on a 2007 LTC. I looked at mine and appears the gasket under the chrome trim assy at rear of trunk is not sealing at the top letting water in. I plan to take it apart this weekend

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