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Lincoln Town Car Water Leaks



  • Hey Guys:

    I sealed up the fresh air vent assembly today- I went to the Ford dealer for the butyl based sealer and they gave me silicone rubber and told me this was the replacement or updated product they were using for that product number. I know you told me Ralka that if I had to redo it after using silicone that it's going to be hard to take it apart but I just couldn't wait any longer. I needed to use my car. I haven't tested it by running any water over it- I'm hoping the carpets dry our first. I did get a lot of the silicone on the rear of the gasket so it sealed really good in the back. I also squeezed down the housing while I tightened it like you said. I noticed two of the screws on top were not holding too tight(they're sheet metal screws w/8mm nut heads and I should probably try to get an oversize one to tighten better. The tightness of these screws, I believe, isn't as significant as the two "inside" ones that hold down the back side of the housing. Anyway, I'm hoping it doesn't rain until the carpet drys out. One good thing about the cold is that when I'm driving around now I have the heat on the floor at 90 degrees to help the carpet dry.
  • RobKStone - I used silicone on all that too and it seems to be doing it's job.My bolts were loose too so I tightened the hell out of them as well.Hopefully this should stop your leak if thats where it was coming from.I have new door seals on order.I'll post here after install next week and let you guys know if it helped.
  • Ok fellas.I just went thru the touchless car was here and didn't see a drop of water come thru anywhere.The floor is still wet front and back.Where could this water be coming from????The grommet area was dry,the seals,etc.
  • 99towncarexec: sorry to hear about it. I did the silicone fix on my fresh air vent and haven't tested it to see if it's still leaking. The smell from the new silicone has been bothersome. Since I'm not the expert on this, I guess the answer will have to come from Ralka. The bottom line is you might have to pay someone to examine the car. I know Reedman has a water leak expert and so do many other Ford dealers.
  • Yea,The last thing I want to do is give the car to a dealer and get milked for hours of searching and not finding anything.
  • yeah man, you're right about that-do you know anyone in the auto body business?-I think it's not uncommon in their field to fix water leaks-what about Ralka?- he said he was in NE PA-can you get his number to see if he could look at it for you? He certainly has the experience! If my fix doesn't work I'm going to have a friend of mine who works in a body shop look at it.
  • I just called my body shop guy at work.He said spray glass cleaner on the outside of the windsheild,and go inside and hit the windsheild with an air hose and look for air bubbles.Sounds like my next venture!I'm upstate NY so I'm a ways from PA. but I go to south Jersey in the summer.
  • let me know if you find anything- maybe you're not seeing the water leak into the car because it's coming from the bottom of the windshield and behind the carpets, just a theory. I would have the windshield resealed-it's not as expensive, like you said, as having the dealer look around for hours, charge you and not find anything. The other thing is being in NY, there has to be other guys with this problem and someone who has experience fixing them because there is so much livery business and these cars are all over the NY area.
  • I'll get it resealed and let you know what they find.
  • don't forget, if you aren't taking up the carpets, and exposing the wetness to air or fans, they take a long time to dry. Mine are still wet after a week of being in the garage.
  • Yea,thanks.I have to do that but I always drive the car now that it's cold out.The VETTE stays inside!!Maybe I'll pull it out and let the Lincoln sit.I had a tech pour some water around the sunroof to check drainage and he said it was good.I talked to a windshield place and the guy didn't seem to think water could get in the back if it was the windshield where it was coming in from. I'm stumped!!Hopefully Ralka sees this and can chime in.
  • If you drive the car with the rubber plugs out on both the front and rear and the carpets propped up with something to get airflow under them, they'll dry out much like if you had fans on them. I still would like to remove my seats and take the whole carpet up but I don't have the space or a heated garage to do it. If the leak is in the front the water does travel to the back because it's the lowest point especially if the drain plugs aren't out-the water has no where else to go and because of the rubberized backing, the water gets retained until you squeeze it by putting your feet on it- If you remove the front carpet there is an additional pad with backing that rests on the firewall where your feet would go-mine was also soaking wet. I also have a sunroof-where would the water be leaking to if the seal is bad on this? Also if you remove the plugs don't forget to put them back in or you'll get water from the road when it gets wet out. This is a real pain in the butt and I'd like to confront Ford with this problem -but who knows how much longer they'll be in business and they'll probably tell me it's an old car out of warranty, so it's my problem! :mad:
  • The tech did this with the sunroof.He opened it and poured a glass of water in the track the sunroof rides on.He watched the water go into the drains on either side of the roof,according to him.B pillar is where the drains are,I think he said.My rug is wet in all the same places yours is.The water from the roof drains out in front of the back wheels or in back of the front wheels,I forget which he said!!lol.
  • Ok, I'll have to try it if my fix doesn't work- but didn't you say after you sealed your fresh air vent you got water on the driver's side as well? I'm only getting water on the passenger side front & rear. If you eliminate the sunroof, the fresh air vent, the windshield, the only thing you have left is a bad body seam, I think? :confuse:
  • I did seal the fresh air vent,correct.It's gotta be the windshield or the door seals.I bought door seals,haven't picked them up yet.I'll get the windshield done next week too.Where's the body seam?
  • I think Ralka (where has he been these days?) said you have to remove the fender to get at the body seam
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    Hi guy's
    have been busy lately so i have not been on . just a quick thing, when i test for these problems i run water on the cars for a while to allow it to get to all areas.
    sometimes it takes a little time to see where it is comming from. windshields are possible as well as sunroof drains, but if you see water coming out the rockers when pouring it through the drain channels it is doubtful that that is your problem.
    Left side (drivers) can be a cowl seam under the fender( not fun) body shop will have to remove the fender to acsess the seams.
    Rob- I do repair water leaks for a living but i work for comercial accounts, i don't do private work mainly because i don't have time to. I will help you as i can though.
    where in philly are you located?

    run water over the windshield and roof on the left side for a while with the carpet back and pillar trim off and watch the areas . with water leaks you have to be patient..

    have a good thanksgiving
  • Ralka:

    I live near Villanova, PA 19010- I sealed the fresh air vent and I haven't tested it yet because I'm still waiting for my carpets to dry thoroughly. Once they dry out, I'll probably run the car through a car wash and see what happens since as you know it's gotten cold here and my outdoor hose has started to freeze up.. And yes, if that fresh air vent fix doesn't work, I would appreciate it if you could help me solve the problem, in person if necessary, if you had the time. Let's see what happens first.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    In your experience, what manufacturer or make and model would you avoid due to its propensity to allow water leaks?
  • My carpets are about dry.Left the car in the sun the last couple of days.I'm going to cover the windshield w/a plastic tarp next time it rains to see if that keeps the water out.
  • Hey fellas,I found something new today.I'm at work all day and I had time so I dropped the car off at our body shop and asked them to reseal the windshield. Well,they did a test first.Ran a hose on the roof running water down the driver side front..The DOOR PANELS loaded up with water!!!!!!!I unplugged them at the bottom and a ton of water came out.Front driver side and the back driver side door as well.Look at the very bottom of your door for 2 black plugs,one in the front of the front door,one in the back of the front door.Same for the back door.Might do the trick.I left the plugs out.It's going to rain again tomorrow so I'll see if this helps.Floor is still wet from the last time though!!
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    most have their issues, What style are you looking for?
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    sounds like progress! :)
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    let me know how it goes. have a great thanksgiving
  • It's raining out today,has been since last night after a little snow.I'll see how yesterday fix is holding up.I hope I can tel because the floor was still a little wet..
    Happy thanksgiving to you guys as well.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Sedan 4 door. Lincoln or Jaguar. Thanks.
  • On another note,can I put silicone or something around the floor plugs to keep any water from getting In from there,just in case???I think the door plugs I cleared the other day did the trick,but the rug was/is still wet in one area so I'm not sure...the back doesn't seem to be any wetter after the rains of yesterday.
  • Hey guys: I'm back after a nice 300 mile round trip for Thanksgiving. The car performed flawlessly-It's a great car(99' Lincoln Town Car Signature Touring Edition) for long trips as it's quiet and gives a nice ride. When you get out after a long trip you're not too tired as you would be in the those small 4 cyl. foreign jobs.

    The good news is that it's been raining hard here today and I'm happy to report that the repair to the fresh air vent seems to have worked since I haven't seen any leaks nor felt any more moisture on my carpets. A few things on the repair-it's important to secure the rubber gasket on the first piece you remove as well(this is the piece that rests on the windshield and is the first line of defense for allowing any water in. Mine was loose so I reattached it. I also made sure the two long black screws that hold it on are firmly connected and I even replaced the rectangular white plastic grommets which they press into on the body. So hopefully this will do it for awhile-by the way, after the carpets get wet, prepare yourself for a long time before they dry out if you don't get them up and dry them out with fans,etc. :)
  • Good news!!I went on a long trip to Jersey myself all in one day which dried the carpets out.Now,it's beginning to snow and will rain later so lets see if my door plug clean out worked!Glad yours is fixed!
  • hey man-all of that detective work really paid off and you didn't have to pay anyone either! :)
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