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Lincoln Town Car Water Leaks



  • I know you guys are talking about leaks. I am new to this forum but have you guys had a stuck sunroof: I've heard that there may be a manual way to close it. Right now its duct taped,tauru5
  • Hey Ralka ( or ROBKSTONE),quick question for you.Do you hear any type of creaking noise When you make a left hard turn??I had a bad noise and put new outter tie rods on.Now I still hear it sometimes on hard lefts.Thanks.TAURUS,no sunroof leaks here, every once in a while when my sunroof is closing it will act like it hits something and open again.It closes automatically when I turn off and get out of the car.When I use the button,it's normal.
  • Had the same problem with our 98 TC. after replacing wiper motor. My indepndent missed getting the little foam seal back in place. I removed the gaurd and reglued the seal with some sicone sealant, put it back together, ran it through car wash (with a plastic bag on the floor for safe measure) bingo no leak. And all is well after many more car washes. Appreciate all forums for money saving info..

    Oh yes, did put a small fan on the center hump for a few hours to dry it out after repair. (about 4 hrs.).
  • Just reading your post about snow tires.
    Do you, sure you do, have trac control? Best do some checking as to sizing that it does not through off your trac contol/abs in the computer and shut down the engine.

    Had a proplem with 75R fronts against 70R rear mistake by the tire guy and it shut our 98 TC down. I imagine it would have a bearing if the tires were reversed, front to rear.
    Snow tires have the agressive tread. Took a dealer 5 hours to get it diagnosed via factory representive. At hour 4.5 the rep. asked if any tires we of larger or smaller size. BINGO Tire guy had a large bill to pay pluse two more new tires for compensation and shop time at dealer..
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    some have a manual crank on the motor(usually a set allen head). not sure if yours does . what kind of vehicle ahd is it a factory sunroof or aftermarket?
  • remove and replace heater core..e-mail
  • Happy to report that after a couple of weeks the only water in my car is what my feet drag in!Been thru 2 snow storms up here and a bunch of rain in Jersey.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    that's great, enjoy your dry rugs,( i have had four lincoln's with right side leaks in the last two weeks to repair) hope your x-mas was good
  • Happy New Year Ralka.By the way,any idea what could cause a creaking sound when I make left turns kind of hard.I replaced the outter tie rod ends 3 weeks ago.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    sorry can't help you there but happy new year to yu and yours
  • After driving in rain,windows up, much water in rear passenger side floor, no discernable point of entry, any suggestions? Car is 03 Town Car
  • what side in the rear?-if it's the passenger side rear it might be the fresh air vent- I fixed mine on my 99 Towncar-not sure if the 2003 is the same design- if it's the driver's side rear it could be the hood release grommet in the firewall that's allowing water in. Also check to see if your floors are wet in the front under your carpets or near the firewall. The water usually travels from the front and settles in the rear. It could also be a windshield sealing problem.
  • Open the back/front doors and check on the very bottom where the drain plugs are.Rectangular looking things,2 in each door -black.Pull them out and see if it drains water from the doors.Next,open the hood,passenger side.Unscrew the black grate (vent thing) there and clean out any debris that is there and reseal with goop and tighten the screws real good.My leak was at the hood release cable,which got my front and rear wet.The passenger side leak was the vent thing.Open the glove box,pull it down off of the 2 tabs that hold it up.Look behind there and feel the filter or whatever that thing is inside the black screen type thing.If it's wet,the water is getting in under the hood. The passenger side vent is right in front of the passenger seat.I have a 99,but the layout should be the same.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    Suggest you read this thread from the start. i am sure it has all the info you need to get started.
    happy hunting :shades:
  • kevinekevine Posts: 10
    ooops, wrong forum.
  • open the hood, remove the whipers, remove the plastic grill covering the whipers assambly, now on the passenger side you will see an air intake for the ac, remove that inspect the seal, with time it cracks and when it rains leaks water down the dashboard and the carpet gets wet but the floor mat wont. If not corrected this will create corrosion and a hole on the floor, well you wont beleive it when you see it.

    No need to pay $200 to the dealer, I fixed mine and cost $5.00 silicone sealer or you can use a rubber gasket.

    After you done with the repair is a good idea the lift the carpet out of place and let dry, just a vacum wont do it, it will remain wet for long time and you wont be able to know if the leak is gone. After is dry have someone wet the car with the garden hose while you visualy inspect under the dashboard to make sure water is not comming in. Sounds hard but is not. I did it, takes about an hour plus the drying time. HAVE FUN!
  • I had the same problem on my 99 Towncar Signature Touring Edition- and I did the same repair myself- I also used silicone but a rubber based sealer would have been a little less permanent if I had to do it over- I think the rubber gasket is probably the culprit as it dries out and shrinks over time although another person on this site has said he has seen the same problem with newer cars. Also I experienced the wet carpets in the front and rear passenger side and they did take a long time to dry as I never had the opportunity to remove them totally. It's a poor design but you'll never get Ford to admit it!
  • I had to have my carpets out for about a week or so to get them dry.I lifted them in the corners first but that didn't help.It was easier finding the other leak by the hood release cable with the carpet out though.Now,it's snowing every other friggin day around here so the carpet is wet again!!lol. Not as bad as before though. :shades:
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    are yu still having leaks?
  • No brother.Just wet floors from dragging in snow!lol.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    that's good. you had me worried :shades:
  • I bought these 2 seals to fix a leak,driver front and back doors.The full seal/trim for those doors.They are new in the box,never used since that wasn't where the leak was.Got them from a local Ford dealer for 190 bucks.I'll sell them for 150 plus shipping to the lower 48.Post here or email me,either way.Thanks.
  • dfilardodfilardo Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem. I started troubleshooting by duck taping over the key hole thinking the seal around the key hole might be leaking. That didn't fix it. Next I duck taped over the two holes at the leading edge of the trunk lid just under the back window. It hasn't rained so I don't know the results yet.
  • I think the water running down off the back window might have something to do with it.It's been a while though.On another note if you know anybody looking for brand new and unused door seals I have 2.
  • 1010t1010t Posts: 2
    2000 LTC Signature. I have water like crazy front/back on passenger side (mostly back) when no rain. Could it be from a/c? Have been running it past couple of days. just got the car. thanx
  • Definitely could be a/c.Feel the passenger side front near the tranny hump up by the heater vents on the floor.
  • 1010t1010t Posts: 2
    thanx. will do. that would be wet? how to confirm? I want heads up when going to mechanic so I don't get run around. it is pouring today so I hope it doesn't confusing things if not ac. Did have problem when we had a freak dry spell here on the east coast but only after running a/c.
  • silvertonsilverton Posts: 3
    To dfilardo:
    My problem was finally resolved by replacing the chrome trim that surrounds the license plate. Seems someone at the factory didn't properly caulk it, which eventually caused minor cracking of the trim on the inside surface, where nobody could see it. Hasn't leaked since! The dealership honored the replacement by not charging me because it was obviously a factory error.

    Hope this helps.
  • ">link titleTo dfilardo:
    My problem was finally resolved by replacing the chrome trim that surrounds the license plate. Seems someone at the factory didn't properly caulk it, which eventually caused minor cracking of the trim on the inside surface, where nobody could see it. Hasn't leaked since! The dealership honored the replacement by not charging me because it was obviously a factory error.

    My issue with leaks turned out to be the hood release cable.Water getting in thry that area.
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