2008 Infiniti G35

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Does anyone know when the 2008 models will be available?


  • billyperks1billyperks1 Member Posts: 151
    Devan Infinit in Fairfield CT told me October- the wait is killing me with these new models.I am waiting to see the refresh GS 350, the new TL and the refresh G35.
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    One dealer told me the 2008 G35 sedan would be available in Mid-September, another stated October. Not clear that they themselves know with any certainty. According to the Nissannews web site, the modifications for the 2008 model year are as follows:

    2008 Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan

    The 2008 G35 Sedan builds on the second-generation 2007 model’s myriad revisions, which included a next-generation 306-horsepower 3.5-liter V6; a striking new exterior defined by the sleek wave form hood, signature G-style taillights and pushed-back A-pillars for an athletic stance; a crafted, Takumi-inspired interior environment; and the audiophile-quality Infiniti Studio on Wheels by Bose.

    The 2008 G Sedan offers a Sport Package for the G35X AWD model for the first time in G history and also receives minor refinements for the new model year.

    Enhancements to the 2008 G Sedan include:
    - All-new Sport Package available for G35x AWD model (late availability)
    - New 18-inch Tire and Wheel Package for G35x AWD (late availability)
    - Revised Technology and Navigation Packages
    - Infiniti iPod Interface
    - Driver’s Audio Stage
    - Standard XM® Satellite Radio (requires XM® subscription, sold separately)
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    Dealers order new models 2 months prior to announcement....you have to speak to the sales manager or whoever orders the cars. If they are coming in Sept, then the dealer ordered them at the beginning of July.
  • billyperks1billyperks1 Member Posts: 151
    I would rather wait to see the car up close and personal.
    I hope they move the fog lights back to where they belong.
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    I hope they move the fog lights back to where they belong.

    /\ +1
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    I'm a new car buyer. My existing car works fine but I'm ready for a new one and likely will buy the G35x. Given that I'm in no particular rush, is there any downside to my waiting to see the 2008 models? I have a dealer now willing to sell me a 2007 at $500 over invoice - - should I be concerned that I will not get as good an offer on the 2008 model? Would the 2008 be more expensive at invoice? Also, how likely is it that there will be new/different color choices on the 2008? There is nothing mentioned about colors in the Nissan site you posted - - does that mean nothing new? Thx.
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    There may be one or 2 slight color changes, but I wouldn't expect anything more than that.
    If you can afford close to MSRP, the wait for an 08 would be great.
    If you're looking to save a few bucks, I'd go with an 07.
    There's no major changes, so the $2,000 in savings would be a great thing!
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    Actually, the 08 model will offer a sport package for the AWD model and 18" wheels for the first time. If that has any value for you, then you might want to wait for the 08 - obviously at a higher cost OTD though.
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    will this happen if so my 2007 g35x will be for sale asap??
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501

    I'll admit, if I see a 6 speed in the 08 G35x, I'm most likely in line also...although the wife may think otherwise.
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    Scott enlighten me, what does the symbol means?
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    What symbol are you talking about.... Mt Fugi?
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Oh, you're talking about /\ +1

    That just means that I agree with what you said above.
    I thought you were referring to the Infiniti symbol. :confuse:
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    I read in the June edition of Automobile Magazine (during their review of the G37) that "The six-speed manual transmission is a revised version of the one in the current G35 sedan. Nissan engineers worked to reduce NVH and have also modified the clutch engagement. Both changes will be shared with the sedan starting in 2008." I subsequently learned that NVH means Noise, Vibration and Harshness, which was one of the complaints I have seen G35 Sports 6MT owners post. The clutch engagement was another complaint. Has anyone else heard about this independently from the magazine article? Anyone know if this change was made to late 2007 production runs? How would one verify this as I doubt Infiniti would release a press release on such a technical modification? If this is true, sounds like this would be a reason to wait for the 2008 6MT. Thank you.
  • sweendogysweendogy Member Posts: 1,310
    anyone have an answer on this??
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    I asked my dealer a few weeks ago about the 2008 G35x Sport and he had no idea what I was talking about.
    He said that he heard about that happening with the M... but not the G.

    I was hoping for prices, package options, and the availability of a 6-Speed in the X... he had no idea what I was talking about.
    I said, just another example of how buyers know more than the sales people.
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    Just saw this listing on an Infiniti dealership website:


    Appears to be ordering information (without pricing) for 2008 models, which provides more details on the changes announced by Nissan, e.g.:

    - Sport Package (optional on Journey and AWD models)
    - Revised Nav and Tech packages (Nav adds rear-view monitor, tech adds pre-crash seatbelts)
    - iPod interface (added to Premium package)
  • lburianlburian Member Posts: 5
    You are awesome!! Thank you so much! These two changes to the packages are EXACTLY what I was hoping for. I wanted the Premium and Nav packages for sure - - but was only interested in the Tech package for the back-up camera. I was also hoping for an iPod interface. Two follow-up questions:

    1) How likely do folks think it is that there will be any new color choices for the 2008? If someone sees info. on that pls post.

    2) A dealer offered to sell me the '07 at $500 over invoice + destination charge. Should I expect that I will not be able to get that good of a deal when the '08's are new?
  • ocg35manocg35man Member Posts: 52
    Answer to your question #2

    A quotation of $500 over invoice + destination charge is not a good deal actually IT IS A BAD DEAL

    The reason is an Invoice contains destination charge already. So what they are quoting you is about $1200 or $1300 over invoice, which at the time is really not a
    good deal at all.

    Remember, destination charge is not like a doc fee, tax,
    or license fee. It is part of selling price not a seperate
    line item.

    Don't get sucked into paying extra $700 or so.

    good luck
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    Anyone know if Infiniti has any plans to up the auto transmission to 6 gears to improve highway mileage? This would make me look at the G35 more seriously to replace my '05 G35X. I can live with premium fuel or 28MPG highway but with $3.00 gas I can't live with premium fuel and 23MPG.
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    I agree that the G mpg would most lilely benefit from an extra gear... but my 07 G35x with 5AT gets 27.7 on the highway with Premium fuel.
    I get 22.something with mixed driving.

    I don't get down into the 18-20 mpg region unless I'm subjecting the car to a little 'spirited' driving in "M" mode.

    I'm actually pleasantly surprised with it's average fuel usage.
    I had prepared myself for worse before buying.
  • lburianlburian Member Posts: 5
    Thx, but I want to make sure we are on the same page. When I look at the Edmund's "TMV Pricing Report" there are three columns: 1) MSRP, 2) Invoice and 3) What others are Paying. The dealer I referred to offered to sell me a car at $500 over the "Total with Options" row under the Invoice column - - which includes the destination charge. For example, for the G35x with Premium, Nav, Tech + Wood, he would sell it at $3,6935 (which includes the $715 destination charge)plus $500 plus tax - - which is a lot less than "what others are paying". I thought that was a pretty good deal. Am I still wrong? Would folks expect a deal like that to be around when the 2008 model comes out? Any responses on my color question?
  • billyperks1billyperks1 Member Posts: 151
    Take it and run- thats exceptional.
  • rickmeisterrickmeister Member Posts: 6
    The deal offered is a "good" not a "very good" deal. ocg35man is correct that the "destination fee" is already figured into the invoice, regardless of Edmunds' calculation. Just bought an 07G35S6MT and there was no discussion of a destination fee.

    BTW I don't believe there will be 6MT on the 08G35X. The 08 Sport edition now will be only 6MT; Sport AT w/paddle shifters only on the 08XSport edition. 18" wheels also on 08XSport. Not sure about larger brakes and sport suspension.
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    FYI --just be aware that prime infiniti--its website and the dealership have been open for less then 6months and do not have all there ducks in order-- I bought my g35x from them in late may --U can also purchase a used VW jetta GLI from them that I traded in (and is still on the lot). The general manager and my sales guy were great.
  • born2sawborn2saw Member Posts: 7
    Where do you live where you can get $500 over invoice? Is that a coupe or sedan. If a sedan, I would like to know what your dealer has in stock & would be glad to fly there & drive the car back. Our dealers are only coming about $500 off MSRP on the G35x sedan.
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    Why not drop by our new Dealer Ratings & Reviews feature and rate your experience?
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    So the '08 sport will not be offered in the 5AT...only the 6MT :confuse: . If that is true, that makes we want to jump on an '07 model even more.
  • jazz12pgjazz12pg Member Posts: 3
    After a week of back and forth between two local dealers, I made a deal for $33,585 (+ $715 destination) for an ‘07 G35x with Premium Package, splash guards and cargo net. Invoice is $33,220 (Without Destination.) The doc fee was $55, which was knocked down from $240 to match another local dealer’s doc fee.

    Have to wait a couple days for them to acquire it but not in a rush, anyway. Also, I'm in DE (home of no sales tax!)
  • born2sawborn2saw Member Posts: 7
    The 2 local dealers must be the difference. I need to go at least 100 miles to find another dealer and most of these dealers seem to have only 2 or 3 G35x's in stock. (but my local dealer still has a 2006 coupe on the showroom floor--go figure). I made a deal today with a dealer in Ohio (I'm in Indiana) List $37615.00 bought $35,757 and exactly like my wife wanted it equipped (worth a few extra $$ in my book). They decreased the document fee (i.e. dealer padding fee) from $250 to $100 to match my local dealers fee. I had called/emailed dealers in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan & Chicago, and this beat the best deal I could get by $500. and was acutally the nearest dealer outside of town. I will pick it up on Saturday!
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Member Posts: 152
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    I heard October from my dealer.
  • born2sawborn2saw Member Posts: 7
    My dealer said November, but he was willing to order one now (and take my money) at $2000 over invoice.
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Member Posts: 152
    My dealer told me a couple weeks. I'm certainly going to wait to see if the 2008 sedan will prompt incentives on the 07 for September.
  • ruzz1141ruzz1141 Member Posts: 13

    I am selling my '05 G35, got a guy driving about 150 miles to pickup next weekend. I am looking for a new black/black journey with premium, nav and technology packages. Nobody has any from what I can see on their dealer inventories on their web sites.

    I am thinking I may need to defer the sale until the 08's hit the lots. Does anybody have a good idea on when they will be showing up? I don't want to lose this buyer.

  • cadreamncadreamn Member Posts: 56
    I have heard 08's will start showing up "sometime in October" from 2 dealers. Good luck.
  • frank8040frank8040 Member Posts: 11
    What dealer did you buy from. $33585 is way low. Are you sure you got the premium package ? The 2 dealers in my area (Minneapolis) told me no can do at this price. Best I could do so far is $37165 MRSP and dealer will take off $1500 thus- selling price roughly $35600. Does anyone agree. is 36000.00 a good price for left over 2007?
  • born2sawborn2saw Member Posts: 7
    I think you could do better. Mine was MSRP $37615.00 bought $35,757 (incl. dest. -- Premium, wood trim,cargo net, mud guards). Not a great price in my book, but I would think if you live where there are multiple dealers you should be able to do better on an '07.
  • sweendogysweendogy Member Posts: 1,310
    I bot a G35x in may and payed 36500 for premium navigation and splashguards along with the cargo net --I think MSRP was 39100 so I do think you could do a little better as the 08's come to town along with multi dealers in the area --
  • cadreamncadreamn Member Posts: 56
    Just noticed that the 2008 G sedan quick-reference guide and user manual are already on the Infiniti website. They contain info on new features such as the iPod interface system, etc. Go to http://www.infiniti.com and search on "2008 G sedan".
  • samtutsamtut Member Posts: 10
    GREAT find on the 2008 quick ref guide and owners manual. Thanks for passing that along.

    I'm waiting for the 2008 G35x to arrive. Both dealers in Minneapolis indicated November arrival but did not know early/late in month.

    That said, I wouldn't be surprised if they began arriving in October as some posters indicated. From Infiniti's point of view, it's best if perception is that the arrival of the new model is farther off. Makes it easier for dealers to move the 2007s in September without discounting too much.

    Then if the 2008s just happen to arrive a little early in October, all the better to help hit those Q4 sales targets.
  • andywattyandywatty Member Posts: 16
    I spoke to a rep. at Infinity this morning (Sept 14th). She said today (Sept 14th) was the day they were to debut the 2008 G35 sedans but they haven't shipped any yet. She also said Infiniti will probably move that date further out.
    Nothing we didn't already know.
    Hurry up and wait.
  • bogossbogoss Member Posts: 9
    My dealership let me know that they will receive the 2008 G35 the week of October 7th or even earlier.
  • cadreamncadreamn Member Posts: 56
    Just noticed 2008 G Sedan pricing info now posted on http://www.nissannews.com. Besides what's already posted in this forum, another new item stated was a new color "Desert Platinum." Also says sedans are "on sale now". Would like to hear when anyone has seen one arrive :)
  • dohturdimadohturdima Member Posts: 14
    I got mine on Sept 5th (No premium or wood trim, did have splash guards and cargo net) for 32600 + tags and tax. I was offered one with premium for 1900 more, and one with all previous and nav for additional 100 - very similar numbers.
  • andywattyandywatty Member Posts: 16
    This was a 2008? What dealer? What model? Please elaborate.
  • cadreamncadreamn Member Posts: 56
    Just picked up a 2008 G sedan brochure from my local dealer and checked out the available colors and combinations. As noted earlier in posts, Desert Platinum replaces Serengeti Sand (exterior) but color chips look nearly identical. Same 3 interiors are offered (wheat, stone, graphite) with rosewood trim only available with wheat or graphite except on Sport/6MT models. However, there are changes listed to available exterior/interior color combinations. After eyeballing both lists, I've noted what appear to be the following new and discontinued combinations. Note exteriors are abbreviated and I just replaced Serengeti Sand (SS) with Desert Platinum (DP) since they are so close:

    Newly available in 2008:
    LP/Wheat (non-sport/6MT), PG/Wheat (non-sport/6MT), BS/Wheat (non-sport/6MT), GE/Stone (non-sport/6MT)

    No longer available in 2008:
    IP/Graphite (sport/6MT), DP/Graphite (all models), LS/Graphite (sport/6MT)
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    I wanted Blue Slate on Wheat when I bought my 07, but it wasn't available. I had to go with Blue Slate on Graphite.
    I see that it is now for 08.

    That was a good decision on Infiniti's part... they must have noticed numerous people asking for it.
    I even asked for it to be special ordered, but they declined.

    That's gonna be a very good looking combo.
  • billyperks1billyperks1 Member Posts: 151
    Did they palce the foglights underneath the headlights?
  • cadreamncadreamn Member Posts: 56
    Funny you should say that because I'm re-thinking my color choices for my 08 based on this. For 07 I really like Black/Wheat/Wood, but wondering about effort to maintain Black, extra heat in car, etc. Also considering Lakeshore with same interior to remediate above but prefer look of Black. Wondering if Blue Slate/Wheat/Wood might be a good middle ground?

    Scott - you think much difference in heat/upkeep of Blue Slate vs. Black? Normally I would say yes, but there's lots of Blue Slates here and they seem to be showing more dirt than I would have expected.
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